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The Creature Calamity Club

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by The Count, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Yeah O_0

    It's such a bizarre difference...

    See anything of interest to check out?
  2. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Hm, how about that shop over there to buy costumes and then we find someplace to change? :D
  3. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Do we really need costumes? :p
  4. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    It was just a suggestion :p

    And maybe we find costumes to dress up as a movie or video game character XD
  5. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    But I mean, we are living halloween costumes :p

    ...oh...wait...you still haven't learned to partially transform :/

    I guess we can take a look then...
  6. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I still need to learn to partially transform...

    I'm sure we'll find something we like :D
  7. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    *finds a parking spot*

    *retracts tail and gets out of the car, opening the door for Yuna*
  8. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *get out of the car, smiling at Johnny in thanks*

    *walk to the store with him after he closed the door and enter the atore, looking around*


    *costumes as far as the eyes can see fill the store*
  9. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Holy *beep* O_O

    *looks around, not sure where to start first*
  10. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    At last we know where to get costumes if we ever need some O_O

    *slowly walk into one random direction, looking at the costumes, which range from cliché Halloween costumes to characters of fictional works*

    Harry Potter... Disney princess... Pokémon trainer... Sora's Kingdom Hearts II outfit...

    Hey, a Vivi costume :D

    Terra's Dissidia outfits... other Dissidia costumes... Jack Skellington... Corpse Bride... a clown...
  11. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    So what do you think I should dress up as? I still think I would be the most realistic Freddy Kreuger, just need the right clothes. And a claw glove...
  12. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Hm... well, you were a pretty good Freddy and I wouldn't be surprised if we find a Freddy costume here. Otherwise, you're a pretty good Jack Skellington :p

    *look around and see three different Yuna costumes*

    Songstress... Gunner... and Summoner... Hm...

    *think about getting one of these*
  13. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Too bad I can't do much about my head being the wrong shape :p

    ...Summoner has too much clothing...


    *think oh god...did I really just say that?*

    *way to go, dude*

    *Brain, do I need to poke you with a q-tip?*

    I'm going to look for those Freddy costumes now O_O

  14. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *give him a funny look at the Summoner comment*

    *after he fled*
    Good thing I didn't suggest the classic White Mage and Black Mage outfits from the earliest Final Fantasies then :p

    *see something else*


    *decide to buy the Summoner cotume and the other costume*
  15. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    *looks at claws*

    Man...all of these look cheap and junky...

    *sees a box on a high shelf with a metal claw*

    Ah, that's more like it...

    *gets stuff for Freddy costume*
  16. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *pay for the two costumes, making sure Johnny can't see the other costume yet*

    *find Johnny, grin at him*

    So, I got the costume that supposedly has too much clothing :p
    Did you find anything?
  17. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Meh...I don't think I would want other guys seeing you with too much revealed anyway :p

    But yep, I did. Also found this awesome metal replica of his glove :D
  18. miss kermie Well-Known Member

  19. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Why do you think I left my bikini back in the cabin after I wore it on our one-month-versary? :p
    I planned to only wear it in the hot tub with you until you revealed you bought a house with a swimming pool.
    *think Besides, if anyone's ever going to get a nice view of everything of me, it's you, Johnny*

    *look at the replica*
    Cool :D
  20. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    So, now what? Put this stuff in the car and walk around?

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