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that girl from Sesamstraat

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by punkNpuppets, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    No, they just bought the format of Sesame Street, along with the american sketches. Minus the Big Bird sketches and the sketches with humans. Because we have our own Big Bird (Pino) otherwise it would be very confusing for children, and we have our own humans too. All of them good actors, very funny too. The Sesame Characters are very dutch all. On the records of Bert and Ernie, they celebrate `Sinterklaas`, a dutch feast. Altough they never use the puppets, Kermit, Bert and Ernie have been on sketches along with the dutch characters. Tommie had conversations with Kermit, but only Kermit`s voice could be heared. And the shadow of Ernie`s head was seen one time.

    Hah, that new Pino indeed sounds female. Terrible voice, he looks awful too, with those yellow stuff `round his eyes. Maybe I just have to get used to it.

    And about dubbing: I hate it too, but, everybody understands Sesame Street has to be dubbed. But it`s getting worse in the Netherlands too now. They start dubbing cartoons, while those are cartoons for the age of 8-16. Hey! Those kids can read!!
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I was watching Plaza Sesamo, and they redubbed one of the Sesame Street segments (featuring Elmo and Telly) to include the Mexican characters. From what I can tell, Telly asked around, and he gave a list of people he asked. On the list were Pancho, Lola, and Abelardo.

    But What I don't under stand is why don't these countries have extra Ernie and Bert and such puppets for them to use in some of the skits? I mean, the point isn't that they're translating Ernie and Bert, but making them Arik and Bentz or Enrique and Beto. In other words, they are like distant cousins of the characters that LIVE in that country. I know that China uses the Same exact Big Bird, but it's supposedly his cousin.
  3. sstVideo

    sstVideo Active Member

    How do they DO That???

    Yes, you are correct. Sesame Workshop finds a local production partner in each country that they do a co-production. Although the vast majority of countries take the American Sesame Street and dub it into their native language, there are currently nine active "Indigenous Co-Productions" including the long running ones like Germany or the Netherlands, and newer ones in Egypt and South Africa. A deal was announced the other day for the development of a Sesame show in India as well. Sesame Workshop is interested in getting funding for more of these, rather than exporting American culture and forcing it on the children of the world (like other children's producers do).

    The workshop provides the expertise and muppets, training, as well as a library of "classic" Sesame segments and films that can be dubbed into the native tongue. The local producers are responsible for the curriculum and tailor the shows to the needs of the children in their country. All of these shows are cast, crewed, and edited in the country they air. Hence, the South Africans are the ones who decided they needed an HIV Positive Muppet, not the Americans at the Workshop. The Egyptian co-production has a curriculum on girls and women's empowerment. The Israeli/Palestian/Jordanian production has a curriculum of mutual respect and conflict resolution.

    Individual Muppets are also created for the particular country. China has a pig, for instance, and South Africa has a Warthog. Other countries have their own 'Monsters" as well.

    Funds are very scarce and the need is very great. After 9/11 there was a great whoosh of foundation money away from education to "security" issues. The Workshop believes that to get peace and security in the world, you must teach children about mutual respect, understanding , tolerace, and accepting differences. Monsters and people of all colors should be able to play on their global street without shooting at one another.
  4. rowlf84

    rowlf84 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Your replies have been very educational.
  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Re: How do they DO That???

    Of course we all know that "security" means that we should stock pile weopons because everyone i stockpiling weopons so we can all blow eachother up... and these are the people in charge. And Laura Bush dares to come on Sesame Street...

    I think security should be that EVERYONE, not just kids should learn respect. It's all hate hate hate, and the %^&&*% with everything else! Why don't people at least PRETEND to get along and just say mean things behind their backs? I mean, it's a step up from what we're doing now, threatening each other.

    I wish Muppetfreak were here. He worked with some people to promote the Egypt and Russian versions!
  6. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Re: SSTVideo,

    Warthog? And a Meerkat?

    Hakkuna Matata,
    what a wonderful phrase,
    Huakkuna Matata,
    Ain't no passin' Craze...
  8. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    a warthog and a meerkat? well, hakuna-matata! whatever it's called
  9. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    E-gad... There's an echo in here......
  10. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    sorry didnt see ur post!
  11. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Re: How do they DO That???

    Let's face it, Americans would be too close minded to accept any of these foreign Sesame shows...as some foriegn countries would be too close minded to accept the American versions. I mean Miss Piggy and Amazing Mumford are banned in Muslim countries. And ya can bet til the US liberated Afghanistan the Muppets in any form wouldnt be accepted. Thank goodness Michale Frith is bringing his brand of the Muppets to those children. Every child in this world deserves to see a form of the Muppets and Sesame Street. If this world were more like a kindergarten class...heck if people remembered what they learned in kindergarten this world would be a better place. But instead the grownups of this world
    force kids into the hate they know; be it in their madrasses, public schools, or non seculair schools.

    I think a cirriculum and theme of mutual respect and conflict resolution should be formatted in all the versions...if only people
    around the world adhered to this.

    Making a regional Sesame specific to a country's needs is interesting. Does this mean were gonna get a Congo or Sierra Leon Sesame that has an 8 year old trained guerrilla killer?
    (A huge problem in central Africa is children under 15 recruited in decade long civil wars) Are we gonna have an ebola infected Muppet?

    Sadly, regional Muppets arent viewed so nicely outside of their regions. I mean the cover of the new Bizarre(the most upsetting needs to be banned periodical out there) has Kami on the front with the words 'Inside: chemical weapons, civil wars, and AIDS Muppets!' Sad.

    So sadly, we live in a world where 1) The need has come for unpleasant regional issues to be addressed in a children's show
    2) These shows probably wouldnt be welcomed outside their country.
  12. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    I welcome every version of Sesame Street into my house !

    And i try real hard to get the videos too, I have quite a few so far !

    See ya
  13. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Re: Cory,

    Hehe, well BlueFrackle your a brave exception to the rule^_^
    I mean your site is about Sesames around the world! heh
  14. sstVideo

    sstVideo Active Member

    Re: Re: How do they DO That???

    If you don't count the fact those pictures of Bert and Osama!

    By the way, Sesame Workshop hosted a global summit on mutual respect and understanding, which will be worked into every Sesame show worldwide during the next year.

    And yes, it is a Meerkat Muppet in South Africa.
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    A) I was super afraid of the Hebrew Pinball song.. I'm not closed minded. If you'd here it, you'd understand (Jewish women trying to sound like African American soul singers... eek)

    B) What's Wrong with Mumford? I mean, there is quite an understandable bit with miss piggy, but is it illegal to have Peanut butter sandwiches or something? (can't tell you the real joke, pollitically incorrect. Mean!)

    C) Well.. humans are violent by nature, some of us evolved more than others. Until we can find a way for people not to spread ange, hate, and the like, there will never be peace (maybe if we evolve into the COneheads or something..) I mean, I'd gladly accept all the versions of Sesame, if they all were'nt PAL except Sesame park and Plaza Sesamo.

    Gotta dash. I'll finish tomorrow!
  16. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    Hey BlueFrackle! Great site!

    Well, that`s something I don`t understand either. I have to say, I am really a fan of Tommie and Ieniemienie, but it`s frustrating that they ever made Pino, the blue Big Bird.
  17. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: How do they DO That???

  18. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, I was on the way home last night when I yelled.. OF COURSE!! BLACK MAGIC!!!!!! That's why mumford's banned!!! Oooh Hooo!!! I got it! I got it! I got it!!!

    Leat I hope I did.

    Piggy, I'd imagine because she's a woman, and she doesn't were a 20 pound sheet of cloth over her...
  19. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    she's a pig
  20. dcfboss

    dcfboss Well-Known Member

    ms piggy should be banned totally from everywhere.....she is so annoying....no wonder i don't eat any pork.

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