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The Madtv Sesame parody description.

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by golden teeth, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. golden teeth

    golden teeth Well-Known Member

    For those who didnt catch it, here is a description.

    It first has a similar theme song to sesame street showing kids. Next it has Big Bird (Obviously not the same looking puppet) coughing. Two kids come up and ask him how hes feeling and he says he visited his relatives and now hes sick. Gordon comes and sings a song about the bird flu. We then go to the elctric company sketch where two faces spell out words. They are flu and 2 others. Then we see more of Gordon and Bird. Next we go to a cookie monster sketch where he sees chicken and says, "May not be cookies, but me compulsive eater." We then see the two kids and Bird. Bob comes up with a wheelbarrow full of dead puppets. he tells the kids that they have caught the flu and died. Elmo is on the cart and has blood shot eyes and says something then dies open mouthed. Bob sings a song while throwing the dead puppets in the trash. Gordon comes back and throws gasoline on Bird and lights him on fire. Before we actually see Bird die, we go to the letter of the day "G" as said by a Grover like voice. The sketch ends with two elderly sock puppets obviously portraying Statler and Waldorf. They say, "Boy, were gonna get some letters on that sketch." "Sure are."

    The Waldorf puppet(the one that said they were gonna get complaints) was great. It sounded kind of like a cross between Goelz and Henson.

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