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New Mindstyle stuff at ComicCon

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by kuzeh, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. kuzeh Member

    Hey there, sorry if this has been already posted and might be old news...
    Actually Laz posted some info about him sculpting the Skeksis over at Sideshow Freaks, anyway, @ ComicCon Mindstyle had this awesome pieces on display.
    First Jen and Kira:



    And then a Skeksis, is it Chamberlain?


  2. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    WOW! So are these 1:1 scale.They look very big.
  3. kuzeh Member

    I'm not sure what scale they are,
    I'm thinking that the Gelflings are about 1:4 scale
    and Skeksis about 1:6 maybe?
    Lazlo sculped him, so he might have the answer to that! :D
  4. JMPrater Member

    Jen & Kira's costumes are fantastic, I don't think their faces are right at all, but again, the artistry is a masterwork.
  5. Laszlo Member

    Love the Gelflings! Not sure about their size since I wasn't involved.
    But the Skeksis is about 1:4 scale.
  6. JMPrater Member

    again, the gelfling clothes are perfect, their faces however are quite bad.
  7. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    It's the noses. Same with the manga. They have people noses instead of gelfling noses. The faces in general look a little too people like. It's like they got so close with the other details and then forgot the most important part - their faces. :scary:
  8. Laszlo Member

    Indeed their noses are wrong ! :mad:
  9. JMPrater Member

    Laszlo, I wish you would create the definitive Kira, wings and all. Only you could do justice to her character.

  10. Laszlo Member

    Thank you for your confidence Jaime!
    Well, I would love to sculpt this scene. It's one of those 'magic' moments in the movie.
  11. Crystal New Member

    Wow I have only just found out about these peices from minstyle but they look absolutely amazing! Especially the skeksis it look excellent. I don't love the Jen and Kira it is nice but I still prefer my Sideshow dolls no matter what anyone else says!:scary: Still I would probably be tempted to buy them. I LOVE that Skeksis! Well done Lazlo, the face sculpt looks perfect!

    Does anyone have any information about when these will be released? I really want that Skeksis!
  12. Laszlo Member

    Thank you so much! :)
    You should ask MINDSTYLE directly.
    Here is the last info I got from them: "We're now here in China overseeing our expansion.
    Yes, we have been waiting on the Henson Company.
    Our business department is still waiting on approvals to move forward.
    Will keep you updated as we should have final word in the next few weeks. If you notice, none of our products have been released from the company."
  13. pain New Member

    Man, I have been away for a bit!

    Laz, that is your Skeksis sculpt that is going into production?

    Pending approval of course!

    I saw that thing as SDCC, and I nearly passed out. One of the best representations of anything DC that I have ever seen.

    If and when this thing comes out, he is going to be sitting right next to my Aviva prototypes.
  14. Laszlo Member

    Hey, thank you! Glad you like him ! It was really a labour of love and I hope it shows.
    You have all Aviva prototypes? WOw! I only have Jen and Kira. Did you make photos of em?
  15. Fizzgig1977 New Member


    Wow thats replica is truely stunning. I hope it does come through to production. Laszlo they should hire you to create the puppets for the new film. I hope when the marketing people at Henson see the Skeksis they make a special note to contact you on a wonderful sculpt. I will deffo buy this regards of cost. I can't wait for the mindstyle Jen & Kira statue either. Shame Fizzgig was missing tho. He could have been peaking out from behind Kira's feet.
    Laszlo would you consider making a Fizzgig sculpt to the same standard as the Skeksis?
    The only Fizzgig merch I can find is a poor quality plush by Toy Vault.
    I would really love a movie quality replica of Fizzgig
  16. Laszlo Member

    Thank you!
    Yes, I would love to have a good Fizzgig too. You're right the Toy Vault Fizzgig is quite disappointing.
    However I'm not sure how to make Fizzgig right, as sculpted fur doesn't look right IMO. And finding real fur just like the original seems difficult. Any fur experts here?
  17. Fizzgig1977 New Member

    Hi Laszlo, I've actually made a Fizzgig about two months ago, but he ended up bigger then I thought. I'd never made any soft toys before and I don't think its very good to be honest.
    I'll take some pictures tonight, but I don't know how to or even if you can load pictures on to the forum?
    I got my fur from an ebay seller in Israel, took some finding but it is closer in colour to the movie than the Toy Vault one.
  18. kuzeh Member

    So, whatever happened to these?...
    I don't see any info on Mindstyle's website...
  19. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I know. Has their license expired? It appears that the Henson licensed are up for bid again. I'm thinking MindStyle bungled it.
  20. cabbageheat New Member

    Wow, those sculpts, to me personally,looked horrible. Getting the clothing/props right seems to be easy, but when it comes to "sculpting" the gelflings...it is very hit or miss. And this, for me, was a miss. Very ugly. When you get them wrong...wow, do you get them wrong. But I would agree with the other statements, that the props and clothing look great, but they need to go back to Froud's wife, and just have her make some more. Everyone else who attempts it just doesn't get it right.

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