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The Creature Calamity Club

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by The Count, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    I see...uh...I'll have room 6 I guess. I have an epic poem thats calling to me to be read :p
  2. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    It sure is a big apartment building, I don't think I've ever seen such a tall building in my life. Oh well, I simply take room 7.
  3. Lola p Well-Known Member


    *teleports luggage to the respective rooms*

    I am goinG to go and organize my things.
  4. Lola p Well-Known Member

    Anyone want to see my room?
  5. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    What? You're done already? I'm still organizing my things. Although I wouldn't mind to take a look.
  6. Hubert Well-Known Member

    I guess I'll take room 8...

    *uses lunar manipulation to move luggage up to room, following luggage up*
  7. Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Hey, Hubert! You're getting better! No passing out this time! :D
  8. Hubert Well-Known Member

    Yep...I'm not an expert or anything, but I seem to at least be able to use my powers to my benefit...
  9. Lola p Well-Known Member

    Yay, Hubert!

    *shows Yuna my room*
  10. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Super, Hubert!

    *nods approvingly while looking at Lola's room*
    I like it.
  11. Hubert Well-Known Member

    Is there a kitchen in this place? I'm hungry.
  12. Lola p Well-Known Member

  13. Lola p Well-Known Member

    every apartment has a kitchen.

    *makes a supspicious looking red ice cream*

    Mmm, good!
  14. Hubert Well-Known Member

    They do? I don't have- *opens door and finds kitchen* Oh...

    I didn't think to open the door marked 'KITCHEN'...
  15. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    *raises eyebrow*
    I don't think I wanna know what that is. But I'll go back to my room now. Later!
    *waves good bye*
  16. Hubert Well-Known Member

    Whew. Room organizing is a tough job. But I'm finished...
  17. Lola p Well-Known Member

    I know, right?
  18. Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    I'm finished too and I am exhausted.
    *collapses on a couch*
    I need a latte macchiato.
  19. Hubert Well-Known Member

    Yes...even though most of it was sorting my Muppet collection. Only I think I'm gonna have to go to the store and buy myself another shelf for my apartment for the excess Muppet stuff...anyone know where a good place to go would be? I still haven't found my way around the city that well...

    EDIT: Ziffeled...
  20. Lola p Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Ed got settled?

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