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Rumor: John Denver & the Muppets Christmas DVD

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Ed man, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Go to the "Wanted" section of this forum under "Collectibles" and post your request. I'm sure someone will be willing to trade with you, or at least make a copy for you if you just pay for the tape and postage. Whatever you do, don't let some slimeball rip you off on eBay!
  2. :eek: Any new info on the dvd john denver & the muppets a christmas together?
  3. rubeandld

    rubeandld New Member


    I am looking for the "John Denver- A Christmas together"
    Has anyone found it?? Where do I look?
  4. KermiClown

    KermiClown Well-Known Member

  5. gorpid

    gorpid New Member

    bad news

    Sorry, folks. Much to my chagrin, this seems to be a rumor. I have searched high and low for this over the internet with no success, save for bootlegged copies on auction sites....It is my dream to own this someday.
  6. quiden

    quiden New Member

    Synopsis of "A Christmas Together"

    I thought I'd post a synopsis of this holiday special. I have it on VHS that I recorded off of The Disney Channel in about 1992 or so. I just converted it to DVD so I don't loose my copy and I converted it for my iPod. The quality is surprisingly good. I'd offer to give people copies of it, but I don't have the bandwidth to host it as it's about 200MB and I'm worried about copyright problems. I'm open for suggestions though. I definitely wouldn't sell copies.

    Here's the synopsis:

    Song: The Twelve Days of Christmas
    Similar to the version on the album, except the order of the singers is shuffled. For example, Kermit sings the second day instead of the last.

    Skit: Show Planning meeting
    The Muppets meet with John to plan the show. The Muppets aren’t happy with the way the show’s shaping up. Miss Piggy flirts with John.

    Song: May I Have the Pleasure of Your Company
    John leaves the meeting to run through a sound stage town as he sings and dances. Not included in any version of the album.

    Skit: Miss Piggy’s dressing room
    Miss Piggy is unhappy with the number of lines she has in the show and manipulates John in to giving her a better spot.

    Poem/Song: Alfie the Christmas Tree/It’s in Every One of Us
    Could even be the exact recording that was also used on the Album. This is done in a forest setting.

    Skit: Kermit and John talking about Christmases back home and at the swamp
    Kermit is feeling a bit homesick but realizes that Christmas is also about spending time with friends and feeling at home with everyone you meet.

    Song: The Christmas Wish
    Same song that is featured on the album sung by Kermit except that in the show it’s a duet in the same forest setting with Kermit and John.

    Skit: Miss Piggy in Makeup room
    Miss Piggy is excited about her new number and is disgruntled when she finds out that John hasn’t come up with anything yet. He reassures her and she gets all happy an sings…

    Song: Christmas is Coming
    Very similar to the way the song is on the album, except it’s more spontaneous without the instructions that she gives at the beginning. She’s also way more into it an the end and is harder to stop.

    Song: A Baby Just Like You
    John singing in a city street probably the same recording that is featured on the album.

    Song: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Duet with John and Rowlf. Very similar to the version on the album.

    Skit: After the song
    Miss Piggy rushes in and is angry to find out that the big production number features Fifi. John tells her that she is Fifi and she is very pleased.

    Production Number: Camaraderie / I Will Wait for You
    John Denver and other dancers sing and perform this song as toy soldiers under a Christmas Tree. Later he goes off to war and Fifi (played by Miss Piggy) is a rag doll who climbs out of her box and sings a song about waiting for him to come back. At the end, John the Toy Soldier returns and they have a slow motion run into each other’s arms. Miss Piggy pauses and turns to the camera and says, “I seem to remember doing this in a movie sometime.” Not included in any version of the album.

    Song: The Peace Carol
    Duet between John and Scooter sung in a living room with all muppets together. Much like the album version

    Skit: The Christmas Story
    John tells the story of the birth of Jesus as Muppet versions of the biblical characters act it out.

    Song: Silent Night
    Sung in both version and English version much like on the album with John's telling of the history of the song. Still in the living room environment.
    Song: We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    Abbreviated version of what’s on the album that plays as the credits roll.

    My favorite part is the Camaraderie song. My daughters also really love this special. they are 6 and 8.

    I think that this was probably a combination of John Denver's variety show and the Muppets, because John Denver did have a weekly variety show for a while.

    The cynical part of my believes that the reason this hasn't been released is because of the nativity story that is so reverently told. But that's just the cynical part of me. I'll be proved wrong or right when it's finally released on video and we see if they've cut that part out or not.

    Feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss this further, or post comments here. My email address is me at denniswest dot com .
  7. jdfan

    jdfan New Member

    A Christmas Together

    I know of a site, that has many different Muppet videos and DVD's on it. I got a copy of A Christmas Together there. It is pretty good, considering it is not a comerical DVD, and was made from an old video tape. I am new here and do not know if I am allowed to put links here. Let me know and I will post it.

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