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My Chance!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LipsGF4Life, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    This story involves me! Not my Muppet Character. This could happen someday. But, heres my way of what might happen, when I actally meet the Muppets. This is just a fanfic. This never happened. Or true. Ok. Maybe a little is true.

    Chapter 1 Meeting them and love at first sight.

    I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. Must've been that cat-nap I took. Drat, I feel like I have to be sick. Today, I'd rather either listen to the Muppets in my head again, watch Tim Burton's Courpse Bride or Rango, or just be on the computer all day. Due to my mom working, my little sis always being at her friend's house, which shes staying for a week, and my dad living back in Ohio, I have nothing to do. I missed all my friends in my hometown. Man, I just moved to California in December and I still need to go to Christmas Shopping! If I could just stay with the Muppets, I'll be very happy.

    I decided to just sleep in more. I took the picture frame off my desk. The picture was a drawing I did. Yes, I am an artist. The drawing was Dr.Teeth and the Electric Mayhem right behind my Muppet Character, Leah. Boy, I wish I was a Muppet. I kissed the glass where my favorite band-member was. It was their saxophonist, Zoot. I am superly in love with him. If I could just meet him and tell him how I feel. Jaz, an online friend of mine is making a story of how my muppet character got aqquainted and in love. Anyway, I sat the picture down by my nightstand and got up. I made my breakfast and hopped on the computer. I grabbed my bike and headed towards the GameStop. My sister wanted 'Sonic Generations' for Christmas. I dunno why shes so in love with sega lately. I couldn't find it. But, just as when I was about to give up, there it was, just laying plainly on the shelf. I checked the price and my eyes wided. $40.00! I spent all of my birthday money on a Laptop! I placed it back on the shelf and sighed. Thats when someone came to my aid. Actually he bumped into me. He was carrying some kind of bag with a Wii in it.

    "Oh man....I...." he said, after he picked up the bag. He looked at me. "Oh. I am so....uh....sorry....miss. U ok?" he asked. The man, helped me up. That Wii must've been really hard because it hitted me in the right arm, it started to hurt. But I holded my tears back and said in a soft voice, "No trouble. I'll be fine." I was just about to say thank you but, I look straight at him! I knew who he was! Black hat, blue skin, blue curly hair, green-yellow nose, short frown, cool shades, and yellow sweater. It was Zoot! My celeberty crush!

    "A-are you sure your alright?" Zoot asked me politely, "Your arm looks like you just got hit or something."

    "Its Ok Zoot, I'll be fine......really." I just said. "How do you know my name?" he asked with a confused look on his face. "I just know your from the Muppets, and well, I really know you well now with the band." I said.

    "Oh, right. Anyway, I saw you lookin' up at 'Sonic Generations', I'll help you pay." Zoot offered. "R-really? You would do that?" I asked him excitedly, u know with pain in my arm. Zoot nodded his head and took the game off the shelf. He approached to the cash register and payed for it just like that! So thoughtful of him. I glared at him and smiled, he smiled back. " You want me to pay you back?" I asked. "Nah girl, its cool." he said. I was about to head to the exit after he handed me the game. Until he stopped me.

    "Hold on a sec, I didn't get ur name." Zoot said. I started to laugh a little. "Leah, my name is Leah." I said softly. "Leah. I like that name." Zoot said. He then, pulled out a piece of paper and wrote some kind of phone number on it. Then, he handed it to me and said, "Here, give me a call sometime. Ok?" I was about to scream, but instead, I said, "O-Ok......thanks." "No problem Lee." he said, "Bye." "bye". He left the door and I headed for my bike. Hopefully I could try to ride on the way home with a broken arm. I'll survive.

    Once I got home. Horror strucked into my whole body. Because my whole house was on fire! There were firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars everywhere around my house. I went up to the police chief and I asked in horror, "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HOUSE???" "Whoa Whoa, little lady, calm down!" he said, putting both of his hands on my sholders, "Your house just got caught on fire for some reason. Only 2 people and 1 animal didn't survive. Very sorry." he continued. He carried me to an ambulance to get my arm checked. Only just a bruise, but, thats not my problem. My little sister, mother and dog, Chico, never surviving in the fire. I started to cry. Then the policemen and Chief took me to the police station to try to calm me down. Then, the chief said, "Girly, is there anyone you can call? U know, so you can stay?"

    I thought about it. And I remembered, Zoot's number! I forgot it was in my pocket. "Yes sir." I started. "I'll call him now." I stopped crying. The Chief took to one of the telephones by the cells. I dialed Zoot's number and cautiously waited for him to pick up. That was until I heard a, "Hello?" on the phone. I quickly said, "Zoot?" "Yeah, its me, whos this?" he asked. "Zoot, its Leah, u know, the girl you met at GameStop." i said really fast. "Oh yeah, whazzup Lee? U ok? Whats wrong?" Zoot asked curiously. I told him everything.

    "Oh, Le-Lee, i-i feel terrible. Tell you what, I'll ask Dr.Teeth if me and the band could come pick you up. Your still at the police station?" he said.

    "Yes." I said softly. "Ok." he said, "I'll tell Golden Tooth and we'll be there soon." I told him ok. And I left to find the chief.

    30 minutes later, I see a hippie bus pulled in by the door. I started to have butterflies in my stomach. I felt nervous from meeting Zoot at GameStop. Now I'm still nervous for meeting the rest of the band. I see Floyd, Janice, Dr.Teeth, Animal, Lips and Zoot coming out of the bus. But, I turned to my knapsack. I was lucky to keep my phone, picture of the EM, purse and wallet, camera and mini pillow in it. Zoot approached to me, along with Lips and Janice. "Like, is this her Zoot?" Janice asked. Zoot nodded his head. I stared at the 3 and smiled at them. They smiled back. Lips grabbed my knapsack and Zoot carried me to the bus. "Man, I think this girl is perfect for you." Lips said. Zoot smiled, he starred at Leah and gave her a peck on the forehead.

    "Yeah, ur right Lips. Maybe." Zoot said softly. Animal was jumping up and down on his seat. "ZOOT'S GIRL! AHAHAHAHAH". Floyd yanked his chain, "Animal, Heal!" he yelled. "Man, check out her pin!" Teeth said. Everyone looked at my pin. It was a micky-mouse Zoot pin. "Oh wow. Like, she must've been a Muppets fan." Janice said. Dr.Teeth nodded. Then, he looks at Zoot and then back at me. "We're going to hang on to this chick man, she needs a home, pronto." Lips said suddenly. Everyone turned to him and nodded with agreement. Dr.Teeth took the wheel and headed home. I was about to fall asleep, but Zoot kept on looking at me. We were sitting at the very back on the bus. Where no one could see us. Except Janice, but she was sleeping in Floyd's arms. Zoot stared deeply into my eyes. So, we decide to whisper quietly to eachother.

    I whispered to him, "Thank you Zoot. You and the band are life-savers. I thought I would go back to my town in Ohio and live there again all alone. But I think you and I, I think we'd make great friends."
    He whispered back, "No problem. But, I want to be more than just friends. I lov-er like you alot." I was shocked, I've always wanted for him to say that to me. Zoot leaned over with his and my eyes closed. His soft lips touched mine. I was being kissed by a muppet! I felt like I was in heaven. When we let go our lips, he fell asleep. Then I did too.
    (Not narrated now, shes still asleep)
    The bus pulled up to a warehouse. Lips grabs Leah's bag and everyone got up and left off the bus. Zoot wakes up and carries Leah to his room. He places her on one side of the bed and he slopped in the otherside. He kisses Leah on the lips and he fell asleep.
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  2. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2 Unexpected Changes
    (There aren't any quotes in this chapter.)
    I woke up the next morning, finding myself in Zoot's room. I must've been carried to his room last night. Then I notice Zoot not by me. He must've been downstairs. Then I hear the song, 'Somebody to Love', coming from downstairs. I quietly crept downstairs seeing the band play the song. Then, to surprise them. I sang along. "Somebody toooooooo.......loooooooooove!!!!" Yes, I have an awsome voice. They kept practicing.

    Dr.Teeth called everyone for breakfast. I started to feel strange. I mean, my skin feels like a muppet. Zoot first notices while taking my hand. He was worried, but I told him, I'll be fine.

    After breakfast, Janice led me upstairs to get ready. She led me to the bathroom and told me to take a shower. Once I got out, my skin was starting to turn blue-pale. And my hair was somehow longer and curly from the shower. I was about to scream again. Before I did, I grabbed my robe and then I ran out to find Janice. I was freaking out. Janice just told me to calm down and everything will be fine. I was about to cry again. Janice held on tight to me and she started to dry my hair. Then I heard the valley girl scream! Right into my ear! Janice said my hair is turning blue!

    I was about to run to find Zoot. I was almost turning into the gum-loving blueberry daughter from Willy Wonka! Janice stopped me before I left the room and grabbed me for a hug. I couldn't hold in my tears any longer, I let it all out. I couldn't stop crying. Zoot and Floyd came upstairs to see what the screaming was about. Zoot came up to me and picked my head up. He backed up with a yelp. Floyd took a look, he explained to me that my nose is green and small and my eyes were turning a little big with light indigo eyelids and black eyeliner and my mouth was like Zoot's. I wanted to scream. I don't know what was wrong with me. Janice and Zoot hitted Floyd hard with pillows. Zoot grabbed me for a hug. I was so sad, I ran to Zoot's room. Janice, Floyd and Zoot followed. I grabbed one of Zoot's pillows and blankets and hid in the closet. The 3 came in. Lips came in behind and asked us what was up. Floyd explained everything. Janice found me in the closet. I buried my head in the pillow And covered my whole body and head with blanket so I wont be humiliated. I just cried there.

    Dr.Teeth came back from walking the drummer. Janice crying a little in Floyd's arms and Lips telling her that I will be ok. Zoot and I weren't anywhere in the livingroom. We were upstairs. I was still crying. Zoot was trying to calm me down. He told me that being a Muppet isn't that bad. He said that being a Muppet means living forever. I perked my head up. I was still crying though. Zoot took the blanket off me and took the pillow and placed them back on his bed. We heard Teeth's voice coming from downstairs. I nodded my head. Meaning, I want him to freak out too.

    Zoot took my hand and led me downstairs. Dr.Teeth asked who I was and where I was. Floyd explained everything. Teeth and Animal look at me in worry. Zoot got me a tissue. He wipped my eyes. Lunch came by, Dr.Teeth took all of us to a pizza place. I didn't feel like eating, I lost my appatite. Floyd insisted me on eating, said something about making me feel better. But when I took a bite, I knew I was hungry, but still sad.

    When we left, Zoot took my hand and led me to the back of the bus. Once I sat down, I laid my head on Zoot's sholder. He putted his arm around my waist. He fell asleep. Once we got back from the whole pizza-lunch thing. Janice led me upstairs to her room. She gave me some of her old clothes, shoes, hair accessories, and that caused me to smile. I tried on all of them. It turned me into a star. I somehow felt like a valley girl too. Janice was turning like a sister to me.

    I went to Zoot's room. I see him on his bed. He could feel me coming. He suddenly grabbed my waist and his soft lips touched to mine. I realized it was almost Christmas. I want to help Zoot with Haunakah. Thats when I got the idea.
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  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3 Merry Christmas and Happy Haunakah! Part 1

    Zoot and I woke up in his room last night. I felt better today after he told me that Muppets living forever. Looks like I don't have to worry about plannin' my funeral. "Its Christmas Eve, baby." Zoot said with a smile. I happily kissed him on the cheek and said, "And you're going to celebrate Haunakah right?" I was probably pushing him too hard, man, I forgot hes the only jewish muppet.

    "Oh. I'm sorry. Was I pushing?" I asked kindly. Zoot shook his head. "No babe. Its Ok." he said, "I'm going downstairs for breakfast. You coming?" "Nah, you go, I'll-I'll get dressed." I replied nervously. Zoot just nodded his head and left. "I think I should combine Christmas and Haunakah." I thought, It could be the best gift Zoot could ever gotten. I grabbed a yellow sweater and black pants. I placed them on my body and headed downstairs. "Morning Leah!" called Dr.Teeth, he was in the kitchen. I was inhaleing the pancakes from there. "How you feeling Lee?" Floyd asked curiously. "Oh, a little worn out from all that crying from yesterday." I said, "But, I feel better." Animal purred by leg and I smiled. Sometimes he can be calm around me. I then approached to the good doctor and whispered the plan to him. Dr.Teeth smiled and said, "Oh don't you worry about a think Lee, I wont tell him. Thats a great idea." I smiled and then we had breakfast.

    Dr.Teeth called everyone, excluding Zoot, who is sleeping in his room. I left him alone. Anyway, Dr.Teeth called everyone into the band room. "Man, whats up?" Floyd asked. Dr.Teeth replied, "Well, I'm glad you asked Floyd. You guys know that Zoot is jewish right?" Everyone nodded their heads. I stepped up right beside the golden doctor. "Well, Leah here, she has a positivly great idea of how we can help him. Go ahead Lee." Dr.Teeth continued. "Right." I began, "So, I'm thinking, we can celebrate Christmas and Haunakah at the same time. That way we can still celebrate Christmas and Zoot can still celebrate Haunakah." I finished. Janice said, "Leah, like, thats a good idea!" "Yeah!" Lips said, "I'll get Zoot's Haunakah stuff." I looked at Lips. "What? Somethin' I said?" he asked. "Nuthin." I said, "Never heard you talk longer before." A right was all the answer I got.

    The livingroom looked all jewish and the family room is christmas. Everyone, and I got eachother their present. I got a real good one for Zoot. "Hey Lee!" Lips yelled, I jumped an inch. "Whoa sorry. Didn't mean to scare ya." he began. "Anyway, you can bring Zoot downstairs. We're ready." I gave him a nodd. And I ran upstairs to his room. Zoot was awake....er....I think. He was sitting on his bed reading a magazine. And he was snoring. I knew he was asleep. I quietly crept over to him and took off his hat. I kissed him on the head. "Huh! Wha! Oh. Hey babe." he said. He pulled me closer for a kiss on the cheek. "Well, hello there. Now, me and the band have something to show you." I said. Zoot smiled and noticed his Haunakah stuff was gone. "Baby, wheres my haunakah stuff?" he asked. "Well," I began, "Come downstairs and find out." Zoot nodded and I took his hand.

    I led him downstairs with his eyes closed. "Now, are you sure you can't see?" I asked Zoot. "You tell me babe," he said, "you're the one covering my eyes." I took my hands off his eyes. "Ok, you can look now!" I said. He looked surprised. His Haunakah stuff was everywhere! "Like, Happy Holidays Zoot!" Janice yelled. "Yeah man." Dr.Teeth said, "You desurve it. Plus we're also celebrating Christmas in the family room." "Oh god, Thank you guys!" Zoot said with a little bits of tears in his eyes. "Oh, like, don't thank us." Janice said. Lips approached Zoot. "Yeah, it was your girl's idea. And by your girl, I meant Leah." he said. Zoot turned to me, "Did you do this for me?" he asked. He puts his hands on my waist and I did the same with Zoot's waist. "Yeah, because, well, I really want to help you with Haunakah. And the gang helped out." I said. Floyd and the others are laughing. "Hey man," he started. "Hate to interup ya, but, look above your heads!" We both looked up. A mistletoe was above our heads. Zoot cupped his hands around head and again, pushed his lips to mine.

    The Christmas Party turned to be a hit. Everyone knew everything about Haunakah and Zoot and Leah had a life of a lifetime.
  4. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    *Finishes reading*

    This is very interesting indeed. The Electric Mayhem contributes good excitement to any story, especially this one! I just adore how you included yourself; (this was quite creative). Looking forward to the next chapter! ;D
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