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Need some help sorting through this random lot of sesame street things. Pretty Please :)

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by MissyAmerica, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. MissyAmerica

    MissyAmerica New Member

    Hi all,
    I occasionally scout out estate sales when they are in my area of L.A. to make a little extra money,
    well today I went and turns out there was a sale right around the corner. it was an estate sale for a man named Jason Levine.
    He worked for CBS and for sesame street since day one. (1969)
    He was quite the hoarder and had so many random things I could hardly walk through the place.
    I did however scoop up one box for $5 and these are my finds.
    I am hoping someone on here has a little knowledge about Sesame Street and could let me know if these things are worth anything.

    First I have 3 little informational booklets (all the same) from 1969 basically introducing Sesame Street and letting people know it is going to be airing in November. It goes on to show studies and information as to why Sesame street is different and educational and how it is going to teach children. In the back it has a listing of every state and what channel Sesame Street is going to air on.
    I don't know who the booklets were meant for but they are in great condition.

    Next I have several (around 20) newspapers entitled Parent/Teacher guide to Sesame Street.
    I don't believe I have the full set but I have several copies of numbers 3,4, & 5 for certain.
    I did find a few of these on ebay but it's just one here and there.

    Next 4 paper back books in poor condition. They look to be learning materials,
    Titles are " book of shapes" book of numbers" book of people and things" and "book of puzzlers"
    again I found a few of these on Ebay but none that are exactly the same as mine. the ones I found look to be newer and hard back.

    Next I have a few blank christmas cards from the "Levines" they aren't written in but say "season's greetings" and have the name of Jay Levine and his wife. I'm sure these aren't worth anything but they have sesame street on the front so I included them.

    My weirdest find is a sticker that has cookie monster on it. I think it's supposed to go on a bottle of liquor. I don't understand it at all. I thinking it may have been a cast joke? see the photo.

    Next is a cast photo. The autographs are printed obviously but it is very old and in good shape.

    Next is a print on photopaper (or something similar) depicting Wanda The Witch. It is dated 1969.

    Last a beat up old felt puppet. Mr Levine (who was present at the sale) told me a story of how people would send in their handmade puppets and request they were used in the show. This particular puppet he decided to bring home to his daughter. I know that it's not technically "Sesame Street" memorabilia but I liked the story and I thought you all might too :).

    There were alot of personal papers, articles, resumes, and randomness in the box too. All and all I had a very interesting day looking through and discovering these things.

    I apologize for the photos in the album being out of order from my explanation. If you have any questions about which item is which let me know.

    I would appreciate any advise about this set. Or if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome!
    http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a376/MISSYANNMAYNARD/Sesame Street/
  2. MissyAmerica

    MissyAmerica New Member

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