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Send in the Nouns (song parody)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by DTF, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. DTF

    DTF Member

    My good friend and I made up this song, when we were about 10. With slight modifications, I’ve turned it into a street scene. I think kids could enjoy something like this now, though more so back then when they were singing about being “born to add,” and other concepts more for 1-2nd grade. But, how hard is it to learn that any person place or thing is a noun - if you can name it, you can claim it, one might say. Could be a street scene or part of an Elmo’s World (where family is just as abstract)

    Elmo: Hi, Zoe, hi, Rosita. Wow, Zoe and Rosita are dancing beautifully. Are you thinking about nouns, too?

    Rosita: Si.

    Zoe: In fact, whenever I think about anything, I’m thinking about a noun.

    Elmo: Wow.

    Rosita (pointing as she dances): Isn’t it rich, all those things there.

    Zoe (twirls and points): Birds and clouds up in the sky, sidewalk down there. Where are the nouns?

    Elmo: Wow, there’s things all around. Oh, hi, Big Bird.

    Big Bird (entering, we see Gabi by Oscar’s can as Big Bird and the others dance/walk over ): Isn’t it great, isn’t it grand? All my friends gathering here, to sit or stand. Where are the nouns.

    Gabi: All of those things and people too.

    Elmo: Even the places like Hooper’s?

    Gabi: Yep. (Sings again) Or even the zoo. (Goes to Oscar’s can): A noun can even have one inside it like so.

    Oscar (popping out): Hey, enough happy singing, okay! Just tell them everything’s a noun and get on with it. Sheesh. (Goes back in)

    Gabi: Though Oscar will want us to go.

    Elmo: Don’t you love nouns? I know I see

    Big Bird: Words come in all different types

    Gabi: All around me.

    Zoe: But, where are the nouns. Quick, send in the nouns.

    All: They’re all around here.

    Elmo: All things, they are nouns, and places are nouns.

    All: And everyone here.

    Yeah, probably too rich for SS to buy it now, and I don't know if they even buy stuff from ordinary people. But, I figured I'd post it here, anyway, as I was recollecting that great song we made up, "Where are the nouns."

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