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"The Choice"--A Fraggle Rock FanFic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Convincing John, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey... Thanks for the update, it was rully great to see the Fraggles venturing back into the Muppet Theater... And the little cameo by Yoda at the end, that guy's been everywhere this last week...
    Please, post more of this wonderous weaving you've created for us.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Convincing John... Can we please get some more of this wonderous tale you've woven? Please? Thanks.
  3. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Workin' on it

    Hi Count,

    I'm working on it now. This next part will be about Boober and Mokey's journey into Outer Space...and who they see!:)

    I want everything to be just right, so I'm making sure I have all the details in before I type/post it.

    Convincing John
  4. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Chapter Seven...at last!

    Whew! I know it's been a long time, but here, at last, is Chapter Seven...Mokey and Boober's first venture into Outer Space.:eek:


    "Take a walk around the block
    and be glad that I've got me some time
    to be in from the outside,
    and inside with you.
    I'm sitting on the corner feeling glad.
    Got no money coming in but I can't be sad.
    That was the best cup of coffee I ever had.
    And I won't worry about a thing
    because we've got it made,
    here on the inside, outside so far away."--Jethro Tull 'Inside'

    Chapter Seven: The Anguish of the Yellow Stalagmite

    It was dawn in the city. The view of a pinkish/orange sky and the tops of some apartment buildings were the first things Mokey saw as the tunnel transported her into Outer Space. A battered crate obstructed her immediate vision. Next to the crate was a familiar, cowering, shivering lump.

    "M-M-Mokey?" it stammered.

    "Boober...I think we made it!" Mokey whispered excitedly.

    "We're not dead?"

    "We're okay, Boober," Mokey reassured him. "we actually made it to Outer Space! I knew we could do it if we worked together!"

    Boober risked peeking through his fingers. All he could see was part of Mokey's foot and the ground. It was flat and gray. Taking a deep breath, Boober took his hand away from his face. He looked down at himself: two legs, two feet, one body, one (knotted) tail, two arms and two hands (one of which was holding Mokey's hand). He sighed with relief. All parts were accounted for.

    "Whew!" he breathed. "That was terrifying!" Slowly and shakily, he stood up. So far he managed to keep from fainting. Seeing the box in front of him was somewhat comforting. It was something to hide behind. Seeing that Mokey was still in one piece was what really relieved him.

    "It was scary," Mokey admitted. "but remember that we're here together."
    Boober nodded.

    "But...what do we do now? Neither one of us knows where to go."

    "Cantus said that we just need to find a Silly Creature who is in great need," Mokey replied. "and if he's here, we go back and tell Cantus."

    "Yeah..." Boober said, remembering Cantus's instructions. "we just need to look."

    "Well, we could see a lot more if we weren't behind this box." Mokey turned around. Besides the hole back to the T. Matthew Fraggle Room, all she could see from here was a row of doors. They were right next to one another, and when she pushed on one, it wouldn't open.

    Boober, however, had noticed light from between the crate and a rather large lump of torn cloth. When he wedged his body between them and peered out, a wondrous sight met his eyes.

    "Mokey! L-look! C-c'mere! Look!" he whispered anxiously.

    Being taller than Boober, Mokey was able to crane her neck into the lit space above Boober's head. Immediately, her eyes widened fully and her jaw dropped in amazement.

    It was as if they had found a brand new Gorg castle. It wasn't nearly as huge as the ominous, crumbling one just outside of Fraggle Rock, but it was certainly cleaner. It was also well-formed and more symmetrical, as though it were built by Doozer blueprints. Somehow...it seemed friendly and inviting.

    "It's...it's...breathtaking!" Mokey sighed. Her wide eyes took in the way the dawn cast its light on the collection of gray structures. This unusual landscape was definitely going to be in a painting! Besides the chirp of a distant bird, the place was quiet and uninhabited.

    "Mokey?" whispered Boober. "Do you see any Silly Creatures?"

    "No, not yet," Mokey whispered back. "maybe we should look in one of those Doozer-like buildings. They look Silly Creature-sized. See those doors?"

    Cautiously, Boober peered out a little further. There were two doors he could see which looked like they were made for Silly Creatures. Both doors were closed. One had a sign next to it that Boober could read, but not understand.

    "See...Hab...Laa...Eh...Span...Ol?" he slowly read aloud. "What's that mean?"

    Mokey frowned slightly as she tried to decipher the mysterious message.

    "I think that...inside that building is where Silly Creatures can see an...'Habla Eh-Span-Ol'." she guessed.

    "What's an 'Habla Eh-Span-Ol'?" Boober wondered. Mokey thought for a moment, then got an idea.

    "Maybe that's the name of the Silly Creature we're supposed to help. One time, Gobo's Uncle Matt said that when Silly Creatures need help, they make signs for other Silly Creatures to read."

    "You mean the Silly Creature we need to help might be in..." Boober gulped and pointed a shaky, blue hand toward the mysterious Silly Creature castle. "...there?"

    Mokey's sympathy for the plight of the Silly Creature overcame her fear of the realm ahead of her.

    "Only one way to find out," Mokey edged between the burlap bag and the crate. "take my hand."

    "What the..." Boober felt his hand being clasped, then pulled. "Mokey! What--"

    "Boober," Mokey said gently. "Cantus needs our help...and so does the Silly Creature. We need to know if this is where it lives. Now remember, Boober, we need to stay together."

    Boober gave a shaky sigh, finally nodded, and followed Mokey out from behind the crate. There they stood, hand in shaky hand, observing the area better than before.

    There were more Silly Creature-sized doors in view. Two of them were right next to one another at the top of a short flight of stairs. These were connected to yet another magnificent Silly Creature castle directly behind them.

    A second door in the distance caught Mokey's eye. It was near the door where one could "See Habla Eh-Span-Ol". This door had a sign with a single word on it (CLOSED), with an awning overhead painted in stripes. Also near the door was a large window with a pattern of black and yellow diamonds beneath it.

    "Wait, Mokey..." Boober tugged gently on her hand. "we don't want to get lost. We should remember where to go to get back to the Rock."

    Mokey stopped and turned around.

    "You're right, Boober. Now the hole is behind this box. If we mark it, then we'll know how to get back home."

    "Yeah..." Boober agreed. "but how do we mark it?"

    Thinking, Mokey searched in her robe pocket and pulled out her thickest sketching pencil.

    "I know! I'll draw a radish on this box. Then we'll know for sure that it shows the way home. You keep watch while I draw."

    Boober shifted nervously from foot to foot, loosened his scarf a little and surveyed the deserted the deserted area. Mokey had only drawn a half circle (for the outline of the radish) when Boober saw something.

    "Mahh...mamamamomo...mo...Mokey!" he stammered.

    "Hmm?" Mokey turned around. Boober's quavering finger pointed to movement inside the building with the awning. The sign now said "OPEN", and a Silly Creature-sized shape was moving around inside.

    "Erma--hah...mermm..." Boober stammered.

    "Shh!" Mokey stopped drawing to put her finger to her lips. "There's a Silly Creature in there." she whispered.

    Both Fraggles hid partially behind the crate again. Boober shrank back behind Mokey and held her hand.

    "Boober...Boober, we have to try to keep calm. That Silly Creature might be 'Habla Espan Ol', and if it is, we'll know if that's the Silly Creature we need to help."

    Boober gave a ragged sigh and cautiously peered around Mokey's arm to observe the Silly Creature. He was tall and brown with a rounded tuft of black fur on his head. It looked like he was making something in a pot or a jug...tea, maybe?

    As Mokey watched, the Silly Creature turned around and mixed something in a...skillet?

    Boober's head popped up like a Spring Vine when he saw what the Silly Creature was doing.


    Boober watched, fascinated as the Silly Creature stirred something in the skillet and sprinkled in some salt, then stirred it again. The smell wafted to the Fraggles' hiding place.

    "Mmmmm..." breathed Mokey. "that smells delicious!" Boober tilted his head and cautiously sniffed, then nodded a little.

    "Yeah...but...," he sniffed again. "it could use some oregano."

    Mokey did a double take.

    "You don't even know what the Silly Creature is cooking," she said. "how could you possibly know it needs oregano?"

    Boober looked at Mokey knowingly. "Trust me, a good cook always knows."

    As the Fraggles watched, the Silly Creature turned and wiped off a counter with a rag.

    "You know," Boober said slowly, "maybe Outer Space isn't all just monsters, danger and germs." Mokey gave his shoulder a little squeeze and smiled.

    "I mean, look at this place," Boober continued. "it's quiet, it smells good, and there isn't one sign of doom or destruction anywhere."

    Just then, a high-pitched shriek pierced the air that made Boober jump in alarm. Instantly, he was back to his former shaky, nervous self.

    "And then again..." he gulped. He and Mokey jumped behind the crate as the high-pitched noise wailed again.

    "Tell-eeeeee! Oh, Tell-eeeeeeeeeee!"

    Then there was the short dinging of a bell, the sound of a door opening and a voice that matched the pitch of the wails began to chatter. Boober and Mokey listened from behind the crate, listening carefully.

    "Ooh! Ooh! Hi, David!"

    A second voice answered it. It was somewhat raspy, but sounded laid back, not unlike Murray the Minstrel.

    "Heyyy, Elmo! What's happenin'?"

    "Elmo is looking for Telly," the chattery voice responded. "has, has David seen Telly anywhere? Telly was going to help Elmo find the Letter of the Day."

    "Well, I haven't seen him yet...wait, here he comes!"

    The Fraggles heard the bell again, then a third voice. It was gravelly, anxious and slightly out of breath.

    "Hi!" it greeted the other voices "Sorry I'm late Elmo, but I had to get my pogo stick. I'm going for a new record today. Heh heh."

    "Ooh! Ooh! Doesn't Telly remember? Telly was going to help Elmo find one of the Letters of the Day."

    There was a pause, then the gravelly voice howled with panic.

    "Oh, NO! Now what are we gonna do? I promised you that we were going to find one of the Letters of the Day, but I wanted to ride my pogo stick sooooo much! Ohhhhh....."

    The laid back voice intervened.

    "Wait a minute, Telly. How about finding one of the Letters of the Day first, and then you can ride your pogo stick?"

    Another pause followed, then the gravelly voice replied with sudden excitement.

    "Why...why that's brilliant, David! C'mon, Elmo! Oh, wait a minute, I almost forgot. I'll take a cup to go, black, no sugar."

    "Are you sure, Telly?" the laid back voice asked.

    "I gotta have it!" the gravelly voice moaned insistently. "If I don't...terrible things could happen to me!"

    "That's silly!" the high-pitched voice said, giggling "How can, how can bad things happen to Telly if he doesn't drink his coffee?"

    "Believe me, Elmo," the gravelly voice replied. "you'll understand once you talk with my great uncle. But first we gotta find one of the Letters of the Day!"

    "Ooh! Ooh! And after that, can Elmo meet Telly's great uncle?"

    "Sure! We can take my pogo stick to the nursing home. Great Uncle Wontkins loves visitors. So long, David!"

    "Bye, David!"

    Mokey and Boober listened, confused by the conversation. They didn't have much time to think about what they just heard, since two pairs of footsteps approached their hiding place. Boober trembled as he gripped Mokey's hand.

    "Hey, look Elmo! We found it already!" the (very close) gravelly voice announced brightly. The footsteps stopped in front of the crate and obscured most of the light that filtered through the wooden cracks. Squinting, all Mokey could see were slivers of bright red and a medium fuchsia.

    Oblivious to the two hidden visitors to their street, Telly pointed to the large

    "C" someone had just drawn in black pencil on the outside of the crate.

    "C!" Telly announced happily. "'C' is one of the Letters of the Day!"

    "Yaaaaaaaay!" cheered Elmo. "Now, Elmo and Telly can think of 'C' words on the way to see Telly's great uncle Wontkins!"

    "Great idea, Elmo! Hop on my back and we'll pogo stick all the way there!"

    Boober and Mokey heard a sort of a squeak mixed with a bouncing sound fading steadily away as the two odd voices took turns shouting words:






    The bouncing squeak increased in speed rapidly. The high-pitched voice let out a shriek as the gravelly voice shouted one last word before it and the other noises faded from earshot.


    Slowly, Mokey and Boober stood up from their crouching positions and thought a moment, obviously confused by what had just taken place.

    "What was that all about?" Boober finally said, scratching his orange hair.

    "Well, from what I got," answered Mokey. "Someone helped someone else who was worried."

    Boober thought it over, and made it a mental note to put the word 'coffee' in his book of superstitions. Just then a new noise made them both crouch down again and listen.

    It was the sound of a group of rapidly approaching Silly Creatures. As Boober and Mokey watched through a crack in the crate, they saw that all the Silly Creatures were Fraggle-sized and different shades of color. Mokey saw a pinkish/peach one scurry by that had pigtails like Red. She smiled.

    After the group ran past, Boober and Mokey cautiously peered around the crate.

    A new Silly Creature appeared at the head of the group. He was the most unusual one they had ever seen.

    To begin with, he was the only one of them that was bright orange. His nose was perfectly round (and bright red) and his wide grin literally stretched from ear to ear. His tuft of black hair stuck up like a Brush Plant. As he spoke, he kept squeezing (and oddly enough, talking to) an abstract, yellow shape in his hand.

    "Hey everybody!" he announced brightly. "Rubber Duckie and I are going to talk to you today about 'empty' and 'full'."

    In order to see better, Boober and Mokey crept out into the open. Just then, what looked like a yellow stalagmite with a face poked out of a nearby bottom window.

    "Hey, Ernie? I'm gonna take may shower now, OK?" it said.

    "Oh, OK, Bert," the orange Silly Creature replied. "me and the kids are gonna play a game."

    The yellow stalagmite ducked back inside and muttered "oh good...peace and quiet for a while..."

    As the orange Silly Creature picked up a glass in one hand and a pitcher of water in the other, Boober and Mokey quietly sneaked forward. They stopped right in front of a low wall where the yellow stalagmite had been.

    "Now, we can see that this glass is empty, but if I fill it with water," the orange Silly Creature explained as he poured. "the glass is now..."

    "Full!" the Fraggle-sized Silly Creatures chorused.

    "Right! Now, if I drink the water..." (gulp gulp gulp) "ahhh. The glass is now..."

    "Empty!" the crowd chorused.

    The orange Silly Creature repeated his demonstration. As he did, Boober and Mokey became slightly distracted by another water sound. It was running water (as if from a pipe) that seemed as though it were coming from inside the Doozer building. For now, though, they decided to keep watch on the crowd and its presenter ahead of them.

    Mokey's eyes then widened in comprehension.

    "He's teaching them. He's helping the little Silly Creatures to learn."

    Boober managed a small smile.

    "Maybe...maybe Outer Space isn't all bad," he told Mokey. "I mean...when there are Silly Creatures that help and teach each other...that's pretty good."

    The orange Silly Creature went to pour a third glass, he paused.

    "Oh no," he looked into the pitcher. "I drank all the water. How am I going to talk about empty and full without any water? What'll I do? Hmmm...." He squeaked the yellow thing in his hand.

    "What's that?" he asked it. A series of squeaks responded.

    "That's a terrific idea, Rubber Duckie!" he set the glass and pitcher down.

    "Okay, kids, Rubber Duckie says to look in the window to me and ol' buddy Bert's apartment."

    The Fraggles backed up and hid from sight as the orange Silly Creature ran past them and entered the building. He paused as he passed a large sheet of paper with tiny words printed all over it.

    "Oh, 'scuse me, Gordon."

    "No problem, Ernie." a voice behind the large, printed paper replied.

    Soon, the orange Silly Creature's voice addressed the crowd from behind the window.

    "Okay, ready kids?" he asked.

    "Ernie? I'm trying to take a shower! Get out of the bathroom!"

    "Oh go ahead and take your shower, Bert. I just need to show the kids something in here that shows 'empty' and 'full'."

    Boober and Mokey couldn't see through the window (it was at an angle and too far away) but they could hear the running water they heard before amidst the two voices.

    "Now watch, kids. This is full of water. But if I do this..."

    Boober and Mokey now heard the sound of a sudden rush of water. To them, the swirling and suction sounded a lot like the Fraggle Pond when it was suddenly drained before the Pipe Bangers came.

    The suction of water was quickly followed by a sudden cry of anguish.

    "AAAAAGH! ER-NIEEE!" The suction noise subsided to a few gurgles.

    "Empty!" the little Silly Creatures cheered.

    "Right!" the orange Silly Creature's voice replied. "And since this fills right back up again, we can talk about 'empty' and 'full' all day! Right, Bert? Kee hee hee hee hee! Okay, now it's full, and now..."

    "Ernie! Don't..."

    The sudden flush happened again.

    "AAAAGH!!! COLD!!!"

    "Not 'cold', Bert! 'Empty'! Kee hee hee hee hee!"

    Despite the unusual goings on, Boober had a good feeling about the place.

    "You know, Mokey, Outer Space isn't as bad as what I thought it would be. We've seen Silly Creatures helping each other, teaching and even cooking!"

    "You're right, Boober. Maybe the Silly Creature we're looking for isn't here."

    "Yeah, let's go back and tell the others."

    The two of them walked towards the crate, with Boober observing the place with growing admiration.

    "You know, Mokey, I almost want to come back here. It's a sunny day, the clouds are being swept away..." Boober paused to take a deep breath. "even the air smells sweet."

    They passed the large printed paper that stood on end on a Silly Creature-sized lap. Boober didn't notice the lap. He was instantly fascinated by the fairly large, shiny, brown rock that partially protruded from the paper's top edge. Boober pointed to the shiny rock.

    "Look! They even have perfect brown Rollies here! Big ones!"

    As they passed by, Gordon let his newspaper drop. He merely glanced at the two Fraggles, shrugged, and nonchalantly went back to reading his newspaper. He had been living here so long, he was used to multicolored creatures (especially furry ones) being common passersby. (So were talking letters, numbers, and shapes). It was no big deal to him. Just another regular day.

    "We'll have to come back," Mokey nodded. "it's very beautiful here. Remind me to bring my paints. These buildings are so pretty." At last they were near the marked crate that led back to the T. Matthew Fraggle Room.

    "And best of all," Boober smiled wide. "there's no germs!"

    Just then, a battered, gray cylinder behind him shook as its top flapped open. Alarmed, Boober whirled around as a large, furry, moss-green beast rose out of it.

    "Germs?" it sneered happily, furrowing its grubby, bushy, brown eyebrows. "I got tons of 'em in here! Just check out this classic piece from my rotten sock collection! I've had this one since 1974!"

    The green beast dangled something moldy, stiff, gray and rancid smelling less than an inch away from Boober's nose.

    "Get a whiff of this, Carpet Fuzz! Heh heh heh!"

    Boober's body froze in utter horror. Whatever confidence he had in revisiting this part of Outer Space vanished completely.

    Behind him, Mokey had forgotten how to blink. The beast's appearance shocked her, as well as the smell that surpassed Junior Gorg's garlic gumdrops. However, she managed to compose herself. She lifted Boober's petrified body up off the ground. His face was frozen in a mask of terror as she carried him the last few steps to their exit.

    Only when the wind from the tunnel's vortex picked them up did Mokey let go of Boober...and her nose.

    More to come...

    Convincing John
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  5. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    As usual, shere brilliance! Infact you wrote so well, I was actually doing a meditation/visualization thing where I was very clearly picturing myself leaning against Ernie and Bert's window, watching and listening to Ernie demonstrating to the kids! Then again, that's just my kinda weird style.

    Loved all your characterizations though, and of course, all with a generous dash of humor! I loved how Mokey, and even Boober, came to see what a good and beautiful thing the street was and is. BTW, when did you mean this to take place?
    Keep up the amazing work!
  6. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I LOVE how they ended up on Sesame Street! That was wonderful! Well worth the wait, hope to see more from you soon! :)
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    What can I say... A great installment and worth the wait. Mmm, Fraggles on Sesame Street, very very wonderfully written.
    Hopefully, more will get posted soon.
  8. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    Good question. I looked at my first post when I started this story, and I thought I gave the time period there. But...(Forgetful Jones impersonation) "I fergot! Doh huh huh huh!":o

    Well, This story goes in the Fraggle timeline of let's say, very very late in the original show's run. It takes place (in Silly Creature years) in 1987. For the Fraggles, it would take place about two or maybe three weeks before "The Honk of Honks" episode.

    This is good to know, since we see that David is running Mr. Hooper's store. Also, when Red and Cantus were in the air vent at the telethon, the mother of Tracy Allen (named after the girl in Terry Angus's "Blizzard Island") couldn't see Red and Cantus, even though she was looking straight at them. Her baby could see them, however.

    Fraggles must have this quality that if they are seen, they are either dismissed as (in Matt's case) an old man, a lamp, or a garden gnome. Either that or they are not seen at all. In Gordon's case, however, he's seen all kinds of creatures of all colors running up and down Sesame Street for years. What's two more, eh? :)

    Thank you all for the wonderful compliments! There's going to be some more fun adventures ahead for the Fraggles...with some neat cameos!;)

    Poor Bert!

    Convincing John
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hello... This is a message from your friendly nagging service. This message is simply a reminder that loyal readers are in need of an update, soonerishkibbible
    if not sooner than that. So please post more, your fans will thank you.

    That is all... Thank you and please post more!
  10. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member


    Okay, okay, I know.:D

    I'll admit that there is definitely more story coming up rather soon. However, the next part is sort of a cliffhanger, and I want to make sure the part that follows afterward is finished properly before I post. (I don't want to just leave the story there if I can't get back to it right away...with my job and all...)

    I haven't forgotten this tale by any means, and I look forward to writing and posting more of it.:)

    Convincing John
  11. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Chapter Eight

    Chapter Eight, everyone. Enjoy!

    "When your back's to the wall,
    and your luck is your all,
    then side with whoever you may.
    Seek that which within lies waiting to begin
    the fight of your life that is everyday."--Jethro Tull "The Third Hoorah"

    Chapter Eight--"...And One Went Alone"

    Two Spiderflies gingerly hovered into the depths of the T. Matthew Fraggle Room. It's ramp had been left open, letting the two insects explore the new territory. Other than the barely audible hum of the sparkling insects' wings, all was deathly silent.


    With a sudden burst of wind, three of the cave's alabaster tunnels lit up: one orange, one blue and one green. Terrified, the Spiderflies flittered up the ramp to their own familiar grounds above.

    As the Spiderflies vanished, the six Fraggles emerged into the T. Matthew Fraggle Room as gently as Doozer dust in a light breeze.

    Gobo, Cantus and Mokey managed to land on their feet. Red stumbled into the wall, but quickly regained her balance, glad that Gobo hadn't noticed it.
    Wembley made his usual entrance, as he did in any room, by tripping, falling flat on his face and quickly hopping to his feet again.

    Boober arrived not on his own feet, but on one of Mokey's. During his journey through the vortex, he managed to cling desperately to Mokey. He was now firmly clamped around her leg like a frightened child. The force of his head pressed against her knee had kept his hat from blowing off in the magical wind.

    "We made it back!" Wembley cheered.

    "Did you see any Silly Creatures?" asked Red. "We saw lots of 'em!"

    "We did, too..." added Mokey. "Boober..." Mokey did her best to hobble over to her friends with Boober attached to her leg. "Boober and I saw all kinds of them until we saw..."

    "G--G--germs!" a voice pitifully whimpered near Mokey's shin.

    "Wembley and I saw some Silly Creatures, too." remarked Gobo. Wembley nodded in agreement.

    Cantus joined the group.

    "You have all returned safely, and you all have tales to tell," Cantus smiled. "but remember, we are on a quest to aid a Silly Creature in great need. Red and I did not see anyone in need of our help. The Silly Creature we seek is gravely ill. Did any of you see such a Silly Creature?"

    "Wembley and I saw lots of creatures..." recalled Gobo.

    "Lots of creatures!" Wembley echoed.

    "But none of them looked sick." Gobo finished.

    "No no, none of them were sick." agreed Wembley, shaking his fuzzy head.

    Cantus nodded and turned to Mokey.

    Knowing that Boober's mind was only on the smelly, green beast they saw, she decided to answer for the both of them.

    "Boober and I saw Silly Creatures, and they were all Fraggle-sized and in a group. Then one of them, an orange one, was teaching them how water disappears and comes back."

    "Then what scared Boober?" asked Gobo, pointing to his cowering friend.

    "He's scared of everything, Gobo," Red sighed. "he probably saw some Silly Creature's dirty laundry or something."

    At that moment, Boober untangled his grip from Mokey's leg and stood as steady as his quaking knees would allow him. Turning to face Red, his breath came in irregular, ragged gasps as he pointed at her with one small, blue, quivering hand.

    "You...have no...idea..." he paused to gulp and continued. "of all the hideous, offensive, disgusting odors..." he gasped.

    "But did you see any Silly Creatures in need?" Cantus gently interjected.

    Boober glanced at Mokey, distracted from the memory of the green beast.

    There was the Silly Creature who cooked...and helped someone else with a problem...the little Silly Creatures...the water...

    The sign.

    "Mokey! Remember, we saw a sign on a Silly Creature door...the 'Habla Espan Ol'."

    "Huh?" asked Red, bewildered.

    "Boober and I saw a sign we couldn't figure out." Mokey told the group. "it might be a clue to find the Silly Creature in trouble."

    Cantus pointed his nose towards the ceiling and closed his eyes in concentration, Listening. After a deep breath, he lowered his head.

    "No," he said gently. "the words you saw will not help us now."

    "Oh, well then...we didn't see anyone sick or in trouble." said Mokey.

    "Same for us," agreed Gobo. "we saw a scared furry creature trying to be funny...but no one who was sick."

    "Then we will try again." Cantus concluded simply, gesturing to the three remaining, marked tunnels.

    "Ag...ag...again?" stammered Boober.

    "Sure, Boober!" Wembley replied brightly. "Outer Space was kind of fun!" Behind him, Gobo smiled proudly.

    "Ready for another adventure, everyone?" Gobo beamed.

    "Sure, Gobo!" agreed Wembley.

    "I'm not scared!" Red exclaimed.

    "I am!" wailed Boober.

    "Then Red can help you." Cantus smiled.

    "So, Wembley and I will take this tunnel," Gobo pointed to an unexplored, marked tunnel "Boober and Red can take the next one and Mokey--"

    Cantus held up a hand for quiet.

    "This last tunnel should be examined again before it is explored," he cautioned. "it did not light up as well as the others when it was marked. Observe."

    Cantus took out his magic pipe and aimed it directly at the mouth of the last marked, unexplored tunnel. He blew a long, low note into it, keeping a sharp eye on the tunnel's behavior.

    It was just as he feared.

    The magic pipe caused a fluorescent blue glow within the tunnel. But it was much weaker now. As Cantus Looked into the depths, the normal dark gray shadows of the tunnel's interior became an intense black. The blackness ravenously consumed the blue glow in one silent, rapid motion.

    This was not good.

    Turning to face the group, Cantus made his decision.

    "Mokey, you will join Boober and Red. I will explore this tunnel...alone."

    "Are you sure you want to go into Outer Space all by yourself, Cantus?" asked Gobo. "It can get pretty scary out there."

    What Cantus sensed from that tunnel exceeded far beyond "scary" to a normal Fraggle. He could only hope his senses were wrong.

    The problem was his senses were rarely wrong.

    "Go ahead and explore," Cantus answered, pointing to their assigned tunnels. "time grows short."

    Gobo knew it was no good to argue with Cantus once he had made up his mind. He decided to just go ahead and touch the arch, drawing himself and Wembley into a yellow glow and a light wind from the tunnel. Within seconds, they were gone like loose radish leaves in the wind.

    As Gobo and Wembley disappeared, Boober tried to make a break for it. As he ran past, though, Red grabbed Boober by the tail.

    "C'mon, Boober!" Red insisted, tightening her grip.

    "No! No! Not again!" he wailed. "I'm too young to die!" Boober's feet tried to run as his arms spun like pinwheels. Red tugged with both of her arms and slowly hauled him over the tunnel's threshold. Too bad Boober doesn't play Tug-O'-Tails. Red thought. He'd have a trophy for sure!

    Behind them, Mokey touched the arch with her palm and the three of them were lifted off the ground in a sudden breeze tainted a bright purple.

    Cantus watched them go.

    He was now alone.

    Solemnly, he stepped over the threshold of the tunnel he was going to explore...alone. Turning around in the entranceway, he observed the ivory, silent beauty of the T. Matthew Fraggle Room in deep appreciation. Behind him, the swarthy, unknown realm waited for him to enter.

    He knew what he had to do. There was little time.

    Turning to the tunnel's wall, he touched the arch with a tanned, wide hand. The vortex which enveloped him glowed the color of bile. The hot, dry wind, smelling heavily of mold, whipped at his feathery hair and beard.

    Cantus watched as the last visible bit of the T. Matthew Fraggle Room was mercilessly consumed by the sickly khaki-greenish glow.

    Loping straight into the abysmal passage, Cantus remembered the last thing he saw from the otherwise colorless T. Matthew Fraggle Room. It was something glued to the floor, marking the entranceway.

    It was the Rollie.

    It was pitch black...as black as the inevitable path that lay ahead.

    More to come.:)

    Convincing John
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    Well... Certainly should hope so there's more to come. You left us on such a cliffhanger, Cantus!!! Post more, we need to know what realms each Fragglish group explored.. But more importantly, what will be Cantus's fate!
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    This is the first Fanfic I've read on MC and...
    It is awesome and terrific rolloed into one!
    More soon, PLEASE!
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    More to come very very soon!

    (The thread opens up like an old door with a long, low, creeeeeeak followed by clouds of dust.)

    (Cough cough) Excuse me.

    Hey everyone. (brushing off spiderwebs) Convincing John here.

    Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this story. I have gotten a new job and moved to a new place since the last chapter,:D and this has been the first time I've had a chance to get back to it. Moving and settling in to a new job takes a while. Thanks for all your patience.

    I want to let you guys know that I have a new chapter which is almost ready for posting. However, I haven't written anything in my notebook after that. (I know I'm picky, but I have to get it just right). I know what happensnext in the story, it's just a matter of articulating my thoughts and getting the right words.

    The new chapter should be posted by maybe Wednesday or Thursday afternoonish. The chapter after that, I'm not sure when.

    Stay tuned...

    Convincing John
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    Chapter Nine!

    Hey everyone! Here's the latest installment of "The Choice":

    “They say truth comes flooding if you let it.
    But what happens if I just don’t get it?
    I’m blissful in my sweet ignorance…”--Jethro Tull “Two Short Planks”

    Chapter Nine—“Some Kind of Help”


    A little house stood on the outskirts of a town. The gentle breeze rustled the shrubbery surrounding the lawn and the edge of the driveway. It tickled the wind chimes on the open front porch.

    The lilac bush near the house gave an unnatural lurch and sprouted foliage that clashed with the pale purple flowers.

    Fiery orange, fluffy “foliage”. Beneath it, two round, excited eyes took their first glance into this part of Outer Space.

    “Wow!” exclaimed Red. “Mokey, look! Mokey?”

    The lilac bush gave another lurch and its center coughed up a strange wind, followed by Mokey.

    “Red? Red, we…” Mokey’s eyes widened in amazement when she saw the house before her. She gasped at both the size and beauty of it.
    “We made it!” she finished, hugging her pigtailed friend.

    “Wait a minute, Mokey. Where’s Boober?”

    Beside them, a clump of lilac blossoms trembled, then exploded with a loud sneeze.
    “Just as I thought,” complained a voice. “two seconds here and already I’m plagued by a strange disease from Outer Space. My sinuses…”

    Red frowned. She plunged her hand into the flowers and fished out Boober, who was now peppered with lilac petals. As soon as he saw the odd structure before him, he shrank back, but was blocked by Mokey.

    “Wh…what is that?”

    Mokey tried to remember what one of Traveling Matt’s postcards had said about these things. She remembered, in a vague sort of way, that this was a Silly Creature dwelling. There were windows (oddly rectangular) with a Silly Creature-sized door between them. The top of the structure came to a gentle point, like some of the Doozer constructions she had drawn in her sketchbook.

    Red was eyeing the building curiously when Mokey broke her concentration.

    “Red, we found another one!”


    “Boober and I saw some things that looked like this when we were in Outer Space. Silly Creatures were inside them!”

    “Wait,” replied Red. “do you mean to tell me that’s a Silly Creature cave?” She pointed to the Gorg-like structure.

    “Yes, Red. We both saw a whole row of them hooked together.” explained Mokey.

    “But none of them had a built-in Fraggle trap!” Boober pointed out nervously.

    “Fraggle trap?” Red snorted. “Where?”

    Boober’s jaw clenched as he pointed. “Right at the bottom of the door!” he whispered frantically.

    Sure enough, there was a Fraggle-sized hole, square in shape, at the bottom of the door. Covering the hole was a dark flap that barely moved in the wind.

    See?” Boober's voice cracked slightly as he suspiciously eyed the odd square.

    The three Fraggles watched the dark flap, hanging nearly motionless.

    “I don’t know,” said Red. “I have a feeling about this place.” Usually it was Mokey that tended to listen to her inner self, dreamily following her nose. Red seldom got those inclinations. When she did, she rarely took notice. In the flick of a tail, she’d shrug it off and go play Thwack-a-Ball.

    But for some reason, she decided to listen to that voice inside. It was as if there was…

    “Mokey…” she began, “you always understand these things better than I do. I…this Silly Creature cave…I just have a feeling about it.”

    “Me too,” whimpered Boober. “I have the feeling that cave is full of Fraggle-eating monsters!”

    “Wait, wait. Remember what Cantus said,” reminded Mokey. “this part of Outer Space is linked especially to Fragglekind. Us…and this Silly Creature cave…are connected somehow. The Silly Creature who needs our help might be inside that cave!”

    Grateful that Mokey had helped to articulate her thoughts, Red was back on track. “Right!” she agreed. “and I’m going to find the Silly Creature and help them. C’mon!”

    Red hopped out of the lilac bush, turning her head this way and that. It was out of habit for a Fraggle to do this. Although Red knew she was in Outer Space, an open area like this made her instinctively look for Gorgs.

    Mokey took Boober’s hand and gently helped him to his feet.

    “Mokey…” Boober began. He paused.

    Mokey looked at him, smiled and waited for him to continue. “I’m…I’m glad we’re here together,” he continued. “I know I couldn’t do this without your help.”

    Mokey put her hand on Boober’s shoulder and looked straight into his eyes (or where she guessed they were).

    “I couldn’t do this without your help, Boober.”

    Boober managed a small smile.

    “Hey, are you two gonna just sit there and twiddle your tails all day? C’mon!” Red was already halfway to the mysterious Silly Creature cave.

    Mokey and Boober, together, followed Red.

    “By the way, Boober,” Mokey noticed. “I never noticed how good you look in purple. You should wear it more often.”

    “Huh?” Boober forgot the foreign surroundings for a moment.

    Mokey looked at Boober from top to bottom and smirked. “Nice composition, too.”

    “What th-” Boober finally looked at his body and noticed the lilac petals still clinging all over him. “Oh!” he irritably brushed them off. “Very funny!”

    Mokey tittered as they followed Red to the Fraggle-sized door. By the time they caught up, Red was prodding the flap with her finger.

    “Careful!” Boober warned.

    But Red had already lifted the flap.

    The cave’s interior was astonishing! Red immediately noticed a large, oval table in the middle of the room. It’s legs were smooth and shiny, much like the legs of the chairs that surrounded it.

    Cabinets, much like the ones in Boober’s room, only larger and more boxlike, lined the walls. There were boxes in the cave as well. They were shiny, incredibly square or rectangular, and came in one of three colors: black, gray or silver. The exception to this was a huge white box with two doors that stood upright in the corner.

    Wow!” she exclaimed. She glanced around to make sure that the coast was clear. No Silly Creatures or hairy monsters in sight. She crawled through the opening.

    “Mokey!” her voice called from the inside. “Come on in, it’s OK!”

    Mokey got down on her hands and knees and squeezed through the opening. Since she was larger than Red, it took her a little longer to fit through.

    As the flap swung shut, Boober found himself alone outside. He wasn’t sure whether to stay or follow his friends. Just then, a new sight was making his decision for him. A shiny beast with wheels (as Traveling Matt had seen many times) appeared from around the corner. It turned and slowly crept toward him, following a wide, flat, gray path.

    Quick as a flash, Boober turned and sped through the opening.

    “It’s beautiful, Red!” Mokey carefully stroked the smooth, wooden surface of one of the cabinets. “look at the way the patterns reflect the light.”

    Red had found an amusing reflective box as well. It stood on the floor in the corner, and was taller than either one of them.

    “Look at this one!” The large, black box was shiny enough for her to see her reflection. “I can see myself!” Red began to make goofy faces at her reflection. (This, of course, is a noble Fraggle pastime). Mokey joined her as they both rolled their eyes, stuck their tongues out and laughed.

    A few seconds later, a Boober-shaped reflection joined them. It waved its arms and its face crumpled and twisted. Mokey turned around.

    “Boober! You like the shiny box, too!” Mokey grinned.

    “Yeah, it’s about time you had some fun!” Red added.

    But Boober kept making faces and pointing to the flap.

    “Shiny…big…beast…it’s coming!” he finally gasped.

    Just then, the Fraggles heard something growling outside. They turned around, facing the door. The growl was getting closer…closer…

    It stopped.

    The Fraggles heard a muffled thud, like the closing of a huge jaw. A pair of lone footsteps followed the sound. The footsteps came closer to the door, not stopping.

    Thinking quickly, Boober, Mokey and Red dove under the large table. They held their breath as they heard new sounds: a soft jingling, followed by a sharp click.

    The door opened, revealing a pair of Silly Creature-sized legs. They walked towards the table and stopped just in front of it. A muffled thump directly overhead startled the Fraggles. Boober ducked and held his hands over his head.

    The legs turned around and walked out the door, which closed after them. A minute or so later, the door opened again. The legs appeared, there was another muffled thump and the legs walked out the door again. This happened four more times. At last, the door closed behind the legs, putting the Silly Creature inside.

    There!” a female’s voice said. “That’s all the groceries. I wish they didn’t take so long to bring in and put away. I wish I had help.”

    Under the table, Mokey’s eyes widened as she, Red and Boober looked at each other in silent comprehension. The Silly Creature needed help! She said so herself! Red could hardly keep herself from letting out a whoop of excitement.

    The Silly Creature’s legs walked the perimeter of the table, stopping and starting here and there. In between, the Fraggles heard a combination of noises: paper rattling, doors opening and closing and miscellaneous objects being moved around.

    What was she doing? Red was slightly frustrated that she couldn’t see what was going on above her.

    She was just about to crane her neck for a better view when a sharp ringing sound made her jump back. The legs calmly walked over to the noise which came (somehow) from a curly, white rope dangling next to the wall. The legs and ringing both stopped as the white rope wobbled a little. The Fraggles listened as the female Silly Creature carried on an odd conversation with a muttering voice somewhere near the ceiling.

    “Hello?” (mutter, mumble)

    “No, I said hello, but that’s close enough.” (mutter, mutter)

    “Yeah, I can meet you for lunch today. Where do you wanna go?” (mumbling)

    “Yeah, Jerry. I know you don’t want to go back to Charlie’s…” (angry mumbling and grumbling)

    “The grapefruit sandwich…I remember. Well, how ‘bout that new place down past…(mumble)…yeah, you just take the new exit on Nebel Street…” (questioning mutter)

    “Yes, that street’s full of exits, just you ain’t seein’ ‘em. Take the new exit from Nebel to Esskay. Try drivin’ through it. You’ll see what I mean. The new restaurant is left on…” (mumble, mutter)

    “Hey, hang on!” (mumble)

    “Not right! Left on Esskay.” (questioning mutter)

    “Don’t go that way! Never go that way. Okay, Ill meet you there in about twenty minutes. ‘Bye.”

    The Fraggles heard a single ‘ding’ as the curly rope wobbled a little. The Silly Creature then remarked:

    “If he had kept on going down that way, he’d have gone straight to White Castle.”

    The legs turned around and walked out the door, closing it behind them. There was a ‘click’, a pause, then footsteps fading away. The roar of the beast they had heard earlier growled awake, then faded away as the ground crunched under its black, round feet.

    Then all was quiet.

    “She’s…left?” Boober wondered aloud.

    Red frowned.

    “Now how are we supposed to help the Silly Creature if she isn’t here?” she complained.

    “Remember what it needed?” said Mokey. “The Silly Creature said she needed help with something called…grow…growsh…” she tried to remember the word.

    “Groceries!” Red exclaimed. “That’s it! Something about helping with the groceries!”

    “But what’s ‘groceries’?” Mokey put a hand to her chin, thinking.

    “Maybe…” Boober considered. “maybe ‘groceries’ is something the Silly Creature was looking for. My guess is medicine.”

    “Medicine?” asked Mokey.

    Boober nodded. “Remember the Silly Creature opening and closing those doors? That’s what she was looking for…‘groceries’, or medicine. She was sick, that’s for sure.”

    “Hold on,” Red sighed. “that Silly Creature didn’t look or act sick to me. How would you even know without seeing its face?”

    Boober looked at Red in mild shock.

    How do I know? Red, look at the symptoms! First, her legs were dark blue. That means lack of circulation. And her feet were swelled up, too. She had them wrapped up with white cloth and tied up around the ankles with string like tourniquets. And need I remind you that she was talking to a mumbling voice from nowhere?”

    “All right, I’ll give you the mumbling voice, Boober,” Red answered “but anyone who was walking around like that Silly Creature was doing and not limping can’t be hurting that much.”

    Red had a point. Boober knew of no way anyone could walk around like that unless they were healthy.

    Mokey interrupted their argument with a sudden realization. “I know what ‘groceries’ is!” she exclaimed suddenly. “They’re something you put away!” Boober and Red looked at her.

    “Remember what the Silly Creature said?” she continued. “She said ‘I wish I they didn’t take so long to put away. I wish I had help.’ ‘They’ means ‘groceries’!”

    Red nodded excitedly. “Yeah! We can open and close those doors, find the ‘groceries’ and put them away to help the Silly Creature!” She crawled out from under the table, followed by Mokey and Boober.

    “But where do we put them away?” asked Boober. When Mokey stood up, she noticed something brown and papery hanging over the edge of the table. She was just tall enough to see the tabletop…which was filled with empty paper bags.

    “Red, look! We can put them in these!” Mokey climbed up on the chair, retrieving bags and tossing them to the floor.

    Boober looked at the cupboards hopelessly. “But…but…we don’t even know what ‘groceries’ are! How do we know what to put away?”

    “Oh, don’t worry about that, Boober. I’ve got it all figured out,” Red announced confidently. “the ‘groceries’ are whatever we find in these cupboards and boxes! We just fill ‘em up! So let’s get started! Woo-hoohoohoohoo!” Red couldn't help but cheer in excitement.

    Smiling broadly, Red immediately reached up and opened the door of the huge, white box. Mokey and Boober looked up…and up in astonishment.

    “My goodness!” Mokey remarked. “Look at all this!” The three Fraggles gawked at the various shapes in the brightly lit, yet surprisingly cold box. Mokey’s eyes recognized some of the shapes at once.

    “Vegetables?” Red made a face as she picked up a bundle of broccoli tied together with something stretchy. “Look at how small they are! These are Doozer-sized vegetables!” Red found a handful of radishes and held them out for Mokey and Boober to see. Each one was no bigger than one of the buttons on Wembley’s shirt.

    Mokey, having spent countless hours in the Gorgs’ Garden, knew how big vegetables ought to be. A radish, easily, was supposed to be as big as a Fraggle’s head.

    “Well, it’s no wonder they’re small,” she took a small radish from Red and examined it. “it’s cold in there. Nothing grows when it’s cold. Here, Boober, put this…Boober?”

    All this time, Boober had wrapped his scarf around his neck three times and backed up, shivering.

    “Would you two hurry up? I’m getting cold!”

    Mokey wanted to take her time examining the rest of the box’s contents, but, as Cantus had said, time was growing short. She fetched two paper bags and opened it up. As she gave one to Boober, Red discovered that the box was easy to climb around in. Her golden nose sniffed inquisitively in the frost as she climbed up to the top shelf. In the door of the box, she discovered some small, white ovals sitting neatly in two rows.

    “Let’s start with these white things,” Red snatched them up one by one. “here they come!”

    Without another word, Red tossed the white things over her shoulder hand over fist. She kept her grip on the shelves with her feet and tail. Mokey caught the white things in her bag with amazing accuracy. Although normally she was a Fraggle found with a sketchbook and daydreaming, she could play an exciting, energetic game with the best of them. She had picked up a thing or two from Red over the years.

    Boober caught what Red threw with amazing accuracy as well. This was due to pure, dumb luck. Boober held the bag up in front of him. He couldn’t see where he was going, and he merely ducked behind the bag whenever Red threw something.

    Once Red got going, she had both cold boxes (and the cabinets) cleaned out in no time. Each time a bag became full, Red would climb down from her perch and make more room in the bag by jumping up and down on the bag’s contents. (She used this same technique when packing her Rock Hockey equipment).

    Soon, all the paper bags were completely full. Red put her hands on her hips and looked proudly at her handiwork. Lucky for Red she knew little about the objects Silly Creatures possessed. Otherwise, her pride and sense of accomplishment (which was especially important to her) would have been crushed:

    Each paper bag bulged horribly with mismatched items. The broccoli was topped with rapidly melting ice cream, which oozed into boxes of spaghetti, Bisquick and a crushed container of Quaker Oats. Loose rice, (mixed with M&M’s) stuck to toothpaste tubes with the help of leftover casserole and dripping lumps of cottage cheese. The bottom of each bag was saturated with yellow, slimy goop—the remains of the eggs.

    Mokey looked into the bag nearest her, where she had just placed the last three items to pack: a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter.

    “Anything else, Red?” Mokey asked.

    Red looked around and her eyes fell on a bottle that had dropped from the table. The Silly Creature had left it there. Red picked it up.

    “Here, put this—” her eyes read a single, bold word on the label.

    She had that funny feeling again. It was the same as when she saw the exterior of the Silly Creature cave. Was there something about this bottle that Cantus should know? It seemed like…there was some kind of a connection…

    Suddenly, the ringing from before happened again. Boober jumped in alarm.

    “The ringing! The…the…the Silly Creature’s coming back! We gotta go!” he was already heading to the flap.

    Convinced the ringing would summon the Silly Creature as well, Mokey and Red followed him out the Fraggle-sized door. Red was still clinging the bottle in her hand.

    “Won’t that Silly Creature be surprised by all our help?” Mokey beamed as they headed for the lilac bush.

    “You bet!” Red remarked. “Fraggles are always willing to help, even to help Silly Creatures.”

    “Hey Red, what’s that?” asked Mokey, pointing to the bottle.

    “Oh!” in the rush to get out the door, Red forgot she was carrying it. “Oh…I…I just forgot to put it away. Mokey, I was going to ask you something about it…there's writing on it…”

    Just then, a gush of wind erupted from the lilac bush, beckoning the Fraggles back home.

    “No time for that!” shouted Boober. “Leave that thing here! We have to go!”

    As Boober, Red and Mokey jumped into the vortex, the bottle slipped from Red's hand.

    As the wind from the bushes subsided, the bottle tumbled into the lawn, label-side up. A single robin perched on the bottle and inquisitively pecked twice at the label before fluttering away. It took no notice of the bold word printed on it:



    More to come...

    Convincing John

    Footnote: the title's chapter was inspired by this poem/song.
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    What a nice update. Poor Karen sure will have a mess on her hands when she gets home.

    I especially enjoyed this line though:

    Oh, and more please when you have the chance.
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    Agreed... Thanks for the update, twas lovely, and more please!
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