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Puppet Raffle

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by davidmartiste, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. davidmartiste

    davidmartiste Well-Known Member

    I'm premiering my new show Monster Intelligence in May with free shows in Orange County, NY. One of the venues that's hosting our show for a FREE performance to the public is a wonderful supporter of the arts in our area (Just Off Broadway, Inc.) and has really helped so many in our performance community. As we approach the May 10, 2014 premiere, we're making available a hand/rod, friendly monster puppet with raffle chances at $2 a piece. The proceeds from the raffle help the arts in our community and, most importantly, puppetry arts! Check out the puppet in the Up In Arms Square Marketplace and take a chance to support the arts!

    Press release on the events follows:

    Orange County, New York’s premiere puppet company Up In Arms will debut a new family puppet musical FREE for area residents during events in May and June, 2014 in Newburgh, Warwick and Middletown, NY. After successfully being funded by the arts grant through Orange County Tourism and the County of Orange, Up In Arms will premiere their new puppet musical “Monster Intelligence”. Hosted by Just Off Broadway, Inc. at the Theatre at West Shore Station, 27 South Water Street in Newburgh, NY, the premiere event will take place Saturday, May 10 at 2pm. Reservations for the May 10 premiere can be made online at justoffbwy.com. The next free presentation will take place at Warwick’s Albert Wisner Public Library, One McFarland Drive, Warwick on Saturday, June 7 at 2pm with reservations at the library or online at albertwisnerlibrary.org. The third and final free presentation will be held at the St. Joseph Community Center, 149 Cottage Street, Middletown on Saturday, June 14 at 2pm. No reservations for this final, high-capacity show but, patrons are encouraged to arrive early. Doors will open at 1:30pm. The show runs approximately one hour.
    In “Monster Intelligence”, Melvin the monster is another year older but still not old enough for his license to scream. His birthday wish changes that and the Division for Monster Screams grants his wish on the condition of passing his test. Learning this new information can be difficult for Melvin and he sets off on a quest to learn with his friend Red the Rat by his side. Along the way, Melvin meets a cast of friendly, colorful monsters. Original songs from a Green Day-style rocker, to classical, jazz, pop, and Broadway standards, makes this a journey never to forget!
    “Monster Intelligence” marks the third show written for Up In Arms by New Jersey educator Alex Ishkanian. In 2012, David Manley launched Up In Arms after a partnership with Ishkanian spawned the anti-bullying puppet musical “Helping Drew” which has been seen by thousands of students from Albany to Long Island as well as recent performances in Michigan and Maryland. Manley builds the puppets and produces the shows while Ishkanian writes the script, music and lyrics. “Monster Intelligence” also incorporated the talents of Scott Test, a Hudson Valley music arranger and voice talents from the area theatre scene including Just Off Broadway’s Joyce Presutti and Ed Romanoff along with Scott Test, Todd Thomas and John Marro.
    For more information see upinarms.biz online or on Facebook at Facebook.com/upinarmspuppets.
    Press images for this story located online at upinarms.biz/monsterpress.
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  2. davidmartiste

    davidmartiste Well-Known Member

    Puppet raffles chances will no longer be taken through Up In Arms Square Marketplace. Chances can be purchased through Just Off Broadway, Inc. Please see raffle chances on their page. Thank you.

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