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Puppet building workshop in Tulsa.

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by puppetmancan, May 30, 2009.

  1. puppetmancan

    puppetmancan Well-Known Member

    July 25-26 I will be holding a weekend workshop on how to construct a professional puppet. It will include poseable hands, making custom eyes, mothplates/hand grips, removeable rods, dying techniques, working with antron, foam structures, and comsmetic features. All supplies (not tools) for building puppet will be included in workshop. Let me know if anyone would like to sign up for it. The work shop will be Sat July 25 10am to 7-8pm.
    Sunday July 26, finishing puppets and doing the cosmetic work, 10am- 5pm (or until everyone is done).

    This class is open to public and will only be excepting 8 students, so everyone may recieve one on one attention.

    You will need to bring your own sewing machine. If you will need one let me know so i can get you a good rental. For those who are interested email me and i will get with you on cost and what you will need to bring. :search:
  2. Jessica6868

    Jessica6868 Member

    Hello, I am in Oklahoma as well and I am wanting to make my own Muppet. I would like to make a character of myself. I have done some sketches of what I would like her to look like and I have made foam blocks by gluing two 5 inch thick foam pieces together. I don't know where to start with the carving aspect of it though. Would you please help me?? All information will be greatly appreciated!!

    Jess :halo:

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