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my own puppet show!

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by figaredo, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. figaredo

    figaredo New Member

    Hello friends:

    For those that don't know me: i'm southamerican (from Chile)
    and I have been a member here for a couple of years

    Anyway. I'm writing because I'm very happy: I m a young (and little) tv producer and director and we and my pals won money in a national query to do a kids show on National TV. Our propossal was to do a tv news show CNNlike but with puppets!. We are in production right now and it has been so great that I barely believe it: constructing big studios in high, working with monitors, trying to apply all the things I've learned from the muppets books and from you in this forum.
    The show has a lot of weird, silly and completely stupid "News" starring puppets and children (adults don't exist). The puppets arent't like the muppets, really: our stetic proposal is to do a show with toy like puppets, made with the most simple materials, as if the children themselves have had done them with their hands. THe result is very weird and quite ugly but funny. It will run every saturday since next march in a five months season! The audience is very small, in comparing with your countries: some like four million or maybe little more pottencial kid viewers.

    I wanted to thank this site, that from time to time remembers me, as far as from I am writing this, that muppet lovers like me are strong and enthusiastic. It is a pleasure to read the forums (and to participate in them from time to time, with my ugly english). And, men, to DO THE THING, what a pleasure it is. TO write jokes and to see if they work or not, to do different characters, and voices, and visual jokes, and so.

    I only wanted to share it with you
  2. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    That's great figaredo! Do you have any pictures or video that you can share?
  3. figaredo

    figaredo New Member

    Not yet, but I promise I will send you some photos soon

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