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My SST Episode List

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Rosewood, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    When I joined this forum, it was in great hopes of finding people who would be interested in trading Sesame Street episodes. I have found alot of people who are more than willing to do so, and greatly appreciate those who have. But, after receiving some of the copies I have, I have decided to start actually telling people which copies are ones that I have obtained through trade, and which copies are ones that I actually taped myself, strait from the T.V., and from what source (noggin or PBS) I obtained them from. I think that is only fair to people I deal with, and I would really appreciate it if people would do the same for me. My list goes as follows:

    Copies from trade:

    #1, 8, 24, 131, 276, 406, 536, 796, 926, 1056, 1186, 1316, & sesame bio-part 1&2

    Copies taped from PBS by me:

    #3175, 3178, 3181-88, 3191, 3193-94, 3717-19, 3721-23, 3726-27, 3732-33, 3736, 3738, 3979-80, 4007, 4013, 4017, 4031-44, 4046-52, 4057-59, 4061, 4075-77, 4079-92, and 4100.
    I also have alot of non-SS related videos (VHS) that I would be willing to give up for some good quality SS episodes.

    Anyone interested in doing business, please e-mail me at rosejaneh2o@hotmail.com(please note the "o" in h2o is the letter, not the number). For those of you out there who are not fortunate enough to have anything to trade in return, please, still e-mail me and I am sure we can work something out, even if it is as little as sending me an empty disk and a few stamps for postage (just no money offers, please). The way I see it, if I ever hope for someone to be kind enough to do this for me someday, I need to show I'm willing to do it myself, as well. I think anyone who wishes to should be able to have the ability to enjoy some good quality Sesame Street! I hope there are others out there who feel the same as I do, and are willing to do the same. :)
  2. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    Hmm ... what are they? (and I assume you mean #43 instead of 24? ;))
  3. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member

    Rosewood, great idea. Something I might be willing to get into myself. However, I don't know what any of these episodes are by number only. If there is a way you could give a brief description of the episodes main street story it would help a lot. Thanks!:)
  4. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I have to know if you have any of the older episodes. I don't want any from the newer season because I'm able to get them. I want older episodes. Like the 80's or 70's episode and I think I have all the ones you have. So unless you have any from those years that is the same ones that BooberGorg has. He has lots of them that I wished I had but can't trade unless I buy him DVD or VHS. So if you can send me Rose a list of all what you have I'll see what we can do.
  5. pollick529

    pollick529 Well-Known Member

    Rosewood, which ones of these are from PBS? I am looking for the original PBS cuts and not the Noggin edited episodes:

    #1, 8, 24, 131, 276, 406, 536, 796, 926, 1056, 1186, 1316

    Or are all of them from Noggin? Please let me know. Thanks! :)
  6. pollick529

    pollick529 Well-Known Member

    Yes, do tell. I may be interested! :)
  7. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    yes, I stand corrected, BooberGorg.

    I do stand corrected. That was a type-o, and was supposed to say 43 instead of 24. (you should know; you sent them to me!)
    The rest I received in trade originally came from MuppetDude, (through another trader). Because of this I have no idea where they originally came from (PBS or Noggin). All the other episodes (from 3175 up) I personally taped from PBS, so the number on them is genuine. As for which episodes are "older", that pretty much depends on the person asking the question: if it were me, I would concider anything without "Elmo's World" in it an "older" episode, (due to fact that they are now extinct.:cry: ) and that basically places the episode #'s up to the end of season 32 (in my case, from 3175-3980). That opinion could differ, however, from person to person.
  8. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    What non-SS videos do you have that you're willing to offer?
  9. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we are in the same boat here. I wish to obtain earlier episodes as well, but unfortunately I dont have the financial resources some people require in order to do so. I sent you a private e-mail containing a more detailed version of what I have.
  10. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    All the ones you have listed were obtained through trade, either from Boober or from MuppetDude (through another person) so I have no idea where these were originally obtained from. My guess, off the wall, is from Noggin since most start with "Unpaved" at the beginning and some do have the "noggin" symbol at the bottom corner. (I, myself, unlike other lucky people, have never had the luxury of having "noggin" broadcast where I live.):(
  11. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    I got 'em from Noggin.

    Try talking to Xerus; I'm sure he'd like the 1993-1998 episodes. I sent him some SS episodes as well.
  12. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    My VHS video list

    I'm in the process of getting the list together as I speak. I don't have anything on your wish list, unfortunately, but your welcome to look over the list once I get it finished.
  13. BEAR

    BEAR Well-Known Member


    It looks like you have nice chunk of episodes recorded and I would be interested in aquiring them, but since I don't know the episodes by number, would you mind listing what you have using brief descriptions of the episodes? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  14. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    My Updated Episode List

    My updated and improved list of SS episodes, songs, skits and terms for trade

    Terms for Trade
    Due to the volume of responses I have been getting, the only way I can possibly get people what they request (if they have nothing to offer in trade) is if they agree to the following requirements: First, I need to be sent 2 DVD-R disks in protective covers (one for your copy and one for your part of the "trade") for each episode you wish to have recorded. I also need you to send a pre-paid postage return label to cover the postage for returning your copies to you. Also understand that I do have multiple transactions going on, which may put a few people ahead of you. You will need to be patient, but once you are in line it should secure your spot. Send a list of the episodes you want along with the disks. Also remember that any episode I obtained through trade from someone else may have picture distortion or break up, which is out of my control. Just be for-warned. What you will be getting will be "as is". Unfortunately, with some of the older copies I have received in trade, I have found the visual part to be in pretty bad shape, (which you can thank SW for, due to the fact that the episodes sent to Noggin had received no touching up what-so-ever and were in pretty bad shape when Noggin received them to air). And, try as I may, there is nothing I can do to improve it. If you decide to send these disks, please send them to the following address of my husbands Photo studio, labeled as follows:

    Attn: Mrs. Rose Waterhouse
    Waterhouse Photography
    1527 North 1900rhouse West
    Lehi, Utah, 84043

    My episode list update - 11 / 16 / 05

    I went over all my episodes, and the following list will state what, if anything, is missing and also any major discrepancies that happen to be on any of them:

    #3191 - Wanda the fish goes to the playground ( complete - does have slight single ripple distortion going from bottom of screen and slowly ascending to top at very beginning, up to swing set scene, then again at very end as they are giving credits)
    #3193 - Jack be Nimble (complete - 1 or 2 picture breaks while snuffy talks to squirrel at playground) #3194 - Ruthie babysits (complete)
    #3717 - Kingston wants to be different ( missing opening - starts where Kingston and friends introduce #8 - complete from there on)
    #3718 - Telly’s "Everything Sandwich" - (complete)
    #3719 - Oscar misses Slimey - (complete)
    #3721 - Big Bird tries ballet - (complete)
    #3722 - Snuffy tries tap dancing - (complete)
    #3723 - Bob gets job offer - (complete - Has one major glitch in middle where channel accidentally got changed during recording. Is during cartoon where man and dog at beach scratch each others back.)
    #3736 - Telly sets record for standing still - (complete - slight tracking ripple at beginning up to where Ruthie says "hello")
    #3738 - "Flow White" - (complete)
    #4036 - Gordon tries to practice chess while dealing with Elmo - (complete)
    #4040 - Zoe gets Baby Bear and Telly to play tea party - (complete)

    ----------------extremely incomplete episodes------------------

    #3726 - "Club 40" - (missing first half)
    #4013 - snuffys grandma comes to visit - (missing last 20 minutes (possibly Elmo's World?))
    #4077 - Grovers popcorn popper - (starts at song "Talk with your hands" and goes for about 30 minutes, ending early)
    #4013 - Elmo and Zoe play aliens - (Missing approx. first 10 min)

    The following episodes I have obtained through trade, so the majority of them have minor (if not major) resolution problems. Most, if not all, were taped from Noggin. If you wish to obtain these episodes, please be aware I cannot be held responsible for their quality, (or lack there of).

    #1- pilot episode
    #8 - letter B treasure hunt
    #43 - Susan, Gordon, Bob, and Mr. Hooper have tea
    #131 - Granny Grouch
    #276 - New friends
    #406 - Sam the Robot makes his first appearance
    #536 - Another quiet day
    #796 - "Headline Howie" gets the scoop
    #926 - Snuffy gets courage to meet people, but just misses them
    #1056 - Bert's marching band

    #1090 - Hawaii day 1
    #1091 - Hawaii day 2
    #1092 - Hawaii day 3
    #1093 - Hawaii day4
    #1094 - Hawaii day 5
    #1095 - Hawaii day 6
    #1186 - Count counts "hello's" and "goodby's"
    #1316 - SS goes to Puerto Rico
    #1563 - Maria wants a raise
    #1736 - Practice makes perfect
    #1740 - The water shortage
    #1800 - Snuffys Toaster
    #1836 - The NYC marathon

    Individual sketches and songs (Please note - These are only from my personal tapes and DVD's that I have recorded.)

    Tape 1 - songs
    "Have you ever looked at a paperclip" - (Bert)
    "Jump, ya jump!"- (live)
    "Wake up!"- (Ernie)
    "I - he wants to soak up the sun!"- (monsters and singer)
    "If I could visit aliens"- (Telly & The Martians)
    "I don’t want to live on the moon"- (Ernie & Erin Nevil)
    "If I were the letter B"- (muppet and animals-a take off from "Fiddler on the Roof")
    "Some things are little, some things are big"- (live)
    "Everybody Eats!"- (live)
    "Pat your head - rub your tummy"- (Ernie and Bert)

    Tape 2 - songs
    "All I really need is a book to read"- (animated)
    "Something old into something new"- (live)
    "I’m so proud - you’re my baby!" - (muppets-"The Squirrels")
    "W lovers anthem" - (Bert and other muppets)
    "I’m curious, oh so curious!"- (animated - "Above it all" characters)
    "He’s so different"- (Garth Brooks and muppets)
    "Things are always changing"- (Hoots and muppet)
    "Your alive!"- ("Little Chrisy and the Alphabeats")
    "I’m a manatee!" - (live "Creature Feature")
    "13's my lucky number"- (animated)
    "Once is not enough"- (muppets)
    "Baby, baby, listen to the heart of a frog!"- (Kermit’s doctor)
    "Salt, my salt"- (live)
    "Don’t waste water"- (live)
    "7, we are 7"- (Elmo)
    "If we work together, it soon gets done!"- (muppets)
    "Were in with the "In crowd"- (animated-"Above it all" characters)
    Music while 2 armadillos play - (live film)
    "Follow the leader"- (Gina and kids)
    "I need a friend to play with me"- (Bert)
    "Lets go driving in an automobile"- (muppets)
    "I’m a tall, tall / short, short Texan"- (animated)
    Music plays while Joe Rapozo hums - Film of kids and animals swimming
    "Jump, ya jump!"- (live)
    "Were all growin’!"- (live)
    "How I miss my "X""- (singer and letter X)
    "Oscars Junk Band"- (Oscar and fellow grouches)
    "What’s down below the street"- (a capella group - live animation)

    Tape 3 - Songs
    "Its alright to cry"- (live)
    "Count me in!"- (live)
    "Opera singer & "bug choir"’- (singer, muppets, and kids)
    "I love an oatmeal box!"- (Bert)
    "The Alligator King"- (animated)
    "Emotion in the ocean!"- (Elmo)
    "Oh, look what our baby can do!"- (Ingred, Humphrey, and Natasha)
    "A new way to walk"- (The Oinker Sisters)
    "My Nose"- (Herry)
    "Air" - (Mahnu Mahnu and the Anything Muppets)
    "We look alike, we are the same"- (animated)
    "Above it all"- (animated)

    Grover talks to Frazzle
    Old cartoon - Boys spell Hat, Hose, and Hook on fire station windows by breathing on them.
    Weremeir dogs make letters to the alphabet
    Kid gives football player his "7", player throws him his towel (take off on soda advertisement)
    Recycling cans - live film
    Film on how toothpaste gets put into the tube - (live film)
    Big bad wolf "huffs and puffs" the alphabet

    Tape 4 - songs
    "I’m very, very happy! I’m very, very sad!"- (animated)
    "This is how we take a bath!"- (sung by "Hoots", live film)
    "It’s my birthday, I’m totally happy and proud"- (live)
    "You’re my baby"- (live)
    "Swamp Alphabet"- (Kermit)
    "Counting to 10 in Spanish"- (live)
    "Family!" - (muppet Martians)
    "No Me Gusta"- (Carlos and muppets)
    "It’s Fido’s birthday" - (live)
    "Have you ever really tried to....."- (live)
    "African muppet alphabet"- (Kermit)
    "I just said "Happy Birthday" in (cat, dog, cow, etc.)"- (Kingston Livingston III)
    "Exploring in your closet"- (live)
    "I’m a little airplane, yow"- (Beach Boys?)

    Cookie Monster goes to the bakery to order "special frosted cookie"- eats imaginary drawing
    Ernie traces Berts face
    Girl talks to Grover about how to play "Duck, Duck, Goose!"
    Real story behind "Make way for Ducklings" book - (live clip)
    Muppet "Detective Dave" - Ladies word of "dog" has lost its "D"
    Celebrity (Tim Robbins) gets room at "Furry Arms" hotel
    Bert finds Ernie playing house (he’s pretending to be the stove)

    Tape 5 - songs
    "Eskimo Song"- (live)
    Count and rappers sing "Rap and count"
    "Recycle song" - (cartoon)
    "Elephants at the Zoo" (live)
    "I don’t want to live on the moon" - (Ernie)
    "Starfish"- (live)
    "Doin’ the Snuffelupagus"- (Snuffy, Big Bird, and kids)
    "Rockin’ Robin"- (live)
    "Water Baby"- (live)
    "I love you, more or less"- (muppets)
    "Honk around the clock"- (Honkers)
    "I like you!"- (Ernie and Bert)
    "Splashin’ your troubles away!"- (live)
    "The telephone rock!"- (Little Jerry and the Monotones)
    "Up & Down" opera - (Ernie and Placido Flamingo)
    "The Goat" - (live "Creature Feature")
    "Night Bug Boogie"- (muppets)
    "Were the Big Wolf Family"- (muppets)
    "Goin’ to the laundry mat"- (live)
    "Measuring"- (2 celebrities and The Count)
    "And the word is No!"- (Maria and Gina)
    "Washin’ the dog!"- (live)
    "1, 2,- 2 little dolls"- (live)
    "Say "Olah" instead of "hello"- (Luis and Maria)
    "The cold ocean blues" - (live)
    "Stick out your hand and say "Hello!"- (Bert and Rick Moranis)
    "Old MacDonald had an "arm""- (Mr. Hanford and kids)
    "Hand Talk"- (live)
    "Luv, Luv, Luv the Ocean"- (muppets)

    Hand draws cartoon "ditch" and shows different ways to get across (voice of man and kids)
    "W - Wash" cartoon
    "People Alphabet"- letters made from people bunched together, then running away
    Kids draw cartoon man and forget his knees
    "Sinister Sam" wants to know "Y" (from person who bought last box of crayons)
    "Y- Yo-yo" cartoon
    Snuffys Grandma counts 10 coconuts (has 6 in sand, whacks tree with her trunk to get 4 more)
    Grover talks to girl about "above" and "below"
    "Mr Tweep tried to sleep...." cartoon
    "Walk - everybody walks!" cartoon
    Kangaroo, Alligator, and Snake co-operate to get out of zoo to meet ice cream truck (cartoon)
    "Monsterpiece Theater"- "Monsters of Venice"
    Kids dance to different types of music - (live film)
    Kids show garden in middle of N.Y. City - (live film)
    Up and Down cartoon - shows baby saying up and down & daddy picking baby up and down
    Grover and Kermit talk about Teeth
    Typewriter cartoon - H -Hand
    Two-headed Monster reads "Tap"
    "Newsflash!" - Kermit interviews princess choosing prince to kiss - she chooses Kermit
    Sound Man and Old MacDonald meet in a china shop
    I’m curious - But I’m not stupid! - (cartoon)
    Snuffy and Alice do Big and Little alphabet
    Bert thinks Ernie ate his cookies and shows proof - Its actually Cookie Monster W/ Ernie’s shirt
    Fat Blue is on plane and gets Grover as flight attendant
    Two headed Monster finds pencil and shows all sorts of things to do with it
    "Jake the Snake" shows body parts - (cartoon)
    Puzzle - makes a zebra

    Tape 6 - songs
    "I love you in spring, summer, autumn, and winter" - (Guy Smiley)
    "Imagination"- (animated)
    "I’m off to school"- (live)
    "Everybody Eats!"- (live) (good original copy)
    "Blueberry Mouth"- (live) (good original copy)
    "Healthy Foods" rap - (Cookie Monster - alone)
    "Hop!"- (Kermit)
    "What do you do with a fruit?"- (live)

    Grover talks to little boy
    Girl’s dad takes her flying in airplane (live clip) over N.Y. City, Statue of Liberty, and W.T.C.
    Kids go sledding - (live)
    Little Girl gets new sister - (Live)
    Two-Headed Monster cant decide where to take vacation - Cookie Monster helps them decide
    Ernie’s in bed and is thirsty - imagines drinking water, then is hungry
    Kids take Big Bird to N.Y. Union Market
    Ernie gets Bert to play game with letter Q - They take turns saying numbers followed by Q - Bert says "ten-Q", Ernie says "Your welcome!"
    Harry and JJ talk about letter Q
    cartoon- "Mother sends boy to store for loaf of bread- boy tries to remember" (Early cartoon)

    Tape 7 - songs
    "Put down the Duckie"- (Hoots and Ernie)
    "Boogie Woogie Piggies do the ABC’s"- (The Oinker Sisters)
    "Doing something new"- (animated)
    "On the Island of Emotion"- (animated) ("Above It All" crew)
    "13 turkeys in the straw, hay, and tree" (animated)
    "Hello Happy Happiness!"- (live)
    "It’s alright to cry"- (live)
    "Something old into something new"- (Ya Ya singers)
    "I love circles!"- (Elmo)
    "Waterfowl on a pond"- (live film to piano music)
    "Put down the Duckie"- (Hoots, Ernie, and celebrity clips)
    "Meet my Uncle"- (Sabion)
    "In my animal books"- (animated)
    "Elbows and Knees"- (live)
    "African Animal Alphabet"- (animated)

    Nancy the Nanny goat - (animated)
    Grover does "Singin’ in the Rain", directed by Prairie Dawn- (muppets)
    Girl and her father ride the bus (live film)
    Pinball machine - 11 - (animated)
    Cookie Monster has 3, 2 , 1, and then no cookies and sings about it

    Tape 8 - songs
    "Elephant Elevator Operator"- (muppets)
    "There are chickens in the trees"- (animated)
    "Here we are"- (animated)
    "Alone in a swamp with you"- (Oscar and Grungetta)
    "The letter N"- (Nick Normal and the Nickmaticks)
    "My home is home sweet home to me"- (muppets)
    "It’s Alive!"- (Kermit)
    "I have a chair"- (live)
    "A J- family"- (muppets)
    "Everybit of litter hurts"
    "Be Yourself!"- (Kingston)
    "Above it all!"- (animated)
    "My favorite number is 6"- (Bert and Ernie)
    "Louisiana byou song - in French"- (live film)
    "Say Cheese!"- (live)
    "It’s my name"- (Celebrity, Elmo, and child)
    "Exploring in your closet"- (choppy live-animation)

    Pink Panther makes letter "K" for karate (cartoon)
    Grover tells about "here" and "there"
    "Newsflash!"- Kermit interviews "The 3 pigs and Wolf"
    k - kiss (animated)
    Man uses "remote control" to make things go "up" and "down", including bridge in end. (live film)
    Harry and Jon Jon talk about "up" and "down"
    Garage attendant repairs J that won’t "jump"(muppets)
    Pinball machine-6 - (animated)
    Grover and Andrew count
    Kermit uses X-ray machine to show insides of Harry Monster

    Tape 9 - songs
    "Dance away the blues"- (live with muppets)
    "Rockin’ Robin" - (live)
    "Everybody Sleeps!"- (live)
    "Things that I remember" - (Bert and Ernie)
    "I believe in little things"- ( Tony Bennet and little girl)
    "Dance" - (live film shows lots of different feet dancing)
    "I dance myself to sleep"- (Ernie)
    "Get right up if your feeling down"- (live)
    "Jump, ya jump!"- (live)
    "Be yourself!"- (Kingston)
    "It’s a long, hard road; but I’m gonna get there!"- (live)

    Garden in middle of N.Y.- (live)
    "The Count" does "Fairy Tail Theater" - "This little piggie 1-10"
    Harvey Kneeslapper gets tables turned on him (Give me 5)
    Garage attendant fixes ladies J that won’t "jump"- (muppets)
    Tiny man with tall hat has misplaced his J - (early cartoon)
    Alligator asks Elephant at road crossing how he can remember things - (early cartoon)
    "Newsflash!" - Kermit visits alphabet mine where they mine "J"s
    "Monsterpiece Theater"- "Dances with Wolves"
    Grover and Rositta give Hugs
    Classic cartoon - cavemen are yelling "me!" back and forth at each other, music from "Oddesy 2000" begins, giant stone slab starts to crumble,revealing and saying word "Me!"
    Harvy Kneeslapper puts D on Fat Blue

    Tape 10 - songs
    "1-10 in Spanish"- (live)
    "It’s Fido’s birthday"- (live)
    "Write your name" - (live)
    "What is friend?"- (Cookie Monster and monster friend - about sharing)
    "In my head" - (animated "above it all" characters)
    "Fat, cat, sat, hat"- (Mahnu Mahnu and the Anything Muppets)
    "In my animal books"- (animated)
    "Whats down below the street"- ( a capella group)
    "I love being a pig!"- (animated)

    Cookie monster and Zoe explain "In" and "Out"
    "Monsterpiece Theater" - "The King and I"
    Harvey Kneeslapper "Keeps an "I" on Fat Blue’s hat"
    Twiddlebugs get stamp for livingroom wall - they all lick it (ewww!) - then stick it on up-side down
    Frazzle goes to the dentist
    Boy with Down’s Syndrome gets to swim with dolphins (live film)
    Kids pretend to do jobs adults have (live film)
    Ernie counts cups and saucers (their glued together)
    Babies learn to walk and get better and better (live film)
    Professor Television shows "near" and "far"
    Grover tries to get job as lifeguard
    small k- kiss (animated)

    Tape 11 - songs
    "Somebody come and play"- (live) (early classic)
    "Splish splash, I was takin’ a bath!"- (live - elephants being bathed at the Bronx zoo)
    "Over, under, around, and through!"- (live)
    "A new dance called "The Arm"- (Sabion)
    "Department Store Elevator (1-10 little animals - animated)
    "Danger, it’s no stranger!"- (How Now and the Moo Cow Wave)
    "For your mouth" - (animated)
    "Hot in the city" - (live)
    "This is my J"- (Biff)
    "What’s inside the...."- (live animation and Cookie Monster at the end)
    "Elmo, Parker, and country singer sing "I....!".about being charros"
    "Washin’ the dog"- (live)
    "I dance myself to sleep" - (Ernie)
    "On my pond"- (Kermit)
    "Elbows and Knees"- (live)
    "Talk with your hands" - (Bob and Linda, muppets, and kids)
    "That’s what friends are for"- (Ernie)
    "We all live in a capitol I"- (classic cartoon)
    "Captain Vegetable!"- (Elmo and John Liglizamo)

    G-first letter in the word "Giggle" (animated classic)
    G-Gorilla wants a job (animated classic)
    "Newsflash!"- Kermit interviews The Invisible Man
    "Monsterpiece Theater"-
    Jasper and Julias - Jasper looses his elbows
    Canadian geese go south for winter - (animated)
    Bert and Ernie -on the beach; Ernie buries Bert in sand up to his hat, thinks he is lost, Sherlock Hemlock comes along and helps him solvemystery, Ernie buries Sherlock while digging Bert out.
    Man and dog can’t agree on which way to go - dog gets final say and decided to go up (animated)
    Animal moms and babies (early film - older boy is talking to younger boy about it)

    Tape 12 - songs
    "No matter what you look like, some things are still the same"- (live)
    "I’ve got 2 eyes, ears, etc.- (Ernie and Elmo)
    "Little Richard sings about feelings with Rosita"
    "Dance away the blues"- (live with muppets)
    "Penguins at Sea World swim to music"- (live)
    "Zoe, my name is Zoe!"- (Zoe)
    "La, la, la, la, - lemon!" - (Ernie and Bert)
    "Air!"- (Mahnu Mahnu and the anything muppets)

    Penguin tap dances rhythm of drum, saw and typewriter on iceberg (early cartoon)
    "Newsflash!" - Kermit visits Old McDonalds farm which has been made into a health spa
    Harry Monster leads other monsters in opera ABC’s

    DVD"S - songs
    13, 14, 1, and 2

    "Doing the Batty Bat"- (The Count)
    "C is for cookie"- (Cookie Monster)
    "It’s not that easy bein’ green"- (Kermit)
    "D, D, D"- (Ernie and Cookie)
    "I’m an Aardvark!"- (live)
    "Monster in the mirror"- (Grover)
    "Fuzzy and blue" (Harry, Grover, and Cookie ( with and without Frazzle)
    "Doin’ the pidgeon"- (Bert)
    "Happy tappin’ with Elmo"
    "I Love Trash!"- (Oscar)
    "Skin!"- (live)
    "Count it higher!"- (Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats)
    "We are all Earthlings"- (muppets)
    "J, Joe, Jeans and his Jellybeans"- (muppets)
    "Honker, Duckie, Dinger Jamboree"- (Ernie)
    "Alaskan winter song"- (live)
    "Take a breath!"- (live)
    "Everybody’s Song"- (Diane Cross, Elmo, and muppets)

    DVD - 3, 4, and 5
    "Riding a tricycle"- (Elmo)
    "Wake up!"- (Ernie)
    "I don’t want to live on the moon"- (Telly, Rositta, and Bob)
    "Furry, Happy Monsters feeling glad"- (rock group and monsters)
  15. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Looks like you've got your hands full. I would like to do business with you sometime. I know that you emailed me about it and that I didn't respond back to you.:o Sorry. Right now, I'm a little busy at the moment, but if you wanna talk, then let's talk, if you have the time that is.:)
  16. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    My latest updated list and requirements

    The following is a latest updated list of what I have and what my requirements are for trade:
  17. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Looks good. I am willing to do business with you at some point today. Thanks for emailing me last night by the way.:)
  18. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    My most recent updating

    canceled (repeat of list above)
  19. Rosewood

    Rosewood Well-Known Member

    Here's the newest update

    The following songs, sketches, and skits are all available on a single 4-hr dsk
    Mahnu Mahnu
    Elephants at the zoo (live film/music)
    "Starfish" (live film/song)
    Sinister Sam wants to know "Y" (muppet sketch)
    Mr. Tweep tried to sleep (animated sketch)
    "Walk - Everybody walks!" (short animated clip)
    "A new way to walk" (oinker sisters / muppet song)
    "Waterbaby" (live film / song by joe rapozo)
    "I love you, more or less" (muppet song)
    "Honk around the clock" (muppet song)
    "I like you" (E & B song)
    Grover and Kermit talk about teeth (muppet sketch)
    "Telephone rock" (muppet song)
    "5 purple Konkers" (animated song)
    Film about cats - shows cats made from ceramic, metal, blocks, ect. then at
    the end shows live cat drinking a saucer of milk.
    Simon the Sound Man meets Old MacDonald in china shop
    "I'm still curious. But I'm not stupid!" (animated sketch)
    "The night bug boogie" (muppet song)
    "Christopher Clumsy" tells about feet (animated sketch)
    "Measuring" Song (2 celebrities & Count)
    Boy rescues baby bird / Mother bird holds up his pants (animated)
    Bert thinks Ernie ate his cookies (E&B sketch)
    "1,2, 2 little dolls" (live film / song)
    Fat Blue meets Grover on airplane (muppet sketch)
    "Say "Hola" instead of "Hello" (Luis and Maria / song and dance)
    "Jake the Snake" tells about body parts (animated sketch)
    "The 10 comandments of health" (muppet song)
    "Jelly Man Kelly" (James Taylor and kids / song)
    "C is for cookie" ( CM / song)
    F is for Francis Fairy (animated "F" sketch)
    "La, la, la,la - lemon!" (E&B song)
    Around-The-Town-Alphabet (live film)
    Kermit draws M w/his pointy finger (muppet clip)
    "M-song" (Cookie and Harry)
    Wizard has boy say "R" words (animated clip)
    The villian in the panama hat (animated "V" sketch)
    Moon and fairy alphabet (animated)
    "We were born to add!" (muppet song)
    "ZZ Blues" (muppet song)
    "Letter B" (muppet song)
    "Wet Paint" (muppet song)
    "Do de rubber duck" (muppet song)
    "D,D,D," song (Ernie and Cookie)
    "J, Joe, Jeans, and his Jelly beans" (muppet song)
    "Somebody come and play!" (live film / song by Joe Rapozo)
    Ernie burries Bert on the beach (E&B sketch w/ Sherlock Hemlock)
    "Danger! It's no stranger!" (muppet song)
    "We all live in a capitol I"(animated song)
    "Some of the words that begin with I" (animated song)
    "The lower-case n" (animated song)
    "What is friend?" (Cookie and friend / song)
    "Fat, Cat, Sat, Hat" (Bip Bippadota and AM's / song)
    "I love being a pig!" (animated song)
    Ernie counts cups and saucers (E&B sketch)
    "Take a breath!" (live film / song by Joe Rapozo)
    "Air!" (Bip Bippadota / song)
    The Rhyming game (E&B sketch)
    Cookie reads poem with Kermit
    "The "op" family" ( muppet song)
    "The Zizzy Zoomers" (muppet "Z" song)
    Robin Hood (Ernie) tries to audition for Merry Men ( muppet sketch)
    "Your Alive!" (muppet song)
    "Rock and Roll readers" (muppet song)
    "It's hip to be a square" (animated song)
    "Count up to 9 for me" (song by Count)
    "40 blocks from my home" (muppet song)
    "I cant get no co-operation" (muppet song)
    "Hand Talk" (live film / song)
    "And the word is "No!" (song / Maria and Gina)
    "I'm a hard workin' dog!" (live film / song by JR)
    "Cats... Have Kittens" (live film / song by JR)
    "Which come first? The chicken or the egg?" (live film / song by JR)
    "Layin eggs around the clock" (muppet song)
    Jon Jon has Grover count one penny
    1-20 song (animated counting song - starts showing Hindu man w/ 4 arms )
    "2 step" - (animated counting song - with Donny Bud fiddler)
    Ball on roller coaster for #3 (live film w/ music)
    "I just adore 4" ( Big Bird song)
    "4 big lions just came through my door!" (Donny Bud fiddler song - animated)
    Count hires Ernie to answer his phone (muppet sketch)
    Count is elevator operator (muppet sketch)
    "6 soccer socks" (animated song)
    The Count count 7 flowers - then 7 sneezes (muppet sketch)
    "The King of 8" - (figure animation)
    "My Martian Beauty" (animated song for 9)
    Jon Jon and Grover count to 10
    "Fur" (muppet song)
    "Frazzil" (muppet song)
    "Fuzzy and Blue!(and orange) (muppet song)
    "Comb your face!" (muppet song)
    "Around , over, under, and through!" (Grover song)
    "How do you do?" (song w/ Grover and Lena Horn)
    "Disco Grover " (muppet song)
    "Wig salesman Grover" (muppet sketch - Grover and Fat Blue)
    "I love my elbows!" (song - Kermit)
    "Caribian Amphibian" (song - Kermit)
    "African Alphabet" (song - Kermit)
    "Swamp Alphabet" (song - Kermit)
    "Hop!" (song - Kermit)
    "This Frog" (song - Kermit)
    "ABCDEFG Cookiemonster!" (sketch - girl and Kermit)
    Grovers Weather Machine (Grover, Kermit - sketch)
    Ernie and Bert at movies-lady w/ tall hat (E&B sketch)
    E&B camping out (E&B sketch)
    Doctor examins Ernie (E&B sketch)
    "I don't want to live on the moon" (song - Ernie)
    E&B visit Egyptian pyramid (E&B sketch)
    "W lovers anthem" (E&B song)
    Bernice learns to play checkers (E&B clip)
    "That's what friends are for!" (E&B song)
    "I dance myself to sleep" (E&B song)
    "Rubber Duckie" (song - Ernie)
    "Honker, Duckie, Dinger Jamboree" (song - Ernie, Honkers and Dingers)
    "The Batty Bat" (song - Count)
    "The Aligator King" (animated song for 7)
    "I love trash!" (song - Oscar)
    "Count it higher!" (muppet song)
    "I'm an Aardvark!" ( live film - song)
    "Skin!" (live film - song by JR)
    "Bein Green" (original) (song - Kermit)
    "Ichi Ni Son" (Big Bird - song)
    "Rhyme Out!" (song - Big Bird, Gina and Sabion)
    "Big Bird doesn't fly!" (song - "The Squirells")
    "AB-CDEFGI-JKL" (song - Big Bird)
    "Wheels on my fet" (Song - the Cast and BigBird)
    "Everybody Eats!" (live film - song by JR)
    "Everybody Sleeps!" (live film - song by JR)
  20. Rebel 'L'

    Rebel 'L' New Member

    anyone got the yip yip aliens edpisodes?

    Well I am very hopeful that I can get my hands on some old episodes from some of you. The main thing I want right now is any episode with the yip yips in it! Then anything else that older than 1990-1995 probably. If I ever make a million dollars I want to work out a deal to help PBS sell the funny SS episodes to adults! Have any of you ever seen the Rebel "L' song?:confused:

    And yes it seems like I remember the the star wars on sesame street as a kid but that has got to be rare.

    Aren't there any production assistants or editors that have copies of all these old episodes that we could trade with...in secret or whatever?

    Quiz: which character says "noonie noonie nonnie"...anyone?

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