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The Creature Calamity Club

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by The Count, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    *Half an hour is up. Logs out and let's out a hefty sigh*


    *librarian from earlier notices me and approaches*

    Librarian: Is there something wrong? Perhaps I could help?

    Oh, er...*thinks for a sec* Yes. I'm studying Mythology in college and my professor asked me to give him the name of a green goat lady by tomorrow. Have you any books on that?

    Librarian: Hmm, odd request. But now that you mention it...

    *wakes over to self and pulls out an old book.*

    Librarian: I think this book might have what you're looking for.

    *takes book and reads title* "Forgotten Scottish Myths"?
  2. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Nah, but I'm gonna rob your shirt once we're off the ice :p

    *start to slowly ice skate*
  3. AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    *flicks through book and stops at page*


    *Suddenly excited* YES!

    *Other people shush at me*

    Oh, sorry :embarrassed: *to librarian* Yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Can I take it out?

    Librarian: *laughing* You may. Do you have a library card?

    *takes book out and rushes home*
  4. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member


    *slowly skates around with her*
  5. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *smile at him while we slowly skate around*

    You know, this is actually nice :3
  6. AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    *Back at apartment reading book and having lunch*

    *quoting* The Glaistig, also known as maighdean uaine (green maiden), may appear as a woman of beautiful or monstrous mien. In mist cases, she appears as a half-woman half-goat similar to a satyr, or in the shape of a goat. The lower goat half of her hybrid form is usually disguised by a long, flowing green robe or dress, and the woman often appears grey with long yellow hair.

    Well, I am blonde.

    *looks at green skin*

    *shrugs* Meh, green, grey. Close enough.

    *finishes lunch, lays on on couch and continues to read the whole book*

    *Jokingly* Maybe I might invest in green dresses now!

    *Scratches ear again*
  7. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since I've been ice skating...
  8. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    I've never ice skated before...

    Then again, I spent my time inside the house and not outside in winter time :p
  9. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    [wakes up]
    I wonder if there's any place to ski around here…or maybe ice skating.
  10. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    (Ice skating rinks are indoors...)

    You wanna try skating yourself?
  11. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    (But the one I go to is outdoors)
  12. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I want to try.
  13. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    *lets go of her hand*

    *decides to go off and skate around on his own, showing off doing tricks*
  14. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *skate around, slowly and carefully to avoid falling down*

    *oblivious to Johnny showing off*
  15. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    *starts to skate around normally, glancing at Yuna*

  16. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh hey... You're up...
  17. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *finally look up and look at Johnny*

    *smile and wave at him*
  18. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    You passed out, so...
  19. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    (I think he passed out again XP)

    *smiles at her*

    *does a bit of a spin and skates backwards, looking at her*
  20. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    (Whyyyy meeeeee? XD)

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