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Sesame Street Wishlist of 2006

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by mikealan, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan Well-Known Member

    We know that Super Grover is the first exclusive figure and Series 1 features Ernie, Oscar, Guy Smiley, & the Two-Headed Monster, Series 2 will feature Bert, Count, Roosevelt Franklin, & the Yip-Yips and Big Bird will be a boxed figure (he must have the same size as the MEGA Muppets like Beaker, Animal, and Gonzo!). When Palisades continues their excellence of Sesame Street in 2006, here's my wishlist for the upcoming SS figures and exclusives we'd like to see in the last half of 2005:

    Series 1 exclusives:
    Orange Oscar (in his golden trash can, from Season 1)
    Guy Smiley Repaint
    Steppin' Out Guy Smiley
    Vacation Guy Smiley
    Caveman Ernie
    Bathtime Ernie (with towel)
    Ernie II (with Twiddlebugs)

    Series 2 exclusives:
    Vacation Ernie & Bert (2-pack)
    Nose-less Bert (with Bert sculpture)
    Oscar in Sloppy Jopey
    Sir Count-A-Lot
    Vacation Count
    Yip-Yips Repaint
    Elevator Operator Count
    Caveman Bert

    Series 3 with Arbor Area:
    Cookie Monster
    Prairie Dawn
    Baby Bear

    Series 3 Exclusives:
    Baker Cookie
    Steppin' Out Elmo
    Director Prairie
    FTB Cookie in yellow car
    Vacation Elmo
    Vacation Cookie Monster
    Honkers 3-pack

    Series 3 Boxed Figure: Snuffy

    Series 3 Boxed Figure Exclusives:
    Big Bird In Necktie
    Vacation Big Bird

    Series 4 with Hooper's Store:
    Telly Monster
    Herry Monster
    Forgetful Jones (with Buster the Horse)
    Amazing Mumford

    Series 4 Exclusives:
    Special Edition Sesame Street News Reporter Kermit
    Reporter Telly
    Blue-Nosed Herry
    Furry-Nosed Herry
    Invisible Mumford
    Forgetful Jones Repaint
    Steppin' Out Ernie & Bert

    Series 5 with the Fix-It-Shop:
    Zoe in Pink Tutu
    Sherlock Hemlock
    Professor Nobel Price

    Series 5 Exclusives:
    Marshall Grover (with exclusive Fred the Wonder Horse)
    Cowboy Elmo
    Engineer Cookie
    Grover Knover
    Sherlock Hemlock Repaint

    Series 6 with Mail-It-Shop:
    Alistar Cookie

    Series 6 Exclusives:
    Dingers 2-pack
    Steppin' Out Grover
    Vacation Grover
    Zoe in Purple Tutu Repaint
    Ernie & Bert In Pajamas (2-pack)
    Holiday Elmo

    Series 7 with Day Care:
    Grover the Waiter
    Betty Lou
    Bad Bart
    Little Jerry

    Series 7 Exclusives:
    Betty Lou Repaint
    Fireman Elmo
    Professor Grover

    Series 7 Boxed Figures:
    Alice Snuffleupagus

    Series 8 with Furry Arms Hotel:
    Harvey Kneeslapper
    Humphery (with buddy figure Natasha)

    Series 8 Exclusives:
    Steppin' Out Elmo & Zoe
    Harvey Kneeslapper Repaint
    Airplane Pilot Grover (with airplane)
    Pigeon Lover's Club Bert
    Triangle Lover's Club Telly
    The Monotones 3-pack

    Series 9 with Finders Keepers:
    Farmer Grover
    Fat Blue
    Herbert Birdsfoot
    Don Music

    Series 9 Exclusives:
    Wintertime Ernie & Bert 2-pack
    Culinary Chef Oscar
    Marching Band Bert
    Cookie Disco Cookie

    Series 9 Exclusive Boxed Figures:
    Sam the Robot
    First Appearance Big Bird (with buddy figure Little Bird)
    Vacation Snuffy
    Steppin' Out Snuffy (in black tap shoes)

    Series 10 with the Playground:
    Pirate Ship Captain Ernie
    Baseball Elmo
    Benny Rabbit (with buddy figure Stinky the Plant)
    Lefty the Salesman

    Series 10 exclusives:
    Grover in Pajamas
    Cookie in Pajamas
    Elmo in Pajamas
    Bert II

    Series 10 Exclusive Boxed Figure:
    Bruno the Trashman

    Exclusive SS Muppet Figures for 2008: Hoots the Owl, Placido Flamingo, Frazzle, Granny Fannie Nesselrode, Professor Hastings, Roosevelt Franklin's Mom, Gladys the Cow, Sonny Friendly, Kingston Livingston III, Prince Charming, How Now Brown Cow, Little Chrissy, the Alphabeats, Sherry Netherland, Simon Soundman, Sinister Sam, Rodeo Rosie, Clementine, Wolfgang the Seal, Chicago the Lion, Monty, Mary Monster, The NOO-NEE-NOO Typewriter Guy.

    Sesame Street Live-Actor Series 1 (summer 2008):
    Maria (with young Gabriella)
    Luis (with older Gabriella)

    Series 1 Exclusives:
    Wedding Maria & Luis (2-pack)
    Hair-Up Maria
    Pregnant Maria (with new-born Gabriella)
    Bumble Bee Bob
    First Appearance David

    Sesame Street Live-Actor Series 2:
    Gordon (with baby Miles)
    Susan (with young Miles)
    Mr. Hooper

    Series 2 Exclusives:
    First Appearance Gordon from Seasons 1-3
    Second Appearance Gordon from Seasons 4-5
    Sesame Street Teacher Susan
    Older Miles

    Sesame Street Live-Actor Series 3:
    Uncle Wally

    Sesame Street Live-Actor Series 4:
    Buffy (with first-born Cody)
    Willy the Hot Dog Man
    Mr. McIntosh

    Sesame Street Live-Actor Series 5:
    Mr. Handford
    Savion Glover

    Sesame Street Live-Actor Series 6:
    Teenage Miles
    Teenage Gabriella

    What'd ya think of the future line-up for Palisades' Sesame Street?
  2. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    Kinda liked it that way.
  3. ErnieandTelly

    ErnieandTelly Well-Known Member

    My Idea was to come out The Talk-to-me Savion doll was releaesed with the Steve Urkel Doll. The Talk-to-me Savion doll. He Can Tap Dance and even talks to you

    "Did I done that"
    "It's Okay he just thank you me for the lesson"
    "This should be interesting"
    " You just in time to play the rhyming game"
    "What do I done without you,Elmo"
    " I've been working for Gina,Herry"
    " Get Out"
    " Hi Oscar"
    "Welcome to Sesame Street"

    The Talk-to-me Savion doll comes with two oufits and a tap shoes for you.get it before its gone for good. here's how to order



    From 1991

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