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Pro Puppet for sale (gluvets)

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by rtgentry, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. rtgentry Member

    Hey guys I am selling (trading) an original Phil Fletcher (gluvets) designed puppet.

    I placed the video ad on youtube. Contact me if interested.

  2. rtgentry Member

    I would trade for an Animal poser if anyone has one.
  3. wes Active Member

  4. rtgentry Member

    tempting very tempting. Is it a live human hand or a gloved human hand or rod? I cant really see the hands.

    Have any others?

    I really want an animal MR, but I will think about it
  5. wes Active Member

  6. zns Active Member

    What is the specific selling price you are asking for?
  7. rtgentry Member

    $250 plus shipping
  8. zns Active Member

    Not in my price range at the moment.
  9. rtgentry Member

    Yea cash is hard to come by these days thats why I like to trade instead.
  10. rtgentry Member

    anyone interested ? (in ben steins voice) anyone....anyone.....anyone..
  11. rtgentry Member

    Hey wes I really like jose, would you trade me jose and pirate for the pro monster?

  12. wes Active Member

    I sent you a pm!

    I hope we can work out a trae of some sort.

    I you wanta trade "as is" thats cool Jose a littile old!
  13. rtgentry Member

    hey wes your pm is full
  14. wes Active Member

    I cleared it!

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