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Someone Please Help Me....I'm Looking For...

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by BRADSKEE, Jul 9, 2002.


    BRADSKEE New Member

    Okay here is the deal....My Girlfriend is looking for the "Guess Who" Muppets Parody Poster she already has the "No Escape" one and she really wants this one as well. Now what I would like to do is find it before her and buy it then give it to her as a surprise.....and score some MAJOR boyfriend points. I have been all over the internet and can not find any place that sells it can some one please help me with a lead? Or if you have the poster do you want to sell it to me?

    E-mail me at: BRADJCHRZ@hotmail.com A.S.A.P.

    Thank You all for your help....if you offered it I mean,

  2. Ice

    Ice New Member

    OH MY GAWD THTS SO SWEET! I love you!
    Your girlfriend is so lucky!

    Oh my!

    How sweet!

    Good luck I hope you find it!
    And if I was single I would want you!
    Your such a hottie mr., mr., acordian man
  3. dr. gorry

    dr. gorry New Member

    hmmmmmmm i don't know about buying but you could print it out at muppetcentral.go to cards and click on parodys.other than that i really can't help.

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