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Palisades prototypes

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by hoopless, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. hoopless

    hoopless Member

    I was just having a look on ebay for palisades figures (I'm new and very late to the line) and I found this guy selling what he claims are some prototypes of the cancelled Sesame Street line.

    this may be the wrong place for the thread but it seemed more fitting to put it here.

    They're hideously expensive, I have no idea where he got hold of them or of any of the potential legal issues surrounding them if there are any, but they're interesting to see.
    here's a link:
  2. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I believe that is Palisades's former heads posting these auctions, very legit.

    The prices for these sort of auctions(like say, the Gobo or Sal prototypes) used to not be that much comparatively. Now they are just insanely pricey. For the price theyre charging I can get Rockafire Explosion animatronics, heh.

    I think these auctions serve more a reminder of what a downer 2005 turned out to be, given production on the mini Muppet line, Sesame Street line, Fraggle Rock line, etc had to be shut down right before they went retail.
  3. hoopless

    hoopless Member

    thanks for shedding some light :)
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Slight chuckle. That sir, is the eBay store of one Kenneth "Ken" "ResidentLilly" Lilly, former Palisades Toys Director of Product Development. Heck, you can't get more legit than him. The reason he has stuff overpriced like that is cause he's trying to finance his own new self-produced and self-run company named Creatus Maximus. All sales of his collected figures and prototypes go directly to that I believe. The only overpriced item is the Guy Smiley figure, but then again, it's only about $600 more than what I paid for it around 2005/2006 from a very good friend who because of financial reasons which I will not divulge here had to sell the entire SST S1 set, and I was fortunate enough to get them. The playset has always been at $5000... What I wonder is if he also has the Count von Count prototype figure. Oh well.
  5. Blinky_Fish

    Blinky_Fish Member

    He is a fake!

    Aw - this guy advertises stuff all of the time - He is like the black market for plastic... But i like him
  6. Andibcool

    Andibcool Member

    Dont know i only like to have a look on some prototypes and some playsets but i would not buy off em. Most stuff you can get on ebay for 1/4 of the price or much more less.
    Imo he only wastes money by adding the items over and over again.
    Maybe he find some collector that is willing to pay 5ooo$ for the oscar playset or 220$ for a little plastic wall ? 2300$ for guy smiley ? for real ?
    This is in no realation and way overpriced.
    But sure why not try get the most money out of someone for whatever lame reason if he is stupid enought to buy it.
  7. The thing i don't understand is why doesn't another company pick up the lines? I mean when Palisades went under, the scolpters didn't die! The talent is still there! Why not get those guys and redo those fugly Fraggle figures coming out? I'd gladly pay 20 something bucks for an actual GOOD Fraggle figure! The one thing this company did better than any other is they paid attention to detail and what us as fans noticed, and used it in making the figures perfect! No other company would do that!
    Lets get a company, get SS and FR back in the works!
  8. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Palisades' Muppets line was acclaimed, but since the Muppets didn't have anything consistent (tv show or film) going Palisades figures started to sink after series two and never quite recovered. Stores have even less faith in Fraggles. The media projects really have to be around to support figures and other products. That's the way it is. Would cool Fraggle figures be successful right now? I think so, but once the film comes out they'll be even more popular. However, the merchandise will likely be cheaper than what Palisades or MindStyle would release.

    So, that's why. It's not an answer I like, but them's the facts as I know them to be.

    I still think there's a market to be had with Fraggles. MindStyle didn't quite get it so they delayed their figures, but in short runs through smaller retailers like Hot Topic - Fraggles = good business. :coy:
  9. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member


    And have you noticed the extreme shrinkage of the toy market in the US? My goodness, barely any stores even got monsters vs aliens toys. Unless its Dragon Ball, Transformers, Pokemon, GI Joe, Star Wars, DC/Marvel, or wrestling there's a very slim chance of collector's toys getting shelf space these days. Even NECA seems harder to find, and they seem to be the only other company besides Mcfarlane doing non Target/Walmart/Toys R Us toys.
  10. Andibcool

    Andibcool Member

    Hehe you should take a look hows here in germany. Stores only carry toys of TV Shows for kids. There is no chance to see any toy that is not realted to a running TV show beside big brands like Lego, playmobil ect. Some toys have to be importet by small comic shops too even with a tv show running.
    Its really sad for the kids nowadays.
  11. Fluffets

    Fluffets New Member

    But the DVDs and Plushies are doin pretty good so why not action figures?
  12. 200thStreetPupp

    200thStreetPupp New Member

  13. Fluffets

    Fluffets New Member

    A lot of us (including me) already know that.
  14. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Well really the DVDs and plushies are totally done, so that they were doing good, their not doing so good now, ;).

    But to answer your question, the action figure market is a slimer market than that of DVDs and plushies, cause usually, young kids or real hardcore fans would be interested in buying action figures.

    Since Fraggle Rock isn't really what's in right now like say Pokemon, wrestling or whatever Marvel movie is out, most toy companies wouldn't be interested in making action figures of Fraggle Rock. Sure the DVDs sold well, but just cause people want to buy the dvds doesn't mean they would want to buy the action figures. You have to remember that not everyone who buys Fraggle dvds would be a bigger collector and want to spend their money on figures as well.
  15. Fluffets

    Fluffets New Member

    Well there might be a chance if the movie hits the streets in the near future. :excited:
  16. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    If the movie is a huge hit than, yeah I would think more Fraggle toys would be in the near future.
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it. Other than a few game based toy lines (and they aren't as common as you'd expect, outside of Halo) the only things I see are movie lines, cartoons based off of movie lines, comic book lines, movie lines based off comic book lines, and cartoon based on movie based on comic book lines. And the occasional crummy "anime" collectible battling toys based on those dull, formulaic Pokemon knockoffs that keep surfacing. The independent toy companies moved on to blind box vynals and large over priced vynals... I haven't been able to get really excited about a toy line since the Muppet line was over. Family Guy to an extent, but I never did get the ones I really wanted, except for Adam West.

    I don't even know what keeps MacFarline going... I never see any of their stuff sell, and their best lines (Hanna Barbera) seem to be the only ones that they drop.... I'm sure the sports heroes sell well at stadiums, but I always saw them lay lazily on the pegs wave after wave.
  18. Foodie

    Foodie Active Member

    Hey! My action figure has it's own entry on a...website! :smirk:
  19. Fluffets

    Fluffets New Member

    Which one? Is the gobo smirk meant to be a clue?:):confused:
  20. Foodie

    Foodie Active Member

    Well, I use the Gobo smirk for everything here but yeah. The Palisades Proto-Gobo figure lives at my house. It's just kinda cool to see that he has his own Muppet Wiki... or Wiki Muppet entry. :smirk:

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