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The 2nd Annual BT Puppet Building Contest

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Buck-Beaver, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    What store in New York? What line of puppets? Why I am always the last to know?!?!

    Are you still doing your newsletters Michelle? I haven't gotten any for months.
  2. Puppetplanet

    Puppetplanet Well-Known Member

    Hello! Hello!

    The store that is selling my puppets in New York is called Sweet Street located in Williston. The address info is in the gallery section of my website. I just visited and did a puppet workshop for young teens and dropped off some new puppets for display. I had a blast and the weather was fantastic! After the class I spent the rest of the afternoon in Times Square, ate the best food ever in a cute little place called Roxy's Deli (the crab cakes are to die for!), and then saw Avenue Q! What can I say? I love the show! :excited:

    Anyway, I have photos of the puppet that I was going to post in Andrew's contest, but I'm building like mad to get caught up on orders so give me til this evening to update my site and then I'll update this thread with a link to the photos.

    Andrew, got your message yesterday but not until well after 11PM. Sorry. If it's okay, I'm going to call you around dinner time or you can call me. I havne't sent out any updates in a while, but the last one was about 6 or so weeks ago and the address you provided was one of many that bounced back as undeliverable. I think your site was going thru an overhaul at the time tho, wasn't it?

    Well..... I've typed a mouth full here! lol, I'll get back to you guys this evening with a link to my gallery after I've updated it with new photos. ;)

  3. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    Less than two days left to vote! When last I checked just one vote separated the leading entry (BlueFrackle's "Furbo") from several entries that are tied in second place so anything could happen.

    Remember that voting closes Saturday night.
  4. leliebel

    leliebel Well-Known Member

    and the winners are?
  5. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

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