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The New Movie: The Muppets

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Psammeadboi, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well I'll grant that perhaps fans should realize that an attempt to do a new film for any franchise, so many years later, is hit and miss at best. It's nice to imagine the perfect film comeback, but it's a lot more difficult than it sounds. ;)
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yes, but I'm specifically talking about fans who WANT those movies. There are quite a bit that find the movies speak for themselves with no sequel, prequel, or whatever. There are a lot of them that just ignore new films because they already feel it just won't be the same.

    I mean the ones that get super duper excited about something and have high hopes to whatever fan fic idea the movie's going to have and be completely disappointed by them.

    That said, the WORST ones are from franchises that aren't controlled by the same directors and writers. And the worst of the worst are sequels where in the original concept, be it a book or a comic book or whatever and they completely ignore it to make something kiddy and terrible. I'm looking at YOU, Son of the Mask, Jungle Book 2.
  3. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Secret of NIMH 2. ;)
  4. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Well at least MGM wasn't dumb enough to give that insane movie a theatrical release. I don't think I'd be able to bear Eric Idle as evil Martin on a big movie screen in surround sound... I can barely stand it in the Nostalgia Critic's review! :)
  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I dug the video game. That was good enough for me. :)
  6. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Shia seems like a very kind, likeable fellow. I love how he openly dissed on TFROTF(or "Bayformers 2") and Indy 4. I almost wanted to walk out of both, and it's nice to hear him speak his mind.

    Like everyone else, I'd love a third Ghostbusters. I mean if they can make a new Tron film after 3 decades, I guess anything is possible. Though for now, the closest we'll get is that scene from Zombieland.

    I used to dislike the "new team" concept, but I could groove with a new sort of ghostbusters. Maybe Zach Gallifawhatshisname, Jack Black, Seth Rogen and Kal Penn. Or Ed Helms.
  7. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Interesting...seems like filming just began, but I forgot that this is a non cg filled film that started principal in November. So that sounds about right. Aside from some additional pickups, that sounds accurate. I'd probably go see a movie just to see the teaser for it:)
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, then everyone's gonna say how much it sucked after egging them on. I've seen it too many times. Same deal with Tron 2. Really. You either WANT the sequels or you don't.
  9. Puckrox

    Puckrox Well-Known Member

    I don't mind the idea of the new team quite as much, so long as Aykroyd, Ramis, Murray, and Hudson are there (along with Potts and Weaver). As for the new team, I'd love to see Ed Helms and Zach Galifinakis too. And Bill Hader (man doesn't get enough credit). And, y'know what? If they bring in a new team, I'd love it if there were a, hmmm, I dunno, female ghostbuster? I think that'd be pretty awesome.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Murray refuses to do it. I LOVE Bill Murray, but he's in his insufferable "I'm an artist that's so artistic that i don't even have to do anything anymore" phase.

    I just wanted them to do the animated movie they planned on... and if they can't get the guys from the movie, call up Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, Dave Coulier, and Arsenio Hall (or that other guy) and do it with them.

    I don't want to play a video game I'd probably suck at to see a sequel.
  11. Puckrox

    Puckrox Well-Known Member

    Really? I thought Murray had officially signed on to do the movie. Everyone made a big deal about it because he had held off for so long (because he "hates" sequels).
  12. TSSD

    TSSD Well-Known Member

    Technicaly, he hasn't refused... He just hasn't read the script. That he has. And has had. For at least a month or two. :p
  13. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well on the other hand, it's also annoying when truly good actors waste their talent on crappy films. Happens more times than I can comprehend!

    Not specifically talking about a Ghostbusters movie, just saying. ;)
  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    HEY! Wait a second! This wasn't written by the Cohen Brothers! :mad:
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Ah OK, well that says something right there, hehe.
  16. Puckrox

    Puckrox Well-Known Member

    I love the Cohen Brothers. :D
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Rest assured you never heard Murray's plea that he felt "horrible" that he did Garfield, because he only did it because he THOUGHT it was written by one of the Cohen brothers. SURE you did. Like there aren't a whole lot of writers named Cohen in Hollywood. :rolleyes:

    Of course, he was probably the only one in those movies what did a decent job.
  18. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    Can someone direct me to this list of the minor characters who are in, monsters in particular? For instance, I read the original draft and didn't see Uncle Deadly in it anywhere.

    *crosses fingers for Thog*

    *and the Mutations*

    *and just about all the other monsters*

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  19. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    Aye, but there's the rub. You read the *original* draft - and movies always change between first to final draft and finished edit! Especially in a case like this where the main author is a freelance outsider so you saw the script before it was passed though the people at Disney and Muppets Studio and before they found a director who was even more a Muppet Freak than the authors! You're right - Deadly was not in the original draft. Jason mentioned in an interview several months back (which got everyone excited) about how director Bobin knew all this Muppet trivia and characters that even he didn't and cited as an example where at one point in reading the script, Bobin mentioned, "You know, this would be a perfect place for Uncle Deadly". We all thought it was great that Deadly would be in the movie and were expecting it to be a single line or something but after shooting photos starting leaking out and Chris Cooper gave an interview talking about his part in the movie, it looks like Deadly's got a more substantial part as his sidekick. (psst...btw, you wouldn't happen to still have a copy of that original draft, do you?)

    Why, David - i'm surprised! For years, you've been one of the biggest advocates for rebuilding Thog and you haven't seen that glorious photo of The Muppets filming on Hollywood Blvd with an unmistakable Thog towering over the group? Cross those fingers no more!
  20. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    Bobo was his sidekick in the original draft. With Jerry retired, I wonder who'll perform him. (And who knew Bobin was more of a Muppet freak than Segel? Segel seemed to rival even US!)

    You wouldn't happen to have a link to that photo? Last photos I saw were of the adorable Amy Adams in her small-town look and her 'wardrobe malfunction' day.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole

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