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Summer In The Theater

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by TogetherAgain, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yea for a happy chapter! I loved the chaos at the breakfast table and Kermit's so happy and it just makes me smile! Excellent writing Lisa!
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    You can't wait to see the closing number, prawncracker? Yeah, me either, I can't wait to write it, I wonder what it'll be- I mean, what? :)
    Thank you both for the compliments. And now-
    <dancing around>
    I just FINALLY finished writing the next chapter, and I really really really really really REALLY like- no, love how the next chapter ends, and I just can't wait to share it with you! SO! I get to go type it up and post it and it's going to take way longer than I can stand so I better hurry up and go do it and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
  3. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    :excited:YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! WOO HOO!!! YES!!! SCORE!!! SWEET!!!:excited:

    Ok, I'm done.
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Chapter twenty

    “Thirty minutes to curtain! Thirty minutes to curtain!” Scooter raced around back stage, keeping a careful eye on his watch. “Thirty min- oh, twenty-nine minutes to curtain, everybody! Twenty nine minutes to curtain!”

    Robin watched as his uncle paced in front of his desk. “Well Uncle Kermit,” Robin said, “Are you nervous or excited?”

    Kermit paused a moment to think. “Yes,” he said. He started pacing again. “But I’ve done everything I can. Everything is all set, if something goes wrong we’ll deal with it, and until then there’s no reason for me to be nervous. Right?”

    “Right,” Robin said.

    “Wrong,” Kermit said. “I have to be nervous. It’s part of the job description.” Then he smiled at his nephew. “What about you, Robin? Nervous? Excited? Ready for your big song?”

    “More than ready, Uncle Kermit!” Robin said. “I think I’ve been singing it in my sleep!”

    “Well that would explain why I’ve been hearing it in my sleep,” Kermit said. He put a hand on Robin’s back. “You’ll do just great.”

    “Thanks, Uncle Kermit,” Robin said.

    “Oh, Kermie!” Miss Piggy sang out as she emerged from her dressing room. Her hair had been swept back, with her blonde curls hanging down and bouncing with her every step. Her light, summery dress seemed to swirl around her, and Kermit had to admit to himself that she looked beautiful.

    “Yes, Miss Piggy?” he said as she approached.

    “About the duet,” she said, “Moi was just thinking how wonderful it would be if vous had the other lead?”

    Kermit scrunched up his face. “Don’t you think opening night is a little late to make that kind of change?” he said.

    “Moi am sure vous could handle it,” Miss Piggy said sweetly.

    “Piggy,” Kermit said, “Link is singing that part. I already have some acts, plus I’m hosting the show. And besides, Link would kill me if I took his only spotlight away now.”

    Miss Piggy dropped her charm for a moment. “Then moi would kill him,” she almost growled.

    “Great,” Kermit said. “Two dead, and nothing accomplished. Let’s just leave it how it is.”

    She cranked the charm back up. “Kermie...”

    “Piggy!” he snapped, “It’s opening night! We’ll leave it how it is!”

    She glared at him for a moment before storming back to her dressing room and slamming the door.

    Kermit shook his head and looked at his nephew, who was still sitting on the desk. “Robin?” he said.

    “Yes, Uncle Kermit?” Robin said.

    “If I can only teach you one thing,” Kermit said, “Don’t ever get involved with a lady pig.”

    “I HEARD THAT!” Miss Piggy shouted from her dressing room.

    Kermit scrunched up his face. “Sheesh...”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    The audience started colleting their belongings, turning their cell phones back on, and slowly making their way out the theater. On the other side of the curtain, several weeks’ worth of nervous energy was finally coming out.

    “We did it!” Fozzie shouted, throwing his hat up in the air as those around him let out shouts and cheers.

    “Great job, everybody!” Kermit tried to say over the jamboree. “That was really terrific. Let’s do it again tomorrow night. Really, a great job, everyone...”

    “Hey Kermit!” Gonzo pushed his way through the crowd. “Do you think they liked my act?”

    “Well, they didn’t boo you off the stage,” Kermit said. “That’s probably a good sign.”

    “I knew it!” Gonzo shouted. “They finally appreciate great art!”

    Kermit watched him disappear back into the crowd. “How is eating a sunscreen soaked towel to the tune of Pretty Woman considered great art?” he wondered out loud. Then he made his way through the crowded stage, doling out praise to everyone.

    The crowd slowly thinned out as they trickled off to the dressing rooms or whatever corner of the theater they were in charge of. Usually the post-show meeting was held after everyone else had left, but the usual attendees gathered around Kermit’s desk almost immediately.

    “Great job tonight, guys,” Kermit said with a smile. “Uh, does anyone need anything for the rest of the week?”

    “I don’t think so,” Rowlf said.

    “We’re good,” Clifford said.

    “Si, no problems,” Pepe said.

    “All set,” Rizzo said.

    “Looks like we’re okay, Boss,” Scooter said.

    “Good,” Kermit said. “Pops, how’d we do on tickets?”

    “Well, you won’t believe this,” Pops said, “but we had a full house tonight. Had to turn some folks away.”

    “Hey Kermin,” Pepe said, “I can find a way around de fire codes and we can sell standing room only tickets. We could make more monies, okay!”

    “Well, we can’t make people stand for the whole show,” Kermit said. “The fire codes are there for a reason, Pepe. Safety first.”

    Gonzo happened to be walking by, talking to Camilla. “He just didn’t get it,” Gonzo was saying. “When I think of my acts, it’s safety last...”

    Kermit shook his head and turned back to the meeting. “So, is everything on track for the cast party next week?”


    “We’re good to go.”

    “Si, si.”

    “Oh yeah, perfect.”

    “I would say so.”

    “All set Boss.”

    “Oh, good,” Kermit said. “In that case, let’s close up and get outta here.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    A tall man stood in the dark alley, leaning against the back wall of the Muppet Theater, looking up at the sky. He had brown hair, with a mustache and a beard, and brown eyes. “Hmm...” he said. He was waiting.

    The door beside him opened, and a loud blur of voices exploded into the evening air as a huge mob of Muppets began to emerge. The mob was led by just one green frog. This was who the man wanted to see. He straightened himself and approached.

    “Excuse me,” he said softly. “Kermit the Frog?”

    Kermit looked up at the man. “That’s me,” he said. “How can I help you?”

    The man took Kermit’s hand and shook it firmly. “You already have,” he said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. “Lovely show tonight. Congratulations.”

    “Oh, well... thank you,” Kermit said. He watched curiously as the man smiled and walked away.

    “Who was that, Uncle Kermit?” Robin asked from somewhere in the crowd.

    “I don’t know,” Kermit said, keeping his eyes on the man’s receding back. “Whoever he is, he looks really familiar.” They walked on, as more and more Muppets emerged from the theater.

    But the familiar-looking man had not been the only one waiting for the Muppets to leave.

    A dark figure of a person stood against the wall, completely unnoticed, waiting as a steady stream of Muppets poured out of the back door of the theater. Finally, Link Hogthrob came out, and no one followed. The figure slipped in through the open door and pressed itself up against the inside wall.

    Link turned and looked inside. “Is anyone else in here?” he asked. There was no answer. “Okay then,” he said, and he closed the door.

    The figure pulled a can of spray paint out of its deep pocket and walked forward with its all-knowing step.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    Kermit slowed to a stop as he reached the corner. The light-haired man was standing instead of sitting tonight. He played his clarinet with passion, and his song was upbeat and catchy. Kermit tossed a couple quarters into the old baseball cap, and several other Muppets followed suit.

    Zoot, however, had a different idea. He pulled out his saxophone, stood next to the light-haired man, and started to play along. The light-haired man was surprised but pleased with his sudden accompaniment. They each took a short solo, and then soared on together. Kermit realized he was tapping his foot.

    Beauregard slid his harmonica out of his pocket, stood a little behind Zoot and the light-haired man, and played along. He fit into the melody so well that some of the Muppets didn’t even notice he had joined. But by this time, several of them had started to clap along.

    Animal spotted a large, empty, plastic bucket a few feet away. He grabbed it, turned it upside down, took out his drumsticks, and started pounding out the beat. Fozzie was enjoying the song so much, he started to dance. Suddenly he realized Kermit was staring at him, and he slowed to a stop.

    Kermit shrugged. “Why not?” he said, and they both danced.

    Floyd smiled and pulled out his guitar, adding just the right touches. Rizzo could feel it, and started to scat along.

    Soon just about all the Muppets were either dancing or making some sort of musical contribution. Some passers-by stopped to stare. Others walked faster. But the Muppets paid no attention to them. They were too busy singing, dancing, and playing into the night.
  5. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    *thinks* Light-haired man...clarinet... nah, can't be. Can it?

    And tell that shadowy, no-good figure to put that can of spraypaint away and get his rotten tail OUT of the theatre!

  6. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Light-haired man with clarinet is not meant to be anyone in particular.

    And, you see, I would love to tell The Figure to get out of the theater, but... well see, it's morning now. The Figure already left.

    Oh, that reminds me, I have a story to write...
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Well-Known Member

    Well-well-well.... I feel "PMH" smell...... :)
    Frankly, me loves it. Congrats with such a success!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Strange, but "my" Clifford does NOT fix the light.... But is it matter when there`s plenty of fics with him.....
  8. Effralyo

    Effralyo Well-Known Member

    And, Gard, if you`re here, clean up your inbox for glark`s sake! ;)
  9. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I absolutely, positively LOVE it!!! This is definitly your best story Lisa.(in my opinion) It's just so beautifully written.:D :flirt: :excited:
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *grabs the shadowy figure by the throat* Tell me what e-xcactly do you think you are DOING???
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    This may just be my favorite chapter! Except for that darn shadowy figure! He needs to leave! But really, it was great writing, I loved Kermit's line about Gonzo and I loved Gonzo's reponse to "safety." I'm curious about the man standing outside the theater. I want that Figure to leave! I want more story! More! More! Please?
  12. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    ...I find it somewhat amusing that people seem to be assuming that The Figure is male... I mean, I still don't know if it is or not, I just find it amusing. I also find it amusing that both Destination: Home and Chasing Robin were twenty chapters, and this one will definately be more. How much more, I still don't exactly know... I'm having so much trouble seeing the end of this story from anywhere besides the end. I mean, I've already got another story in my head that's just dying to get out, in fact I'm pretty sure I know exactly how the next one starts, but I still can't figure out how this one ends... But anyway, other things I find amusing. I find it amusing that so many of you are getting mad at The Figure instead of commenting on their random spontaneous musical, um, thing. I find it amusing that no one has really, directly, specifically mentioned Jim Henson's cameo yet... I mean, what? No, no, I didn't give anything away, really...
    And as for the next chapter. Depending on how much homework/ free time in school I have tomorrow, we could be seeing the next chapter late tomorrow... oh shoot, I should be asleep right now...
  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Chapter twenty-one

    They got to the theater bright and early the next morning. Kermit was talking to Fozzie as they approached the back door.

    “Really, Fozzie,” Kermit said, “I think they really liked that joke last night.”

    “Oh, thank you!” Fozzie said. “I got it from my best joke book, just before I-“ the bear stopped himself.

    Kermit unlocked the door and looked up at him. “Before you what?” he asked.

    Fozzie took his hat off and fiddled with it. He couldn’t tell Kermit he had sold the book in the yard sale. That would give them away. “I, um, I lost it,” he said.

    “Oh,” Kermit said. “Well, maybe it’ll turn up somewhere. You never know.” He opened the door, stepped inside, turned on the light, and froze. He was horrified.

    Red spray paint covered the walls. There were seemingly random designs. There were direct insults at several of the Muppets. There were hate slogans.

    Kermit felt a rage burning within him. He turned around and faced the other Muppets. “Wait here,” he said coldly, and he walked ahead into the theater. He had to see how bad it was.

    Robin had seen the look in Kermit’s eyes, and he was worried that his uncle would fade away again. The young frog took advantage of his small size and slipped away from the others.

    Every wall had another hateful message in red paint. There were some words that Robin didn’t understand, others that he knew he wasn’t supposed to say. He made his way onto the stage.

    This was terrible! The sets, the beautiful sets, all had ugly red paint on them. Here, there were no words. The paint here was just to ruin the sets.

    Robin looked off the stage. There was Uncle Kermit. He looked like some one was hurting him. He was standing a few feet from his desk, looking at the letter he had framed, where it hung on the wall.

    Robin walked off the stage. “Uncle Kermit?”

    Kermit did not even flinch. “I told you to wait,” he said, not sounding at all displeased with his nephew.

    “I was worried,” Robin said. He came and stood next to his uncle.

    Kermit put a hand on his nephew’s shoulder. “It will be okay, Robin,” he said.

    They looked at the framed letter. Someone had shattered the glass.

    “Sometimes...” Kermit started to say. Robin looked up at him. “Sometimes... people do things, that- that we just can’t understand.” He looked at his nephew, to see if he was making himself clear. “And when they do, sometimes... all we can do is pick up the pieces, and hold onto what we’ve got... you know what I mean?”

    Robin nodded. “I think so, Uncle Kermit,” he said.

    “Good,” Kermit said. “I learned that the hard way.” He looked around the theater, pulled his nephew close to his side, and walked on away from the stage. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s see how bad it is.” He looked up and shuddered. “Just don’t look at the dressing rooms.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    Kermit watched as a police officer took the framed letter off the wall and put it in an evidence bag, labeling it carefully.

    “Mr. Frog?”

    Kermit turned to see Detective Keene approaching. “Hi, Detective,” he said a little sadly. “Am I in the way? Because I can move-“

    “No, no, you’re fine,” Detective Keene said. “We’ll be done here in a few minutes. I just, uh...” He pulled out a scrap of paper, wrote something on it, and handed it to Kermit. “That’s uh, it’s a cleaner that, should take care of this paint pretty well. If you’re quick, you... you might get it all off for the show tonight.”

    Kermit couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, Detective,” he said. He extended his hand.

    Detective Keene took the hand and shook it firmly. “Good luck, Kermit,” he said, and he walked away.

    Kermit looked at the piece of paper in his hand, and ran to the park where the other Muppets were waiting.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    Every door and window of the Muppet Theater was open, with several industrial fans on inside.

    Scooter carried a smelly bucket of what looked like water into the lobby, wet his sponge with it, and started to scrub the red paint off the wall. “The fumes really aren’t so bad,” he said.

    Pepe rolled his eyes. “Maybe if you live in a trashcan, okay,” he said.

    “Ha!” Kermit said, reflecting to himself that Oscar would probably love their current situation.

    Pepe stared at the frog. “I think I missed something, okay.”

    Kermit just shook his head and kept scrubbing.

    Pepe continued to stare. “I’m serious, Kermin,” he said. “What’d I miss, okay.”

    Kermit pulled a sponge out of a near-by bucket and tossed it at the king prawn. “You missed that we’re cleaning the theater,” he said, and he turned the other way. “Right, Piggy?”

    Miss Piggy’s usual purple gloves had been replaced with yellow rubber ones. Her hair was messy, her dress was old, and she was not happy about it. “Right, Kermie,” she sighed.

    She picked up her smelly bucket and moved to the wall on the other side of the lobby, where no one else was working. She looked up at the red paint. “THE PIG’S A FAKE!” it shouted at her. She set her bucket down and scrubbed at the words furiously, grumbling something about getting her hands on that turkey.

    “Excuse me, Miss Piggy?” a familiar voice asked. Miss Piggy turned around to see Hilda standing there with her own rubber gloves, sponge, and smelly bucket. “I was wondering if I could help you,” she said. “Work always goes faster with a conversation.”

    “Oh,” Miss Piggy said. “Yeah. Sure. Whatever.”

    Hilda knelt at the pig’s side and started to scrub the “G” away. “I just knew you’d agree,” she said. “I loved your performance last night.”

    Miss Piggy tossed her hair back. “Well,” she said. “Of course you did.”

    “But I still think that turquoise ring would have been a nice touch for the closing number,” Hilda said.

    Miss Piggy moved over a little bit and started scrubbing at the next letter. “Hilda,” she said sternly. “For the last time. Moi do not have that ring anymore.”

    A voice behind them asked, “Why not?”

    Surprised, both women jumped a little and turned around to see who was there. Kermit’s curious eyes were resting steadily on Miss Piggy. He was holding his bucket and sponge. Miss Piggy glanced past him and saw that the other wall was completely clean.

    She looked Kermit in the eye and giggled nervously. “Moi seem to have misplaced it, Kermie,” she said.

    “Oh,” Kermit said as he set his bucket down and started to scrub the paint away. “I’m sorry to hear that. Didn’t your mother give you that ring?”

    “Right,” Miss Piggy said. She picked up her bucket and walked away, knowing from years of experience that she couldn’t keep up the charade.

    Kermit watched her go. “That’s strange,” he said as he scrubbed. “It’s not like her at all to lose a piece of jewelry.”

    Hilda realized she would have to cover for Miss Piggy. “Well,” she said nervously, “Nobody’s perfect.”

    Kermit shook his head. “Piggy only laughs like that when she’s hiding something,” he said.

    Hilda rubbed the back of her neck, and started to scrub the wall a little harder. “You think so?” she asked.

    Kermit glanced at her. Whatever Miss Piggy was hiding, Hilda was hiding, too. He shrugged it off. He would probably find out sooner or later, nothing with the Muppets stayed a total secret for long. Worst-case scenario, he could always tap Scooter. “Maybe it’s just the fumes,” he said, setting Hilda at ease. For the time being, anyway.
  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Hilda! Oh Hilda my love I'm so glad you could be in Lisa's fan-fiction!

    Hilda: Speaking of cameo appearances in fan-fictions Ryan, where have I been?

    Oh, don't worry, you'll find out.

    But the poor Muppets!!! That jerk! I can't believe he terrorized the theater like that! It's crazy! I'm so mad I could spit!

    Great chapter Lisa!
  15. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Oh just when things were getting better THIS had to happen! Poor Muppets! I'm glad Kermit didn't shrink into dispair again. I loved the appearance of Hilda! It was a really great chapter even if it is getting sad again! I want to see what happens next!
  16. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    Gee, if Kermit keeps finding out that his friends have "lost" or "misplaced" certain items, he might start to get suspicious! If he asks Scooter, the go-fer had better not give up the secret!

    Or, it could just be the fumes...

  17. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    I'm terribly sorry to announce that I will not be able to post the next chapter tonight.

    I know, if I wasn't the one writing, I would be nagging by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. But the fact of the matter is, I just can't allow myself to write until my other responsabilities have been taken care of. Those other responsabilities seem to be growing, and they do include sleep.

    HOWEVER. I think I should be able to get the next chapter up tomorrow night, and unless I have gobs and gobs of homework this weekend, I should be wrapping this story up by the end of next week. Which is good, because the next story is already spinning itself in my head...

    Oh, and by the way? The ending will be happy. I have the last scene pretty much set in my head. I have a basic idea of what happens between here and there. It's just those details of getting it to happen that need to be worked out, and are therefore taking up all my free time... and some of my not-so-free time...
  18. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Chapter twenty-two

    Kermit took one final look around the theater. All the paint was gone, the fumes had cleared, and the fans had been put away. Detective Keene had been right about that cleaner. Even the sets had cleaned up nicely. Of course, with everyone helping, the work had gone by that much faster.

    “Twenty-six minutes to curtain, everybody!” Scooter shouted.

    Kermit smiled. They were ready.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    They had a full house again that night, and every night of the performance. Closing night somehow crept up on them. They were tired. But the show was almost over, and then they would have their cast party, and then they had a two-week break before the usual weekly show started again.

    Pepe, Gonzo, and Beauregard hurried off the stage, having just finished their song.

    “Okay, are we all set for the closing number?” Kermit asked.

    “All set Boss,” Scooter said.

    “Good,” Kermit said. “And is everyone where they need to be at the start of the song?”

    “Well, all but one,” Scooter said.

    Kermit looked alarmed. “Who?”


    “Woops!” Kermit hurried onto the darkened stage, taking his place under the weeping willow. “Okay,” he called back to Scooter. “We’re ready.” Scooter nodded and went in front of the curtain to make the introduction.

    Kermit took a deep breath and listened. “Well, it’s almost time to say goodnight,” He heard Scooter saying on the other side of the curtain. “But before we do, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a song.”

    He heard a mild applause, then silence. He took another deep breath. The curtains glided open. The lights slowly started to glow down on him. Then the music began to play. It was time.

    “I’ve got a song to sing with pride,” he began.
    “A song that comes from deep inside.
    But every time I sing my song,
    I get a funny feeling- something’s wrong.”

    Fozzie emerged from behind the tree. “Because I sing all by myself,” he sang.

    “I’ve got to share with someone else,” Kermit sang.

    They sang together, “And we could sing in harmony.
    That would make my song sound oh so nicely.
    We’ve got a song to sing with pride.
    A song that comes from deep inside.
    But every time we sing our song,
    We get a funny feeling- something’s wrong.”

    Miss Piggy came onstage. “There’s not enough of us to sing,” she sang.

    Kermit joined her. “It needs to be a growing thing.”

    Fozzie joined them. “We’ll share our song with all our friends,
    Then we can know that it will never end.”

    As the song continued, more and more Muppets came on the stage and sang along.

    “We’ve got a song to sing with pride.
    A song that comes from deep inside.
    But every time we sing our song,
    We get a funny feeling- something’s wrong.
    So we will teach the world our song.
    And we ask you to sing along!
    Because if you will sing with me,
    We can work together in harmony.”

    By this time, every single Muppet was onstage, with the exception of Rizzo, who was waiting in the wings.

    “We’ve got a song to sing with pride.
    A song that comes from deep inside.
    And if the world will sing our song,
    We can know together...”

    Rizzo hit a button on the strange contraption Clifford had hooked up to the lights. Then he slipped onstage as a huge rainbow descended on the Muppets, just in time for the last few words of the song.

    “There’s nothing wrong!”

    The music eased to a stop. They all bowed several times to thunderous applause. Kermit stepped forward from the group.

    “Thank you!” he called out over the applause. The audience quieted down just enough to hear him. “Thank you. Well that wraps up our show for tonight. We hope you enjoyed Under the Weeping Willow as much as we did. You’ve been a wonderful audience, thanks again, and we’ll see you next time on The Muppet Show! Yaaaaay!”

    The applause started up again as the curtain swung shut. Then the members of the audience collected their belonging before crowding the exits and slowly trickling out into the street.

    No one noticed the dark figure of a person who stood outside next to the door, patiently waiting for the theater to empty out.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

    When all the sets, props, and costumes had been put away, the Muppets made their way to a large, rarely used room of the theater for the cast party. Rowlf immediately sat down at the piano and started to play. Later on, Johnny would probably sing, and the Electric Mayhem was sure to play for hours. But for now, just about everyone was heading straight for the far end of the room, where several tables were piled high with all sorts of foods.

    “Hey, where are the canolis?”

    “Johnny Fiama wants canolis!”

    “I smell cheese!”

    “Hey save some for the rest of us!”

    “Someone hand me a plate.”

    “FOOD! FOOD!”

    “Down Animal, down! Back!”

    “Could someone please pass me a piece of cake?”

    “It looks delicious.”

    “YOU look delicious!”

    “Hey no eating each other!”

    “I’ll take this one.”

    “How come your piece is bigger?”

    Kermit stood next to the piano. “I think I’ll wait for the crowd to thin a little,” he said to Rowlf.

    “That’s what I was thinking,” Rowlf said. “Of course I’m not sure there’ll be anything left by then.”

    “Oh sure there will,” Kermit said. “This isn’t even half of what we got for tonight.”

    His attention then turned to Robin, who had somehow managed to fill a plate with food, and was now struggling to make his way back through the crowd without spilling the food or getting stepped on. It was quite a feat for a frog his size, but he seemed to be doing fairly well. Two steps forward, one step back, one left, three right, two forward, one left, three forward, and he was free. He smiled and walked towards the piano.

    Kermit smiled at him. “You did a great job tonight, Robin,” he said, picking his nephew up and setting him on the piano.

    “Thanks, Uncle Kermit,” Robin said as he set his plate down next to him. “I think you were really great, too.”

    “Thank you,” Kermit said. “Did you like the closing number?”

    “It was wonderful, Uncle Kermit!” Robin said.

    “Oh good,” Kermit said, “I’m glad you think so. What was your favorite part?”

    Robin thought for a moment. “The rainbow,” he decided.

    Kermit nodded. “Yeah, Clifford did a really nice job with that. I’ve been meaning to ask him how it works.”

    “We made a rainbow in Frog Scouts once,” Robin said. “Miss Appleby had a funny piece of glass, and when she put a light through it, there was a rainbow on the wall. I don’t remember how it worked, but she said any light can make a rainbow.”

    Kermit nodded, then froze. The words echoed in his mind, making tiny connections. “Any light can make a rainbow”... the letter... “And when I feel like I will never amount to anything, you remind me that any light can make a rainbow”... any light can make a rainbow... Fozzie’s joke book... “I, um, I lost it”... “Moi seem to have misplaced it, Kermie”... the laugh... Hilda... any light can make a rainbow...

    Kermit snapped back to reality and stared at Robin, amazed. “YOU wrote that letter, didn’t you!”
  19. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    Oh great, he figured it out, but I'm actually surprised that it took him this long, I figured that he would recognize Robin's hand writing from when he signed that card to the injured officer, but wonderful story, I can't wait for you to write more. I just loved the cast talking at once and trying to guess who said what, lol.
  20. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yea new chapter! I LOVED the song! It was just beautiful! I loved the whole darn thing, but I'm still nervous about that shadowy figure, whoever or whatever it is! And I hope Kermit's not mad at Robin!

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