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Sesame Street episode guide coming soon

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by SesameStreetGuy, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. rollingchild

    rollingchild Member

    Hi, this is Rollingchild in Champaign, IL (Savoy, IL). I have a question:

    I like doing gymnastics on a mat via rolling on a mat. What episode numbers will I find the live action video, "The Count Counts 4 Kids Rolling On A Yellow Tumbling/Gymnastic Mat" OTHER THAN Sesame Street Episode 1093?

    David Ho
  2. rollingchild

    rollingchild Member

    2835. Big Bird's Birthday (Or Let Me Eat Cake). 3/15/91

    David Ho
  3. rollingchild

    rollingchild Member

    2835. Big Bird's Birthday (Or Let Me Eat Cake). 3/15/91
  4. cartman

    cartman Active Member

    3157. Mumford Switches Personas With A Dog. 12/21/93

    did it have the elephant walking and the e animal award cartoon?
  5. Chris Gawley

    Chris Gawley Well-Known Member

    During which season did the SS gang drive from NY to New Mexico to visit Luis's family?

    If memory serves me correctly, the intro showed most of the gang (Big Bird included) riding down the highways standing up in the back of a pickup truck (not exactly an edorsement for safe driving)! I guess the highway patrol laws were much more lenient back in the 70's!

    If memory serves me correctly again, didn't they compose new lyrics to the theme that the cast members themselves sang? The only words I can remember are: "....it's a long, long way from Sesame Street!"
  6. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Cartman, have you ever thought about going to the official Sesame Workshop website and trying to contact them to see if they know what show that cartoon appeared on?


    or write:
    Sesame Workshop
    Sesame Street (Archives)
    One Lincoln Plaza
    New York, NY 10023

    It's just that the same question popping up in every single one of your posts is kind of getting annoying to many members (who do not need to respond or agree with this), but I do get complaints.

    I figure that maybe there's an archival unit at Sesame Workshop who can help you because, as it should be obvious to you by now, nobody really has that information (yet) and when they DO have that information, I feel confident that someone will be kind enough to reply to one of your many requests for that cartoon.
  7. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    *nods emphatically* If I knew enough about the elephant cartoon to answer Cartman's question, I would have answered it long ago. Repeating the question dozens of times won't give anyone the information; it only makes people upset.
  8. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    "No plot" episodes: what happened?

    At the risk of sounding like a smart-aleck, I'm curious about the episodes summarized as "no plot". What happened on those episodes: was there no street story at all, were those episodes clip shows, or am I overlooking some third possibility? Those of you who know better than I do, please fill me in on the plotless shows!
  9. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    I know of only one other trip for which the theme song was redone (the Hawaiian trip used the usual lyrics, if I recall correctly): The Montana trip episodes also included new lyrics sung by the cast members as they traveled (with the same "long, long way" part at the end of each verse). Even the sponsorship announcements were tailored to the story: One ended with "Sesame Street was brought to you from Crow country, by..."; another ended with a Crow Indian announcing the sponsors in his native language. When I saw them the first time, I thought that it was creative to vary the beginning and end of those episodes to fit the location...
  10. hunterseamster

    hunterseamster Active Member

    Season 37
    4109. Abby Cadabby Debuts. 8/14/06
    4110. Abby's First Day Of School. 8/15/06
    4111. Cookie World. 8/16/06
    4112. Miles And Gabi Graduate From High School. 8/17/06
    4113. Herb The Plant-Eating Dinosaur Visits. 8/18/06
    4114. The Seven Dwarves Want To Leave Snow White. 8/22/06
    4115. Maria And Luis's Wedding Anniversay/"H" Day. 8/24/06
    4116. Elmo And Alan Play School. 8/28/06
    4117. Goodbye Elmo; Hello Jelmo. 8/30/06
    4118. "Ask Oscar!" Show. 9/1/06
    4119. Big Bird Wishes The Adults Were Kids. 9/5/06
    4120. The Three Bears In Outer Space. 9/6/06
    4121. Telly's Doll Freddy Wants To Play With Rocco. 9/7/06
    4122. Prairie Dawn's Healthy Food Pageant. 9/12/06
    4123. Automatic Lemonade Pouring Machine. 9/13/06
    4124. Slimey Wants To Be A Hero Like Trash Gordon. 9/14/06
    4125. Alphabet Road Show. 9/18/06
    4126. Rocco's Birthday. 9/20/06
    4127. Oscar's Rottendoodle. 9/21/06
    4128. Zoe Wants Long Hair Just Like Rapunzel. 9/26/06
    4129. "What Comes Next?" Game Show With Mr. Pattern. 9/27/06
    4130. Gina Adopts A Baby From Guatemala. 11/6/06
    4131. Gina's New Baby Marco. 11/7/06
    4132. Big Bird And Snuffy Want To Play With Marco. 11/8/06
    4133. National Try-A-New Food Day. 11/9/06
    4134. Oscar And Grundgetta Race Their Sloppy Jalopy. 11/10/06
  11. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Here are some episodes that I am looking to add to my video library:

    - #1041. Buffy and Fred the Wonder Horse Sing "Cripple Creek"
    - #1316. Trip to Puerto Rico
    - #1364. Star Wars Droids Visit Sesame Street
    - #1396. The Droids Return
    - #1576. Birdwatchers
    - #2122. Adoption of Miles Part 1
    - #2123. Adoption of Miles Part 2
    - #2124. Adoption of Miles Part 3
    - #2125. Adoption of Miles Part 4
    - #2333. Spring on Sesame street
    - #2405. Maria and Luis Love Each Other
    - #2411. Big Bird Learns About Love From Maria And Luis
    - #2481. Don Music's Song of AMOR/Elmo Goes Swimming
    - #2483. Pre-Wedding Party
    - #2484. Honkers Perform Here Comes the Bride
    - #2485. Maria and Luis's Wedding
    - #2486. Maria and Luis Leave for Their Honeymoon
    - #2558. Maria Listens to Her Baby's Heartbeat
    - #2574. Maria's Mother Visits/Pictures of Hospital Trip
    - #2609. Uncle Wally Takes Care of Maria
    - #2614. Maria Goes Into Labor
    - #2929. Mr. Big Debutes
    - #2990. CinderTelly

    I know that this is a lot to ask for and I really don't have anything to offer in return except some blank VHS tapes and some DVD-R discs. If anybody is willing to do business this way, please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    I might be willing to send you some of those if you buy me some DVDs on my wish list ...
  13. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to see those on 'You Tube,' if not the whole eps just clips or street scenes like they had before with quite a few episodes. That would be a good stroll down memory lane.
  14. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    I have "The Great Muppet Caper" Columbia Tri-Star edition DVD, and "The Muppet Christmas Carol" 50th Anniversary DVD. DOes that sound good?
  15. hunterseamster

    hunterseamster Active Member

    Season 38
    4135. The Bookaneers. 8/13/07
    4136. Gordon And Susan's Nephew Chris Is Introduced. 8/14/07
    4137. Word "Dog" Escapes From Abby's Book. 8/15/07
    4138. Lucy The Lazy Lizard. 8/16/07
    4139. Abby Plays The Letter "P" Game. 8/17/07
    4140. Zoe Wishes Everyone Would Wear Tutus And Dance Ballet. 8/21/07
    4141. Big Bird Breaks Elmo's Tricycle. 8/23/07
    4142. The Number Zero Feels Bad About Himself. 8/27/07
    4143. Sleeping Grouchy. 8/29/07
    4144. Baby Bear Gets Crowned Triangle Lover Of The Day. 8/31/07
    4145. Fairytale Emergencies. 9/4/07
    4146. Rosita, Telly, And Zoe Play House. 9/6/07
    4147. The Case Of The Missing Honeydew Melon. 9/10/07
    4148. Elmo Writes His First Letter To Abby. 9/12/07
    4149. Abby Changes Big Bird And Elmo's Song Of Two Friends. 9/14/07
    4150. Telly Helps Gordon Play Golf. 9/18/07
    4151. The Worm Cup Games. 9/20/07
    4152. Elmo Wants A Pet Dinosaur. 9/24/07
    4153. Rosita And Zoe Find Abby's Magic Wand. 9/26/07
    4154. The Amazing Alphabet Race. 9/28/07
    4155. Baby Bear's Pet Parrot Ralphie Flies Away. 10/2/07
    4156. Elmo Learns To Bowl. 10/5/07
    4157. Elmo Shows Abby How To Make-Believe. 10/8/07
    4158. Elmo Is Jealous Of Marco. 10/10/07
    4159. Rosita Gets Angry At Zoe And Abby For Not Playing Hide-And-Seek. 10/12/07
    4160. Grouch News Network. 10/16/07
  16. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    Season 22:

    2786. A Television Birthday Card For Gordon. 1/7/91
    2787. Gordon Has A Headache. 1/8/91
    2789. Hiroshi Paints Oscar. 1/10/91
  17. HOTGIRL9809

    HOTGIRL9809 Member

    Hey do you got the plot on episode 2848 and 2949?
  18. hunterseamster

    hunterseamster Active Member

    I have a bunch of episodes

    Season 28
    3529. Elmo Fears Clowns. 11/21/96
    3531. Maria and Luis Build a Motorized Flowerpot For Stinky. 11/25/96
    3533. Big Bird Looks For Yaks. 11/27/96
    3537. The Letter "P" Sale At Finders Keepers. 12/3/96
    3556. Baby Bear's New Dump Truck. 12/30/96
    3558. Gabi Forgets Her Ball/Mr. Handford Helps Telly Write A Note. 1/1/97
    3572. Natasha's Home Videos. 1/21/97
    3579. The Worm Circus. 1/30/97
    3592. Ailing Snuffy Fears That No One Would Play With Him. 2/18/97
    3593. The Amazing Mumford Makes Barkley Invisible. 2/19/97
    3594. Goldilocks Helps Baby Bear Learn About Healthy Living. 2/20/97
    3598. Big Bird Earns A Dollar. 2/26/97
    3604. Telly Gets His First Letter. 3/6/97
    3606. Auntie Audubon Wants To Give Up Her Doll Dodo. 3/10/97
    3624. Baby Bear Uses The Phone At Hooper's Store. 4/3/97
    3626. A Stick Is Used As A Doll, Baseball Bat, And A Fishing Pole. 4/7/97
    3632. Telly's Town. 4/15/97
    3637. Stinky Pretends To Be A Baby. 4/22/97
    3644. Telly Tries On Numerous Disguises. 5/1/97
    3648. Telly Tries To Take Care Of Oscar's Pets. 5/7/97
    3654. Baby Bear Gets Angry At Goldilocks For Jumping On Him. 5/15/97

    Season 29
    3679. Big Bird And Others Pretend To Be Airplanes. 12/18/97
    3689. Telly Eats Everything In Sight. 1/1/98
    3694. Linda Breaks Ruthie's Pitcher. 1/8/98
    3704. Big Bird Has Trouble Sleeping. 1/22/98
    3706. Baby Bear Acts Like A Teddy Bear. 1/26/98
    3714. A Yellow Ball Has Adventures. 2/5/98
    3720. Stinky And Gina Demonstrate How Plants Grow. 2/13/98
    3725. Maria Fixes Prairie Dawn's Piano. 2/20/98
    3752. Telly Plays With Big Bird's Toy Car. 3/31/98
    3760. Bill Nye Visits. 4/10/98
    3766. Elmo Wants Someone To Play With Him. 4/20/98
    3767. Telly Reads A Story About A Cave Monster. 4/21/98
    3776. Elmo Plays His New Drum. 5/4/98
    3781. Alice Controls Her Snuffle Blowing. 5/11/98
    3783. Rosita Demonstrates Hugging With Telly. 5/13/98

    Season 30
    3841. Baby Bear Starts A Porridge Lovers Club. 4/5/99

    Season 33
    3990. Elmo Illustrates A Book About A Spaceship. 2/15/02
    3996. Telly Accidentally Breaks The Letter "B." 2/25/02
    4004. Rosita And Zoe Pretend To Be Wolves. 3/7/02
    4010. Elmo, Rosita, Telly, And Zoe Act Out "Mary Had A Little Lamb." 3/15/02
  19. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    Season 6 (according to the CTW Archives):

    667. David Is Too Tired To Take Care Of Hooper's Store. 11/5/74
    668. Oscar Is Delighted By The Rainy Day Outside. 11/6/74
    669. Sam The Robot Tries To Act Like A Grandmother. 11/7/74
    670. Big Bird Tries To Leave A Trail Of Bread Crumbs. 11/8/74
    671. Oscar Invites Bob Into His Trash Can. 11/11/74
    672. Ernie And Bert Get Mad At Each Other. 11/12/74
    673. Big Bird Writes A Love Note To Maria. 11/13/74
    674. Mumford Decides He's All Washed Up As A Magician. 11/14/74
    675. The Count Helps Big Bird Write A Poem. 11/15/74
    676. Big Bird Imagines He's Living 100 Years Ago. 11/18/74
    677. Oscar Is Afraid Of Thunder. 11/19/74
    678. Sam The Robot Confuses Everyone By Imitating Sounds. 11/20/74
    679. The Count Counts Things In Oscar's Trash Can. 11/21/74
    680. Biff And Sully Repair Underground Pipes. 11/22/74
    681. The Count Helps Luis By Putting Nails And Screws Away. 11/25/74
    682. Big Bird Helps David To Keep From Falling Asleep. 11/26/74
    683. Oscar Impersonates Other People To Avoid Being Bothered. 11/27/74
    684. Cookie Monster Becomes A Cookie Watcher. 11/28/74
    685. Oscar Disagrees With Luis's Decisions As An Umpire. 11/29/74
    686. Oscar Plants A Tree In Front Of His Trash Can. 12/2/74
    687. Linda And The Theater Of Deaf Put On A Show. 12/3/74
    688. Sam The Robot Plays A Game With Oscar. 12/4/74
    689. Oscar Sets Off An Explosion In His Trash Can. 12/5/74
    690. Maria Hits Her Finger With A Hammer. 12/6/74
    691. Maria Imagines That She's A Bus Driver. 12/9/74
    692. Oscar Expects A Group Of Grouches From Cincinatti. 12/10/74
    693. Bert Loses His Favorite Bottlecap. 12/11/74
    694. Biff And Sully Share A Soda. 12/12/74
    695. Oscar Opens A Break-It Shop. 12/13/74
    696. Oscar Reprograms Sam The Robot. 12/16/74
    697. Big Bird, Gordon, And The Kids Play In A Cold Playground. 12/17/74
    698. Oscar Becomes A Doctor, A Conductor, And A Librarian. 12/18/74
    699. Oscar Makes A Mess Of The Newspapers. 12/19/74
    700. Maria Borrows A Cup Of Sugar From Oscar's Kitchen. 12/20/74
    701. David Sells Sets Of Books About 4 And Q. 12/23/74
    702. Maria Gets A Job As A Construction Worker. 12/24/74
    703. Big Bird Builds An Airplane. 12/25/74
    704. Oscar Plays A Trumpet. 12/26/74
    705. Grover Recycles Newspapers And Magazines. 12/27/74
    706. David Tries To Learn Spanish. 12/30/74
    707. Oscar Hates His Alarm Clock. 12/31/74
    708. Snuffy Loses Every Game That He Plays With Big Bird. 1/1/75
    709. Herry Makes A Mess Of Hooper's Store. 1/2/75
    710. Oscar Opens A Grouch School. 1/3/75
    711. Sam The Robot Celebrates The Day He Was Wired. 1/6/75
    712. Grover Wants To Visit With People. 1/7/75
    713. Big Bird Gives Everyone Gifts. 1/8/75
    714. Oscar Plays Horrible Noises On His Tape Recorder. 1/9/75
    715. The Count Threatens To Give Up Counting. 1/10/75
    716. The Count Has A New Vehicle, The Countmobile. 1/13/75
    717. Big Bird Tries To Make Sure He Gets A Good Night's Sleep. 1/14/75
    718. The Count Helps Out At Hooper's Store. 1/15/75
    719. Reverend Kirkpatrick And Ed Lipton Visit. 1/16/75
    720. Muppets Express Themselves Using Pencils. 1/17/75
    721. The Count Looks For A Job. 1/20/75
    722. Oscar Buys Paintings At The Grouch Fair. 1/21/75
    723. Bad Barney Blackmails Big Bird. 1/22/75
    724. Big Bird Wants To Send Flowers To Susan's Sick Mother. 1/23/75
    725. David Leaves Cookie Monster In Charge Of Hooper's Store. 1/24/75
    726. Big Bird Makes Birdseed Cookies. 1/27/75
    727. Big Bird Babysits An Egg Which Hatches. 1/28/75
    728. Bob And Big Bird Discuss Which Is Better To Have, A Beak Or A Nose. 1/29/75
    729. Snuffy Practices Feelings. 1/30/75
    730. Sam the Robot Demonstrates Some And More. 1/31/75
    731. Oscar Pretends To Be A Pirate. 2/3/75
    732. A Prince Visits The Street To Rescue A Lady In Distress. 2/4/75
    733. The Count Promises Luis That He Won't Count For The Whole Day. 2/5/75
    734. The Number Four Show. 2/6/75
    735. The Count Cries When There's Nothing To Count. 2/7/75
    736. Herry Gets A Box Of Bricks As A Present. 2/10/75
    737. Oscar Helps David Talk About The Letter N. 2/11/75
    738. The Count Visits Hooper's Store To Find Something To Count. 2/12/75
    739. Herry Shows Off How Strong He Is. 2/13/75
    740. Big Bird Tries To Prove He's Old Enough To Do Anything. 2/14/75
    741. Pete Seeger Visits Again. 2/17/75
    742. Cookie Monster Tries To Find A Cookie Blindfolded. 2/18/75
    743. Oscar Calls The Grouch Market. 2/19/75
    744. The Count Follows An Ant. 2/20/75
    745. Big Bird's Cousin Herman Visits. 2/21/75
    746. Snuffy Tries To Introduce Himself To Mr. Hooper. 2/24/75
    747. Big Bird Wants To Learn About Clocks. 2/25/75
    748. Oscar Sings "Swamp Mushy Muddy". 2/26/75
    749. Oscar Has A Symphony Orchestra In His Trash Can. 2/27/75
    750. Oscar Doesn't Want David To Become A Lawyer. 2/28/75
    751. The Count Celebrates National Counting Day. 3/3/75
    752. Sam The Robot Tries To Play Music For David. 3/4/75
    753. Biff And Sully Tries To Move Susan's Piano. 3/5/75
    754. Oscar Makes Believe That He Has Duck Pox. 3/6/75
    755. Oscar Pretends That It's Night. 3/7/75
    756. Oscar Moves Away From 123 Sesame Street. 3/10/75
    757. Big Bird Teaches Grover About Eggs. 3/11/75
    758. Big Bird Is Offended By Simon Soundman. 3/12/75
    759. The Count Wants To Stay Awake At Night And Count Stars. 3/13/75
    760. Herry Joins In A Game Of Kick The Can. 3/14/75
    761. Big Bird Is Locked In Hooper's Store. 3/17/75
    762. Gordon Helps Big Bird Thing Of L Words. 3/18/75
    763. Jose Feliciano Visits. 3/19/75
    764. Big Bird Goes To The Store For Milk And Birdseed. 3/20/75
    765. Herry Gets Mad At Luis And Susan. 3/21/75
    766. Snuffy Drinks David's Bucket Of Water. 3/24/75
    767. Luis Makes A Phone Call With Sam The Robot. 3/25/75
    768. Snuffy Brings A Snuffy-Sized Trash Can. 3/26/75
    769. Snuffy Drinks Soapy Water From A Bucket. 3/27/75
    770. Maria And Big Bird Play A Rhyming Game. 3/28/75
    771. Oscar Warns Everyone That It's Going To Rain. 3/31/75
    772. Big Bird Makes His Own Drum. 4/1/75
    773. Sam The Robot Makes Lunch. 4/2/75
    774. Bird Bird Offer's To Be Luis's Songbird. 4/3/75
    775. Sam The Robot Tries To Make A Handball. 4/4/75
    776. Luis, Susan, And The Kids Cooperate To Clean The Street. 4/7/75
    777. Susan Tests Big Bird's Memory. 4/8/75
    778. Cookie Monster Tries To Trick David For A Box Of Cookies. 4/9/75
    779. Oscar Gets His Job As A Dishwasher. 4/10/75
    780. Oscar Invents A Noise Machine. 4/11/75
    781. Oscar Is Tired Of People Dumping Garbage In His Can. 4/14/75
    782. Luis Buys A New Hat. 4/15/75
    783. Oscar Wins The Grouch Of The Year Award. 4/16/75
    784. Big Bird Redecorates Hooper's Store To Give It Bird Appeal. 4/17/75
    785. Big Bird Pretends To Be A Woodpecker. 4/18/75
    786. Mr. Hooper Loses His Glasses. 4/21/75
    787. Oscar Builds A Hatrack. 4/22/75
    788. Maria And David Play Ping-Pong. 4/23/75
    789. David Tries To Study For A Law School Exam. 4/23/75
    791. Mr. Hooper Finds Snuffy's Postcard. 4/27/75
    792. Oscar Conducts The Grouch Philharmonic Orchestra. 4/28/75
    793. Slimey The Worm Has Disappeared. 4/29/75
    794. Ernie And Bert Decide To Go Their Seperate Ways. 4/30/75
    795. The Count Counts Water Drops And Leaves. 5/1/75
  20. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    2448. Snuffy's Store. 3/23/88

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