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Storyteller DVD Collection

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by The Count, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. The Count Moderator

    Hi, just finished reading the article posted on Muppet Central's main page about the Storyteller series on DVD. And what struck me most was the first article where the reviewer refered to the liberation of such classics as the friendly DVD gnome breaking the evil network wizard's spell. Well, that reviewer should be prepared for the following news. When the DVD gnome released the Storyteller DVD, only one such enchanted child was released from the network wizard's spell. Yes, there's still the matter of the Storyteller series' twin sister, and she's still asleep under her charm awaiting for the day that she too will be released from this realm of superstiticions and legends. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about, simply put, it's the four Greek Myths episodes of the Storyteller which are notedly missing from the DVD collection. Now we must endure the hardships of starting the quest to free the remaining Storyteller episodes from the grip of their mystical mythical burial and revive them to the world of the living so that they too, may rejoice once more in the full reign of the Henson and the other worlds out there for everyone's viewing eyes.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  2. jediX Active Member

    Well, that, or you can just buy them off Amazon like I did. ;)
  3. Phillip Administrator

    Count, you bring up a great point. We can only hope that the 4 Greek Myth episodes also find their way to DVD. As jediX mentioned, they are available on VHS, but it isn't quite the same.
  4. jediX Active Member

    Agreed. Even though VHS are recent (1999) they still cannot reach the level of quality that dvd is. I guess they didn't want to put Greek Myths, which was out in 1991, into the Storyteller collection because they weren't really part of the Storyteller series (1988) that's presented in the collection.

    Maybe they just didn't want to take up the space of an extra disc, couldn't secure the rights to it for some reason, or like I said above, didn't want to include it with the 88' ST episodes.

    Go figure.
  5. The Count Moderator

    is lesson, young JediX, now go and pick up rocks in your room you shall.
  6. jediX Active Member

    Uh........sure....? :confused:

    ::stands on head and levitates rocks::
  7. Patty New Member

    Since I'm the the reviewer in question, yes, I'm aware that Greek Storyteller is not available on DVD (and yeah, I do consider that a different entity above the original Storyteller series -- even the narrator is different). I'd bet that if The Storyteller DVD sells well, the Greek shows will surface eventually by way of the kindly DVD gnome at Henson Co. I would like to see them on DVD, as well as a few things that originally appeared on The Jim Henson Hour, such as the Monster Maker short story (what the heck was that officially a part of?).
  8. jediX Active Member

    I believe that 'Monster Maker' and the unaired 'Living W/ Dinosaurs' were originally intended as JHH episodes, since not all the episodes followed the half hour of MuppetTelevision and half hour of Storyteller/other special. I'll look into that when I get home later today. I'd rather see the entire series get a DVD set rather than just the few special hour-long story ones.
  9. Phillip Administrator

    Yes, both Monster Maker and Living with Dinosaurs were originally Jim Henson Hour episodes. I have them with the JHH bumpers before and after the features.
  10. jediX Active Member

  11. Pino Member

    I have them all! We had them on dvd in Netherland. I've bought them through internet and not many stores have them anymore. I was lucky enough to collect all storytellers and the 4 greek myths episodes. The dvd just contains the episodes with dutch subtitels. I cant choose to let them away but at least I have them!
  12. G-MAN Active Member

    Maybe they'll put The Jim Henson Hour on DVD with the 4 Greek Myths episodes replacing the original Storyteller ones.
  13. jediX Active Member

    Don't count on it. Greek Myths came out after Henson passed away, and in JHH Jim introduces the specific Storytellers in segments after the MuppetTelevision half.

    I wouldn't even count on a JHH DVD set, sadly. Although I plan to partake in a DVD version of it to back up my aging episodes so I can enjoy them again without guilt of degeneration.

    Each Greek Myth is around 26 minutes or so, and they're really nowhere as good as the "classic" Storytellers, so if they ever ARE released again I'm sure it would be standalone.
  14. jediX Active Member

    Oh, and Jim also introduced that night's particular Storyteller before MuppetTelevision, also. It would be weird to see that stuff cropped out - I always loved watching Jim talk about how he did the particular puppets, a-la after 'The Soldier and Death' when he is seen with one of the devils.
  15. G-MAN Active Member

    I know all of that, I'd hate to see them cropped up too, but a guy can dream, can't he?
  16. jediX Active Member

    When I manage to make a system of transferring video without losing quality I'll try and make a JHH dvd set, though.
  17. G-MAN Active Member

    I don't have much that I can find to trade that isn't crappy, but when you make that, can you mail it to me? I've never acually seen it before, I was only 4 when it was origonally on T.V.
  18. jediX Active Member

    I don't even know if I will make it; I really want to but my copies just don't transfer and I'm not going to invest in pro gear.

    I can pretty much guarantee I'll make Muppets @ Disney World though.
  19. jediX Active Member

    haha...your bday is 2 days after mine :D
  20. G-MAN Active Member

    Yeah, I loved that special when I was little, still do, I just watched it the other day when I found the old tape.

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