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The Mouse is Wooing Miss Piggy

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. CaptCrouton

    CaptCrouton Well-Known Member

    Okay, sorry. But the bestest cartoon of all time was "Rubik the Amazing Cube." followed by the Laverne and Shirley join the Army cartoon. :D

    Wasn't there also a worthless cartoon about Kweeki Koala, or something like that? That might just be a nightmare tune in my head based on something else..
  2. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    hmm i remember an older Koala cartoon on nick jr, but then there was also another one on fox (i think)it was called bliky Bill on like in 1995.

    Zack)Rowlf the, there are millions of weird cartoons, dog.
  3. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Someone actually remembers Rubik! I don't think it's a very high quality show, but I enjoyed it some as a little kid. It amazed me that they could design a whole program around an inanimate object and make a cartoon out of the crazy fad! I remember his Elmoish squeaky voice too.

    As much as I've bugged on ALF (never really kept my interest after mid-second season), the animated program was quite mature and imaginative. It also looked very different than the other shows at the time. People go off on how Fox's Batman had such an interesting style and it did, but Alf had an artfully crafted style all its own too.

    I also loved the Smurfs until they totally kiddified it with adding younger characters. I wish they'd bring it back. There used to be so much magic and imagination in animated programs and now it's either crass humor or violence. Not that there's anything wrong with these other programs, but there's little balance IMHO.

    (Anyone remember Q-bert? I rememver all those vid-game shows. Not the greatest but very nostalgic.)
  4. CaptCrouton

    CaptCrouton Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Rubik brought the cynic out of me. A cartoon about a puzzle toy. That was a stretch.

    The cool thing about Alf was the continuity between the show and the cartoon. I appreciated the expanse of Alf's world and how faithful the writers stayed to Alf's descriptions of home to the Tanner family. It was as if to say, "See, Alf really was telling the truth about Melmac and Rhonda." (Sheesh I can't believe the worthless trivia I recall) Alf didn't have the best credibility when it came to story telling as the series progressed so I was impressed that he was at this point.

    Smurfs now jumped the shark at some point during the cartoonist strike. I don't know if the writers got tired or if they hired a different bunch. All of the sudden they kept adding new characters to rescue the sinking ship. Remember they added Grandpa smurf as well. Perhaps the show relied too much on magic spells. Whatever the problem was, Papa could find a magical solution if they found the right ingredients. That's what the show eventually boiled down to. The PeeWee character got annoying in a Scrappy Doo kind of way.

    Incidentally, Clockwork became my favorite smurf when it was all said and done. Though I was fond of Handy Smurf, who I found more powerful than Papa because he used his brain to come up with solutions. My childhood was riddled with philosophy. I don't know why.
  5. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Interesting perspective - I agree. And I always liked Smurfette with black hair better.
  6. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Kudos to you Frogboy on the ALF reference. Yes, the cartoon set in it's own little world was in some ways the less popular Simpsons of its day.
  7. Thog

    Thog Well-Known Member

    I remember the Q-bert cartoon. That was on back when Saturday morning cartoon shows were good.

    Back when on a Friday night in the fall they had a show on that would show you all of the cartoons that were going to be on. I remember the one on NBC where they did ALF Loves a Mystery. It had a few NBC stars from 227, The Hogan Family, and Rags To Riches. The were promoting Fraggle Rock (cartoon), Foofer, Smurfs, ALF (cartoon) and others.

    No Saturday mornings are horrible. On CBS you get the same crap thats on Nick Jr. and all ABC shows is Disney stuff.

    I miss the 80's :(

  8. Bean Bunny

    Bean Bunny Well-Known Member


    Do anybody remeber the last season of the Smurfs, when they go to other dimisions trying to find their way home.?
  9. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Saturday mornings

    I agree that the magic is gone on Saturday mornings, but I always hated waking up so early anyway. These days Saturday morning-type media can be seen all week long! I wish they would at least play something on Saturday. I just saw a movie that had a reference to watching cartoons on Saturday and I was like - the writer didn't do his research because there are no more toons really.
  10. towels

    towels Well-Known Member

    I love reading through old comics and seeing the ads for the Saturday morning cartoons...
    There was a two page spread in the NBC Cafeteria (including an animated peacock) with Alvin and the Chipmunks, Punky Brewster, Smurfs, Kidd Video (I think)...
    I miss the Cartoon Network of four years ago too. They had some of these classics on before they got so Scooberific.
  11. Thog

    Thog Well-Known Member

    Anyone remember when they had the USA Cartoon Express on USA? They would show Pac Man and others like Captin Cave Man.
  12. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    I remember that, they had all the toons riding the train with some polar bear driving it, gosh how i miss that Pac Man show!

    The magic in Saturdays is gone now, i don't know if it's because i'm growing up or if the show are junk...The shows are junk!!

    I remember watching Pee-Wee Playhouse,Camp Candy,Garfield & Friends,Heathcliff,The Raccoons,The Super Mario Brothers super show, and Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles and knowing TV could be better, and then it took a turn for the worse.

    Zack)Rowlf the, Anyone remember "The Littlest Hobo"?taped in the 80's. this is not a cartoon show but it was about a stray dog then travled around and found new humans friends in each ep, so the dog had a diffrent name because who ever found him named him. Then at the end of the show he would leave the person and set out in the world again. I know it aired in Canada, I'm just so close in New York i got the TV station.Dog.

    "There's a voice that keeps on calling me, down the road that's where i'll always be. Every stop I make, I make a new freind,but just stop and turn around and I'm gone again."
  13. towels

    towels Well-Known Member

    I always thought the Garfield and Friends show was fairly clever. To me the symbol of the Saturday AM downfall was the Must need Morphine to 'Preciate Rangers. That pushed the Animaniacs out, although they were part of a strong WB lineup for a while (Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim)
    That and NBC's decision to use Saved by the Bell clones as "educational" filler.
  14. Thog

    Thog Well-Known Member

    I also grew up in upstate NY on the border of Canada and watched the Racoons, Mr. Dress Up, The Poka Dot Door, The Edison Twins and all that stuff. It was great. CBC also showed lots of Muppet stuff back then.

  15. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I think you hit the nail on the head of that coffin - when Power Rangers etc take the place of something as cleverly written as Animaniacs.

    The educational programs you are refering to are ordered by the government (I believe) to have more educational programming on for kids. That's a bunch of bunk in my opinion, but whatever. We still have Spongebob for the time being and he gets the highest ratings on cable tv! Eventhough he's on like 20 times a day. I do like Invader Zim too.
  16. towels

    towels Well-Known Member

    Well, the educational requirement has been around for a long time or at least there used to be a requirement that stations had to offer some sort of public service other than just entertainment. Somehow NBC figured out how to classify those insipid shows as good for the community.
    The FCC is so toothless now that it scarcely matters. Community doesn't enter into it since they've basically promoted the multi-market monoliths.
    Ah, for the chance to become a millionaire and run my own TV station...
  17. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Yeah, those shows really do bite. I could understand if they were clever, but they're not IMHO. No one I knew when I was a kid would have watched those programs. They have the impact and charm of a public service announcement.:eek:
  18. scarylarrywolf

    scarylarrywolf Well-Known Member

    As long as we're slightly off-topic:

    30th post -- Yay. I'm a Member.

    --"Scary" Larry Wolf
  19. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Well you were always a member to us! :D
  20. danielromens

    danielromens Well-Known Member

    I've been to busy to post lately but the thought of Brendan Frasier in that movie makes me want to gut myself with a make shift shiv. Personally I think it would be a much better idea if the characters were just fending for themselves rather than supporting the antics of some fading star. Bugs and friends should be the real focus not just the help.

    Similarly thats where I think Treasure Island failed. In the old days the Muppets were the stars of the films. Instead it was the same deal. We have some jagball kid with a poor falsetto. Oh well they teamed with the Diz and that's what they came up with. I still liked aspects of the movies, but Jack was just another Anakin Skywalker to me. I with Kevin Smith could have re-edited that one too. Snoogins.

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