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Sesame Street Live guide

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by minor muppetz, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Would anybody mind making a guide for Sesame Street Live? basically, tell me the name of each individual live show, the plot, what characters are included, and what songs are included.

    I have seen three or four shows. I saw the shows from 1989 and 1990, but I can't remember if I saw a show from 1988 or 1991. The most recent one I saw was Elmos magic Coloring Book, from 1997. I think this performance was reused in 1998 as well. I remember this plot well. It involved the Sesame Street gang joining a human artist named Proffessor Art, I think they were painting (I can't remember if they had a contest or not). They all eventually got to go inside the coloring pages, and various items mysteriously had their colors removed, turning them white. Oscar turned white, which also caused him to turn nice. There were also three muppets who I think were assistants to proffessor art, and in the end it was revealed that either a polor bear or a dinosaur (voiced by Kevin Clash) had stolen the colors, I think he just wanted more colors or something.

    The characters who appeared in this were Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Prarie dawn. Rosita, Telly Monster, Oscar The Grouch, Cookie Monster, The Count, baby Bear (I think), and of course Elmo. Oddly enough, the program book that was sold during the show mentioned that Grover, Zoe and a Honker were also in it, but they only appeared in the program book and not in the actual show (and I don't think any Honkers were in the book).

    I remember that the show featured the songs "I Love Trash", "Sing", Fuzzy And Blue" (sung solo by cookie monster), and some other songs, I tink some original songs were sung. I forget if the theme song was sung.

    I remember one Sesame Street Live show having an alien character called Tee-Hee, and I beleive that she returned the next year, along with some other alien.

    From the shows I saw from the late-1980s/ early 1990s, I remember that Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Elmo, Oscar, telly, Hoots The Owl, Grover, The Count, and Guy Smiley were included. I also remember hearing the songs Fuzzy And Blue sung by Cookie Monster, Grover, Elmo, and Telly) and either Rubber Duckie or Do De Rubber Duck included. i think Put Down The Duckie was also performed in one of the shows.

    can anybody please help me out (without showing me the door :p )?
  2. AAO Member

    Well, the first Sesame Street Live show I went to was something about the gang attempting to get "Sesame Street" on television and they had to fight against a mean television executive who didn't want to put them on. Hoot was along with the cast. I don't know the name of that show. I think this show was in '88 or '89.

    "Silly Dancing" - Big Bird and the others put on a dance contest. Prarie Dawn is the one who starts it all. Everyone tries to get Oscar to dance, but he won't. Finally, Grungetta talks him into and for the first time, Oscar comes out of his can dressed silly and does a dance with Grungetta the Sesame Street gang.

    "Let's Play School" - which has Big Bird and the others going off to school. Grover's a professor and such. I went I think in 1990? Anyway, they play school, have show and tell I think. It was a really cute show.

    "Big Bird & The ABC's" - Tee Hee the alien is brought home by Super Grover who saved her when her spaceship crashes on Sesame Street. Big Bird and the others show her about their planet. Guy Smiley is featured in this show as well as a game show host Big Bird and Tee Hee go on.

    "Sleeping Birdie" - Big Bird misses Tee Hee and Tee-Hee misses Big Bird. So, Tee-Hee gets her queen, Yellow Queen, permits her to go. Just as long as she can go along. Yellow Queen goes with Tee Hee, for she's heard that Big Bird is yellow. The Queen then worries that Big Bird's more yellow than the her! They arrive to Sesame Street and meet everyone. Tee Hee is occupied with the other Sesame Street characters as Yellow Queen talks to Big Bird one on one. She then puts him to sleep with a spell, putting him to sleep! She's going to put purple polka-dots all over him to make her the yellowist of them all! -Intermission- The show returns to reveal that the Queen's potion is under way! The gang comes to Big Bird's rescue. They go to the library to find the spell to awaken Big Bird. They find out that they need someone to kiss Big Bird. They have the audience blow kisses to Big Bird to wake him up. He awakens and is nearly hit with the potion the Queen made! Finally, the Queen falls and ends up with polka-dots on herself. She's then saddened and so Mumferd the Magician tursn her back to normal and the Queen learns a lesson and thanks everyone and returns home with Tee-Hee.

    "When I Grow Up" was another show. The characters all imagine what they're going to be when they grow up!

    "Let's Be Friends" - Zoe and Elmo start a friendship club and the others join and the group gets bigger and bigger. They put on a circus, but Snuffy is ill and can't make it. He then feels better and ends up doing the high wire act!

    "1-2-3 IMAGINE!" - ???? Never saw it....Saw promos on local television stations...

    "Elmo's Coloring Book" - Never saw it...

    "Big Bird's Sunny Day Camp Out" - Never came to our city.

    "Let's Make Music!" - Featuring "Elmo's World" - Didn't even come this year...

    Sesame Street had earlier live shows with Big Bird running away to the circus and some other stuff.....if anyone can tell me about those, I found a list of them on SSLive website, but now I can't find it...if anyone knows post one or PM me!

    "Unknown Title" - something about Sesame Street around the world...???
  3. AAO Member

    Does anyone know of the other shows that were presented? I even heard they were on ice a while back...although I could be wrong...and what about the Muppet Babies and or Muppet Show being live?!
  4. AAO Member

    I have a guide to all Sesame Street Live Shows....

    1980 - "Missing Bird Mystery" - World Premiere @ Met Center, Minneapolis
    1981 - Big Bird's Super Spectacular Totally Amateur Show
    1982 - Sesame Jamboree
    1983 - Around the World
    1984 - The Muppet Show On Tour I
    1985 - The Muppet Show On Tour II
    Save Our Street
    1986 - Big Bird Goes to Hollywood
    (SSL) - I think this one combines with the "Follow That Bird" film.
    Muppet Babies LIVE!
    1987 - Big Bird & The ABC's * - Seen it (Have program)
    Big Bird's Sesame Street Story - * Seen it (Have program)
    1988 - Muppet Babies: "Where's Animal?"
    1989 - Silly Dancing - *Seen it (Have program)
    1990 - Let's Play School - ** Seen it (Have program)
    Sleeping Birdie - * Seen it (Have program)
    1992 - Where's The Birdie?
    1993 - When I Grow Up * Seen it (Have program)
    Big Bird & Friends
    1994 - Let's Be Friends * Seen it (Have program)
    1996 - 1-2-3 Imagine
    1997 - Elmo's Coloring Book * Seen it (Have program)
    1999 - Big Bird's Sunny Day Camp Out
    Jim Henson's On The Road w/ Bear in the Big Blue House Live!
    2000 - Bear in the Big Blue House Live's Surprise Party!
    2001 - Everyone Makes Music
    Dragon Tales Live's Missing Music Mystery
    2002 - Bear in the Big Blue House Live's A First Time For Everything
    2003 - Out of This World!
    Dragon Tales Live's Riddle of Rainbow River
    2005 - Super Grover! Ready For Action!

    To see a list go to http://www.vee.com/anniversary.htm for the list and other stuff!
  5. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I saw both of these. I remember seeing a live show that had Cookie Monster and Grover singing Fuzzy And Blue, and they eventually got joined by Elmo and telly. Could Sleeping Birdie have been the one with this version of Fuzzy And Blue? Seems like an appropiate choice.
  6. That was 'Big Bird's Sesame Street Story' from I think 1987 or 1988. The mean executive's name was Tedious J. Molehill. I recently got the program off ebay and the show seemed pretty cool, I think this is also the first show to use Hoots the Owl and Barkley, Hoots is basically just a puppet in the LIVE shows.
  7. zanimum New Member

    AAO--- Would you mind declaring that post to be "GDFL", which basically means I can take bits and pieces of it, and put it in the Wikipedia article on SSL?

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