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Noggin is getting rid of Sesame Street Unpaved!!

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by furryfella, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. furryfella

    furryfella Well-Known Member

    I was reading on another board that Noggin is slowly going to air less & less of SS Unpaved!! since the New preschoolers like the "new" format ! so if you want to keep the old ss unpaved alive e-mail noggin:(
  2. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Well-Known Member

    They are already airing little enough of it! It's one on early weekday mornings, and two on early weekend mornings. It's on too early for kids to even watch!
  3. juliette

    juliette Active Member

    Noggin schedule?

    Does anyone know where I can get a good schedule for Noggin? I have a friend who has offered to tape Sesame Street episodes for me, but I can't find a full schedule on noggin.com. They don't list what's on afternoons/evenings. Please help me out, as I'd like to get as many Unpaved episodes on tape as possible before Noggin removes them entirely.
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Noggin is always threatening to pull Unpaved off the air. (I don't have cable, so I can't say too much here). On the Yesterdayland Sesame Street Board, this comes up all too frequently. It may be because of the lame teen oriented "The N" (N for nincompoop network!). Or, as you said, the fact that the pre-preschoolers are having fun with the new rigidly oriented format. Whatever the reason, it's not reason enough to just trash "classic Sesame" for "Clarrissa is a Pain to all" or Phred on your head rereuns.
  5. furryfella

    furryfella Well-Known Member

    Exactly dr.tooth!! Since these New Preschoolers Enjoy the New format why keep the old "stuff" On noggin for? When that friend sent me that tape of classic ss clips & more it borught back a lot of memories!!! ;)
  6. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

  7. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    Yo, don't completely diss The N. They just recently picked up one of my favorite shows, "Daria." They EDIT it, but it's still there. But besides that, yes, The N sucks hard. On the other hand, I never really liked Noggin either except for Unpaved. It felt great to watch vintage SS at 1am every morning.
  8. Aurons Masamune

    Aurons Masamune New Member

    Ohhh geeze. They're getting rid of it as I start to rediscover the OLD S. Street. Xx;;; What's next? The Electric Company? Anyways... I was really starting to groove on all that pre-Elmo stuff.

    And that petition... I'm gonna sign it. =)

    EDIT: I'm 15, and I can't even spell the show's name correctly. Xx;;;;
  9. Niall

    Niall Member

    You're missing the point. SS Unpaved was probably not intended for the kids in the first place. It was intended (I would imagine) for nostalgic adults who remember the shows golden years. They knew that today's kids probably would have no interest in "old school" SS, but knew there would be many adults who would enjoy seeing them (yet they can't explicitly target them, because after all WHY would an adult be watching a children's channel, anyway ?;)
    So by showing it in the early morning hours would enable them to fill their daytime programming schedule with programming that today's kids will want. Besides that, they also knew that the old eps of SS were somewhat politically incorrect and thus not really good for today's kids anyway.
  10. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    Well, what the lady in programming told me is that, well, you know that the channel is actually 2 networks in 1. During the day, they have Noggin, which is for preschoolers. And then, from 6 pm on, it's called "The N," which is for older kids and young teenagers. And what she said was, Sesame Street Unpaved doesn't really go with either of those formats. It was something that was done for preschoolers 25 years ago, and is simply outdated. So what they have done so far is put it on only on the weekend. And then, in about another year or so, it will be gone completely. I told her all about the fact that there are many classic SS fans, but this is only a minority. I mean, Noggin is in 26 million homes. I have started a petition to keep it alive, which currently has only 70 signatures. She tried to tell me that she doesn't think it will work. I think what we need to do is get practically everyone we know to sign that petition, so it will end up having thousands of signatures.

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