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My Massive Muppet Video Collection

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by KermiClown, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Seeking to trade for SST Specials

    So I'm trying to acquire some DVD's of the older Sesame Street specials that are out there. Therefore, I'm looking for the following DVD releases:
    Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
    Put Down the Duckie
    Big Bird in China
    Big Bird in Japan

    Now, in all honesty, I can't find these DVD's for a reasonable price for me right now. So this brings me to here: does anyone have these DVD's and would be willing to part with them for a reasonable price ($5 each maybe?) or perhaps take part in a trade? I have plenty of Muppet goods on VHS I could make copies of for you in exchange. :super:
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    To both DaddyO and BobThePizzaBoy, contact KermiClown, he's the man with the Muppet library. Hope this helps.
  3. Ralph Antonelli

    Ralph Antonelli New Member

    I am 72 years of age and I and my other senior citizenz would like to know if anyone can help us in obtaining the original Jim Henson "WILKINS" coffee commercials shown back in the ealr days of Television. Only one of us has a computer and we spotted one of these commercials on U-tube not too long ago. If we had the commercials on dvd we could show them at the senior citizens center. We all had a great time watching them, and it sure helped the day along laughing etc.

    Most Sincerely Ralph Antonelli
  4. KermiClown

    KermiClown Well-Known Member

    Hi Ralph! I have a DVD of Wilkins Coffee Commercials. I have sent you an email.
  5. Wanted: From The Balcony

    Hello, new concerned citizen here :sing:

    I was just wondering if you people in the know had any knowledge of wether the From The Balcony clips that were on Movies.com is/will be available anywhere? I stone-cold loved em when they were still online but Movies.com now 404's the page and won't return my e-mails.

    I could ask the same about the Puppet Up-clips that were on tbs.com, but one question at a time ;)
  6. muppetgal

    muppetgal New Member

    Does anyone have a file to download of the uncut Muppet Family Christmas with fraggles and miss piggy gets a pet mink and fozzie does comedy routine with snowman? Or any suggestions on where to download muppet stuff? I am also looking for miss piggy goes to hollywood, muppets in disneyland, and the one i think is called dogcity.
  7. Muppet Family Christmas is available on youtube, and I thought that was the uncut version? Muppets At Walt Disney World is also on youtube I believe. Dog City, however, is not. :(

    You can use zamzar.com to download videos from youtube. Or,failing that, screen-capture software. I do this just in case the vids might get blocked in my country.
  8. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    Wanted: Kermit Dancing Muppetism

    just wondering if anyone has the video for this i had it a while back but i lost it
    email to
  9. KermiClown

    KermiClown Well-Known Member

    Hey Frogpuppeteer!

    I just sent you the video. Enjoy!
  10. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Hi David,

    I just sent you a message last night. I know we've already worked together, but I wasn't sure if you could help me one very last time. That's all. Thank you.
  11. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I had been tape trading Muppet/Henson related stuff since the 1990's, but I gotta say...gosh bless youtube, video.google, torrent sites and various other places. Been able to find good quality copies of virtually everything I ever wanted, including so much stuff I never knew existed.

    Though I will say, some things online are nowhere near as good as the vhs dubs I have. Theres no good digital version online of Muppets @WDW. I finally have a super high quality Muppet Cosby show, Muppet Vision 3d, etc but stuff some(like my 1st gen dubs of Muppets @WDW and all the JHH) are better looking on vhs. I honeslty cant even think of any Muppet stuff I always wanted but dont have, save for the mini series pilots(American idol spoof show and the mini muppet mockumentary) which noone outside the company even has.
  12. KatWoman

    KatWoman Member

    Glad to find this thread on the forum--my dearly beloved tape of John Denver Christmas (complete with Polaroid commercials) and Muppet Family Christmas was lost in a move last year. So, KermitClown, I will be in touch. :)
  13. KatWoman

    KatWoman Member

    Ooh, just read the post about zamzar. Thanks, you just made my YEAR!:excited:

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