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The Gift of the Bells

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by vettech28, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    I'm really excited about this! If you know the story of "The Gift of the Magi", only Sesame Street and The Muppets have made some reference to the story, but never Fraggle Rock, so I decided to do just that. This version stars Wembley and Boober. I'm getting close to finishing the first draft, so when I'm finished, I'll post it on here.

    What do you think?
  2. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    The Gift of the Bells
    Part 1:
    Winter had come and Doc and Sprocket were busy getting ready for the holiday season. "Well, Sprocket. It's that time of year again. Christmas time, the best time of the year!" Doc said excitedly. Sprocket barked in agreement. "But there's only one thing about it that I don't like" Doc said worried. Sprocket tilted his head and barked as if to ask what was wrong. "Well, it's just that year after year, I always buy Ms. Ardath a gift. This year, I want to make something for her. The problem is what should I make for her?" Doc explained. Sprocket brought Doc his mittens and scarf. "Yes, I could knit some mittens or a scarf, but I can't knit to save my life." Doc said. "Then again, I could always make a card, but I could only draw stick figures and can't draw landscapes", he added. Sprocket patted his master on the back as if to say, "You'll figure it out.", then barked and whined. "You know, Sprocket, I wonder what Fraggles give each other as gifts?" Doc asked as he looked at the Fraggle hole in the wall.

    Down at Fraggle Rock, all the caves and tunnels were covered in snow and ice. The icicles glowed in the light and all the Fraggles were either ice skating or having snowball fights. The Doozers were still building their Doozer constructions despite the cold. Excitement was in the air because the Festival of the Bells was on its way. This is the time of year when the Rock gets colder and slows down, then all the Fraggles ring their bells so that the Rock keeps moving for another year. Of all the Fraggles, Wembley looks forward to it the most. To him, it was a time to spend with his friends, especially Gobo, Mokey, Red and Boober. "Oh, boy! I can't wait until the Festival!", Wembley said with excitement. "Me, neither, Wembley" Gobo said to his friend. "It's the greatest time of the year" he added. "What about Christmas?", Boober asked. "oh, I like that holiday a lot, too!", Wembley said after he thought for a moment. "That reminds me, I have to go see Doc. A couple days ago, he said he'd give me something to share with you guys", Gobo explained. "That's great, Gobo", Boober replied. "Can I come with you, Gobo?", Wembley asked. "Sure, Wembley", Gobo answered. "You guys go ahead. I still have to think about what kind of gifts I have to give to everyone", Boober said. Between the Festival of the Bells and Christmas, Fraggles give each other gifts to show how much they care about each other and sharing their love for them. "We won't be long, Boober", Gobo said as he and Wembley headed for the tunnel that leads to Doc's home in the desert. "Bye, Boober!", Wembley called. "Bye!", Boober called back.

    Meanwhile, Doc and Sprocket were still sitting around wondering what to give Ms. Ardath as a present. "You know, Sprocket, I think I should give Ms. Ardath something that says, "I'm still thinking of you even from far away", Doc said. Sprocket scratched his head thinking. Then he fetched Doc's camera. "Oh, well. Yes, I suppose a good portrait of us is a good idea. Maybe put it in a card to show we care", Doc thought aloud looking at the camera. "Maybe a handwritten message to go with it." he added. "Well, after all, she's been doing a good job at the Captain's Inn after we moved to help Ned. Her present needs to be special this year". Sprocket nodded in agreement. "Speaking of which, how's your present for Marigold going?", Doc asked. Sprocket showed Doc a painting of his paw in a heart shape. "Say, that looks great, Sprocket!", Doc declared. Sprocket barks as if to say, "Thanks!" "I'm sure Marigold will love it", he added. "Doc? Doc, we're here!", Gobo's voice rang out from the hole in the wall. Doc was happy to see Gobo and Wembley . "Gobo! Wembley! I'm glad you're here!" Doc exclaimed. "I was hoping you'd come today. I have a couple of things I want to show you.", he added. Sprocket barked with glee and promptly gave Gobo and Wembley a few doggy kisses. "What is it, Doc?", Gobo asked wiping his face. "Here's the first thing", Doc said as he bent down with something in his hand "What's that?", Wembley asked "This is a snowglobe. When you shake it gently, watch what happens", Doc said as he shook the snowglobe. "Wow!" they both exclaimed as they watched. "It's beautiful!", Wembley exclaimed. "As beautiful as real snow", Gobo added. "Now I want you to have this to share with your friends. I'm sure they'll love it", Doc said. "But don't you need it?", Wembley asked. "I can always find another one", Doc answered. "I really want you to have it." "Gee, thanks, Doc", Gobo said with a smile. "Here's our other present to you. It's something Sprocket and I put together", Doc said. Doc handed Gobo a card with red and green saying "Happy Holidays" "Oh, for me?", Gobo asked looking at the card. "Oh, it's not just for you, Gobo. It's for all your friends", Doc explained. "Wow! Thank you." Gobo said. "Now don't open it yet. I really want you to read it in front of your friends. It'll make it a little more special that way", Doc explained. "Thank you very much", Gobo said touched by Doc's kindness. "Yeah, thanks", Wembley added. "Boy, Mokey, Red and Boober will sure love these, huh, Gobo?", Wembley asked. "They sure will, Wembley" Gobo said. "Thanks, Doc, for everything" "You're very welcome, Gobo", Doc replied. "Come on, Wembley. Let's go show the others", Gobo said. "Bye, Doc!", he called. "Bye!", Wembley called. Sprocket barked his goodbyes as well.
  3. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Part 2:
    Later that day, Red, Mokey and Boober gathered in Gobo and Wembley's room. "So, what did Doc give you?", Boober asked. "Yeah, what's the surprise?", Red asked. "Well, first, look at this", Gobo said holding the snowglobe. "Oh, it's beautiful!", Mokey exclaimed. "But what is it?", Red asked confused. "It's called a snowglobe and watch what happens when you shake it", Wembley explained. Gobo shook the snowglobe gently and let the snow fall. "Wow!", Boober, Red and Mokey exclaimed as they watched the snow. "That is beautiful!", Red exclaimed. "Don't forget the card, Gobo", Wembley whispered. "What card?", asked Boober. "Oh, this one", Gobo said as he pulled it out of his pocket. "Doc wanted me to read it to all of you", he added. "Oh, open it, Gobo, please?", Mokey pleaded. "Yes, please?", Red pleaded also. "Okay, here goes", Gobo said as he opened it and he read:

    Dear Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red,
    I hope you are all having a wonderful winter holiday. Ever since I met you, I always feel lucky to have you as friends. I've learned so much about you and I hope that we will always be friends. I'm happy that you'll be spending Christmas with me and Sprocket for the first time. I also want to let you know that I'm thankful for all of you and I'm looking forward to spending many more years with you.

    Love, Doc and Sprocket

    "That's so sweet", Mokey said. "That was so nice of him", Wembley said. "Even Sprocket signed it", Gobo said as he pointed out a pawprint on the card. "Look at that!", Boober stated. Just then, Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt came in. "Hello, all!", he called as he entered. "Hi, Uncle Matt!', Gobo greeted. "Hi, Uncle Matt!" the other fraggles called. "So what'd you see in Outer Space this time, Uncle Matt?", Gobo asked. "Well, I think you'll be interested to know that I've discovered a holiday that's celebrated in one part of Outer Space" Uncle Matt answered. "Really?", Wembley asked. "Tell us about it, Uncle Matt", Mokey said. "As you wish", Uncle Matt said. "I found a group of silly creatures dancing and singing. As I observed more closely, I found a shiny candle holder with eight places for the candles. Then, the silly creatures gathered around the candle holder and sang in a language I couldn't fully understand, but it seems that the candle holder brings them together and appear to give thanks to it. The strange thing is I instantly felt a sense of peace and happiness. I didn't get the name of the occasion, but it's a wondrous holiday to be a part of", Uncle Matt recalled.

    "Wow!", Wembley exclaimed. "How beautiful!", Mokey added. "Sounds like a neat tradition, Uncle Matt", Gobo said. "It is indeed", Uncle Matt replied. "Speaking of holidays, Uncle Matt, look what Doc gave us as a gift", Red said as she showed Uncle Matt the snowglobe. "Oh, yes, I've seen plenty of those in Outer Space. Watching the snow fall in those miniature domes is wonderful", Uncle Matt said. "It's called a snowglobe, Uncle Matt", Mokey explained. "Ah, yes, that does explain the snow. In a way, it's how snow stays around without melting", Uncle Matt said. "Do you think that's what it's for, Uncle Matt?", Wembley asked. "That's what it appears. I've heard that some places in the world don't get snow on the winter. So this snowglobe must be a way for those places to have snow", Uncle Matt answered. "Really?", Wembley asked "Wow!", Gobo explained as he thought about what Uncle Matt said. "Now if you excuse me, I'm off to see what other holiday traditions I can find", Uncle Mat said heading out. "Okay, Uncle Matt", Gobo said. "Don't forget about the festival, Uncle Matt!", Red called. "I'll do my best to be back in time. I've always felt bad about missing the festival in the past" Uncle Matt said with a frown. "Don't worry, Uncle Matt, at least you always bring your bell with you", Gobo said. "Yes, that's true.", Uncle Matt said. "Well, I must be on my way", he added. "Bye, Uncle Matt!", Gobo called. "Bye!", the other fraggles called as Uncle Matt left.

    "Hey, I just got a great idea!", Wembley cried. "What is it, Wembley?", Gobo asked. "Well, since Doc gave us these presents, why don't we give Doc a gift?", he replied. "That's a great idea, Wembley! That way we can show how much we appreciate him!", Red exclaimed. "I can make him my own postcard of Fraggle Rock", Gobo said. "I'll make a painting of a snowy field.", Mokey said. "I'll make some ice skates for Doc and Sprocket", Red said. "I'll make a book of my favorite winter time recipes", Boober said. "And I'll make paper snowflakes", Wembley said. "What are we waiting for? Let's get started!", Gobo shouted and the Fraggle Five left the room to work on making their gifts for Doc. After they were finished, they showed each other the gifts they made. "Doc will be so happy to get all these!", Gobo exclaimed. "This will be the best Christmas that Doc has ever had!", Red added. "I think so, too!", Wembley added. "I can't wait to give Doc these gifts", Boober said. "Let's hang onto them and then surprise him and Sprocket with these gifts", Mokey said. "And we can give them to him when we see him on Christmas", Gobo said.
  4. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Part 3:
    The next day, only one day away from the festival, , everyone was having their winter fun. Some were ice skating, Gobo and Red were playing ice hockey with their chosen teams while Mokey was sitting on the sidelines thinking of a poem about the winter. Boober and Wembley, however, were in their rooms thinking. Both had already decided what they would give to Gobo, Red and Mokey, but they haven't decided what to give to each other. "Boy, who knew deciding on a gift for a friend was so hard?", Boober thought aloud. "Wembley is one of my best friends and I've given him plenty of nice gifts, but this year, I need to give him a really good one, the best one yet!". Boober continued to think, he thought as hard as he could, but couldn't think of a present for Wembley. "What am I going to do?", Boober asked to himself in frustration. "I better ask the Trash Heap, she'll know". Meanwhile, Wembley was in his room thinking about a present for Boober. "Boober's one of my best friends, deciding on a present for him shouldn't be this hard," he thought to himself. "Let's see, I could give him a gift that'll help with his laundry or I could get him something to help with his cooking. Oh, no! I feel a big Wembling fit coming on!", he cried. "No! I can't wemble at a time like this! I need to think! Okay, come on, Wembley, think, think!". He thought harder than he ever thought before, but he couldn't think of a gift for Boober. "Oh, brother. What am I going to do? I know, I'll ask the Trash Heap. She'll know what I should give to Boober", he said.

    While passing the Gorg's garden, Boober is spotted by Junior Gorg. "Oh, hey there, little fraggle", he called. "Oh! Hi, Junior.", Boober said slightly startled. "Say, you're one of Wembley's friends, right?", Junior asked. "Yes, I'm Boober", Boober said shaking, forgetting that Junior was friends with fraggles now. "Well, pleasure to meet you. So where are you off to?", Junior asked. "Well, I'm going to see the Trash Heap. See, I'm having trouble deciding on what to give to Wembley. Do you have any advice?", Boober asked looking up at Junior. "Gee, I never knew that deciding on a present for someone was that hard. But, the first thing I say to myself is, 'Junior, what does that person you want to give a present for like?' and then I think of what they might need based on what they like", Junior answered. "And that helps?", Boober asked. "It does. But usually Ma and Pa don't need much so I usually make them something with my own two hands", Junior said. "Well, all I know is that Wembley likes singing and dancing, but all fraggles do that. He likes his banana tree shirts, but I only wash clothes, not make 'em. And then there's his pebble collection", Boober thought aloud. "That's a good start. If you keep thinking, I'm sure you'll think of something." Junior said. "Well, thanks, Junior. I'll keep that in mind", Boober said. "hey, would it be all right if I give presents to you and your friends since we are friends now?", Junior asked. "That would be great, Junior. I'd really appreciate it and so will my friends.", Boober said with a smile. "Bye, Junior. See you later", Boober called as he left. "Bye", Junior said as he waved.

    Near the Trash Heap, Philo and Gunge, the Trash Heap's assistants are heard talking. "What do you think we should get Marjory, Gunge?", Philo asked. "Gee, I'm not sure, Philo. What do you think?", Gunge asked. "That's why I asked you! How should I know?", Philo shouted. "I don't know! It'll be time to give them to her before we know it!", Gunge shouted back. "Excuse me!", Boober shouted. "Oh, sorry 'bout that little fraggle", Philo said. "Yeah, you are in the presence off.." "the all-knowing..." "all mighty..." "Trash Heap, nyah!", the two recited. The the Trash Heap rose up from the trash pile slowly and yawned. "Oh, hello there, little fraggle. What can I do for you on this fine winter day?", she asked sweetly. "Well, Madam Heap, I need your advice. I'm having trouble deciding what kind of gift to get Wembley. He's one of my best friends and I want to get him the perfect one. How do I find the perfect one?", Boober asked. "Well, the most important thing to remember is to give from your heart." Madam Heap said. "Give from my heart? What do you mean?", Boober said confused. "Giving from the heart is thinking about others and what makes them happy. Even the most simple act of kindness can bring joy to another. Knowing that you care about them and love them is the best feeling anyone can feel", Madam Heap explained. "You mean, if I give a gift to show my love and friendship, then Wembley will be happy?", Boober asked. "Exactly", Madam Heap said with a smile. "The Trash Heap has spoken, nyah!", Philo and Gunge said. Boober left for home wondering about what the Trash Heap had just said. "Boy, if I find the right gift for Wembley, I guess I'll have to trust what my heart tells me", Boober thought aloud.
  5. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Part 4:
    Meanwhile, Wembley was making his way to the Trash Heap, bouncing along and making musical noises all the while when he heard a small voice. "Hiya, Wembley!", the voice called. Wembley turned and saw Cotterpin Doozer on her motorbike. "Oh, hi, Cotterpin!", Wembley greeted relived to see a familiar face. "So where are you off to in such a hurry?", Cotterpin asked. "I'm going to see the Trash Heap for advice", Wembley answered . "Advice for what?", Cotterpin asked. "Well, I'm having trouble deciding on a present for Boober. I have to find the perfect present for him", Wembley explained. "I see", Cotterpin said. "What do you think I should do?", Wembley asked. "Well, Boober is one of your best friends so just think about what he likes and then find something you think he'll need based on that", Cotterpin explained. "I guess that makes sense, but the only things that Boober really likes is cooking and laundry.", Wembley said. "Hmm. Well, keep thinking. I'm sure you'll figure it out. If I were you, I'd get Boober something that'll be useful for cooking and laundry", Cotterpin said. "That's not a bad idea, Cotterpin.", Wembley said. "But remember, no matter what you get him, it'll show that you care about him", Cotterpin added. "Thanks, Cotterpin", Wembley said with a smile. "I'll see you later!", he said as he left. "Bye, Wembley!", Cotterpin called.

    At the tunnel leading to the Gorg's garden, Wembley runs into Boober. "Oh!", both exclaimed surprised to see each other. "Wembley, what are you doing here?", Boober asked nervously. "Just going to see the Trash Heap, you know, advice on giving gifts", Wembley said just as nervously. "Really? I was just in the garden looking for radishes for a stew I was planning on, turns out, they're too frozen", Boober said. "Right. Well, I'll just be on my way, Boober. Catch you later?", Wembley asked. "Yes, much later.", Boober said. Both walk away laughing nervously then breathed a sigh of relief for not ruining the surprise. "You think we should sneak a peek at what Marjory is getting us, Gunge?", Philo whispered. "Well, one little peek couldn't hurt", Gunge said. "Hello", Wembley called. "Whoa! Oh, you are in the presence of.." "the all knowing.." "all seeing.." "Trash Heap, Nyah!", Philo and Gunge recited once again. The Trash Heap rose up again, "Oh, why hello, little Fraggle. What can I do for you?", Madam Heap asked as sweetly as before. "Oh, well, see, Madam Heap, I'm having trouble deciding on a present for Boober. He's one of my best friends and I really want to give him the prefect one", Wembley explained. "You know, there was another Fraggle here earlier that came to me with the same problem", Madam Heap said. "Really? What did you tell that Fraggle?", Wembley asked. "I told him to give from the heart. The one who receives the gift will know the giver loves them and cares for them. It's the greatest feeling anyone could know", Madam Heap explained. "So if I give Boober something to show how much I care about him, he'll be happy?", Wembley asked. "Exactly", Madam Heap answered. "The Trash Heap has spoken, nyah!", Philo and Gunge said. "Thanks, Madam Heap. That helped a lot", Wembley said with a smile and he left for home. "Now boys, don't think that I don't know about your plan to look at the gifts I'm planning on giving you. You'll have to wait until the festival", Madam Heap said turning to Philo and Gunge. "Aww nuts!", the two assistants exclaimed.

    Later that day, Boober found Wembley in the room he shared with Gobo. "Hi, Wembley!", he called as he entered. "Hi, Boober!", Wembley called back. "Say, what are you up to?", Boober asked noticing his pebble collection. "Just trying to reorganize my pebble collection, but I think I might need a bigger bag for them", Wembley said holding up a small burlap sack with a small hole on the side. "Wembley, with a hole like that, it's likely that the smaller pebbles will fall out", Boober observed. "I guess you're right. I wish I had another bag around here.", Wembley said. "Well, I'm collecting laundry for today. Want to help?", Boober asked. "Sure", Wembley said happy to help. In Boober's room, his washtub that's always in the middle was ready for laundry. "Just put the laundry near the washtub", Boober said as he and Wembley entered. "You know, Boober, you're amazing. Not even freezing weather can stop you from doing laundry. But aren't you worried about the water turning into ice?", Wembley asked. "That's why I get started as early as possible before that water is able to freeze into ice", Boober explained. "Oh, rats!", he cried. "What's wrong?", Wembley asked. "I'm almost out of rock soap! Well, at least there's enough to last a couple more days.", Boober said. "That's good, Boober. Do you need anything else?", Wembley asked. "Not right now, Wembley, but thanks", Boober answered. "No problem, Boober. See you later!", Wembley said as he left. "Bye!", Boober called. As Boober got started on his laundry, he began to think to himself. "Boy, it's a shame that Wembley doesn't have another bag to store his pebble collection. A bigger one would keep it safe", he thought aloud. Then it hits him. "Wait a minute! That's it! I'll get Wembley a bigger bag to store his pebble collection, it's perfect!", he exclaimed. "But how will I find one? I can't make one to save my life", he said worried. Meanwhile, Wembley was heading back to his room thinking to himself all the while. "Boy, I bet if Boober had more rock soap, he'd be able to finish the laundry by the end of the year", he thought aloud. Then he stopped in his tracks. "Wait a second! That's it! I'll get Boober rock soap! It may be boring to most fraggles, but not to Boober! I'll get him enough to last a year, that way he won't have to worry about running out of it!", he exclaimed. "But where would I find rock soap? Only Boober knows where to find it, but I don't want to ruin the surprise", he said worried.
  6. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Part 5:
    After Boober finished the day's laundry, he walked down to the Great Hall when something caught his eye. It was a medium sized sack with light blue silk fabric, it was big enough to hold Wembley's pebble collection. Then he noticed it was on a table with other small objects and the owner was Marlon, the craziest Fraggle in the Rock! Boober nervously approached Marlon. "Hello, Marlon", he said. "Boober, you're just in time! I'm holding a trade exchange, you know, last minute gifts before the festival", Marlon explained. "So what catches your eye?", he asked. "Well, I'd like to have that light blue sack, it'll be perfect for Wembley", Boober said. "I'll give it to you only for a reasonable trade", Marlon said glaring at Boober. "I don't think I have anything to trade, Marlon", Boober said shaking. "No trade, no sack!", Marlon shouted. Boober's mind was racing, what could he do? He knew has had to make a difficult decision. "I'll be right back, Marlon", he said. As quick as a flash, he brought back his washtub. "Here, you can have my washtub for that light blue sack", Boober said out of breath from pushing the washtub to the Great Hall. Marlon thought for a moment. "Okay, deal", he said handing the sack to Boober. "Thanks, Marlon. Even though I'll have to give up laundry, possibly forever, I know that Wembley will be happy with this sack", Boober said.

    Later Wembley came by. "Wembley! Wembley! You're just in time! I'm running a trade exchange! So what draws your eye? Maybe you'd like a last minute present for someone?", Marlon asked excitedly. "Well, I'm not sure what's there for Boober, but you wouldn't happen to have any rock soap, would you?", Wembley asked. "Well, no rock soap, but if you look in that box, there's some pebbles I think you'll like", Marlon replied. Wembley opened the box and to his surprise... "Hey, these aren't pebbles, it's rock soap! Enough to last Boober a year!", he shouted. "Well, if it's rock soap you want, it's rock soap you get...for a trade", Marlon said. "I don't think I have anything to trade, Marlon", Wembley said. "No trade, no rock soap!", Marlon shouted. Wembley didn't know what to do. He had to make a decision fast, he didn't have time to wemble. "I'll be right back, Marlon", Wembley said. He came back as fast as lightning with his pebble collection in the burlap sack he had. "Here, I'll trade you my entire pebble collection for all that rock soap", Wembley said out of breath. "Deal", Marlon said giving Wembley the box of rock soap. "Thank you, Marlon. Even if I had to give up my entire pebble collection, Boober will sure be happy with the rock soap", Wembley said.

    As evening approaches, both Boober and Wembley were questioning if they did the right thing by trading the things they loved to get a present for each other. "I know Wembley will love this sack for his pebble collection, but I still can't believe that I had to give away my washtub to get it", Boober thought aloud. "Sometimes giving brings sacrifice", a voice said out of nowhere. Then the owner of the voice emerged from the darkness. "Cantus, what are you doing here? The festival isn't until tomorrow.", Boober said confused. "I overheard your conflict, about giving something up to give your friend a gift", Cantus said. "Yes, I traded my washtub to get Wembley this sack for his pebble collection", Boober explained. "Now I'm not sure if I did the right thing or not", he added. "Listen, Wembley has been your friend for a long time, right?", Cantus asked. "Yes, for as long as I can remember", Boober answered. " I'm sure if you explained what you had to do to get him that gift, he'll understand", Cantus said in his gentlest voice. "So, it was the right thing to do?", Boober asked. "Only your heart can tell you what to do, your brain may have the knowledge, but your heart truly knows what's right and wrong", Cantus said. Boober thought for a moment. "I guess you're right. Wembley will understand", he said. But as he looked up, Cantus was gone. "Cantus? Cantus?", Boober asked as he looked around. "How does he do that?", he said to himself baffled. In another part of the Rock, Wembley was worried about the same thing. "Boober will sure love all this rock soap, even if I had to trade my entire pebble collection to get it", Wembley said. "You gave from your heart", Cantus said in the dark. "Cantus! But the festival's tomorrow!", Wembley said surprised. "I know, but I know of your problem", Cantus said. "Well, I traded my pebble collection to get Boober all this rock soap", Wembley explained. "Now I'm wondering if I did the right thing", he added. "You really care about Boober, don't you?", Cantus asked. "Yeah, I do. He's been my friend forever", Wembley said. "I'm sure if you tell him what happened, he'll understand. What matters the most is his happiness", Cantus said in his gentle voice. "So, what I did was the right thing?", Wembley asked. "Your heart knows the answer. Listen to it and you will know what the right thing is", Cantus said. Wembley thought for a while. "Yeah, you're right. Boober will understand and he'll be happy", Wembley said, but before he knew it, Cantus disappeared. "Cantus? Cantus?", Wembley called as he looked around. "How did he do that?", he asked himself confused.
  7. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Part 6:
    The moment everyone waited for arrived...the Festival of the Bells! The Rock was abuzz with activity and everyone waits for Cantus' arrival. "Come on, girls! Let's go!", Gobo shouted with Red and Mokey following right behind him. "Wait for us!", Red shouted. "Wait up!", Mokey shouted. "Boy, I can't wait for the festival to start!", Morris Fraggle said excitedly. "Me, neither.", Tosh Fraggle said. "I always look forward to this time of year!", Lou Fraggle added. Then something caught her eye. "Hey, look! Isn't that Wembley's pebble collection?", she asked. "It is!", Morris exclaimed. "And that's Boober's washtub!", Tosh shouted. "And what's Marlon doing with them?", Morris asked. "Well, if you must know...", Marlon said surprising the three fraggles. "Boober and Wembley traded them to get each other presents, so know I have them", he added. "Gosh, I can't believe they did that", Morris said amazed. "But after they give their presents, can they get the pebbles and the washtub back?", Tosh asked. "Oh, I couldn't do that, it was a fair trade", Marlon answered. "But Boober needs his washtub for laundry." Morris said. "And Wembley loves his pebble collection.", Lou said. "Sorry, all trades are final!", Marlon shouted. "We've gotta do something, girls.", Morris said. "Yes, but what?", Tosh asked anxiously. "Let's get Gobo, Red and Mokey, they'll know what to do", Lou said and they went off to find them.

    Meanwhile, Boober met Wembley is his room to exchange their gifts. "Hi, Wembley", he said as he entered. "Oh, hi, Boober", Wembley said back. Both were feeling nervous about the gift exchange because of what they had to do to get them. "I know it's early, Wembley, but I want to give you my present for the festival", Boober explained. "Me, too, Boober", Wembley said. "Why don't you go first?", he asked. "Sure", Boober said. Wembley brought out a big box with a ribbon on it. "Whoa! Wembley, I think you've outdone yourself with a present this big!", Boober exclaimed. He began to untie the ribbon carefully and opened the box slowly. "Oh, Wembley! It's rock soap!", he exclaimed. "Yep, enough to last a year so you won't have to worry about running out when you do your laundry", Wembley explained. Boober stopped for a moment. "Oh, right, the laundry", he said quietly knowing he didn't have his washtub anymore. "What's wrong, Boober?", Wembley asked noticing his friend's expression on his face. "Oh, nothing, Wembley.", Boober answered. "Why don't you open your present?", he asked. "Oh, okay", Wembley said eagerly. Boober handed him an object wrapped in tissue paper. "Wow! It looks beautiful already!", Wembley stated. Then he opened his present. "Oh, Boober, I love it! But what is it?", he asked looking at the light blue sack. "It's a bigger sack to hold your entire pebble collection then you won't have to worry about losing any of your pebbles", Boober explained. Wembley looked at Boober then looked down at his present. "Right, my pebble collection", he said quietly knowing he didn't have it anymore. Both looked away from each other for a moment then looked back. "Can I be honest with you?", they both asked at the same time. "I have something to tell you", they both said again. "You go first. No, you", they said. "Oh, Wembley, I don't know how to tell you this, but I traded my washtub to get you that sack for your pebble collection.", Boober explained sadly. "And I traded my pebble collection to get you all that rock soap", Wembley explained. "You traded your pebbles to get me the rock soap?,"Boober asked. Wembley nodded slowly. "Gosh, you did that for me?", Boober asked. "Sure, you're one of my best pals, I'd do anything for you.", Wembley said. "Same here, Wembley. I traded my washtub for your gift because I really care about you and I really wanted you to be happy with your present", Boober said. "I am happy, Boober, because I know my present came from a really great friend.", Wembley said with a smile. "I'm happy with my present for the same reason, Wembley", Boober said smiling. "So you're not mad?", Wembley asked. "Of course not", Boober answered. "Neither am I", Wembley said. "You're the best, Boober", he added. "No, Wembley, you're the best", Boober said. The two friends gave each other the tightest hug they could give each other. "Well, come on. Let's join the others for the festival", Boober said. "Okay, I'd never miss it for the world.", Wembley said happily. Both left for the Gteat Hall side by side with their arms around each other.

    Meanwhile, Morris, Lou and Tosh were telling Gobo, Red and Mokey what had happened with Wembley and Boober's presents. "What?", Gobo shouted. "I can't believe they did that!", Mokey exclaimed. "And Marlon won't give them back?", Red asked. "Nope, he said that all trades were final", Morris explained. "That's not fair!", Red shouted. "I know, but what should we do?", Tosh asked. "Hey, what's going on?", Rumple Fraggle asked followed by Large Marvin and Feenie. "Wembley and Boober traded their belongings to Marlon to give each other a present and now he won't give them back!", Lou explained. "That's terrible!", Feenie exclaimed. "Who does that Marlon think he is doing something so greedy like that?", Large Marvin said as he munched on a cookie. "So what cane we do to get them back?", Rumple asked. "Well, in a case like this, there's only one thing to do", Gobo said. "What's that, Gobo?", Mokey asked. "Here's the plan...", Gobo whispered as the group of fraggles huddle together.
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    Part 7:
    As Boober and Wembley made their way to the Great Hall, they find Cotterpin on her motorbike. "Hey, guys!", she called. "Oh, hi, Cotterpin!", Wembley called back. "Hi, Cotterpin!", Boober called. "Hey, I got you and your friends something", Cotterpin said. "What's that?", Wembley asked. "I got each of you a bundle of the sweetest Doozer sticks made from the sweetest radishes that only grow in the winter", Cotterpin said showing them the Doozer sticks. "Oh, Cotterpin, that's so nice of you.", Boober said. "Yeah, thanks. Gobo, Red and Mokey will love these!", Wembley exclaimed. "You're welcome", Cotterpin said. "Hey, why don't you join us?", Boober asked. "Yeah, you can join the festival. You got a bell anywhere?", Wembley asked. "Yep, had one ever since I wanted to be friends with you fraggles", Cotterpin said. "Great! Come with us!", Wembley cried. "Right behind ya!", Cotterpin cried motoring behind them.

    Meanwhile, Marlon was busy packing up the items from the trade exchange including Boober's washtub and Wembley's pebble collection when suddenly..."Marlon, wait!", Gobo shouted. "Oh sorry. I'm starting to close up shop", Marlon said. "But can't you make an exception for us?", Red asked. "What's in it for me?", Marlon suspiciously. "We heard about what Boober and Wembley did for each other, so we decided to give the presents all of us were going to give to Boober and Wembley to you as a trade", Mokey explained. "All your gifts?", Marlon asked with excitement. "Yes, we'd do anything for those two", Morris said. "Even if it means giving away our hits to get the washtub and the pebbles back", Tosh said. And with that, Gobo, Red, Mokey, Morris, Tosh, Lou, Rumple, Large Marvin and Feenie gave their gifts for Boober and Wembley to Marlon. "Gee, this is unexpected", Marlon said surprised. He looked at all the gifts for a moment and said "Okay, you got yourself a trade". Marlon handed them the washtub and the pebble collection. "We did it!", Red exclaimed. "Boober and Wembley will sure be happy to get these back.", Gobo said. "Get what back?", Wembley asked approaching the group of fraggles. "What's going on here?", Boober asked. "We got your washtub back, Boober", Mokey said. "And your pebble collection, Wembley", Lou added. "You did?", Wembley asked shocked. "But how?", Boober asked confused. "Well, the thing is we gave Marlon our presents for you guys to get them back", Gobo explained. "You did?", Wembley asked. "Yeah, we knew how much you guys loved these things so we got them back for you", Rumple said. "Because you're our friends", Feenie said. "Yeah, the greatest friends in the rock", Large Marvin added. "Oh, you guys didn't have to do that", Boober said. "We wanted to, Boober", Mokey said. "Gosh, that was really nice of you guys", Wembley said. "You know, I think the most important thing we all learned here is the presents are nice, but the best gift anyone can ever have is friendship", Boober said. "Couldn't have said it better myself, Boober", Wembley said and the group of fraggles huddled together in a group hug. "Wait a minute!", Marlon shouted. "After seeing what all of you did for each other, I've decided to give all your gifts for Boober and Wembley to them myself", he said as he gave the presents to Boober and Wembley. "Gee, thanks, Marlon", Boober said. "I can't believe it! Marlon giving stuff back?", Red asked amazed. "Even the most greedy fraggles can change their minds, Red", Gobo said with a smile. The music began to play which meant only one thing...
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    Part 8:
    "Listen! Cantus is on his way!", Wembley shouted. "Oh, boy!", Red shouted. "Hey, Fraggles! I have something for you!", Cotterpin cried. "Oh, yeah. Cotterpin has presents for us!", Boober cried. "The sweetest Doozer sticks from the sweetest radishes", Cotterpin said. "Thanks, Cotterpin", Large Marvin said. "Yeah, thanks a bunch!", Feenie added. "Don't mention it", Cotterpin said. "Oh, that reminds me. Look what I found in the Gorg's garden. Junior gave us a bunch of radishes for us as a gift", Mokey said. "Great! They all look so good!", Boober stated. "And there's a note, too. It says,

    Dear Fraggles,
    Enjoy these radishes I picked just for you. I hope you like them and Happy Festival of the Bells.

    Love, Junior

    "That's so nice of him", Red said. "Is sure is. Come on, let's go!", Gobo shouted. "Come on, Cotterpin!", Wembley cried as he picked her up. "Okay. Lead the way!", Cotterpin cried. All the fraggles gathered in the Great Hall and began to sing:

    There's a rhythm, there's a rising,
    There's a dream of green that needs to wake.
    A password and a promise that the earth will never ever break.
    It's coming, feel it humming in the hearts we share with rock and sky.
    So raise your voice high

    (Deep beneath the snow,
    Seeds begin to grow.
    Sun shines through the rain.
    We will live again)

    "Hark, fraggles!", Cantus cried. "Hark, Cantus!", Wembley cried.
    "It gives me great pleasure to be with you today for the Festival of the Bells, the most wondrous of all Fraggle celebrations", Cantus declared. "But now, the ceremony must begin", he added. "Listen to this, Cotterpin. You'll love this", Wembley whispered. "The giant weebabeast guarded the Great Bell in the day's when the rock was small, but now that the Rock has grown and layers of stone covered the Great Bell, we no longer travel to he heart, at least not on foot, instead, we remember", Cantus narrated. "That's my favorite part", Wembley whispered to Cotterpin. "All fraggles the Rock over ring their bells, all together, all at the same time. Our bells wake the Great Bell. The Great Bell rings and the Rock keeps moving for another year", Cantus continued. "Now let the festival begin. But first, if Wembley and Boober would please step forward", he added gesturing to the two fraggles. They stepped forward not sure of what would happen. "These two fraggles have discovered what the spirit of the festival is in more ways than one. They found that each other's love and friendship mean more than their possessions can give in a lifetime. Being together with the ones you love is the best fit anyone can have", Cantus announced as he smiled at each of them. "And now, would you two do the honor of ringing your bells first to start the festival?", Cantus asked. "With pleasure, Cantus", Boober said. Boober and Wembley rang their bells followed by Gobo, Red and Mokey, then by Cotterpin and by more and more fraggles. At the Gorg's garden, Junior heard the bells ring and joined in with his own Bell. Madam Heap, Philo and Gunge heard the bells as well and began ringing their own bells. At Doc's home in the Desert, the bells were heard from the hole in the wall. "Listen, Sprocket! It must be time for the Festival of the Bells I've heard so much about! Okay, Sprocket, ring the bell!", Doc cried. Sprocket barked happily and rang the bell from the time he and Doc tried to celebrate all the traditions of the Winter Solstice at once. Back in the Rock, the Great Bell began to ring throughout the tunnels and caverns and the Rock flowed brighter than ever before. This would be a festival that no one would forget, eapecially Wembley and Boober.

    The End​

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