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Paper Kermio: The Thousand Year Theatre

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I have a favorite game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

    So I decided to combine my two favorite things! Enjoy!

    Paper Kermio:

    The thousand Year Theatre
    Prolouge- A Muppet's Welcome



    Our tale begins in a small, rugged town called Mupport, where a certain princess, is found in the area.

    "This place is DISGUSTING!" The pig princess complained. "I mean, would it kill these wierdoes to clean up around here?" She dusted herself off, as if she was absolutely covered in dirt. "Well, I still need a souvineer..." The princess looked around town, to find nothing but mere buildings covered in dust. "Excuse me miss..." A voice called from behind The Princess. The Princess turned around. "Who the heck are you?" She asked.

    "I am Traveling Merchant. I have here a selection of souveneers I've collected on my travels though outer space..." Traveling Merchant explained.

    The Princess, (Now very wierded out,) decided to look over the things for sale. "What about that pretty little box?" The Princess asked. "The box is free. It's magical. It only opens to a lovestruck princess however." The Merchant explained. "If you can open it, you may have whatever is inside it."

    "Well, gimmie the box then you wierdo!" The princess snatched the box from him, and attempted to pry the box open. When the box opened, the princess was overcome by a white, blinding light...


    Somewhere in the Choco Kingdom, a bear went outside to check the mail. (So exciting, isn't it? XD)

    "Kermiiiiit!" The bear called as he went back inside.

    "Yeah Fozzie?" A voice called back.

    "You got a letter from Princess Piggy!" Fozzie walked into the kitchen where his brother, Kermit, was.

    "Here, I'll read it to you." Fozzie said.

    "You're not going to use that terrible Princess Piggy impersonation are you?" Kermit asked.

    "Not now..." Fozzie mumbled.

    "Sheesh." Kermit sighed.

    "Ok, Ok, well now I'm going to read it to you. *Ahem*

    'Dear Kermie, I am now on holiday traveling away from the Choco Kingdom. I am in this wierdo town called Mupport. And while looking for some decent souvineers, I ran into this merchant. He was giving away this magic box, to whoever could open it. And Kermie, it really was magic. Well, a blinding light came out, and that's pretty magical to Moi. But anyway, inside of the box, was a magical treasure map. And since I can't go looking for the treasure all alone, I've included the map in this letter. That means vous HAS to come help Moi! See vous soon! -Princess Piggy.' Yup. That's what it says bro!" Fozzie smiled.

    "Well, looks like I have somewhere to be. Wanna tag along?"

    "No way kermit, do you have any idea how may monsters are out there?!" Fozzie asked.

    "It's alright Fozzie, you don't have to go. See ya when I get back, ok?" Kermit smiled.

    "IF you get back." Fozzie corrected.

    Kermit shook his head, and set out for Mupport.


    "Sir. Yo. Yo Dawg! Wake up!!!" The boat captain yelled. Startled, Kermit awoke. "Wha? What's wrong?" Kermit asked. "We're here!" The boat captain exclaimed. Kermit looked around. Ah, so they were. Kermit got off of the boat, a little confused as to why the princess would stay here on vacation. "Um, dawg, I told you about the crazy stuff that happened right? And you still wanna come here?" The captain asked.

    "Well, I'm supposed to be meeting a princess here."

    The boat captain stared at him.

    "Whatever man..." The boat captain sailed off, as Kermit began to explore his environment. He scanned the harbor until his eyes met with a girl face to face with some sort of ring leader. "Get away from me you freaks!" The girl yelled.

    "Look, I heard you've been asking information on the Crystal Stars! We want answers, right now!" The ring leader commanded. "N-No way!" The girl answered.

    "Fine. C'mon, we're takin' this girl back to our fortress!"


    Kermit, knowing he had to progress,

    (And that the author would make him. =P)

    tried to avoid the chaos before him, by cafefully sneaking past it. But alas, his plan didn't work. The girl, as soon as she spotted Kermit, ran to his side.

    "I'd rather go with some complete stranger, than with creeps like you!" The girl yelled.

    "Hey Frog! You think you can just interupt my plans like that?" The ring leader yelled.

    Kermit shook his head. "N-No, sir!"

    "No, I think you are! I'm about to give you a taste of the 'ol Minnela bomb!" The ring leader yelled, as he began to charge into Kermit. Kermit began to run, but the leader had already caught him. Kermit shook himself free, and hit him with his banjo. "Alright, I see how you wanna play it... X-Nots, ATTACK!!!" The ring leader, had commanded his minions to jump Kermit, and the girl. Luckily, Kermit, and the girl were able to sneak out of the jumping hooligans. "Follow me up those stairs." Kermit said. The girl followed Kermit, as they scurried up the stairs.

    As they made it to town square, the girl leaned in, which made Kermit blush.

    "Um, thanks for saving me. I-I have something to give you."

    Kermit closed his eyes, thinking he knew what he was getting. "Here!" Kermit opened his eyes, and saw the girl holding a small gaming device. Kermit took it slowly, shocked at his reward.

    "I'm Jaz. I'm a science student at the University of Mupport. What's your name?" Jaz asked.

    "Um, I'm Kermit. Kermit the frog." Kermit smiled.

    "Kermit? You mean, like, the world famous one? Oh my Gonzo!" Jaz exclaimed.

    "Well, I wouldn't say world famous..." Kermit blushed.

    "Are ya kiddin'? You're like, my hero! Anyway, I'm really shocked to see you here. I mean, I can't believe I'M even here. This place is full of creeps and wierdoes. What ARE you doing here?" Jaz asked.

    "Well, I'm trying to find Princess Piggy." Kermit said.

    "THE Princess Piggy? Wow! What, was she supposed to meet you here?" Jaz asked.

    "Well, she sent me this so called, 'Magical map', and she wanted me to meet her here, but I can't find her anywhere." Kermit chuckled a little nervously.

    "... Magical map? Uh, mind if I take a look?" Jaz asked.

    Kermit handed Jaz the map, and Jaz was simply awestruck.

    "Wow! You, Kermit, have the key to what I'm looking for! You see, I've being asking around for these things called the crystal stars, and those creeps we ran away from are after 'em too. But they seemed a little shady, so I didn't squeal. But anyway, there's a legend about a theatre, deep beneath Mupport, but the only way to open the door to it, is to find all seven of the crystal stars. And well... Since I don't got the map, you see how this is goin'. But, hey! When we find Piggy, I can help you guys look! Whaddya say Kermit?"

    Kermit, still amazed at how much this girl could talk, simply nodded. "Great! If you need to know anything about anyone, or about anywhere, just ask! I've studied up on a lot of stuff! Now where's the Princess, do you think?" Jaz asked. kermit shrugged, as a familiar face came out of the inn. "Ah, Master Kermit!" The Pig smiled.

    "Oh, hi Toadspork!" Kermit waved. "Uh, where's Piggy?"

    "Well, I was just about to ask you that." Toadspork chuckled.


    "Well, Kermit, I took my eye of her for one minute, and when I turn around, she's gone. You know how... she is..." Toadspork explained.

    "Ah, well, what you're saying is, is that she's gone?" Jaz asked. "Well, yes." Toadspork chuckled.

    "Um, well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta go hide. Piggy roughed up some guy in town, and I'm getting beat up for it! Swinekopft I say!" Toadspork ran back into the inn.

    "Whadda plot twist!" Jaz giggled.

    "Well, honestly, if this Crystal Star thingy leads to the Princess, I think we should start looking for those." Kermit said. "Agreed! But I... Looked... Everywhere..." Jaz sighed.

    "This is going to be one short story." Kermit sighed.

    "Wait! No it isn't! I just remembered that one of my professors lived here in town researching the Crystal Stars! I'm sure he can help us! His name is Professor Bunsen Honeydew. I hear he's living on the east side of town." Jaz explained.

    "Well, let's go then!" Kermit smiled.

    As Jaz and Kermit made it to the east side, someone jetted past Kermit, knocking him off his feet.

    "HEY! What's your beef pal? YEAH, I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!" Jaz yelled after the running person. Kermit, was still on the ground, stuck staring in the direction of the running person.

    Jaz suddenly gasped. "Kermit! You've gotta wake up! That jerk stole your coin pouch!" Jaz yelled.

    "What? Aw man!" Kermit got up, and dusted himself off.

    "Well, let's go this way." Jaz dragged Kermit to a gatekeeper. "Um, hiho there. We'd like to get by please." Kermit said politely.

    "This is the gate to the turf of Scribbler, king of the Robbos. If you wanna get by, you gotta pay 10 coins to pass." The guard said.

    "Well, I uh... A guy actually stole my coin pouch a second ago.. So he was probably with you guys. So technically, I already paid... So... Can I uh... Pass?" Kermit asked.

    "No! Cough up 10 coins, or I'll beat ya!" The guard threatened. "Um, I think we should go, Kermit." Jaz suggested. "Agreed." Kermit nodded. Jaz and Kermit ran into a random house next to them.


    "Who's there?" Someone asked.

    Jaz gasped. "Professor Bunsen! It's you!"

    "Ah. You... Hmm... Oh Fiddle faddle! I remember your face, but not your name!" Bunsen exclaimed.

    Jaz rolled her eyes. She was his ONLY human student.

    "Hm... You're not Dorothy... Or Zoey... Or... Zelda Rose... Hmmmm... OH!! You're Jaz! One of my students from my science class!" Bunsen smiled.

    "How does he do it..." Jaz asked sarcastically.

    Kermit tilted his head. "Jaz, is this Bunsen Honeydew?"

    "No Kermit, this is just some random guy I decided to call professor Bunsen!" Jaz ranted sarcastically.

    "Sheesh! Sorry!"

    "And you are..."

    Kermit straightened his back, and posed, ready to be recognized.

    "Who ARE you?!" Bunsen exclaimed.

    A dissapointed Kermit fell, at the shock of his loud voice.

    Jaz face palmed.

    "He's Kermit! Gosh, I mean you only did several movies together!" Jaz exclaimed.

    Confused, both Kermit and Bunsen raised an eyebrow.

    Realizing, what she said, Jaz fixed her sentence.

    "I-I mean, he's only world famous!"

    Bunsen nodded. He's been rather busy researching the crystal stars as of late, and has no clue as to what's "hip" right now. He reached for his book, and read it like a cranky librarian. "Yes. Jaz, and Kermit. What can I do for you two?"

    "Well, we were hoping you could help us find the crystal sta-"

    "I CANNOT!!!"

    Jaz and Kermit exchanged looks, because he wasn't making a great first impression. In fact, he was making a crazy first impression.

    "Um... why not?" Jaz asked, hoping, and praying that she wasn't going to get a crazy outburst.

    "Well, Jaz, as you know, you cannot find the crystal stars unless you have the magical map that knows the location of all the crystal stars." Bunsen explained.

    Jaz took off Kermit's hat and took the map inside of it.

    "Here you go."

    Bunsen was in shock. Could it be the map spoken of in legends? "Wh-Where did you get this?"

    "The princess gave it to Kermit."

    Kermit nodded.

    "Well, then we need to take this thing to the thousand year theatre's door!" Bunsen ran out of his office, and Kermit and Jaz followed. Bunsen knocked off a piece of the fence off, and revealed a pipe across the street.

    "We need to head down there."

    Jaz jumped right into the pipe. Where Kermit carefully slid down.


    Inside of the pipe, it was quite murky, and disgusting.

    "Ewwwww! He didn't say this lead to the sewer!" Jaz shrieked. She DID seem disgusted, but she really enjoyed it. It was adventure. Kermit on the other hand, was completely disgusted, dispite the fact that it was well structured, and it kinda smelled like his home in the swamp. At that moment, Bunsen came sliding out of the pipe.

    "Ok, come you two, let's not dawdle! Let's go!" Bunsen proceeded, and Jaz and Kermit followed. As soon as they took a few steps, three shady characters appeared. The first one was wearing nothing but a leather jacket. The second one was wearing a spiked helmet. The third one had wings.

    "Hey Pepe, look at her!" The first one said.

    "Si, Ritzo she is very sexy, okay." Said the second.

    "Um, hello! I'm right here!" Cried the third.

    "... Jes, hola."

    Jaz raised an eyebrow. "Um, yeah, I have you know, that I don't find either of you attractive. SO GET OUT OF OUR WAY!" Jaz yelled.

    "Hey, no one disses us like that!"

    "Let's get her, okay!"

    Bunsen ran to the side. He was NOT getting in this.

    Kermit got out his banjo.

    Jaz got out a book.

    "This is NOT the time for reading!" Kermit said.

    "No, this is my tattle log. I can learn more about the enemies with this. See that first one? That's Rizzo. He's Pepe's wingman. He's quite easy to take out. You can do whatever attack you want on him. The second one is Pepe. He's all bark, and no bite, so he wears a spiked helmet to protect himself from danger instead of fighting. I advise you not to jump on his head. You will hurt. The third one with wings is Shannon, Pepe's girl. Which I guess that's why she got upset when he flirted with me. You can't reach her with your banjo, so you have to use those feet, flipper boy! Jump to get her! That's all."

    Kermit nodded. Kermit whacked Pepe with his banjo, and Jaz jumped on Shannon. Then Rizzo hit Kermit, so Jaz jumped on Rizzo, and they all were defeated.

    "Yow! Let's get outta here!" Rizzo cried.

    "Si, Si, let's go."

    The three began to run in the opposite direction, as Jaz and Kermit celebrated. "That felt AWESOME!" Jaz shouted.

    Kermit only stared at her, wondering how crazy she actually was. Well, it was time to advance again. The three went down another pipe, going deeper into the sewer. As they walked on, Jaz found a key. She picked it up, and continued to walk with the other two. When they eached the top of a stone staircase, they saw an airplane panel. Across from it, was on the other side of the room, where the pipe they entered in was, was a ledge that had a doorway.

    "According to my research, that doorway is the way we need to go." Bunsen explained.

    "Um, Dr. Honeydew, do you know any way we can get there?"

    "I'm afraid not Mr. Kermit."

    Jaz looked around, and saw a doorway right next to them. She wandered into it, as Kermit and Bunsen followed.

    Inside of the room, there was a big black chest.

    Jaz stood at a distance, as Bunsen did.

    Kermit however, crept near the box. Once it got close enough, the box started to vibrate, then shake.

    Jaz hid behind Bunsen, who... well took cover by pulling his lab coat over his face. Kermit still stood in place, trying to figure out why the box was so jittery.

    Suddenly, the box spoke.

    "Hey! Hey you!" The box exclaimed.

    Startled, Kermit fell backwards, and into his cowering friends.
    "Hey, don't be so scared! Aren't you the hero of legend?"

    Kermit exchanged looks with his friends. "Uhhhhh..."

    "Cuz' prophecy states that the hero is supposed to let me out of this box. And if you aren't the hero, what brings you here?"

    The box asked.

    "Uh, Kermit, a word. I don't think it's safe to trust this... Box... I also don't think you should mention that we're searching for the crystal stars................ Well Fiddle Faddle. I JUST SAID IT OUT LOUD! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?" Bunsen yelled.

    Jaz slapped a hand to her face.

    "So you ARE the hero of legend! Oh, please find the key and set me free! Ooh! I'm rhyming today!" The box giggled.

    As soon as Jaz heard the word, key, she pulled the black key she found out her pocket. Kermit took it from her, and attempted to unlock the chest.

    As the chest open, Kermit peeked inside.


    "Aw Crap..." Jaz sighed.

    Bunsen and Jaz ran away, as Kermit was sucked into the box, surrounded by purple darkness.

    "Aw, boo hoo, you're stuck in a box, so you can be CURSED!!" The Voice from the box screamed.

    Kermit, who was very scared, was also very confused.

    The darkness surrounded him, and then...






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