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The New Muppet Show With Bill Murray

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by phipp, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. phipp

    phipp Member

    My Muppet Show Episode

    Host: Bill Murray
    Guest: Amanda Bynes

    • Theme Song
    • Introduction of Bill by Kermit
    • Bill singing the Jubilee of Rome with comments by Clueless Morgan.
    • Backstage Amanda with Kermit, Bill, Sal, and Pepe.
    • Fozzie’s Comedy Spot- He tells jokes about moose’s
    • Backstage Bill with Gonzo, Kay, Henry, and Leon
    • Muppet Melodrama- Scooter in a helicopter with Bill and Amnda
    • Kermit teaches Bill about woodpeckers
    • Bill singing Let Freedom Ring with Leon
    • Closing Theme
    • Clueless Morgan’s comment at the end.

    I think this would be a funny episode and my favorite part is when Bill Murray sings The Jubilee of Rome.
  2. Ernie

    Ernie New Member

    Bill Murray Episode

    This would make a great show! Bill and Amanda would be perfect together.

    Have you written a script for it. :p

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