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Never Been a Group of Friends Quite Like This!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Trust is the glue that holds friendship together, right? Well, what if some trust was taken away? Would it affect the friends in any way? What if that scraped-off trust got placed with someone else? Whatt would happen to the others? All will be answered in time, but let's head to where our story begins: an alleyway.

    "Gee, Boomie. It's great to be having new members joining the club!" Zoot was walking in an alleyway at night. He was carrying a package, and a blue and tan Bom-omb with sunglasses was walking next to him. The Bom-omb nodded in agreement to the last comment.

    "I mean, it seemed like only yesterday when Strong Sad started that club." Zoot said. Suddenly, a crash was heard behind him. Sunglasses and night aren't the easiest way to see.

    "W-who's there?" Zoot asked, but with no reply. "Hm. Must have been those ten pudding pops I ate..." CLANG! Another sound!

    "Let's get out of here!" Zoot called to Boomie. He rushed down the alley as fast as he could. Or, at least as fast as he could in sandals. He soon tripped, bringing one of his sandals off of his foot. Without picking it up, he ran even faster, with Boomie following, and the package still in his hands. Half of his right sleeve got ripped off by a free wire on a fence, and the wind blew his hat away. Pretty soon, he tripped one more time. This time, he stayed down, as something closed in on the saxman and the bomb.

    "Make youself useful and do something, Boomie!" Zoot called, as Boomie saluted with his rope. He lit it himself, but nothing happened.

    "Oh, yeah. I forgot you were a dud." Zoot said, as Boomie sheepishly looked down. What was following them was nothing more than a stray puppy, who licked both of them, then sniffed the package.

    "I'll bring you with me to my meeting." Zoot said, scooping up the puppy, and holding him in his other arm.

    Meanwhile, in a warehouse that was customized for the Bowie club, Orbulon, Strong Sad, and Dimentio were waiting for Zoot. They needed the paperwork that he had to fill in the new members. The new members consisted of Keroro (from their last meeting in Diamond City), an albino British boy wearing purple and black sweats with a strange yellow pendant, a female genie, with a brightly colored outfit and jade necklace, a male humanoid with solid white skin, curly hair, no mouth, and a brown dress-like shirt, a small Mr. Man that was a very light blue with a yellow nose and three small hairs on his head, and another Mr. Man who was green, wore socks, flip flops, and a magenta newsboy cap that covered his eyes and went down to his nose, which was also green. Pretty soon, the door slammed open, and Zoot, Boomie, and the stray puppy came in.

    "Where were you?" Orbulon asked.

    "And why do you look like you were hit by a train?" Strong Sad asked.

    "I think it's an improvement!" Dimentio said, then eyed Boomie. "You were supposed to explode when I gave you to him."

    "Okay." Strong Sad said, taking the package. "Meeting time."

    He then carefully opened the package, and was shocked. Inside, besides the papers that were supposed to be in their, was an uncooked steak.

    "What's that doing in there?" Orbulon asked.

    "No clue." Strong Sad said, throwing the steak to the stray puppy. "By the way, who's dog is that?"

    "I don't know." Zoot said. "He just followed us here."

    "No collar." Orbulon said, observing him.

    "I'm gonna keep him." Zoot said. "And I'll name him Mustard."

    "Why?" Strong Sad asked.

    "Because when he licked me, his saliva smelled like mustard." Zoot said, getting stares from everyone else.

    In an hour, the forms were handed and filled out. The new members (besides Keroro) were Damion, Jade, The Hornblower, Mr. Quiet, and Mr. Lazy. After an explination of how the club went, it was time for the club to dismiss. As soon as they got out, the members that lived in alternate universes pushed the buttons on their transporters, bringing them to their own universe. Zoot left to the Muppet Boarding House with Boomie and Mustard. Everyone had returned home. That is, everyone but one...

    "Dimentio here." Dimentio was hiding on the side of the building, talking to someone unknown into a phone.

    "Good." A mysterious voice said from the other side. "Is the demon set?"

    "Yep. He's in the hands of Zoot." Dimentio said.

    "Excellent!" The voice said, with sounds of pure evil.

    "When will the effects take place?" Dimentio asked.

    "All in good times, all in good times..." The mysterious voice said, then shut the phone off. The Muppets didn't know it yet, but they'd become heroes once again...
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  2. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    Omigosh! You put Damion in there! WOOOOOOO! *tackle-hug* This is great, really!
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good beginning... Thought it was Mr. Small and Mr. Nosey. Uh, who are Damian, Jade, and the Hornblower? And from what franchises are they? Would like to know so as to broaden my animation knowledge. Thanks and as always, more please!
  4. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Damion is a creation of PuppyLuver's. He's a British albino musician with the power to play any instrument.

    Jade is my own Kirby character. She's a genie that helps Kirby and his friends, but her magic can get them into trouble at times.

    The Hornblower is another Homestar Runner character (like Strong Sad). He doesn't appear much, but I really like him. He's one of the King of Town's servants, and knows the saxophone and buisine.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh... Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated. And I hope more gets posted soonish.
  6. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Oooh! You've got Strong Sad in it! YAY! Good job so far!
  7. Boppity

    Boppity Well-Known Member

    Nice beginning! I love how all your stories are tied together in some way.
    (This is Mythrael from deviantart, by the way XD)
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Um hi... Could we have an update to this nice story please? We all thank you.
  9. doozersticks

    doozersticks Active Member

    It's definatley interesting to say the least..
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... Just checking to see if an update might get posted to this tale. Also, maybe you should think about your next story after this focusing on the relationship between Misty and Dimentio that caused him to banish her from the Muppet realm, turning her into a Gunther instead of a Pepper.
    Hope this helps and hope to read some more from you soonish.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... Just wondering if this quaint tale might get updated perchance? Thank you, we now return you to your regularly scheduled nagging.
  12. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 2

    Zoot headed home after the meeting, with Boomie and Mustard following him. He took the long way home, so he could spend a little more time with Mustard. He finally arrived at the boarding house. Most of the residents were asleep, but the other members of the band were waiting for him.

    "Look who finally decided to come home!" Hands said.

    "What happened to you?" Nurse Tounges asked, looking him up and down.

    "I...um...got into a fight?" Zoot lied.

    "You got into a fight with the wind and a chain fence, didn't you?" Kikit asked.

    "Yeah..." Zoot admitted. As soon as he did, Mustard walked from behind him and jumped onto Kikit.

    "You found a puppy!" Kikit said, as Mustard licked her face.

    "I named him Mustard." Zoot said.

    "Why?" Floyd asked, as Mustard continued to lick Kikit.

    "His saliva smells like mustard." Zoot said, as Kikit started to stare at Zoot.

    "I thought you'd say something stupid, like "I named him that because he changes yellow if he doesn't eat enough mealworms"." Dr. Teeth said.

    "He's a puppy, not an iguana." Misty said, staring at Dr. Teeth with a weird expression.

    "Whatever." Kikit said, placing Mustard down on the floor. "I'm going to bed." She then left the others to head to the band's room.

    "Me too." Misty said, and headed to Fozzie's room.

    Some time later, all of the members of the band had fallen asleep (with Dr. Teeth insisting that he wasn't tired). Mustard was curled up on Zoot's bed, and when the others were asleep, his eyes seemed to glow a mysterious red...

    The next morning, after the daily song (this time it was Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfold), breakfast was served. Kermit couldn't help but noticing the fact that Mustard was sitting on Zoot's lap.

    "Zoot, where did you get that?" Kermit asked.

    "What? My sunglasses?" Zoot wondered. "Well, I've had this pair for about six-"

    "Not the glasses, the puppy!" Kermit said, interrupting Zoot.

    "Oh." Zoot said, slightly embarrased. "I found him before last night's Bowie meeting. I named him Mustard."

    "Why?" Kermit asked.

    "Because his saliva-" Zoot said, but was rewarded in the middle of the sentence by a face in his hand (courtesy of Kikit).

    "Not at the table, Zoot." Kikit said, obviously upset from last night's telling of the namesake.

    After breakfast, and after everyone was ready for the day, Zoot was searching in a trunk in the band's room. It was full of costumes.

    "What are you doing?" Hands asked, as she walked in the room to get one of her manga books.

    "Looking for a collar for Mustard." Zoot said, still in the trunk. "By the way, here's your bullhorn." He then gave it to Hands.

    "Floyd said he accidentally lost it!" Hand said, in shock. "I'll give him accedentally!"

    "MR. RUDE!" Zoot yelled.

    "Hahaha. Very funny." Hands said, with her voice full of sarcasm.

    Meanwhile, Dimentio was watching the saxophone player searching in the trunk from outside. He decided to help him in the only way a demented jester could. He sent something into the trunk from outside. Oh yeah, he was sitting in a tree. And oh yeah again, the tree branch that he was sitting on just collapsed.

    "What was that?" Zoot asked, jerking his head up. He then shrugged his shoulders and continued looking. He found Dimentio's little "gift". It was a purple and yellow collar. There was a dog tag on it. It was white, and had the word "Mustard" engraved on it in black.

    "I didn't know we even had this!" Zoot said, holding it up. "Pretty dusty, though." He then left the room, and wiped his hand on the wall to get the dust off. But, that dust seemed to glitter when some sunlight hit it. Almost as if it was magic...
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  13. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    Hahaha! Brilliant.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Happy and pleased am I. Thankees for updating... And I find the narration here as taking place as normal-day fare for the Muppet clan. Well done. Um, would you take an apple turnover? *Confidentially, we're out of cookies, but don't let the Squeek hear that.
  15. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 3

    Zoot spent the rest of the day with Mustard, much to the annoyance of the other members of the band. He missed band practice, he almost missed lunch, and he even missed Lucas defeat Wario (Misty vs. Dr. Teeth in Brawl. PK Starstorm did major damage).

    "Aren't you going to do anything about it?" Hands asked Kikit. They were in the middle of Subspace Emissionary co-op mode with Peach and Kirby.

    "Anything about what?" Kikit asked, as she used Final Cutter on a Primid.

    "You know, about Mustard!" Hands said, as she grabbed a few stickers.

    "Why should I?" Kikit asked, as she ate a lollipop. "He loves the puppy, why should I interfere with him."

    "Okay, suit yourself." Hands said, as the level came to a close. "Can you go ahead and save it? I'm gonna go and see if Dr. Teeth ate that sata andagi that I had in the fridge."

    "Sure." Kikit said, as she saved and exited the Subspace mode, then went to fiddle with My Music.

    Maybe that dog does have something wrong... Kikit though as she added more of "Mona Pizza" and less of "Mona Pizza (JP)". "That's silly! Zoot loves that dog, and I shouldn't mess with my boyfriend!"

    Later that night, during dinner, Zoot had brought Mustard with him, and let him sit on his lap again. He was paying too much attention to the dog to notice the conversation the band was having.

    "...So it turns out that the curry hadn't even been cooking in the first place!" Misty finished, while the other members (minus the zoned-out sax player) laughed.

    "That Kururu's got a great sence of humor!" Nurse Tounges said between laughing.

    "And that happened just this morning!" Misty said. "Zoot, what did you think of that? Zoot?"

    Zoot hadn't been listening. He was too busy with Mustard.

    "What's with him and that dog?" Floyd asked.

    "He's obsessed with him!" Dr. Teeth added.

    "Kikit, like, why won't you do anything?" Janice asked.

    "It's just a phase. This puppy thing's just in the foreground of his mind." Kikit said, without looking up from her food.

    "If you say so..." Janice muttered.

    Later that night, it was a team Brawl, with Team Groovy (Dr. Teeth as Wario and Floyd as Falco) vs. Team Sunshine (Nurse Tounges as Samus and Janice as Zelda). The final ten seconds were going down. They each had an even number of K.O.s, and Team Sunshine was close to winning. Nurse Tounges picked up a Smart Bomb, and was about to throw it in the direction of Team Groovy (who had each been Pitfall'd), when...

    "GUYS! LOOK AT WHAT I GOT MUSTARD TO DO!" Zoot yelled, making Nurse Tounges drop the Smart Bomb too close, and Team Sunshine got caught in the explosion and K.O'd.

    "The winners...Wario and Falco!" The announcer said. Team Groovy won!

    "Zoot! How could you!" Janice and Nurse Tounges yelled at the same time, their voice filled with anger.

    "Thanks for the win, Zoot!" Dr. Teeth and Floyd said as the left.

    The game was over, but the anger wouldn't last. Kikit still belived that Mustard was good. But, can we really trust this puppy? Are The Muppets really in danger? Why am I still talking? Why don't you just tune in for the next chapter? I'll be quiet now, okay?
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  16. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Well-Known Member

    For some reason, I can totally see Zoot and Mustard doing that thing I sometimes do with Tidbit, where I'll put my hand on his paw and he'll put his other paw on my hand and I'll put my other hand on his paw... you can probably see where I'm going with this.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No... Don't be quiet, please speak up and post more of this great story. *Sits down waiting for more to be told. :cool:
  18. Boppity

    Boppity Well-Known Member

    Ahh, this is great! Though now I really want to play Brawl...I've never played before...
    But I am sad, because I'm sensing that something's going to happen soon with Mustard.

    By the way, sata andagi...is that possibly an Azumanga Daioh reference? :]
  19. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    Part 4

    Kikit was the only one in the boarding house (besides Zoot) that could stand having Mustard around. She didn't think of him as time consuming. She knew what it was like to love something new. She just knew that Zoot would tone down on this affection and go to his original self in time.

    "Why do you keep your spirits up so much about Mustard?" Misty asked Kikit. The two of them were tidying the band's room up a little.

    "Why can't I?" Kikit asked. "He'll eventually get to a point where he's just glad to have Mustard, and not be obsessing over him all the time."

    "Whatever. I'm leaving now." Misty said, as she was walking out the door.

    "Okay." Kikit said, as she organized a little more. She took a picture that had fallen, and put it back on her dresser. It was a picture of herself, along with Tamama (they liked each other as friends) and a Mr. Man that was orange, shaped like a rice ball, and wore white sneakers and a black stovepipe hat with a slate band on it. He was Mr. Small. Tamama used his special ability to travel to different dimensions via rifts to bring both of them to the boarding house. Today was the day that they would be coming. Kikit, Tamama and Mr. Small were working on a big musical number that involved them, matching outfits, and "Party Like a Rockstar".

    "They should be here in about a half hour." Kikit said to herself. She then noticed something on the band's desk. The only things on it was the band's laptop, a few pencils, and Zoot's journal. It was still open, and on the newest entry. What she saw almost gave her a heart attack:

    "W-w-what?" Kikit said, her eyes to the brim with tears. She couldn't take it. She trusted Zoot. He was the reason that she disbanded the Fer Sure Four. She loved him! She decided then and there, that if she wouldn't find her as a girlfriend, she wouldn't be able to find him at all! She grabbed her suitcase from the closet, and filled it with some things. She grabbed a few outfits, mainly her most comfortable ones, a swimsuit, a pair of pajamas, her purse, and her tambourine. She closed the suitcase after packing the items.

    "Well, that's good for me." Kikit said. "Now the other two..." She rushed to Gonzo and Rizzo's room, and grabbed two of Rizzo's suitcases, and a few of his outfits. She then went to Clifford and Pepe's room, and grabbed a few of Pepe's outfits. Finally, she went to Sweetums and Robin's room, and grabbed some of Robin's outfits.

    "That should suit them." Kikit said to herself, and packed them. "Good thing Robin's at camp, Rizzo has that party with the Ninja Turtles, and Pepe's doing something about hanging a picture in Barbados. Now, I wait."

    In a few moments, a dimensional rip appeared in the band's room. Out popped Tamama and Mr. Small.

    "Hi, Kikit!" Tamama cheerfully said.

    "Good tidings, Kikit!" Mr. Small said, tipping his hat.

    "Are you ready to practice?" Tamama asked.

    "No practice today boys." Kikit said, giving them the suitcases. "We're hitting the dimensional road."

    "What?" Tamama and Mr. Small asked at the same time.

    Kikit told them the whole story, starting with when Zoot came home from the Bowie meeting.

    "So, you want to come? We can stop in your universes first, to check with your friends." Kikit asked, with a look of pleading in her face.

    "Sounds like fun!" Tamama said. "I'll go!"

    "I've always wanted to try living on the open road." Mr. Small said. "I shall go as well!"

    "Great!" Kikit said. "Hold on, I need to do something first." She then took a piece of her pink and purple stationary and a pencil, and wrote a note. I'll tell you what it says later.

    "Ready?" Tamama asked.

    "Yep." Kikit said. "Let's go down to the basement for what we'll need.

    The trio then went down to the basement, which wasn't being used at the time. Kikit found a white moped with two sidecars, three helmets, two pairs of goggles, and a storage area on the back. They put the suitcases in the back, and Kikit placed a button on the control panel of the moped. It was red with a white star.

    "Ready, boys?" Kikit asked, as she pulled the goggles over her eyes.

    "Yep!" Mr. Small and Tamama said, sitting in each of the sidecars.

    "Okay, let's boogie!" Kikit said, and pushed the starred button. A dimensional portal opened in front of the moped, and they drove into it. The portal closed as soon as they were fully in. I'll tell you what that note said:

  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Ooh... Ooh! You... You've been taking lessons from... Ungh!
    *Dies, has heart stabbed, needs more fanfic posted to revive self.

    :zany: Cue card: Post?

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