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Sesame Street 1992-98 - Opening/Closing Credits

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by BigBirdABCDEFGH, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any remembrance of the 1992-98 period of Sesame Street?

    Specifically, is it true that the original 1992 opening theme had Prairie Dawn and Grover ran through 1994-95, and that the version with Zoe and Baby Natasha replaced that one from 1995-98? Or did they alternate between the two versions in all these 6 seasons?

    1992-93 is season 24 (episodes 3006-3135)
    1993-94 is season 25 (episodes 3136-3265)
    1994-95 is season 26 (episodes 3266-3395)
    1995-96 is season 27 (episodes 3396-3525)
    1996-97 is season 28 (episodes 3526-3655)
    1997-98 is season 29 (episodes 3656-3785)

    In other words, was the Grover/Prairie Dawn version of the intro on all episodes 3006-3395, and the Zoe/Baby Natasha version on all episodes 3396-3785?

    As to the closing credit music, were they really the same on 624 of these 780 episodes (the ones that aired Fridays)?

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  2. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    As for the opening theme, the one with Prairie and Grover debuted in Season 24, and the one with Grover and Zoe debuted in Season 26. I think they usually alternated between the 2 for every other episode, and 26 and 27 episodes that were reruns from 24 and 25 usually had the Prairie/Grover opening.

    As for the closing credits, it was mostly the same, though I have a copy of 3010, and there's something unusual about it. It actually has NO sound effects. I think 3015 and 3020 may have been like that, but I'm not sure. There were a select few episodes in 24 and 25 that didn't have these credits. They were the reruns from 2 seasons earlier. Some of the Friday reruns had this rare closing film sequence with Big Bird and the kids walking through Central Park, with the same harmonica closing music as the one that played over the long-running Barkley and the kids credits. Other Friday reruns had the normal Season 24 closing credits tacked on.

    Also, starting in Season 25, the premiere episode for every season had the closing credits, but there's some other exceptions. For some reason, episode 3136 was actually reran later in that season, as episode 3189, only with Big Bird doing an intro of remembering the day the playground first opened (3136). And there was ONE episode in Season 28 (3570) that did NOT have a Friday closing credit crawl. I'm thinking it was a blooper, or a technical difficulty. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, I have a question? Where can I watch these Episodes? I am very disappointed that they are no longer on PBS. I wish that somehow that they'd get rid of "Murray's Little Lamb, Abby etc." and get back to, "Older Episodes." I've even tried YouTube, and not even YouTube has these Episodes. I have been looking for years and I don't know where online to watch them. :( Do you know?


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