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The Muppet Adventure

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Gonzo14, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Alright everybody, I'm finally ready to start sharing my Fan-Fiction with you all. Some of these ideas have been floating around my head for years, and over the past month, I've organized it into a story.

    I've got the entire thing written in bullet point/note form, and I've already converted the first 3 chapters into a finalized paragraph format. In the end it will be either 13 or 14 chapters, depending on where I end up putting my chapter breaks. To get things rolling, I'm going to post the first 2 Chapters right after this post. Going forward, I'll post the remainder of the story every few days as I finalize each chapter. Just to warn you guys, this will be a long one. The first three chapters alone are over 3,000 words.

    One thing that I really wanted to do with this story is put characters together that we haven't seen before, so I hope you enjoy it. This is my first major fan-fiction, so here goes!
  2. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    I'm figuring out the best way to copy the chapters from Microsoft Word while keeping the formatting. Stay Tuned
  3. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    The Muppet Adventure
    Chapter 1

    It is a clear day, not a cloud in the sky. Traveling Matt Fraggle walks across a field, toward a cave. As he walks, he narrates his upcoming letter to his nephew Gobo.

    “Dear, nephew Gobo, the other day I was exploring as usual, when I came up on a brown fuzzy mountain. It appeared to be a humongous pillow. Naturally I took the opportunity to take a quick nap. As soon as I rested, the mountain came alive.”

    The “brown mountain” starts to move, causing Uncle Matt to fall.

    “Well hello there” said a booming voice. “I’m Snuffleupagus, but you can call me Snuffy, I come from Sesame Street.”

    “Nice to meet you, I’m Traveling Matt from Fraggle Rock. I spend my days exploring the mysteries of the universe” replied Matt.​

    “Wow that sounds fun. Would you mind if I explored with you” asked Snuffy.​

    Matt answered “Not at all, my large friend…..lets continue onward.

    Uncle Matt and Snuffy start walking through the field.​

    Back in Fraggle Rock, Gobo reading the letter to his friends. They are all gathered around Gobo and Wembley’s bedroom.

    “Hope all is well at home, Uncle Traveling Matt.”

    “Wow, a brown mountain that’s alive! Neato!” said Wembley.​

    “If he’s not careful, he’ll get crushed” remarked Boober.​

    “Outer space must be really fascinating” said Mokey.​

    “Oh come on! there’s no way that really happened” said Red.​

    Gobo replied, “It did happen! My Uncle Matt is the greatest explorer there is.”

    Red fires back “He couldn’t find a rock in his own bedroom.”

    Red pushes Gobo causing him to lose his balance, he falls down, yelling in the process. He lands on the floor and notices something glowing from behind a small patch of loose rocks in the corner of the room.

    Gobo looks at it and says “wow, what is this?”

    “What is what, Gobo” asked Wembley.​

    Gobo reaches behind the patch of glowing rocks and pulls out a glowing rock, it brightens the entire room, as they look on in wonder.

    “It’s beautiful” said Mokey.​

    “We don’t know what it is…what if it means we’re all doomed” said Boober.​

    “I can’t believe that this has been here the whole time” said Gobo.

    “Gobo, look, there’s more!” said Wembley, retrieving a letter that was crumpled up next to the crystal.​

    “It’s a letter” said Gobo, looking at it.​

    “Oh, brother, it’s not another letter from your Uncle Matt is it?” replied Red.​

    “No, it’s a letter TO my Uncle Matt, from my Great Uncle Gobo” said Gobo.​

    “What’s it say” asked Mokey.​

    Gobo reads the letter,
    “Nephew Matt, This is the Fraggle Crystal that you and I discovered earlier today. According to the Trash Heap, it needs to be kept very secure and safe. My hopes are that it will be many years before you find this again. If you happen to re-discover this crystal, take very careful care of it. Our family is responsible for its safekeeping, so treat it with respect. Take care, Uncle Gobo”

    “Wow, I wonder why it’s so important?” said Wembley.​

    Gobo answers “I don’t know, but it looks like I have to step up and take care of this thing…whatever it is.”

    Just then a loud thud is heard off in the distance, startling the five Fraggle friends.

    “I knew it…doomed” said Boober.​

    “What could that be” asked Mokey.​

    “There’s only one way to find out…lets go check it out” said Gobo.​

    “Um…I think I’ll stay here and finish my laundry” said Boober, nervously​

    Red, replies “Oh come on, you big baby!

    The Fraggles start walking toward the loud then, anxious to find out what it was.
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  4. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    The Muppet Adventure
    Chapter 2

    It is a slow day at the Muppet Theatre. Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, Scooter, Rizzo, Pepe, and Lew Zealand are gathered around to see a demonstration of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s latest invention.

    “As you can see, I’ve strapped the hiccup transporter vest to Beaker. As the name suggests, it will instantly transport Beaker away from here when he begins to hiccup. Go ahead Beakie…hiccup for us”

    Beaker tries to hiccup, but is unsuccessful.

    “I don’t think the vest is working, okay” said Pepe.​

    “Maybe we just need to scare him. That always gave me the hiccups” suggested Rowlf.​

    “If you want to scare him, just remind him what happened the last time he helped Gonzo change a tire on his motorcycle” said Scooter.​

    “Well now I know, not to start the engine until he’s done” said Gonzo.​

    “None of that will be necessary, I will just need to find some black pepper. While it would cause most people to sneeze, it gives Beaker explosive hiccups” remarked Bunsen.​

    “Did somebody say Explosive?” said Crazy Harry out of nowhere, just before he uses his plunger and blows a giant hole in the wall, laughs and disappears.​

    “You’d think after 30 years, we’d be more careful about using those kinds of words” commented Fozzie.​

    The Muppets wave away the smoke and debris and start to look at the hole in the wall. It is very large hole that appears to connect to a tunnel.

    “Look at the size of that rat hole” said Scooter​

    “That is no rat hole, and trust me, I’ve seen plenty” said Rizzo.​

    “Then what is it” asked Rowlf.​

    “Maybe it will lead to a 5 star spa” suggested Pepe.​

    “It could be filled with chickens” suggested Gonzo.​

    “I know, I’ll throw my boomerang fish in there, and then it will come back to me” suggested Lew​

    “mememememe” said Beaker.​

    “Beaker’s right, it appears to be a large limestone cavern” replied Bunsen.​

    Just then, a small hand taps Fozzie on the shoulder. He turns around to see Gobo Fraggle.

    “Are you a Snuffleupagus?” asked Gobo.​

    “Aaaah! Kermiiiiiit!” yelled Fozzie.​

    “He’s not big enough to ride, Gobo. This looks like...what were they called? A Dog” said Red.​

    “No, I’m the dog, he’s the bear” said Rowlf.​

    “He’s not bare, he’s wearing a neck-tie” said Red.​

    Fozzie chime in “and I thought I was the king of old jokes.”

    “Don’t worry, you still are” said Statler and Waldorf, looking down from up in the balcony.​

    “So what are you guys?” asked Scooter.​

    “We’re Fraggles, from Fraggle Rock” answered Gobo.​

    “I told you they weren’t rats” said Rizzo.​

    Kermit and Robin enter the room.
    “What’s all the commotion?” asked Kermit.​

    “Look Uncle Kermit, a Fraggle hole” said Robin.​

    “You know these guys?” asked Fozzie.​

    “Oh yeah, it’s the Frogs” said Gobo.​

    “Oh sure, I was on the Jimmy Dean show, but everybody knows the Frog” remarked Rowlf.​

    “What are you doing here?” asked Kermit.​

    “We’re not too sure ourselves, we heard a noise and came to check it out” said Gobo.​

    Just then, Wembley pokes his head out from the Fraggle hole and behind him are Boober Mokey looking around. “Wow! A whole new section of outer space! Hi, I’m Wembley.”

    “Nice to meet you, Fozzie Bear here.”

    “I think we have a unique exploring opportunity here” said Gobo.​

    “What do you mean?” asked Kermit.​

    “Well if we come out and explore your world, you guys can take a look around Fraggle Rock” suggested Gobo.​

    “What an intriguing proposition” commented Bunsen.​

    “Are there women?” asked Pepe.
    “Is there food?” asked Rizzo.
    “Are there chickens?” asked Gonzo.​

    “Kermit!” yelled Fozzie, as he is wedged, partway into the Fraggle Hole.​

    “It appears that the bear doesn’t fit” said Rowlf.​

    “Alright everyone grab on and pull” suggested Kermit as everyone, including the Fraggles pull Fozzie out of the Fraggle hole.​

    “How about this. Anyone who can fit in this Fraggle hole, can come with us…Mokey will you be our tour guide?” said Kermit.​

    “Of course I will!” exclaimed Mokey.​

    “Are you sure we want to bring outsiders in? What if something goes wrong” said Boober.​

    “Nothing will go wrong, welcome to our home, everybody” said Wembley as he goes back into Fraggle Rock, followed by Boober, Mokey, Kermit, Robin, Pepe, Gonzo, Scooter and Rizzo.​

    After they leave, Fozzie notices a light glowing from Gobo’s backpack. He asks “What is that?”

    “This is the Fraggle Crystal…would you like to see it?” said Gobo as he hands Fozzie the Crystal.​

    “Wow” exclaims Fozzie.​

    “It appears to be illuminated an increasing rate” noticed Bunsen.​

    “So give us a tour, what should we see first” asked Red.​

    “How about the exit” said Statler.​

    “Brilliant idea, that’s my favorite too” said Waldorf as they laugh.​

    “Well this is our stage and up front here, this is our orchestra piiiiiiii” said Fozzie as he falls mid-sentence into the orchestra pit. As he falls, the Fraggle crystal breaks in half. Fozzie gets back up just as Gobo and Bunsen pick up the two halves of the Fraggle crystal.​

    “The Fraggle Crystal! 10 minutes into having it, it already breaks, I bet my Uncle matt would never be this clumsy” said Gobo.​

    “It appears that the crystal’s illumination has dramatically decreased…don’t you agree, Beaker?” said Bunsen. He hands the half-crystal to Beaker who begins to examine it. Some crystal dust blows in Beaker’s face, causing him to sneeze and then hiccup. As he starts to hiccup, he begins to look .transparent. After 20 seconds, Beaker disappears with a puff of smoke, taking the crystal with him.​

    “One of the Muppets just disappeared” said Statler.​

    “Bravo! That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen on that stage” said Waldorf.​

    “More, More!” said both of them.​

    “That’s not all that disappeared…look” said Rowlf. Everyone gathers and sees that the Fraggle hole is gone. All that’s in the hole now is drywall and insulation. Just then Beauregard pops his head out of the hole.​

    “Am I supposed to clean this up?” asked Beauregard.​

    “Whata….howa…how are we going to get our friends back!?” asked Fozzie, panicked.

    “We’ll never see Fraggle Rock again” said Red.​

    “In hindsight, I probably should have added a locator chip to find Beakie’s destination” said Bunsen.​

    “I know where we have to go” proclaimed Gobo.​

    “Where?” asked Lew.​

    “The only other entrance to outer space that we know about…we have to find Doc and Sprocket” said Gobo.​

    “Where do they live?” asked Rowlf.​

    “In the desert…but I don’t know how we’re going to get there?” said Gobo.​

    “I’ve got just the thing” said Fozzie.​

    Fozzie opens up a door to find The Electric Mayhem. Dr. Teeth, Animal, Floyd, Janice, Zoot, and Lips are all hanging out in a large dressing room.

    “Dr. Teeth, what do you say to another road trip to find Kermit and our friends” asked Fozzie.​

    “This most posalutely sounds like the opening scene of adventure story” replied Dr. Teeth.​

    “Oh rully, like we could use some excitement” said Janice.​

    “Yeah, the only thing we have for entertainment in here is watching animal bowl with the chickens” said Floyd.​

    Animal throws Camilla at a pile of chickens and they fall over.
    “POULTRY STRIKE! POULTRY STRIKE!” exclaimed Animal.​

    “So…these guys are our best hope?” asked Red.

    “Well we’ve got the wheels, so it looks like it little miss pom pom” said Floyd as he laughs.​

    “But like, where have our friends gone?” asked Janice​

    “They disappeared into a magical Fraggle hole, so now we’ve got to go to the desert” said Rowlf​

    “DESERT! DESERT DESERT!” yelled Animal​

    “We don’t have time, we’ve got to go” said Gobo​

    “Well then, lets vehicularily transport ourselves to the dry land…to the bus” said Dr. Teeth​

    “BUS! BUS!” yelled Animal.​

    Fozzie, Rowlf, Bunsen, Lew Zealand, Gobo, Red, and the Electric Mayhem take off in the Electric Mayhem Bus.

    Unknown Location
    At unknown office location, Bobo the Bear is sleeping at a work desk. A computer monitor beeps. He starts to wake up.
    “Cindy, come back, what…Sir! Sir! It finally happened!” said Bobo. An unknown man comes out of an office and looks at a red blinking dot that appears to be on a GPS screen.​

    “Get the car! do you have that location?” asked the Man.​

    “Yes sir, I do…but my lunch was in 5 minutes” said Bobo.
    “Get the car, bear!” yelled the man.
    “Right…we can go through the drive through” said Bobo as he and the man leave the office.​
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  5. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not sure who's all reading this, but Here comes Chapter 3. I'll split it into 2 posts​

    Chapter 3
    Walking into Fraggle Rock, Kermit and the Muppets looked around in wonder at the beautiful scenery of the caves.

    “Wow, this is really amazing. You guys must love living here” said Robin.

    “Yes, it’s wonderful, and it’s home.” Replied Mokey.​

    “Well if it’s home, then do you have anything to eat?” asked Rizzo.​

    “I just finished a new tower five minutes ago” said Cotterpin Doozer from around the corner.​

    “Oh yum! I haven’t eaten all day, ha ha” exclaimed Wembley.​

    “What kind of rat are you” asked Rizzo, as everybody else except for himself and Rizzo keep walking farther into Fraggle Rock.​

    “For your information, my name is Cotterpin and I am a Doozer” said Cotterpin​

    “Yeah the Doozers build these delicious towers” said Wembley, mid-bite.​

    That is a new kind of crazy” said Rizzo.​

    Don’t knock it till you try it” replied Cotterpin. Rizzo takes a bite out of the tower and is surprised to confirm that it is indeed, very tasty.
    “Man, this isn’t half bad” said Rizzo​

    “I know, right! Dig in!” said Wembley​

    As the Muppets are walking through Fraggle Rock, a wave of energy surges through the area, startling everybody.

    “That tickles” said Gonzo.

    “What was that? we’re doomed!” said Boober.​

    “Boober, don’t be silly, we’re just fine” said Mokey.​

    “I hate to break it to you, but Boomer is right…our theater disappeared, okay” said Pepe.​

    “Pepe, what do you mean the Theater disappeared?” asked Kermit.​

    “He’s right, the hole we came in was right here a minute ago” replied Scooter.​

    “But, then how will we get home?” asked Robin.​

    “And what about Gobo and Red? Will we ever see them again?” asked Boober.​

    “Or Camilla! The last time I saw her she said something about bowling” said Gonzo.​

    “There’s only one place to turn at a time like this…the Trash Heap” said Mokey.​

    “The Trash Heap?” asked Kermit.​

    “If you needed a trash heap, we should never have left the theater, they’re all over the place…seriously Kermit, Beauregard’s been slacking, okay” said Pepe.​

    “No, the Trash Heap is our all-knowing oracle, she’ll help us guide the way” explained Mokey​

    “Riigght” said Pepe, sarcastically.​

    Mokey and Boober led the Muppets over to the entrance to the Gorgs’ garden.
    “Boober, check if the coast is clear” said Mokey.​

    “Clear of what?” asked Scooter.​
    Boober peeked his head out of the entrance as he answered.
    “The Gorgs, but don’t worry, I don’t think any of them are arouuuuu” Boober is picked up by Junior Gorg.​

    “Hey Pa, we can use this for our tennis game” exclaimed Junior. Junior and Pa Gorg start hitting Boober back and forth with tennis rackets.​

    “Nice form, son!” yelled Pa Gorg.​

    “Cool! Hey let me try!” yelled Gonzo.​

    “Who are you?” asked Junior.​

    “I’m the Great Gonzo! I’d be happy to be your tennis ball”

    “You’re crazy! You actually want to do that?” asked Boober.​

    “Of course, don’t you?” said Gonzo.​

    “You and I have nothing in common” said Boober.​

    “Junior! Stop talking to your sports equipment” yelled Pa.​

    “Sorry, Pa, here we go!” said Junior as he picked up Gonzo and started another round of tennis.

    “This is so refreshing!” exclaimed Gonzo.​
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  6. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    While Gonzo is being used as a tennis ball, Boober catches up with Mokey and the Muppets, who are just arriving at the Trash Heap.
    You are in the presence of…The all-knowing…Trash Heap...Nyaaah” exclaimed Philo and Gunge.​

    “What seems to be the trouble young Fraggles, or should I say Fraggles and friends,” said Marjory.​

    “Holy guacamole, the trash is alive, okay” replied Pepe​

    “Uh, um…Madame Heap, My name is Kermit the Frog and these are my friends”

    “You see, our friends here are stuck in Fraggle Rock, and Gobo and Red are stuck in outer space” explained Mokey.​

    “World’s collide often, but friendship prevails” said Marjory.​

    “Yeah, but how do we find our friends?” asked Kermit.​

    “When you all come together, you’ll find it” said Marjory.​

    “Find what?” asked Kermit.​

    “The Rainbow Connection…the Lovers, the Dreamers, and You” said Marjory.​

    “How did you know that song? That song is the Muppet motto” asked Kermit.​

    “Everything is connected. We are all one” replied Marjory.​

    “But why now? Why is this all happening now?” asked Robin.​

    “Let me ask you, have you made any unusual discoveries lately?” asked Marjory.​

    “The Fraggle Crystal!” replied Mokey.​

    “I told you that crystal was no good” said Boober.​

    “That crystal is the heart of the connection between your worlds” replied Marjory​

    “Miss Heap, what does this crystal have to do with us? Is there any way that we can help?” asked Robin.​

    “I remember like it was yesterday….long, long ago” said Marjory.​

    Marjory the Trash Heap thought back and remembered a young Matt Fraggle following his Uncle Gobo around Fraggle Rock.
    “Uncle Gobo, where are we going?” asked Matt.​

    “Up ahead, it’s as if I’m being drawn there” replied Uncle Gobo. Just as he said this, Uncle Gobo and Matt stumble upon the Fraggle Crystal. It glows brightly and beautifully.​

    “How has no one seen this beautiful rock before? We’re still really close to the great hall”​

    “Because it had to be us” replied Uncle Gobo, mesmerized and entranced by the crystal. Uncle Gobo and Matt bring the crystal to the Trash Heap.​

    “Madame Heap, what can you tell me about this?” asked Uncle Gobo as he pulls out the crystal. It shines bright and surprises the Trash Heap.​

    “So it is true. Legends have told of the great Fraggle Crystal. The crystal that has incredible powers of connection and wisdom, even beyond that of myself. Only the protector can find it, and since you boys found it. That makes your family the protectors” said Marjory.​

    “Madame Heap, what does it need to be protected from?” asked Matt.​

    “We know not why, but only whom. The protector of the crystal will come from the family of Gobo” explained Marjory.​

    Back in the present, after being told this story, Mokey asks the Trash Heap,
    “but if the protector has to be from the family of Gobo, old Gobo, then it must be protected by Gobo, I mean our Gobo, but how are we going to help him?”​

    “The crystal has been separated, and it must be put back together” said Marjory”​

    “We’re just going to have to find another way out of here, and find our friends” said Kermit.​

    “You mean…you’ll help us?” asked Mokey, emotionally.​

    “Of course…that’s what friends do, besides this crystal is connecting all of us, so it’s all of our responsibility, right guys?” replied Kermit.​

    “Right, Uncle Kermit” said Robin.​

    “But how are we going to get out of Fraggle Rock?”​

    “I know, follow me!” exclaimed Mokey.​

    “Alright come on guys, Gonzo! Rizzo!” yelled Kermit. Rizzo, Wembley, and Gonzo rejoin the group.​

    “Same time next week?” said Gonzo to Junior Gorg.​

    “You got it!” answered Junior.​

    “Mokey, where are we going?” asked Kermit.​

    “There! It’s the only other known entrance to outer space” said Mokey.​

    “Outer space? Don’t we need like helmets and spray cheese to be in outer space?” asked Pepe.​

    “Don’t worry, about the spray cheese, I’m always packing” said Rizzo.​

    “No, outer space is what we call your world, and this entrance leads to a nice old man named Doc and his dog, Sprocket, I’ll bet that’s where Gobo’s headed right now” explained Mokey​

    “You mean we’re leaving Fraggle Rock, but what if we disappear too?” asked Boober.​

    “Boober, come on” said Wembley.​

    The group exits, but is surprised to find themselves in front of a pile of twigs and sticks, they see a giant bird’s nest
    “Oh no, where are we now, and what is that?” asked Boober. Just then, Big Bird looks down and sees the group.​

    “Kermit?” said Big Bird, not expecting to see his amphibian friend.​

    “Well on the bright side, I know where we are now” said Kermit.​
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  7. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Back from the Weekend, Here Comes the two-part Chapter Four!​

    Chapter 4
    Dr. Teeth is driving the Muppets in the Electric Mayhem van. As they drive along the highway, Gobo looks out on the open road. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m finally doing it. I’m exploring outer space just like my Uncle Matt!”

    “Getting lost is more like it, how do we even know where we’re going?” asked Red.​

    “We’re headed for the desert” said Gobo.​

    “But we don’t have any address, mailing list or anything, where are we going? Which desert” said Fozzie​

    “Well if you remember, in our first movie, we were able to find you just by reading exterior desert night” remarked Dr. Teeth​

    “FIRE! FIRE!” yelled Animal.​

    “Yeah man, look over there in the distance, what is that?” asked Floyd. The Muppets look up and see a fiery flare shooting into the sky.​

    “Oh wow, like it looks like a flare gun” said Janice.​

    “Who would have a flare gun out here?” asked Rowlf.​

    “I gave Beaker and emergency flare gun when I set him up with the transporter vest…that could be him” replied Bunsen.​

    “We’ve got to go get him, he’s got half of the crystal!” exclaimed Gobo.​

    “He’s also our friend” said Rowlf​

    “Well…yeah that too” replied Gobo.​

    Dr. Teeth, head towards the flare!” said Fozzie.​

    “Pedal, meet metal” exclaimed Dr. Teeth as they drive forward toward the mysterious flare. They get closer and everyone starts looking out the windows. Gobo looks out and sees something that he’s never seen before.

    “I see something, but it doesn’t look like your squeaky friend” said Gobo.​

    “What is that?...I’ve never seen anything like it before” remarked Red.​

    “Whoa, keep driving man, we’ve got to get away from this thing!” said Floyd, after realizing what it was.​

    “Floyd! That’s not a monster…it’s Miss Piggy!” exclaimed Fozzie, recognizing the Muppet star hitchhiking.​

    “I know, like I said, keep driving. ha ha ha” replied Floyd.​

    “So you know this thing?” asked Gobo.​

    “Yeah, she’s our biggest singing star” explained Rowlf.​

    “You can say that again” said Red.​

    Dr. Teeth pulls the bus up in front of Miss Piggy. The doors open and there she is, dressed in jeans and a trendy shirt with a fashionable coat. She’s holding the flare gun.
    “Oh brother, why do I always run into the likes of you weirdoes? I never should have used that flare” said Piggy, frustrated.​

    “So you want a ride or not, pork chop?” asked Dr. Teeth.​

    “Watch it, Golden Face” said Piggy as she gets on to the bus.​

    “Might I remind everyone that the last time we picked up a hitch-hiking Miss Piggy, we ended up stranded in the desert” said Rowlf.​

    “Watch it!” replied Piggy.​

    “Miss Pig…why are you out here all alone?” asked Lew.​

    “Because I have a life outside of you freaks” answered Piggy.​

    “Then how about you stay outside in that life ha ha” said Floyd.​

    “Where’s Kermie?” asked Piggy.​

    “Um…about that…Kermit got trapped inside Fraggle Rock and now we’re trying to find another way in to save them” said Fozzie, nervously.​

    “WHAT?! My Kermie is gone?!” exclaimed Piggy.​

    “If it makes you feel any better, Gonzo and Pepe are gone too” said Lips.​

    “Oh … yeah that does make me feel better” said Piggy as she looks over at Gobo and Red. “So what’s your story?”

    “Oh I’m Gobo, and this is Red, we’re from Fraggle Rock…I’m an explorer”

    “Fascinating” said Piggy sarcastically as she sighed and looked out the window as the bus continued to drive away.​
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  8. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    In their desert workshop, Doc is tinkering with a new invention while Sprocket watches.
    “I’m just about ready to test out my latest invention, Sprocket” said Doc.​

    Sprocket whimpers in protest. “Oh, don’t worry, Sprocket, this will be truly terrific, look. I call it the holographic beacon”.

    Doc holds up his contraption. It is a small Polaroid camera with and additional lens and a glass reflective ball on top of it. Coming out of this old converted camera are two long wires that Doc has attached to an old car battery. There is also a small wireless microphone attached to Doc’s head.
    As soon as I hit the power and push this button, I will be able to project my face as well as amplify my voice across the sky. Think of the possibilities, Sprocket! We can use this to get a message out in an emergency, are you ready to test it out?” Sprocket hides under his dog bed.​

    Doc hits the button and the machine flickers on. A faint picture of the Doc’s face appears just a few inches about the holographic beacon. Doc tries to use the microphone but it just comes out as inaudible sputters as the whole thing powers down.
    “Sprocket, I don’t know what I’m going to do…we just simply don’t have enough power for this thing”

    Just then, Beaker is transported to the workshop in a puff of smoke and looks around, panicked and confused as he meeps loudly and frantically. Amazed by this, Doc absent mindedly puts the holographic beacon in the large side pocket of his jacket.

    “Remarkable, who are you?” asked Doc.​

    Beaker meeps to Sprocket, who barks back, then barks at Doc.
    “You say he was transported here from the Muppet Theater….Sprocket, ask him about that glowing rock he has” said Doc.​

    Sprocket talks again to Beaker, and then to Doc.
    “A Fraggle crystal? It belongs to Gobo Fraggle? We know the Fraggles! We can help you, Sprocket, move those boxes, and check on our Fraggle hole” said Doc.​

    Sprocket moves the boxes and looks to find no hole at all, just a complete wall. Sprocket barks, worriedly

    “What happened, we’ve lost them. If only we could power my holographic beacon, then maybe somebody could help. Say, Squeaky man, do you think your little crystal could be used to harness power?” asked Doc.​

    Beaker meeps inquisitively.

    “Why yes, yes it can be used for Power. Bobo, get the ropes” said the Mysterious Man as he barges into the workshop followed by Bobo, who is holding a McDonalds bag.​

    “In a minute, I’ve just got a few McNuggets left” replied Bobo.​

    “Now, bear!” yelled the Man​

    “Alright, alright” said Bobo as he leaves to go get the ropes.​

    Beaker, Sprocket, and Doc all look at the man nervously, knowing that this can’t be a good situation.
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    I was going to post Chapter 5 Yesterday, but since there were site errors, I'll do it now. Parts 1 and 2 of Chapter 5!

    Chapter 5
    We return to Kermit along with his group of Muppets and Fraggles having found their way to Sesame Street.
    “Welcome to Sesame Street. It’s nice to have visitors” said Big Bird.​

    “Thank you Big Bird, but to be honest we found our way here by accident” replied Kermit.​

    Oh really? Are you lost?” asked Big Bird,​

    “Yes we are, Mr. Bird. We were trapped inside Fraggle Rock and now we’re trying to find our way back to our friends” said Robin.​

    “Wow, well we’ll help you here at Sesame Street, come on” said Big Bird.​

    Big Bird leads them out from his nest area into Sesame Street. He goes over to Oscar’s trash can and knocks on the lid “Oscar, would you like to meet some new friends?”

    Oscar pops out of his trash can “No! I’d like it if you went away. Seriously, it’s like this bird never met me before, I don’t like friends” answered Oscar as he goes back into his trash can, slamming the lid behind him.

    “Whatever that thing is, I think he has a very rational approach to life. Solitary is always nice” said Boober.

    “Boober, how can you say that?! Look around, this is wonderful, and we’re meeting so many nice new friends” replied Mokey

    "Yeah, and look over there, that must be the biggest Dozer tower I’ve ever seen!” Wembley looks over and sees a bunch of scaffolding in front of a closed down Hoopers Store. He goes over and takes a huge bite, only to realize that it’s actually made out of steel. “Ouch, wow I hate to be a critic, but I think that your tower here is a little stale” said Wembley​

    “Hey, Buddy, I don’t know where you came from, but we don’t eat construction equipment here. Sully and I are just doing some renovations to Hooper’s Store, by the way, the food in here is going to be expired by the time we’re done. Alan said to get rid of it, anybody want some free food?” said Biff as he pops his head out from behind a construction sign.​

    “You don’t have to ask me twice!” exclaimed Rizzo.​

    “Cookies!!” said Cookie Monster seemingly out of nowhere as he rushes over next to Rizzo.​

    “You know my friend, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” remarked Rizzo.​

    “Me think so too little mousey” answered Cookie Monster. Sully opens the door for Cookie Monster and Rizzo as they disappear into the store.​

    “Well that was odd, even coming from me” said Gonzo.​
    Pepe and Scooter notice a bunch of bleachers with some musical instruments next to 123 Sesame Street.

    “What’s with the musical set up?” asked Scooter.

    “It looks like they’re going to play music, okay. Some people can’t pick up on the obvious” replied Pepe.​

    “Cool, I haven’t played one of these in years” said Gonzo as he picks up a trumpet, goes to blow it, but a family of Twiddle bugs falls out of it instead of a noise.​

    “Some things never change” said Scooter.​
    Just then, Elmo, Telly, Zoe, and Baby Bear walk over to the Muppets.
    “Elmo can explain all of the musical things here, we are preparing to sing the African Alphabet”

    “Yeah, the one originally sang by Ladysmith Black Mambazo” said Telly.​

    “And I thought our names were weird” remarked Boober.​

    “Would you all love to sing it with us?” asked Zoe.​

    “Yeah, the more, the merrier” replied Baby Bear​

    “Of course. I remember this little tune. Hit it” said Kermit.​

    The Muppets and Fraggles gather around to sing.


    Big Bird:

    Creatures Dancing

    Excites the

    Forest Glade

    in my Heart how I do

    Jump like the


    Listen to the Music so

    Baby Bear:
    Nice the Organ Plays.

    Quietly Rests the

    Big Bird/Robin:
    Sleepy Tiger

    Under the Vine tree at the

    Scooter/Telly/Baby Bear:
    Water's side and

    X marks the spot 'neith the

    Yellow moon where the

    Zulu king and I did hide.
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    The Muppets celebrate a song well sung. “Well that was fun, but I do have to get back to our main problem, which is that we’re lost” said Kermit.

    “Well where do you need to go?” asked Big Bird.​

    “We need to get our friend Doc’s place. He lives out in the desert” said Mokey.

    “The Desert?” asked Baby Bear
    “Dry Land” said Zoe.
    “Where they have really tall cactuses” said Elmo
    “Learning is fun!” exclaimed Baby Bear, Zoe, and Elmo in unison.​

    Boober looks over at Oscar’s trash can and asks, “Do they always do this?”

    Oscar peeks his head out of his trash can, “See why I spend my days in a trash can?” Boober nods in agreement.

    “Elmo has to feed Dorothy now, who wants to help Elmo?”
    “We’d love to come see your beautiful fish”
    said Zoe.
    “Bye bye everybody, good luck” replied Baby Bear as he leaves with Elmo and Zoe. Telly Monster stays behind with everybody else.​

    “Anyways, we need to get out to the desert” said Kermit.​

    “Did somebody say desert?” replied Ernie as he and Bert come walking out of 123 Sesame Street.​

    “Unbelievable, okay, Are you going to tell us all about the desert too” asked Pepe.​

    “No. I already did that. Somebody came by earlier and asked me and Bert about the desert” replied Ernie.​

    “Who was that? I don’t thing Sesame Street’s ever been so popular in one day” said Big Bird.​

    “Bert, do you remember what those guys looked like?” asked Ernie.​

    Yes of course, it was a tall, thin, dark haired man, wearing a suit and sunglasses. He said he had some unfinished business in the desert, and he had a bear with him” said Bert​

    “Was it Fozzie Bear?” asked Kermit.​

    “No, he said his name was Bobo. They were talking about the desert and mentioning McDonalds”

    Pepe and Scooter turn to have a conversation directly toward the audience. “Can you believe the blatant product placement in this story?” said Pepe as he sips on a Pepsi.
    “Tell me about it, it’s brutal” said Scooter, eating out of a bag full of M&Ms.​

    “Yeah, they said they had to get a bunch of ropes and then head out to visit and old friend” said Ernie, referring to the Mysterious Man and Bobo.​

    “Is anyone else getting a bad feeling about this? Who is this man, and this bear?” asked Boober.​

    “What if we're doomed!” said Telly Monster, matching the panicked tone of Boober.​

    “Well where did they go, did you give them directions?” asked Kermit.​

    “Sure. I showed them this” said Ernie, pulling out a comically obvious map that just has “The Muppet Theater” “Sesame Street” “Fraggle Rock” and “The Desert” listed on it in large letters.​

    “Well that seems overly simplified” said Scooter.​

    “It doesn’t matter, that’s too far to walk and we have no way to get there” replied Kermit.​

    “Do you have a cannon? It’d be the quickest route and you’d save on gas, although it kind of evens out with the hospital bills” said Gonzo.​

    “I think we have a cannon around here somewhere” said Ernie.​

    “Ernie! We’re not shooting anyone out of a cannon!” exclaimed Bert.​

    “Killjoy!” yelled Gonzo and Ernie in unison.​

    “Look! What is that?” asked Wembley, excitedly noticing a city bus coming toward them.​

    The door opens and they see that Grover is the bus driver and the passenger getting off is a frustrated Mr. Johnson.
    “Here we are, back at your destination” said Grover.​

    “No, this where we started from. I told you that I wanted to go to Same Street” said Mr. Johnson.​

    “And this is the same street you started on. Have a nice day!” replied Grover.​

    “I give up on you” said Mr. Johnson, angrily getting out of the bus.​

    Kermit goes over to the bus. “Grover, I’m glad to see you. Do you think you could possibly give us a ride?”

    “Absolutely. Fuzzy and Blue Bus Service is here for you” replied Grover.​

    “Scooter, do we have enough change for bus service?” asked Kermit.​

    “We actually have more than enough. We can even take on new passengers” answered Scooter​

    “Kermit, we would love to come with you and help get you back with your friends” said Big Bird, excitedly.​

    “We would?” asked Telly, nervously.​

    “Of course we would, let’s go everybody” said Ernie. Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Grover, and Telly Monster join the Muppets as they get on the bus and drive away. Big Birds head can be seen sticking out of the bus roof.​

    Inside Hooper’s Store, Cookie and Rizzo are pigging out on candy as they hear the bus drive away.
    “Wait, did everybody just leave without me?” asked Rizzo.​

    “Look, look…me find full sized candy bars!” exclaimed Cookie Monster.​

    “Never mind, gimme those bars hahaha” replied Rizzo as they continue to eat.​
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    Alright, Here's Chapter 6! One of my favorites, a lot of TMS Characters popping up

    Dr. Teeth is driving the bus through the middle of nowhere. By now, they are completely lost

    “Where are we going?” asked Gobo.​

    “I think the good Doctor’s lost” replied Floyd.​

    “Oh rully, like why don’t we check the map?” asked Janice.​

    “Because we forgot to pack a snack for Animal, so he improvised” said Floyd as Animal is busy eating the map.​

    “Canada is tasty” said Animal.​

    “I know I said this earlier, but the last time we picked up Miss Piggy” said Rowlf.​

    Miss Piggy interrupts him, saying “we know, Rowlf, lost in the desert, now shut it!”

    “Look, what’s that up there?” asked Lips as the Muppets see a small building with a sign up ahead.​

    “The Forgotten Diner” said Lew as he reads the sign.​

    Might as well stop and get something to eat” said Fozzie.​

    “Yeah, maybe then we’ll be able to save Animal before he takes over Europe” remarked Floyd.​

    Easier done than said” replied Dr. Teeth as he pulls over in front of the diner.​

    The Muppets walk into a diner and are immediately welcomed by George the Janitor
    “Welcome to the Forgotten Diner, now wipe your shoes off”

    Up ahead they see Pops behind the counter. They walk up to the counter to find out what is going on.
    “Pops, what is this place, why haven’t I ever seen this diner before?” asked Fozzie.​

    “Because you never had to. This is the diner for Muppets waiting to be put back into the spotlight. Look around” replied Pops.​

    The Muppets scan the diner and see some interesting things going on.

    “Wanda, my dear, take a sip from my straw” said Wayne, pushing a milkshake to Wanda.
    “I thought you’d never ask” replied Wanda, taking a sip.
    “We get it, you’re in love, just keep it to yourself” replied Hilda, sitting one table away.​

    “Hey look, buddy, I don’t care if that’s your instrument, don’t strike me on the head” said Johnny Fiamma looking at Marvin Suggs.​

    “My muppaphones don’t seem to mind, do you?” answered Marvin. The muppaphones sigh awkwardly, not wanting to answer the question.​

    “Shut up!” yelled Marvin.​

    “If Johnny Fiamma doesn’t want to get hit in the head, then Johnny Fiamma won’t get hit in the head, do you understand me?!” yelled Sal Minella in Johnny’s defense.​

    As the Muppets look around, Rowlf starts to remember. “Yeah, I remember this place, I spent a lot of time here with Scooter back in the 90s”

    “Walter? What are you doing here” asked Fozzie, noticing his new Muppet friend.​

    “This place is a Muppet fan’s dream! I’m actually doing an interview with the host of…what was again?” said Walter.​

    “Louis Kazagger, Host of The wild world of Muppet sports”

    “This is so cool!” said Walter, barely able to contain his excitement.​

    “Hey, Yo pops, can I get another cup o’ Joe?” asked Clifford, sitting at the corner of the bar.​

    “Coming right up, anybody else need something?” asked Pops.​

    “Well since I’m here, I’ll take the grand slam breakfast with a side of a dozen donuts” replied Piggy as she sits down at the counter.​

    “We need a Deluxe Oinker Special” yelled Pops back into the kitchen. Just then the Swedish Chef sticks his head out from the back and asks a question in Swedish.​

    “Should I hold the bacon?” asked Pops, repeating the question.​

    “You should hold on to something if you don’t get away from me” snapped Piggy.​

    “Cut the bacon, she’s got more than enough” said Pops.​

    “Wow, so this is where you eat in outer space?” asked Gobo.​

    “What do you mean outer space?” asked Clifford.​

    “We’re from Fraggle Rock, we call your world, outer space” replied Red.​

    “Well if this is outer space than do you know what that means” said a familiar voice coming from next to Miss Piggy. She looks over to find Link Hogthrob sitting next to her.​

    “Oh no, not this again” sighed Piggy, as she looks to her other side and finds Dr. Strangepork.​

    “Yep, it’s happening again” said Dr. Strangepork, just as an announcement came from out of nowhere that yelled “And Now PIIIIGS IIIN SPAAAACE!”

    “If you don’t leave me alone, I’m going to take this fork and add bacon back into the menu” yelled Piggy.​

    “Well then that’ll make you a cannibal” replied Miss Piggy.​

    “Hiiyyyah” yelled Piggy as she karate chopped Dr. Strangepork over the counter. Link sees him behind the counter and now assumes that he works there.​

    “Oh look Miss Piggy, Dr. Strangepork is our waiter, I’ll have the triple burger, with some extra fries for my lady friend” said Link​

    “That’s it, Hiiyyyah” yelled Piggy as she hits Link across the counter, just as he did Dr. Strangepork, knocking them both unconscious.​

    “That’s better, now where’s my donuts?” asked Piggy.​

    “We might have a problem with that” said Pops, pointing over at Animal, who had his head stuck inside the donut case as Floyd is trying to pull him out and the Chef is swatting him with a spatula.​

    “Down Animal!” yelled Floyd​

    “Hooboork de doonuts” said the Swedish Chef.​

    “GLAZED DONUT AHAHAHAHA!” yelled Animal, covered in Donuts.​

    “You know, without the Frog, being associated with these weirdoes is just not worth it” said Piggy just as one of Lew Zealand’s fish hits Piggy in the head. She gets up and walks out of the diner.​

    Bunsen and Fozzie are watching the news on the TV.
    “This is a Muppet News Flash: 6 Muppets have been lost in Fraggle Rock. In other news, a retirement home has started a risky trend of hang-gliding elders” said the Newsman just as Fozzie’s mom falls down on top of the Newsman. She looks into the TV.​

    “Hi Fozzie! I bet you didn’t think they’d get me into the story” said Fozzie’s mom.​

    Fozzie looks at the TV, “Hi Ma, and Wow that’s impressive, how’d she know that I’d be watching?” asked Fozzie.
    Probably Mother’s Intuition” replied Bunsen.​

    Gobo and Red are sitting at a table alone. Gobo is holding his dimly lit half of the Fraggle Crystal, and is feeling down. “I can’t believe this Red” said Gobo.
    “What do you mean? What’s wrong, Gobo?” asked Red.​

    “Should I even be an explorer? I’m already lost, I haven’t even been much help, I lost half of the Fraggle crystal, maybe I should just give up” replied Gobo.​

    Gobo Fraggle, you’ve never given up on anything, you are an explorer and you know it” said Red.​

    “You really think so?” asked Gobo.​

    “I know so! Cheer up, buddy” said Red as she gets up and walks away.​

    “Well maybe she has a point” said Gobo as he gets up and walks out of the diner.​
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    Outside the diner, Zoot is lounging on the hood of the bus, playing his sax softly as Gobo goes out and sits next to Miss Piggy and Fozzie on a bench outside
    “The moon looks so peaceful right now” said Fozzie.​

    Miss Piggy sighs “Yes. I wonder if Kermie is looking out at the moon, right now”

    “Yeah, he always knew what to do, we could use him right now” said Fozzie.​

    “Sounds like Kermit is pretty special” said Gobo.​

    “Of course he is, Gobo. He’s the most wonderful, handsome frog in the world” replied Piggy.​

    “You know, I haven’t always had the best confidence in myself” admitted Fozzie.​

    “You don’t say?” said Piggy sarcastically, yet in a nice tone.​

    “Yeah, but Kermit never gave up on me. He gives me the strength to keep trying” answered Fozzie.​

    “I know what you mean. Believe it or not, sometimes my beautiful looks and incredible talent goes to my head” said Piggy.​

    “No way!” says Fozzie, sarcastically.​

    “Yes, but Kermie keeps my grounded and reminds me what it’s like to have friends, even you Fozzie” replied Piggy.​

    “Friendship is important. I really miss mine too. I hope they’re ok, and your friends too” said Gobo as the three of them look up at the moon.​

    Several miles away, Grover drives the city bus as most of his passengers are asleep, with the exception of Kermit and Bert, who are sitting together as Kermit looks out at the moon and sighs.
    “Is everything ok, Kermit?” asked Bert.​

    “I’m just concerned about my friends, I’m sure they’ve come after us, I just hope they’re ok” replied Kermit.

    “You really care about your friends don’t you?” said Bert.​

    “Of course. They like to point out how they need me, but the truth is, I need them just as much. Like Miss Piggy for example, her passion and confidence fills me with confidence. And Fozzie, is such a good friend and is always being a great encouragement to me. And even Gonzo here, I know he does weird stunts sometimes, but that just shows his fearlessness, and underneath it all, he has a heart of gold. I could keep going too, mentioning Rowlf’s good spirit, Scooter’s hard-work, Animal’s loyalty, Robin’s innocence. Everyone plays their part, and that’s why I’m proud to call myself part of the Muppet team. We all build each other up” said Kermit.​

    “I know what you mean, sometimes Ernie’s playfulness and immaturity can get to me, but in the end he has a great outlook on life. He reminds me to enjoy life and to cherish the time we have with the ones we love. I know he loves to give me a hard time, but deep down I know he cares” said Bert.​

    Ernie starts talking in his sleep from the next seat over. “Would you mind if I kept these extra paper clip? My ol’ Buddy Bert just loves them so much.”

    “We’re blessed with great friends” said Bert, moved by what he heard Ernie say.​

    Yeah, we really are” said Kermit as he and Bert look out at the moon again.​

    Back at the diner, Zoot is still on top of the bus, playing his saxophone to himself. All of a sudden he hears another sax playing in harmony. Zoot plays with the mystery sax person a bit until they finish the tune.

    “Nice chops man” said a voice from the shadows.​

    “What? Who’s that?” asked Zoot.​

    Just then, Hoots the Owl flew down next to Zoot. “The name’s Hoots, nice to meet you. I was just flying by and heard a fellow saxophone, I had to drop by”

    “Cool, I’m Zoot”

    “You’re not a very talkative guy, are you Zoot?” asked Hoots.​

    “I prefer to speak through my sax” said Zoot as he played a little tune.​

    “Music is the best communication. We can find the answers we seek, without even having to speak” said yet another mystery voice.​

    “Who said that?” asked Hoots. Just then, Cantus the Minstrel appears.​

    “The important thing is who heard it, not who said it” replied Cantus.​

    “What?” asked Zoot.​

    “Yeah, what do you mean?” asked Hoots.​

    “Gentlemen, music has brought you together, but why? There’s always a reason. I’ve got to be going now” said Cantus as he mysteriously disappeared, seemingly into thin air.​

    “What’d he mean? Well why are you here anyways?” asked Hoots.​

    “We’re looking for some friends and got lost” answered Zoot.​

    “It wouldn’t have to be a small group that got lost in Fraggle Rock, led by Kermit the Frog, would it?” replied Hoots.​

    Just then, the rest of the Muppets come out of the diner and walk back over to the bus.
    “BIRDIE!” yelled Animal, noticing Hoots.​

    “Don’t mind him, he’s just been on edge for the last few decades ha ha ha” said Floyd.​

    “Before we get back on the bus, do we even know where we’re going?” asked Lips.​

    We have to figure it out! I’m an explorer, just like my Uncle Matt, and we’re all on a mission. We’re not going to rest until we find our friends” said Gobo.​

    “Nice speech, little man. I think we found out where to go. Your friends were just at Sesame Street earlier this afternoon, I saw them there with Kermit while I was trying to nap” replied Hoots.​

    “Kermie! You saw my brave frog? Were they ok…or at least just Kermit?” asked Piggy.​

    “Yeah, everyone was in one piece, I’m sure if you head to Sesame Street, you’ll catch right up with them” answered Hoots.​

    “Why thank you, my fine feathered friend. But tell me, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?” asked Dr. Teeth.​
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    Chapter 7
    It was early morning as Grover drove the Muppets out to the desert. Kermit, Ernie, and Bert read the map as they get closer to they’re destination.

    “Ok, it looks like we’re almost there” said Kermit.​

    “Oh boy. Neeeeaaar!” yelled Grover, excitedly.​

    “Ok, turn left at the cactus and then left at the second cactus” said Bert.​

    “Okie dokie” said Grover.​

    “Wow, the air out here is really fresh” remarked Big Bird, breathing in the desert air.​

    “And the scenery is so beautiful, I never knew life outside of Fraggle Rock could be so wonderful” said Mokey.​

    “Yeah, it really makes you appreciate life” said Robin.​

    “Look at these new desert backgrounds I got on my phone. It’s like I’m really there #desert #dryprawn #bringingsexybackagain…by the way, why is it so quiet in here, okay?” remarked Pepe with his face down in his phone.​

    “Probably because Wembley and Gonzo are bus surfing” said Boober. As he says this, Wembley and Boober are on top of the bus, having duct taped their feet to the top of the bus, enjoying their wild activity.​

    “Is this the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” asked Wembley.​

    “Eh, it’s probably in the top 50” replied Gonzo.​

    Back inside the bus, Telly comments, “Isn’t that dangerous?”

    You haven’t met Gonzo, have you?” asked Scooter.​

    “Hey everybody, I think I see the house up a head” said Grover, seeing Doc’s house in the distance.​

    “Hey Kermit, you might want to be careful. I see another car up there, and it’s got some kind of animal trailer” said Bert.​

    “Maybe it’s the circus!” replied Ernie.​

    “Yeah, I doubt that Ernie, that’s a little alarming. Grover pull on up to the side of the house. I hope this is the right spot” said Kermit.​

    The Muppets get out and open the front door to see that lights are all off. Kermit hits the light switch and they see Doc, Sprocket, and Beaker gagged and tied up.

    “Beaker? What happened to you guys?” asked Kermit, nervously.​

    “Oh, this looks like an incredible magic show. I wonder if how they’re going to escape” remarked Grover.​

    “I told you it was the circus!” said Ernie.​

    “I call next. This looks fun!” said Gonzo, excitedly.​

    “This isn’t a magic show, it’s some kind of hostage situation. Quick, help me untie them” replied Kermit as the Muppets help untie their friends.​

    “There was this man and his bear, they tied us up, they came for the Fraggle Crystal that your friend had with him. They’re packing it up now, we’ve got to get out of here” explained Doc.​

    Just then, the bathroom door opens and Bobo walks out. “Uh oh…sir! They’re out. And there’s more of them”

    The back door swings open and the Mysterious Man appears. “Bobo, hit the lever” remarked the man.

    “I already jiggled it, I think the toilet’s just busted” replied a clueless Bobo.​

    “Do you want me to take a look at it? I had my own plumbing company for a while” said Gonzo.​

    “Gonzo!” yelled Kermit.​

    “Not the toilet you fool, the handle behind you” said the Man to Bobo. Bobo then hit a handle and a giant net came down and knocked everyone down, trapping them.​

    “How did they install a net if this isn’t even their house?” asked Scooter.​

    “Actually, I installed it as a security system last summer” replied Doc as Sprocket barks at him. “Yes, Sprocket, in hindsight it might not have been the best plan.”

    “Let’s go, we’re taking them with us, hopefully they’ll attract the others” said the Man.​

    “Well now we know what the animal trailer was for” mentioned Ernie.​

    “Sheesh” said Kermit, just as a gas fills the room, knocking the Muppets and Doc unconscious.​

    The Muppets and dock later wake up inside an old abandoned prison. Cells around them have names carved in them, like “Hopper” “Holiday” “Silver” “Richman” and “Badguy” They are in a large cell that has no roof, just a fence that goes over the top of it. Through the fence, they can look out at the moon.

    “What are we going to do?” asked Telly, nervously.
    “We’re doomed” answered Boober, panicked.
    “I’ll never see Sesame Street again” said Telly.
    “I’ll never see Fraggle Rock” replied Boober.
    “I’ll never get to use my pogo stick” cried Telly.
    “I’ll never get to pre-soak next week’s laundry” cried Boober.​

    “Will you two stop panicking, we have a perfectly fine plan to get us all home and away from here. Go ahead, Kermit, tell them the plan, okay” said Pepe.​

    “Pepe, I don’t have a plan” replied Kermit.​

    “What? No plan? I’ll never get to buy the iPhone 6!” cried Pepe, who is now just as panicked as Boober and Telly.​

    “More shameful product placement. You’ll never see that on The Big Bang Theory, Monday nights on CBS” replied Scooter.​

    “Don’t panic everyone, we’ve been in bad situations before, but we always prevail. We have to have faith and hope” said Kermit.​

    “That’s right, this isn’t the first time I’ve been locked up, and at least this time I’m not painted blue. Since we’re here, we can get to know each other, right? So tell me Mr. Doc….what were you working on back at your workshop?” asked Big Bird.​

    “I made a device that could project my face and voice into the sky, but I can’t seem to get enough power to run it properly” answered Doc.​

    “Wow, that’s amazing!” replies Wembley.​

    “Does anybody here like to collect anything?” asked Bert.​

    “I like to collect small rollies, like this one” said Wembley as he pulls out a small pebble.​

    “Neato, I like to collect paper clips, see?” said Bert as he pulls a paper clip clump out of his pocket. Bert and Wembley bond over their collections.​

    “If only we could break through that fence, we could get out here, but no one is that strong” said Robin, looking out at the night sky.​

    “If it’s strength you need, then we’re in luck, because I am…..SUPER GROVER!” said Grover, now dresses as his super alter-ego. “Stand back, I’ll bust through that fence in no time!”

    “I think that’s an electric fence, Grover” mentioned Kermit.​

    Grover ignores Kermit and flies up only to get shocked and burnt from the electric fence. He falls down.
    “It’s an electric fence” said Ernie.​

    “Yep” replied Scooter.​

    Grover looks around as smoke is coming from is body, “Faaaaaar!” He falls over.

    “Cool! Can I try that? Somebody give me a boost” replied Gonzo.​

    Just then, Beaker starts to hiccup, and after a few times he begins to shake.

    “Beaker? Are you ok? What’s wrong?” asked Mokey.​

    “Me me me me me me meeeeee” yelled Beaker as the hiccup transporter vest kicked in and he disappeared again in a puff of smoke.​

    “I don’t know why keeps that thing on” said Scooter.​
  14. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    With the news of Gerry Parkes passing, I officially Dedicate My Fan-fic to his memory.

    I feel this is especially appropriate, because Doc features fairly prominently in this story. I'm planning on posting the next chapter of this story tomorrow. RIP Gerry.
  15. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Back in Action with Chapter 8!
    The Electric Mayhem bus arrives at Sesame Street, pulling up in front of the famous green street sign.

    “We have arrived, everybody off the bus” announced Dr. Teeth.​

    “Where is everyone? Isn’t this place supposed to be full of annoyingly cute and friendly things running around, talking about the alphabet?” replied Piggy.​

    “Maybe they heard an angry pig was on her way and hid” remarked Floyd.​

    “True, it appears to be an abandoned area” said Bunsen as a tumbleweed blows by.​

    “Nothing gets by you” said Rowlf.​

    “Well this place isn’t completely abandoned” said Rizzo, as he came out of Hoopers store with Cookie Monster, both with round bellies.​

    “Rizzo? What are you doing here, where’s Kermit? Where’s everyone?” asked Fozzie.​

    “They left, and I got distracted by free food” replied Rizzo.​

    “FREE FOOD!” yelled Animal, excitedly.​

    “Sorry buddy, me and Rizzo finish all the food, no more left” said Cookie Monster.​

    “Yeah and earlier, your little yellow friend tried to eat my construction scaffolding, but like I told him, this stuff is inedible” said Biff, peeking out from behind construction again.​

    “INEDIBLE!!” yelled Animal as he ran over to the scaffolding.​

    “Uh, oh, you don’t know it, but you just issued a challenge” warned Floyd. Just then, Animal went up and took a huge bite out of the scaffolding. Biff and Sully both fall down into the debris as Animal laughs.​

    Oscar pops out of his trash can, “Hey, what’s with all the ruckus? Oh no, not again, another batch of you guys just came in from over there…Scram!” yelled Oscar, gesturing to the Fraggle hole in Big Bird’s nest area.

    Gobo and Red go look at Big Bird’s nest and find the Fraggle Hole. They’re amazed at the opportunity in front of them.

    “Gobo, we can go home” said Red.​

    “But, we haven’t found the Fraggle Crystal, and our friends are still looking for their friends” answered Gobo.​

    “But we don’t know when we’ll find another Fraggle hole, Gobo. This could be our last chance to get home” mentioned Red. Gobo thought about what Red was saying.​

    Back at Oscar’s trash can, Fozzie is questioning Oscar. “Where did they go?”

    They took off for the desert. Last I saw they went that way, and I thought I was going to have some peace and quiet at that point” answered Oscar.

    Just then, Beaker transports to Sesame Street in a puff of smoke.

    “Beaker!! What happened?” asked Fozzie, startled by what just happened.​

    “Memememmeme” replied a panicked Beaker.​

    “Did anybody catch that?” asked Lew. Just then, the Two Headed Monster showed up and started talking their usual gibberish after hearing beaker.​

    “Were those even words?” asked Floyd. Just then the Yip Yip Martians showed up and listened to the Two Headed Monster then responded with their own “Yip Yip” language. After that, Rosita came walking by and responded to the Yip Yip Martians by speaking in Spanish.​

    “This seems to be a communication insufficiency to Babylonian levels” mentioned Dr. Teeth.​

    “Well I believe they are all reiterating Beaker’s initial message that the rest of our friends have been taken captive by a mysterious man in a trench coat at Doc and Sprocket’s laboratory” explained Bunsen.​

    “Hey melon head! If you knew what he said to begin with, then why did you let all of that nonsense happen?” asked Piggy.​

    “Scientific curiosity” answered Bunsen.​

    “So our friends have been kidnapped?!” asked Fozzie. Everyone panics and starts yelling over everyone in a big inaudible blur. While this is happening, Oscar looks over to Lips who is not talking.​

    “So what’s your story? Why are you so quiet?” asked Oscar.

    Because, I don’t really have to talk that much. If I show up and say one sentence, people will be talking about it for months” replied Lips.

    “Not a bad way to live” said Oscar.​

    "Quiet!!” yelled Miss Piggy over everyone else. As everyone quiets down, we hear one lingering sentence from Janice to Zoot.​

    “And then I told him, look buddy, I don’t care what street it is, I’m not that kind of Muppet.” Following that, there is momentary awkward silence before Miss Piggy starts talking again.​

    “We’re wasting time and my frog is out there tied up somewhere. The last time that happened, I showed up just in time to save him from a creepy German scientist, and I am not about to lose him again, so we’re getting back on that bus and following that Frog! Who’s with me?” yelled Piggy, inspirationally.​

    “I am” said Gobo, as he and Red come out from Big Bird’s nest area.​

    “I know that this may mean that I never see Fraggle Rock again, but I can’t leave my friends behind, and I don’t just mean Boober, Wembley, and Mokey. I mean all of you. This isn’t even all about the crystal anymore. This is about doing the right thing, so Miss Piggy, I’m in” said Gobo.​

    “Me too!” replies Red enthusiastically. One by one, everyone else agrees as well, including Cookie Monster.​

    “That’s One…One inspirational Pig Ah Ah Ah” said The Count, coming out of 123 Sesame Street.​

    “Who are you?” asked Red.​

    “I am the Count, I love to Count Things”

    “Of course you d, are you in?” asked Piggy.​

    “One, One Count is in on this mission” answered Count.​

    “Alright, let’s get on the bus” said Dr. Teeth.​

    “Not so fast, you got us lost last time, I’m driving” said Piggy as she gets into the driver’s seat of the Electric Mayhem bus as everyone piles into the bus.​

    “Hold up, I’m coming with you” said Oscar as he pops his feet out from the bottom of his can.​

    Change of heart?” asked Rowlf.​

    “No, I just…want to go so I can mock you guys” said Oscar. Just then, Statler and Waldorf go hang-gliding by everyone.​

    “We’ve been tagging along to mock for years” said Waldorf.​

    “Unfortunately” replied Statler. They both laugh as they fly away.​

    “Do we even know where we’re going?” asked Fozzie.​

    “Mememememe” replies Beaker.​

    “Apparently their last location was 37 miles north west from here” explained Bunsen.​

    “How does he know that?” asked Fozzie.​

    “He got a map from Ernie” replied Bunsen as he shows the comically simple map that Ernie and Bert had earlier.​

    “What am I, stuck in Playhouse Disney or something? Grab your seat, Ham hock’s got the open road, here we go!” said Piggy as they take off on the open road for their friends.​

    After driving for a while, Red notices something “What are those up ahead?”

    “Like they look like turkey feathers” mentions Janice.​

    “26, 27, 28. 28 Yellow Turkey Feathers Ah Ah Ah” counts the Count.​

    “Uh Oh, those are not Turkey Feathers” said Oscar.​
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    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Here's Another Chapter to Tide you over for the Weekend

    Chapter 9
    The Muppets are sitting in their jail cell, tired and exhausted from the day. Ernie hums and quietly sings to himself, the song “I Don’t want to live on the moon”
    Though I’d like to look down at the Earth, from above. I would miss all the places and people I love, so although I might like it, for one afternoon. I don’t want to live on the moon”

    “That’s a beautiful song” said Mokey.​

    “Thanks, I like to look up at the moon sometimes and sing that” replied Ernie.​

    “It is very peaceful, isn’t it?” said Mokey.​

    “Yeah, and I know that right now, our friends back at Sesame Street are looking up at the same moon” said Ernie as he looks out at the moon.​

    “Wait a minute, that’s it! Ernie, you’re a genius!” exclaimed Scooter.​

    “Told ya, Bert!” replied Ernie.​

    “What are you talking about?” asked Bert.​

    “Yeah Scooter, what’s going on?” asked Kermit.​

    “I think I have a way to let our friends know where we are. Doc, about your device, if it had enough power, do you think it could project someone’s face all the way up into the sky?” asked Scooter.​

    “Well yes of course, but how are we going to get power while we’re stuck in here” asked Doc.​

    “Remember what happened to Grover?” said Scooter, as Grover is still smoking from his earlier electrocution.​

    “No, No, I am not doing that again, this furry little monster has limits” said Grover.​

    “I don’t, I volunteer as tribute” said Gonzo, ready to go.​

    “Well first of all, we’d have to get the device high enough to shine through” said Doc.​

    “Mr. Doc, I’m pretty tall, how about some of you little guys climb up on me?” suggests Big Bird.​

    Sprocket barks in response. “Sprocket’s right, we’ll also need somebody to use the microphone to send out some kind of alarm” replied Doc.

    “Well I just happen to be Fraggle Rock’s Volunteer Fire Alarm!” exclaimed Wembley.​

    “I think this could work. Doc, do you think we can figure out a plan for this to work” asked Scooter.​

    “Maybe, but we’ll need a checklist to make sure everything is in order” replied Doc.​

    “Like this?” said Scooter, pulling a clipboard out of his jacket. “Let’s get to work.”​

    Five Minutes later, the Muppets are ready to test out Doc’s Holographic Beacon. As each phase of the process happens, Scooter gives everyone the go ahead.

    “Projector Placement?” said Scooter, looking up at Kermit, Robin, and Pepe who are up on Big Bird’s head with the device. Pepe and Robin are pointing the device at Kermit’s face.
    “Check” replies Robin.​

    “Electrical wires” said Scooter as Ernie and Bert are holding the electrical wires that are dangling down from the device on Big Bird’s head.
    “Check” replies Bert.​

    “Alarm” said Scooter, as Wembley is holding the microphone.
    “Check” replies Wembley​

    “Power source” said Scooter looking over at a makeshift “Muppet Ladder” with Muppets lifted high like a totem pole. Starting with Sprocket, Telly, Boober, Mokey, Grover, and ending with Gonzo on Top
    “Check” replies Gonzo.​

    “Alright, let’s hope this works” said Scooter.
    “Cross your fingers” replied Doc.
    “Alright now” yelled Scooter.​

    Gonzo leaps off the Muppet Ladder, hitting the electric fence, it electrocutes him, sparks flying as Gonzo screams. He falls down to the ground. Ernie and Bert connect the power cords to Gonzo, causing the device to power up. Pepe and Robin turn on the device, aiming the lens at Kermit and the projection lens at the sky. Kermit’s face is projected across the sky like a giant green search light. Wembley grabs the microphone and yells his alarm into it, his voice carrying out from the small jail cell

    “We did it!” exclaimed Scooter.​

    “Thanks for being a big help” replied Doc.​

    Just then, about a mile away, the Electric Mayhem bus stops when they hear a noise out in the distance.
    “What is that?” asked Zoot.​

    “That sound is so familiar” mentions Red.​

    “That’s, because that sound is Wembley. I’d know that sound anywhere! We found our friends” exclaimed Gobo.​

    “FROGGY!” yelled Animal, seeing Kermit’s projection.​

    “Look! In the sky, it’s Kermit!” said Fozzie, enthusiastically.​

    “Kermie!!” yelled Piggy.​

    “Wow, our lovable amphibian looks positively celestial” said Dr. Teeth.​

    “Man, and I thought the Pig had a big head” said Floyd.​

    “It appears to be a large holographic representation” explains Bunsen.​

    “Mememememe” replied Beaker.​

    “Apparently their inventor friend was working on this device, but hadn’t quite finished it” said Bunsen.​

    “Well I’d say they fixed it” replied Rowlf.​

    “Miss Piggy, head towards the Frog!” exclaimed Fozzie.​

    “That’s the motto of my life!” said Miss Piggy as she drives the bus away into the distance.​
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    Here Comes Chapter 10
    I'll Post it in 2 Parts

    The Muppets park the Electric Mayhem bus behind some trees and get out to take a look at what they’re dealing with. They see the old abandoned prison with Bobo guarding the entrance gates.

    “Alright, we’re here, now how are you geniuses planning on getting in?” asked Oscar.​

    “Well there’s a lot more of us then there are of them?” mentioned Rowlf.​

    “But he’s a bear, and bears are scary!” said Fozzie.​

    “Oh, brother just charge at him” replies Piggy.​

    “No, wait. Exploring isn’t about rash decisions, you have to be smart, because he might not be alone” said Gobo.​

    “Well all I see right now is one, one Bear” said The Count.​

    “I know, I’ll throw my boomerang fish at him” suggested Lew as he threw his boomerang fish.​

    “Mememememme” said Beaker.​

    “Beaker brings up a good point, if your boomerang fish always comes back to you then wont it...” said Bunsen as the fish comes back and hits him in the head mid-sentence, which knocks all the Muppets down like bowling pins.​

    “Hey fish face! Have you ever noticed that you and I don’t interact very much?” asked Piggy.​

    “Well, yes, now that you mention it” answered Lew.​

    “There’s a reason, you got any other bright ideas?” replied Piggy.​

    “What we need is some kind of rouse” suggested Floyd.​

    “Like yeah, like I mean you know, like trick him” replied Janice.​

    “That gives me an idea. I’ll be right back” said Fozzie as he walks away.​

    “So we’re trusting the bear now?” asked Piggy.​

    Fozzie walks over to Bobo dressed as a Pizza delivery man. “Hello there sir, did somebody order Pizza Twins?”

    “No, I don’t think so” answered Bobo.​

    “Well here I am, the Pizza twin!” exclaimed Fozzie.​

    “How are you a twin if there’s only one of you?” asked Bobo.​

    Fozzie begins stammering, unsure of how to answer, “Well, uh, usually there’s a frog here and um, he usually does the talking” said Fozzie, nervously.

    “So a bear is twins with a frog?” asked Bobo.​

    “Maybe you could feed the pepperoni to the dogs?” suggested Fozzie.​

    Statler and Waldorf are flying by on their hang-glider.
    “Well from the looks of it, the bear can’t tell a lie” said Statler.​

    “Not surprising, the bear can’t even tell a joke” replied Waldorf as they fly away.​

    Back at the Muppets hiding spot, the Muppets are watching Fozzie fumble through his attempt at tricking Bobo.

    “Man, Fozzie is the opposite of smooth” observed Floyd.​

    “Yeah, I’ve known that for years, ever since we tried to sing You’ve Got Rhythm” replies Rowlf.​

    “So what we going to do?” asked Cookie Monster.​

    “Everybody follow my lead, I’m going to need this” said Rowlf as he picked up Oscar’s can and starts walking toward Bobo.​

    “I know that dogs like to play in garbage, but this is a little excessive don’t you think?” mentions Oscar as he’s being carried by Rowlf. Everybody else starts to follow, with the exception of Miss Piggy, who tells Gobo to stay back.​

    “Hey kid, I’ve got a plan and I need someone to help me, and from what I can tell, you’re a much better choice than any of these bozos. If you really want to be an explorer, come with me?” said Piggy to Gobo.​

    “Absolutely, Miss Piggy” replied Gobo, excitedly.​

    “Gobo, where are you going?” asked Red.​

    “Trust me, I’ll catch up with you later” replied Gobo.​

    The rest of the Muppets follow Rowlf over to Fozzie. “Hey Fozzie, we got that trash can you ordered” said Rowlf.

    “What?” asked Fozzie, confused.​

    “Remember? We all work for the trash company and we’re delivering a new trash can to the boss’s office” answered Rowlf.​

    “Oh! Yes of course, trash men! Did I say I was delivering pizza? I meant trash” said Fozzie.​

    “TRASH MEN! TRASH MEN!” Yelled Animal, enthusiastically.​

    “Why does it take so many of you to deliver a trash can?” asked Bobo.​

    “Because of the Trash Can Replacement Workers of America Union” replied Dr. Teeth.​

    “WORKER UNION” yelled Animal.

    “Yes we have 14, 14 Union Workers ah ah ah” said The Count.​

    “Well alright then, go ahead” said Bobo, allowing the Muppets to enter the prison.​
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    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    The Muppets walk in the door and are greeted by Uncle Deadly. “Welcome, and what can I help you with here at the abandoned penitentiary?”

    “We’re dropping off this garbage can and uh, we’re here to do a filth Inspection” answered Rowlf.​

    Cookie Monster runs his finger across the wall, collecting dust, and then eats it. “See, Very dusty and delicious” said Cookie Monster.

    “Very well then, you can dump your trash down this shoot, and leave the can over there” said Uncle Deadly. Rowlf tips the garbage and Oscar falls down the garbage shoot that ends up in a giant dumpster in the prison yard.​

    “So, we heard you have some prisoners?” asked Fozzie.​

    “Oh, yes, but don’t worry, Sweetums will be coming along shortly to guard them” answered Uncle Deadly.​

    “Well where are they?” asked Red.​

    “I’m not sure exactly. Bobo picked their cell, I’m just here to monitor all of you in case you try any funny business, it’s routine policy” answered Deadly.​

    “Didn’t I see you perform Hamlet in 1874?” asked The Count.​

    “Why yes, you remember that?” replied Deadly.​

    “Of course, it was 140 years ago, I’ve been counting” answered the Count.​

    “I have my break coming up, would you like to join me and reminisce about the 1850s?” asked Deadly.​

    “That’s 1, 2…2 Friends who are about to go off and bond…lets go my friend” answered the Count as he goes off with Uncle Deadly, leaving the Muppets unsupervised.​

    “Wow, like that was odd” mentioned Janice.​

    “Let’s see, your squeaky friend disappears and so do all of our friends in Fraggle Rock, then we pick up a hitchhiking pig, get directions from an Owl, pretend to be a trash delivery union, and after all that, you’re finally admitting that things are odd?” asked Red.​

    “You’re just not used to us, this is a drop in the bucket” replied Floyd.​

    “Well it’s not that bad, it’s not like we’ve kidnapped Jack Black or broken into the Mallory gallery in England or anything” said Lew.​

    “Lew, we’ve done both of those things” replied Rowlf.​

    “Oh, Right” answered Lew.​

    “Guys, we’re getting distracted, we’ve got to go find our friends” said Fozzie.​

    “There might be a statistical improbability with that” mentioned Bunsen as they look around the corner and see a huge labyrinth of hallways and prison cells going on and on.​

    “Oh wow, like how are we going to find our way through anything?” asked Janice.​

    “If there’s food in this maze, we can send Animal out” replied Floyd.​

    “FOOD?!” yelled Animal.​

    “Rowlf, what about you? Can you smell anything that could lead us in the right direction?” asked Fozzie.​

    “All I can smell is dust and mold” replied Rowlf.​

    “Sorry about that, I couldn’t find my other pants” answered Zoot.​

    “Let’s just split up, everybody go in a different direction and just yell when you find it” suggested Fozzie as everyone starts to go their separate ways and yell out.​

    “Kermiiiit! Kermiiiit!” yelled Fozzie.
    “Mookey! Boooober! Weembleeey!” yelled Red.
    “Gonzo! Can you hear me, buddy!?” yelled Rizzo.
    “Big Bird! Big Bird, where are you?!” yelled Cookie Monster.​
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    Alright for anyone reading out there, there are only Two Chapters Remaining in my story. I will post Chapter 11 Tomorrow and then I'll post the 12th and Final Chapter on Friday, Otherwise Known as Halloween!

    Who can you expect to be in the next two chapters...well...:):o:concern::mad:;):sympathy::shifty::rolleyes::confused::eek::D:sing::flirt::cool::halo::attitude::fishy::sleep::boo::grr::p:(:wisdom::grouchy::insatiable::super::batty::smirk::dreamy::coy::sigh::excited::drool: and More!!!

    (and if you look closely, these emoticons contain a mild spoiler as 2 characters are included that have not yet been featured in my story)
  20. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 11, Part 1

    Oscar lands in a dumpster out in the empty prison yard and looks around. He sees a large, tall structure with half of the Fraggle Crystal suspended and glowing in the air. There are also three large mechanical arms with lasers crisscrossing each other above the crystal, restricting access to it. This is connected to a small electric control panel in which the Mysterious Man is quietly working on things.

    “Something tells me, this is probably going to be a big plot point of this story” Oscar said to himself.​

    Back in the prison cell, Doc and the Muppets are lounging around depressed, not knowing their friends are in the building looking for them.

    “I’ve been saying it all along, we’re doomed” said Boober.​

    Sprocket barked. “No Sprocket, if my holographic beacon worked I think we’d know it by now” answered Doc.
    “Yeah, not even electrocuting myself is helping anymore” remarked Gonzo.​

    “Maybe we can find a loose brick or something” suggested Pepe.​

    “Or maybe there’s a way to pick this lock” suggested Scooter.​

    “Do you think Super Grover would help?” asked Grover.​

    “What if I yell again?” asked Wembley.​

    Everyone starts talking over each other until Kermit yells “Stop it everyone! I want to get us home just as much as any of you, but we’ve done all that we can do right now. I know that we’re far away from home, and that home for us is The Muppet Theater, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, or even the desert. I know it doesn’t look good right now, but I know our friends, and I know that they won’t give up until they find us, so we just have to be patient and stay positive. We’re a family, and families look out for each other”

    “Right Uncle Kermit, I’m just glad that I’m not alone right now” said Robin.​

    “Me too, little buddy, but what are we going to do now?” asked Big Bird.​

    “We can sing. If there’s one thing we know in Fraggle Rock is that music is essential to life. It brings people together. I’ll start us off” said Mokey as she starts singing some “La La Las” to a nice little tune. Everybody starts chiming in, and before long their voices start to get louder.​

    In the distance, Red Fraggle is wandering through the humongous columns of prison cells as she hears a sound in the distance. “That sounds so familiar…it sounds like…MOKEY!” said Red, recognizing her friend’s voice.

    “Red! I told you guys, music brings us together! Sing with me!” said Mokey as they sing louder to identify their location.​

    Red makes her way over to the big open area in front of the cell with the Muppets. They keep singing and it gets louder and louder, one by one, Fozzie, Cookie Monster, Lew Zealand, Bunsen, Beaker, Rowlf, Rizzo, and The Electric Mayhem all find their way together and the Muppets are reunited.

    “Wow Uncle Kermit you were right, they came back for us!” exclaimed Robin.​

    “I always knew they would” answered Kermit.​

    “Of course we would, but uh, Kermit. The man earlier said that you were being guarded?” said Fozzie.​

    “Guarded? We haven’t seen anything?” said Scooter. Just then they hear big footprints coming closer and closer.​

    “Well I don’t want to be here when that thing comes back” mentions Floyd.​

    “RUN! RUN!” yelled Animal.​

    “I’m with him. We’ve got to hide” said Red. Fozzie’s group of Muppets run into the next cell to hide. They look around and it looks like this cell is being used for musical storage. There are instruments everywhere.​

    “Wow, a piano in a prison cell” mentions Rowlf as they hide.​

    Sweetums come over and sits in a big chair right across from the Muppets’ cell. “Hi There, I’m Sweetums, and I’m here to make sure you Muppets Don’t Escape. You’re not gonna try any funny business are you?”

    “Uhhh no sir” answered Telly.​

    “No way, we love it here, right?” replied Boober.​

    “Yay prison!” yelled Wembley, faking enthusiasm.​

    “Please don’t kill us, okay” said Pepe.​

    “Pssst Rowlf, I have an idea, play a soft lullaby on that piano” whispered Robin. From the other cell, Rowlf starts to play the piano, as Robin sings.​

    Sweetums Lay your ugly head
    Down upon your wretched bed
    Close your eyes and go to sleep
    Rest you Hulking Heap
    Sweetums is so sweet and cute
    Go to Sleep, you stupid brute
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