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Post a pic of yourself for all to admire

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by dmx10101, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. jediX Active Member

    Oh, sorry, I meant HERE, as in my town. Not this board...this board has the onlyNICE girls I've met in my life.
  2. GonzoGirl New Member

    Hehehe, no worries...just made me think of a song by Voltaire, and I had to quote it.
  3. Zondra New Member

    Hmm...you guys all look great!!! I actally took some pictures of myself today, seeing as I haven't had a picture taken in like, jeez, 2 years or something...But my friend and I went to Columbus today and took some pics of our adventure...I'll have them up in a couple days, maybe. But I'm a freak!!
    lol...At least the purple hair's gone...Natural blonde it is...I dress like a moron. lol...Anyways, yeah. Keep posting, I'm having fun with this!!!
  4. GonzoGirl New Member

    You had purple hair? That rocks! I've had bright blue, navy blue, fuschia, mauve (that one was accidental)...and then almost every shade from black to platinum.
  5. Zondra New Member

    I've had bright pink, deep red, light and dark purple...

    I prefer it black. Really, really black. I think it looks best and it matches my outfits (I strive on black and purple...) *No wonder I like Zondra so much.*

    I refuse to do blue or green because they fade easily with my blonde hair and create a nasty-looking yellow-puke-green. lol...
  6. beaker Well-Known Member

    nooooooooooo! purple hair rocks! and *yay* for freaks! I Was wondering if I was the only one on here^^ Then again your icon is of the punk goth mod Muppet Zondra from jhh:)

    you sound just like me...err, well my hair is naturally jet black, tho I mostly wear black(and green...ooh and dorky knee high socks!)

    *yay* :D that so rocketh the knee high socketh!

    the funny goth guy? or the egg of egglightenment?
  7. guysmiley4ever New Member

    rainbow hair

    hee hee...i love the hair color stories...
    i have had wild rainbow hair over the years, my hair's been blaze orange, roxy red, plum, black, platnum blonde, yellow, bright blue, pink... :excited:
    my fave was the blue/black color, but very hard to keep up cause my hair doesn't hold the color, it just washes out :p

    i knew a gal that tried to color her blonde hair black...it turned dull grey! :o
    she wasn't pleased and had an awful time getting it out.
  8. Zondra New Member

    Thank you for acknowledging the off-kilter glory that is Zondra!! lol...I'm her absolute biggest fan...Possibly only fan... :flirt: And anyways, us freaks are going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! lol

    LOL!!! She cleary didn't have the right stuff...I must admit, having a mom that teaches beauty school is always a huge help when experimenting with color...I havn't had one go wrong yet, and now I've learned to do it myself...
  9. GonzoGirl New Member

    "the funny goth guy? or the egg of egglightenment?"

    The funny goth Voltaire...snaps to Beaker for knowing who he is!
  10. guysmiley4ever New Member

    cool :cool: i always color my own hair now.
    i used to spend a fortune on getting it done at the salon and found that i could do it myself with great results.
    actually, the last time i went in to get my trimmed, the stylist loved my color and asked who colored it...i did. :D it's more fun to do your own!
  11. GonzoGirl New Member

    I agree..I love coloring my own hair, and I change my mind so often, I'd probably be bankrupt if I was having it done professionally. But the quality of home-color products has become so much better, there really isn't a huge amount of difference between over the counter and salon product in alot of cases.
  12. Zondra New Member

    Agreed. Now I look forward to coloring my hair...My mom only helps out if I want to streak it or something (My last color was black with purple streaks); but it's getting harder to find colors that my work will accept...you know, now that I'm a slave to society. lol...I've actually never been to a salon, not even for a haircut...But there's so much available at salon stores and all that, I end up buying more than I can use...
    Anyone need some pink, black, purple, or dark blue dye? I have plenty left... lol...Stupid work.
  13. GonzoGirl New Member

    LOL..I still have an almost unused jar of Deadly Nightshade Manic Panic, and half a bottle of Vampyre Red. I actually just dyed my hair back to my natural color...I am determined to leave it alone for a little while so I don't fry it like I have so many times before...its been so long since I've seen my natural color, I actually like it now. *lol*
  14. Zondra New Member

    LOL I KNOW!!! I was like "Hey, my hair's...blonde? What the...?!"
    I was so totally used to it being all dark and creepy and goth-y and such.
    Now it's all like, Valley Girl blonde..lol
  15. GonzoGirl New Member

    ROFL...exactly!! I looked in the mirror and tripped out on the fact that my actually matches my eyebrows for a change! My natural color is kind of a dark, golden blonde...hopefully if I spend enough time outside, it'll get some natural highlights so I won't have to touch it up for awhile...
  16. Zondra New Member

    See, I'm not that lucky. I was "blessed" with bright blonde hair, but the only thing that happens in the summer is that it turns green. A horrid, puke-green as a result of chlorine and bromine in the pool. :(
  17. beaker Well-Known Member

    I know of everything^___^
  18. GonzoGirl New Member

    Oh i used to have that same problem....I used to use that Sun-In spray on highlighter, and made the mistake of going swimming before washing my hair...it had a lovely array of slimy-looking green streaks...and I was in junior high, then...made school interesting that week!
  19. GonzoGirl New Member

    Impressive! Zen Master Beaker knoweth all...
  20. beaker Well-Known Member

    Hehe, that's Zim Master Beaker ^____^

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