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'The Muppet Movie in 60 Seconds' needs your Vote!

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Scuzzbopper1975, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Scuzzbopper1975

    Scuzzbopper1975 New Member

    I'm an animator in Vancouver and my friend and co-worker Scott Hastings and I have entered our submission 'The Muppet Movie in 60 seconds' into Virgin Radio FAKE FILM CONTEST 2012 and are calling for votes from Muppet fans.
    You can watch the film here: http://vancouver.virginradio.ca/FFF2012/View.aspx?PostID=45828 and then be sure to click 'Like' on the website's page, and share it with your friends (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, wherever), encouraging them to do the same.
    Time is almost up, so spread the Muppet madness far and wide, help us go viral (and maybe even win the contest!)
    Hope you enjoy our little project, and thanks!

    Ken Priebe
  2. Scuzzbopper1975

    Scuzzbopper1975 New Member

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