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Restoration (PG-13ish, Please)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ruahnna, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    The next section of KG references this independent story, so--with some trepidation--I am sharing it here, with two hopes: (1) That I don't horrify or scandalize anyone and (2) That I can raise the frog/pig snuggling quotient here since I'm not quite there in KG yet. Please feel free to critique my performance here--but not theirs.


    Kermit stirred, opened his eyes and was momentarily disconcerted by the pattern of the ceiling. He had spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling in his room lately, and seeing something besides the same pattern of shadows and light discombobulated him a little. Oh—right. He must have fallen asleep on the couch. He looked around blearily for his notepad but it was nowhere to be found. He peered over the edge of the couch and scanned the floor, but then spied his notepad laying neatly on the edge of the coffee table. Kermit frowned, knowing he had not put it there, but then his face brightened visibly. Piggy must be home! He sprung up off the couch, steadied himself and padded quickly upstairs.
    She had already changed into shorts and a t-shirt and was dutifully hanging up her blouse and skirt in the huge walk-in closet. He thought with satisfaction that there was probably no one on the planet that she would let see her so casually attired—no one except him. Thinking this, Kermit stopped in the doorway, looking sleepy and tousle-headed without the benefit of hair. Piggy smiled and shook her head. She didn’t know how he did it, but he always managed to be entirely appealing to her.
    “Hi Sweetie,” she said gently, but she looked an admonition at him. “You shouldn’t have come up. Moi was going to change and come down.”
    Kermit smiled and leaned forward to cadge a kiss, but he was a little unsteady on his feet and he stumbled a little when he leaned forward. Piggy laughed and clasped his forearms to hold him upright, and they giggled as they kissed, but afterward Piggy put a cool hand on his cheek and Kermit knew she was checking for a fever.
    “Maybe you should go back to bed,” she said worriedly.
    “I’ve spent the whole week by myself in bed!” Kermit wailed irritably. “I do not want to go back to bed! And stop checking my temperature!”
    The reproving look in Piggy’s eye intensified, and Kermit wanted to break something. He knew he sounded sulky and adolescent but he couldn’t help himself, which also made him want to break something.
    “Kermie, sweetheart, I’m just worried about you,” Piggy attempted in what she hoped was a reasonable tone. “You promised if Moi sent the nursing staff away you’d follow the doctor’s orders.”
    “I’m fine!” Kermit huffed, and immediately fell into a coughing spasm that lasted for some time and left him weak and shaken. Piggy put her arm around his waist, supporting him, and when he could breathe again he sagged against her. Piggy did not chide, but guided him back toward the big bed. He allowed it, morose but compliant.
    “But I’m bored,” Kermit whined, sounding like a certain young amphibian of their acquaintance. Piggy turned down the covers but did not comment. “I don’t want to go back to bed alone! I’ve been stuck up here alone all week!”
    Ah. It was the second alone that did it. The light dawned for Mrs. The Frog. Piggy turned to him and put her arms around his neck.
    “If you go back to bed, Moi will join you,” she wheedled. She did not bat her eyelashes at him, but she would have if he’d felt just a teensy bit better. In his weakened state, the overt flirtation might have toppled him.
    Kermit stopped complaining and looked at her hopefully.
    “Really? Really really?” Hope flared briefly in his eyes, then died as suddenly as it had appeared and he looked more forlorn than ever. “Do you—do you think it will be okay?” he asked doubtfully. “I really don’t want you to catch this—I’ve felt so rotten these past two weeks.”
    Piggy shook her head and touched his cheek. “You’ve already kissed me,” she reminded him. “So, if you’ve got germs, Moi has germs. Besides—haven’t you missed me?” This time, she did bat her eyelashes, but so blatantly that she softened the blow.
    Kermit practically groaned. “Are you kidding?” he asked. “It’s been bad enough to be stuck in bed—“
    “Better than the hospital,” Piggy reminded him.
    “Don’t remind me,” Kermit muttered. He had spent a miserable four days at County. “It was awful. And the food--”
    “I know, Honey,” Piggy said sympathetically. “Be glad Moi could bribe the doctor to let you come home.”
    “—but to be stuck in bed by myself with nobody but nurses….”
    Kermit had said it more than once, and Piggy had a pretty clear idea of what really ailed her husband, but she nevertheless felt terrible about his complaints of abandonment.
    “Honey!” Piggy cried, beginning to be truly distressed. “Moi came, but you wouldn’t let me come in. Moi tried to come—I tried to sit up with you but they said you insisted—“
    Chagrined at the result his complaining had yielded, Kermit attempted an antidote. He kissed her, silencing her distress, and as the kissed deepened most of the angst and frustration in the room just melted away. If Kermit had felt a little unsteady on his legs before, he felt very unsteady when her lips released him. It was no trouble at all to sink down on the big bed and draw her with him into the silky smoothness of the sheets. Kermit felt his breath catch and had to fight the urge to cough. In the end, it was a fight he did not win, and he turned away and coughed and wheezed until he could breathe again.
    Piggy was all concern, but Kermit did not mind her attention when she was so obligingly snuggled up to him. Her arms were fast around him and she was gazing at him with love and concern.
    “Are you really okay?” she asked gently.
    Kermit nodded emphatically, and tried to prove it by tightening his arms around her. “I’m fine now, I promise. But I’m glad I kept you away. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with.”
    “Moi did not want to be kept away,” Piggy said quietly, as harsh a rebuff as she was willing to make when he felt bad. But when he felt better--! “I wanted to be with you.”
    “You’re with me now….” Kermit said, and his voice was both teasing and witstful. There was no way Piggy could not respond to that entreaty, and she leaned forward and pressed her mouth over his with great deliberation.
    Kermit was relieved that he was still able to breathe, and not just because of his recent illness. He settled back into the pillows and returned her kiss in a leisurely fashion. Oh! This was wonderful! It was like coming in from the cold and getting warm. This was like being lost, and having someone find you and bring you home. This was being in the absolute center of where he most wanted to be. He found that he did not, after all, mind staring at this ceiling if it meant that he was with Piggy, especially if she was--oh. Oh!
    Her lips were moving over his collarbone now and—though Piggy was careful not to put any weight on him, he could feel the brush of her tantalizing curves as she bent over him. His hands found something useful to do, slipping around her waist beneath the cotton tee and exploring the sweet sway of her back. He knew the little clasp was back here—it had to be here somewhere—ah ha! With a skill arising from attention to detail, Kermit loosed the little hooks on Piggy’s bra and felt her glorious curves surge forward. Piggy let out a little gasp of her own at the feel of his hands on her. So intent had she been on tending to him that she had almost forgotten his power over her. She tried to pull back a little, but Kermit followed the movement of her body, pushing her onto her back.
    Surprise gave him an advantage, and Piggy found herself pinned beneath his lithe body while his froggy lips traced a path from her jaw to her neck. Piggy let out a little shiver of pleasure and lay back, tilting her head to give him access to everything he wanted. And Kermit, who had considered himself a model of self-sacrifice while his body struggled to heal, now gave free reign to his desire to plunder the riches so graciously offered.
    His skin was warm, but it was warm everywhere, and Piggy was no longer worried about a fever. In her foggy state, she had almost forgotten Kermit’s diminished capacity until he had another coughing spasm that seemed to rob him of energy, if not interest.
    “We should take it slow,” Piggy began.
    “No,” gritted Kermit.
    “But you shouldn’t exert yourself,” she persisted.
    “Too late for that,” Kermit muttered, bending to her again.
    “Honey,” Piggy tried one final time. “Are you sure you ought to be—“
    “Positive!” Kermit practically shouted, overcome with frustration. “I am not an invalid!” Kermit almost yelled. “I do not want to take it slow! I do not want to be careful! I DO, in FACT, want to exert myself in the most extreme way possible and I FEEL FINE!”
    Piggy regarded him mildly, then reached out and stroked the smooth skin on his chest with lazy interest. “Are you done?” she asked, her blue eyes fathomless.
    Kermit thought about it a minute, fighting for breath. “Yes,” he said sulkily. “I’m done now.”
    Without warning, Piggy flipped him onto his back and pressed her enticing curves against him familiarly. “Good,” she said levelly. “Because I’m going to suggest you fasten your seat belt—it’s probably going to be a bumpy ride!” She bent and kissed him like she meant to do it properly.
    Kermit was gasping now, and Piggy wondered worriedly if he was getting enough air, but it seemed obvious that Kermit knew precisely what he wanted, and had every intention of getting it or expiring in the process. Piggy soon found herself short of breath as well, caught up in Kermit’s passionate lovemaking. Piggy’s role of caretaker had quickly been outstripped by her role as lover and wife, and she was now an equal partner and sharer in the pleasure so obviously engulfing them both.
    Her captain could be tender, and he could be sweet, but he could also overwhelm her with the force of his ardor. She had not realized how much she wanted him, how much she’d missed him. Her love had been consumed with concern for his well-being, but it was now perfectly obvious to them both what would contribute best to his ultimate well-being, and she was more than thrilled to be the source of comfort and healing.
    His hands on her were eager, his mouth greedy for the sweetness and silkiness that was so peculiarly hers, and Piggy surrendered with joy to every demand his body made. As if determined to prove his fitness for duty, Kermit was relentless, pushing her past her reserves of restraint until she let out a groan of pleasure and need that could have been heard ‘round the block.
    “Tell me,” Kermit demanded, panting with effort.
    Piggy did not need to be prompted twice. “Vous are incredible,” she cried exultantly. “Wonderful, Sweetheart, just amaz—oh! Oh oh!” Her words died in her throat, replaced with a great gasp of pleasure as her body heaved beneath him
    “Love me?” Kermit asked, knowing the answer beyond a shadow of a doubt but wanting to hear her fervent declarations.
    “More than anything! Oh, Kermie, I’ve missed you so much!”
    Kermit felt like a fortnight’s worth of loneliness and misery was being exorcised by this magnificent union, and he did not yield until there was no spark left to strike. Exhausted, sated beyond imagining, Kermit slumped suddenly, his sweat-slicked body crumpling into her delectable curves. He had just enough energy to fasten his lips over hers and they kissed until the universe had righted itself.
    Piggy spoke first. “Somebody’s feeling better,” she teased, and Kermit chuckled and tightened his arms around her. His expression was stern, but his eyes were alight with mischief.
    “You seemed to be feeling pretty good yourself a few minutes ago,” he observed dryly.
    Piggy smiled and shrugged, and the movement caused their bodies to shudder with remembered passion. Her voice was a sultry purr. “Yes…” she said archly. “Much much better.”
    Kermit grinned and would have made an appropriate rejoinder, but his lungs began to spasm painfully. Unwilling to release his hold on her, he was forced to turn his head into his shoulder and cough.
    Piggy waited, not unworriedly, but it seemed obvious that Kermit was recovering. When the fit had passed, Kermit struggled for breath, but once he could breathe again, he bent and kissed his wife with refreshing energy as if to show that he was not giving any ground. Piggy moved to free herself, but Kermit did not want to yield. He held her fast and kissed her insistently. Piggy faltered, feeling the swelling tide of his need, the desperateness in his touch, and stopped struggling, letting him take the lead because he so needed to.
    “Sweetie,” she began.
    Captain,” Kermit insisted between kisses.
    Piggy felt her heart flood with love and compassion.
    “Captain,” she repeated. “Mon Capitan…..”
    “That’s right!” Kermit muttered, and his mouth moved lower, past the swiftly beating pulse in her throat to the sweet hollows of her collarbone.
    Her complete and total surrender gentled him, and he slowed the tempo until they were swapping big, wet, deep, messy kisses in a happy tangle of limbs. Piggy wriggled up beside him to see his face. He looked tired, but not exhausted. Instead, he looked…satisfied, content.
    “All better now?” she teased.
    Kermit smiled that lop-sided smile she loved so well. “Absolutely.” His eyes twinkled with merriment, and he looked at her speculatively. “Although it’s possible I might need, um, assistance again.” he said archly. “Got anywhere to go?”
    Piggy snuggled close, glad to have him back—whole and happy and hers. “Nowhere but here, Mon Capitan,” she sighed happily. “Moi is planning on staying close.”
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    How do I say tre magnifique?!
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Finishes reading newest entry in Ru's repertoire.

    At first, when Kermit wobbled in on Piggy, I thought... Heh, he's frog drunk.
    But it turned out he's recovering from a recent malady.

    Did you mean to say Kermit spent the first four days in County General Hospital?

    *Is goodly melted. Have to say it, there's an old song they performed on TMS that fits this oneshot extremely well.
    "If you come to me sick, you know I'm gonna make you well."
    And Piggy certainly made Kermit feel better with her recuperative tending.
    "If you come to me hexed up, you know I'm gonna brake the spell."
    Again, this proves true as Kermit's will began to overcome his coughing fits. Not so much that he's back to rights, but at least he's not letting it dominate his more amarous pursuits.
    "If you come to me hungry, I'll fill you full of grits."
    It took grit to post this oneshot with what you feel to be a PG13 disclosure. But it definitely appears as both main characters' hungers have been sated.
    "If it's loving you want, I'll give you the shivers and fits."
    Loving was what the frog wanted... And he got it in spades. And so did the pig.

    You hear that? The frog is staying! And the pig is staying by his side!
    Thanks for another of your rolicking romps.
    newsmanfan and miss kermie like this.
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    :sleep:: That was the-

    Me: If you say WORST, I will SLAP you!!

    :boo:: He was saying, er-

    :sleep:: Braaaaaaavo!!

    Me: That's what I thought!

    Great story Ru! It has the perfect amount of Pig/Frog snuggling! Well done!
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :boo: Sure, that's easy for you to say. The pig doesn't have you in a hammerlock.
    :sleep: We hated the mouse!
    :boo: We loved the story!
    Muppetfan44 and miss kermie like this.
  6. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    Wow! Whew...did it get warmer in here?!

    What a wonderful steamy little one-shot. Thanks Auntie Ru! You always have the best stories to restore the frog-pig snuggling to its rightful place as a high priority. I can't wait to see how this connects to KG. :)
    miss kermie likes this.
  7. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Hehe, didn't read this all the way, first part with Kermit getting excited at Piggy being home was absolutely adorable! I didn't read it all, but what I did was enough. It makes me think about when I'm married how I want my hubby to treat me just as well, I plan to give him my love, so he darn sure better give me some as well!:mad: Thanks for the enjoyable read Rue, good stuff!:)
    :mad:: Moi was excellent in her role, wouldn't you agree Mon Capiton?
    :): S-sure Piggy, let me just catch my breath..
    Me: Anyone up for round two? XD
    miss kermie likes this.
  8. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Frogs can GET pneumonia?? *scratchin head*

    At any rate...wonderful! I smiled at the idea that Kermit, though recuperating, still has to be the one in control...never mind the nurturing, Frog Speed Ahead! Very sweet, very sexy, and I too am curious to see where it falls in the KG timeline.


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