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Sesame Street News Flash: Prince Charming's Lost Horse

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by mikealan, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Here is my 2-part Sesame Street News Flash fan-fic which takes place during season 6 or 7 but a cross between Sesame Street News Flash: Rapunzel and Sesame Street News Flash: Little Bo Peep.

    Part 1:

    (Sesame Street News Flash title)
    Announcer (Jerry Nelson): We take you now to Kermit the Frog in the scene for another fast-breaking news story!
    (scene fades to Kermit talking to someone off-screen in the meadow near Prince Charming's home. The fence is right behind him.)
    Kermit (Jim Henson): (to someone off-screen) Uh-huh. So you think the prince is going to rescue the princess from the wicked witch and live happily ever after, right? Oh! Wait! I'm on TV! (to the viewer) Hi-ho, fairy tale lovers! This is Kermit the Frog of Sesame Street News. We are reporting live in the meadow near the home of Prince Charming, who's ready to rescue the princess in the moment now, (Prince Charming enters) and as a matter of fact, I think he's coming now. (To Prince) Um, excuse me, sir...
    Prince Charming (Frank Oz): Yes?
    Kermit: Are you indeed Prince Charming?
    Prince Charming: Of course.
    Kermit: And are you planning to rescue the princess in no time?
    Prince Charming: Yes. I'm planning to rescue the princess, but I have to make sure if I have my horse somewhere. Let me know if I'm ready, frog. (walks off)
    Kermit: Right! Good luck. (to the viewer) This is the big moment, folks. The prince is getting ready to rescue the princess and then after he rescues her, they will live happily ever after based on many....(Prince Charming returns)
    Prince Charming: I lost my horse.
    Kermit: You what?
    Prince Charming: My horse!
    Kermit: You lost him?
    Prince Charming: Yeah. But where's my horsey? Horsey....horsey...hey, boy....(notices that he really lost his horse) Oh, no....
    Kermit: What's the matter?
    Prince Charming: I've lost my horsey. Yes I really do! I remember the time I lost him when I was trying to leave the tower Rapunzel was in and when I was in a bad mood while you gave out the report on me and her. Now that I've looked everywhere in my area, he's gone, gone, gone! (cries)
    Kermit: Gone? Oh, I'm sure he's around somewhere, but explain about him.
    Prince Charming: Well, he's brown...
    Kermit: Yeah...
    Prince Charming: He always wears a cloth and he always wears a tail. That's my horse! Oh, I'll never rescue my poor princess in no time! (cries harder)
    Kermit: Ah, Prince, don't get upset. See this fence right here?
    Prince Charming: You mean this fence you're standing behind of?
    Kermit: Yes, behind this fence you see a bunch of horses there and as a matter of fact, (to the viewer) yes, ladies and gentlemen, here comes a horse now!
    (a grey horse enters wearing a cloth)
    Prince Charming: That's not my horse!
    Kermit: Not your horse, Prince Charming.
    Prince Charming: Of course not! My horse is brown!
    Kermit: (as a grey horse walks off) I'm sure there are brown horses there, (to the viewer) and this is it, as a matter of fact, here comes a brown horse now!
    (a brown horse enters, but doesn't wear a cloth)
    Prince Charming: My horse....ohhhh.....ohhhhhh!
    Kermit: What's the matter?
    Prince Charming: That's not my horse either! My horse always wears a cloth! (as a brown horse without a cloth walks off) This is so frustrating! I'll never rescue my princess in no time, never, never, never!
    Kermit: Uh-uh, never say never, Prince Charming and get ready to be happy because I think the other horse is coming now!
    (a brown horse enters wearing a cloth, but without a tail)
    Prince Charming: My horse! My very own horse...(notices that he does not have a tail) Oh, no!
    Kermit: Well, what's wrong?
    Prince Charming: This horse here does not have a tail on his back and my horse never loses his tail!
    Kermit: (as a tail-less horse walks off) So that's not your horse.
    Prince Charming: (yelling) No that's not my horse!
    Kermit: Well don't get upset. I'm sure there are other horses around here (notices that he sees the horse Prince Charming described) and as a matter of fact, yes! This could be the right horse Prince Charming has described very well and here he comes now!
    (the brown horse enters wearing a cloth and a tail.)
    Prince Charming: (begins to get very happy) YES! YES! YES! MY HORSE! MY VERY OWN HORSE! That's the horse I have described!
    Kermit: Yes and you described it very well.
    Prince Charming: Oh, thank you, frog! Now I'll be able to rescue the princess in no time.
    Kermit: No problem, but next time, try not to panic, OK?
    (As Prince Charming tries to get on the horse, the horse pushes him down.)
    Prince Charming: Wait, why are you pushing me down? I thought you were my horse.
    Horse (Jerry Nelson): Well, do you think I really am your horse?
    Prince Charming: Well, yes.
    Horse: Listen, I'm really sorry to say this, but I am not your horse.
    Prince Charming: WHAT? (yelling) What do you mean you're not my horse?
    Horse: Well, you may recognize me as your horse on the story you rescue the princess, but I'm the one from the medieval times. As a matter of fact, I haven't put my helment on, yet and I have to get ready for a game event at the Medieval Circle as soon as possible. Will you get out of my way? I don't want to be late for the game.
    (as the horse walks off, Prince Charming begins to get very upset)
    Prince Charming: NO, NO, NO! THIS IS NOT FAIR! THIS IS NOT FAIR!
    Kermit: Well, folks, we thought this was really Prince Charming's horse, but he wasn't. (as the Prince continues getting upset while jumping up and down in anger) That horse was just getting ready for a game event at the Medieval Circle, but don't worry folks, we are going to find the real horse that belongs to Prince Charming, so then he will rescue the princess and they will live happily ever after. Stay tuned for our latest news update!

    End of Part 1
  2. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    Part 2

    Here is part two of this fan-fic with a surprise at the end!

    Part 2:

    (Sesame Street News Flash title)
    Announcer: We take you now back to Kermit the Frog for our latest news update!
    (scene fades to the same scene as part one. Gladys the Cow is there right after being bought to Prince Charming by Kermit. Prince Charming gets very upset and jumps up and down in anger.)
    Kermit: Hi-ho again! This is Kermit the Frog of Sesame Street News for our latest news update! So far, we've looked everywhere for the right horse for Prince Charming, so instead we got a couple of animals here for him to try, which are the ones he may not want to use to rescue the princess...
    Prince Charming: (To Gladys the Cow, in anger) You're not my horse!
    Gladys the Cow (Richard Hunt): Well, that doesn't matter. I'm your horse! (neighs like a horse)
    Prince Charming: (yelling) Oh, shut up! I've lost my horsey and I need it to rescue my dear princess immediately!
    (The elephant (the elephant puppet that was used for several SS 90's appearances) enters)
    Kermit: Well, I didn't know why the prince keeps getting unhappy.
    Elephant (Jerry Nelson): (To Prince) Well, perhaps you can use me instead of her. I can gallop like a horse! (begins to gallop very loud and makes loud trumpet noises)
    Prince Charming: (screaming) NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
    Kermit: Well folks, these are the only animals here Prince Charming has to try to use: the cow from the barn and the elephant from the Swingling Bros. Circus but they are able to do things all horses do.
    Prince Charming: (furiously) But frog, this is not fair! You gotta find my real horse immediately before my poor princess gets hurt by the wicked witch!
    Kermit: Well, I'm sorry, but you will have to use any of these animals here to choose to rescue and I can't keep searching for your horse around here. (to the viewer) And once again, folks, this is Kermit the Frog of Sesame Street News returning you to our regular scheduled program.
    (as Kermit walks off, Gladys neighs more and the elephant keeps gallopping loudly and making trumpet noises, which makes Prince Charming very annoyed.)

    End of Part 2
  3. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    How about adding a crocodile (the crocodile puppet that was made for "Never Smile at a Crocodile" in TMS Sandy Duncan) replacing the elephant.

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