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PB Toys Dark Crystal Busts

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Kermieuk, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have any info on the 2004 range of Dark Crystal Busts made by PB toys? I have already bought the Skeksis and the Mystic, and Aughra is meant to be released soon. I have not seen anyone on here talk about them or any of them listed on ebay? Are they on general release yet? Anyone else have them?

    Thanks for any info guys

  2. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    Yes Chris,

    I have all of them so far (Skeksis Chamberlain and Mystic).
    Aughra and the Skekung will be the next. Here is an Email from PLAN B:

    "Date: Okt 24, 2005 6:24

    We are in NYC for Toy fair and we meet with the Henson people today bat 4
    to get some approvals. Hopefully all goes well and we can go into

  3. ryan19

    ryan19 Member

    i am looking 4 the mystic & augrah busts as well,i only have chamblain bust 4 now.any help would mean a lot.
    tks ya all.
  4. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    My local supplier called today to say that he has the new Dark Crystal Busts in. They are Aughra and Sksung the Garthim-Master Bust. So far the only pics I have found of these are on this website from Australia, but take a look..............


    I will hopefully be picking them up tomorrow.

    Cheers guys

  5. ryan19

    ryan19 Member

    hiya chris,
    tks 4 dat note,do u think that they will do shippin to where im from "brunei darussalam"
    i tried to email themn but was told its an invalid email adress.
    im a huge fan & any help would mean alot.
    tks4 ur time.
  6. Muppetsdownunder

    Muppetsdownunder New Member

    Are you from Brunei? I'm coming to Brunei for a short visit later in the year I think.
  7. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    hI Ryan,

    I think I may have dealt with you on ebay, many years ago, I definetly remember posting Muppet/Henson stuff to there.

    I have no idea iwhere they will ship to. It was a just a piccy I found. I have however seen these busts on ebay, It maybe an easier option for you to buy them that way??





    Good Luck.

  8. cabbageheat

    cabbageheat New Member

    better hurry

    I would hurry up and buy one if your in the market for one. I just purchased one off e-bay from the link provided. his price is about 10 bucks cheaper then anyone elses, and had a great seller rating. he has 3 left out of 4. looks like they will be gone soon. i'm adding mine to my Home Theater room as a prop, its cool to see some new stuff coming out. . .perhaps 20 years late, but. . .nice. if the sequel ever comes to fruition, i suppose we will all see more. :D
  9. ryan19

    ryan19 Member

    hiya chris,
    thks 4 the help,i shall try my luck there...i might have gotten somtin off u?i really cant recall as ive ordered sum pretty amount of stufs theses past 9years.
  10. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    I should get mine soon... can't wait!

    And yes, I really hope the sequel will make more merchandise.
  11. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Thought Id just warn people about the new Skeksis bust. He is much bigger than Chamberlain, and is very fragile!! One of the small 'feet' from the animal skeleton on the back, as part of his armour just snapped off when I trried to put him back in the box. Very delicate.

    Also he is VERY FRONT HEAVY, if he is not on a SOLID surface, I feel the slightest motion and he will fall forward. Shame, really nice item otherwise, Aughra is great too.

  12. ryan19

    ryan19 Member


    hiya kermieuk,
    im wondrin r u fm the u.k?if so may i ask u,where did u get ur d.c busts,were der fm the uk?im fm brunei & its gettin hard 4 me 2 find any via the internet.
    sorry4 the bother,hope2hear fm u soon.
  13. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for those points. You're right they're fragile and they could be better balanced. Otherwise I love them very much! :)
  14. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    You can find them on Ebay. And please learn to write in a normal way... :)
  15. ryan19

    ryan19 Member

    i was wondrin if any1 could b so kind 2 help me pik up the 2 new d.c busts?ii tried ordrin via the net but dont do INT.shippin.
    i will pay 4 the busts & shippin...anyhelp would mean alot.
    its impossible2 find them here in brunei.
    tks .

  16. cabbageheat

    cabbageheat New Member

    Just curious

    I purchased the Garthim Master just recently, and i was curious where you can purchase the others from? Plan B doesn't seem to have a single link to any of it. Are the earlier busts just gone? Have they made them all yet, or are there new characters they are still working on?

    just curious!
  17. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    I think the others are sold out. Try Ebay :)
  18. Stulz

    Stulz Active Member


    Hey Ryan,

    Not sound rude man, but this isn't a text message forum or an Instant Message. Complete sentences are encouraged.


  19. ryan19

    ryan19 Member

    sorry guys about the improper way of my typing,is just that i have limited time at the net cafe & want to speed things up.
    wont happend again:)
    goodday all.


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