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The Power of the Crystal [new thread]

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by JMPrater, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. JMPrater

    JMPrater Well-Known Member

    Hello All!

    I'm new here. I'm a longtime fan of Henson and his creature shop. Of course there's been a low internet hum in regards to this new sequel, The Power of the Crystal. I realized that the old thread was closed and wanted to start fresh.

    Having the original Dark Crystal as one of my all time favorite films, I was more then excited to hear about the news of a sequel, especially with the likes of Brian Froud, and many of the original creators involved.

    I was able to see the promotional reel that was uploaded to the net. It was great to see a glimpse of Thra once again, and to get a sneek peek of two beloved mythical characters, Gelflings Jen and Kira. I always wanted to see more of the story of Thra, her creatures, her mystery and the unfolding story of the Gelflings. Even as a child there were questions in my mind, "How many Gelflings survived?" "Did Kira and Jen have their own children?" " Can Kira use her wings to fly up as well as down?"

    If nothing else, Jim Henson and Frank Oz managed to give the original film this feeling of timelessness and agelessness, not a future nor a past or present. I've been drawn to this world since the film released in 1982. I have high hopes for this new movie and aside from fan forums, there is no official site to go to find out production updates, news, images, etc...

    I know this sequel has been talked about quite a bit already and I'd like to continue this discussion more if possible.

    J.M. Prater
  2. MarieIsabella

    MarieIsabella Well-Known Member

    The Power of The Dark Crystal


    I have had mixed thoughts about the sequel..:smirk:When I first heard about it I was upset and didn't want one produced. Henson's wishes were not to make a sequel, so i have heard, so that right there felt like it wasn't right.

    The Dark Crystal, means a lot to me, yes it is my favorite movie but it is more than that. It is the movie that made me want to become an Artist. I went for my bachelors in Art and created Creatures inspired by this film as well as Labyrinth and various other creature movies and despite others opinions, i won over my professors in the end. They said it wouldn't work and creature making was over done and not worth my time, well i sold a few pieces and my artwork was pulished on the front page of a local paper. So I showed them!!and they were all really impressed!

    A movie can impact someone's life, and thats what Henson did. There are very few movies in exsistance that can move a person so much, and Henson had that gift. I honestly don't know if the sequel will compliment the original.

    I understand that Henson sold the Muppets to Disney and they want to bring back a new audience and perhaps make more profit than in the early years, since The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth didn't gross as much as they anticipated.

    A bit off Topic....I feel that producing items from these movies, such as shirts at the Hot Topic Store was over priced and not as well thought out. I spend $18 on a shirt that shrunk and the transfer crinkled. I thought of making a pillow out of it or doing something with it. Like a lot of fans out there i thought I could make a better collectables then what they have out now. For fans that feel strongly about these movies, they want the BEST, and honestly they should have it.

    I know a lot more colletables will be made before and after the premiere of the Power of The Dark Crystal, I am just hoping the movie is good. The original set such high standards, it is going to be hard to live up to.

    Yes, there were some things in the original that CGI could have made better, particulary the part were Jen and Kira are riding the Landsliders and the camera does a distance shot, you can tell they are puppets placed on the Landstriders bouncing along. Thats all they could do then and it was good for that time, so if the Sequel can make it look realistic then it will be doing something great.

    I don't particially like the portrayl of Kira in the sequel. I know she is suppose to be much older now, but she look more puppet like then ever:grouchy:. I hope she is still going through changes.

    I think a Prequel would have been a better idea, to see how the world was before it was destroyed, there could have been other creatures and stories and adventures as well. George Lucas did that with Star Wars and Look how well they did.

    I am going to see it obviously, and I am anticipating its arrival. I never got to see the Original in the movies so that will be a great experience. If it is a well done movie I will stand up and clap even if no one else is!

    I guess all we can do it wait, and hope that more information and previews become available.

    Sorry if I went on too long, I can talk forever about anything Henson!:)
  3. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know anything new about this? News, images, film footage? Any way, I was extremly excited when I heard about this the first time and can't wait for this to happen. I'd rather see a continuation of the story like about Jen and Kira's children. A prequel would be nice, but like Star Wars we'd already know how it ends. Plus they'd probably make characters that we'd come to know and love, only to see them die. (sorry if that sounds morbid.) However if it's a prequel you want then check out the upcoming Legends of the Dark Crystak manga series. Thanks for letting me rant! By the way Marie Isabella, where can I see samples of your art? I'd really like to see it for my self.
  4. MarieIsabella

    MarieIsabella Well-Known Member

    Hi Here is my older website of my work (in progress) on my signature I can't post websites yet so I will change my website on my signature in a few days to my newer one i am working on, thanks for your interest!:)
  5. JMPrater

    JMPrater Well-Known Member

    I would love it if Henson opened an official website documenting the process of the film, offering exclusive content, images, and filmmaker to fan tidbits. If this is film is to succeed, it will do so by word of mouth and a slow burning interest. I know quite a few Dark Crystal fans who have no idea that a sequel is in the works. I want this film to succeed and do financially what Jim Henson dreamed the original would do.

    I know this is an official site, and hopefull, Genndy Tartakovsky [the film's director] is checking in here. Mr. Tartakovsky, please open up an official site, pump us up...show us more images, concept designs, and making ofs.

    J.M. Prater
  6. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Awesome artwork and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your newer site!
  7. abiraniriba

    abiraniriba Well-Known Member

    they need to reshow the originals

    I would love to see these sequels to Dark Crystal & Labyrinth. However, considering that it has been over 30 years since the originals most new fans would be left totally clueless unless like my kids they've been force fed Muppet culture from birth,:D they should do a rescreening of the originals with a special edition kind of like what Star Wars did before they showed the prequels.
  8. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    I like the sound of that. I'd love to see Dark Crystal in theaters!
  9. mb22

    mb22 Member

  10. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I've been looking for that Thurma sketch in image form! I can't thank you enough, but I'll try any way! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!
  11. new dark crystal movie!!!

    I just wish it was possible to have the original one playing in the theaters 6 months before the new one came out, that way peolpe could familiarizethe younger generations with the storyline. I can't wait to see what new charecters will be added, i just hope most of the old ones stay like augra, fizzgig,jen,maybe bring back the skeksis. that would be awsome!!
    ps: does anyone have a difinitive date, or an about date. for the release.
    pss: also can't wait for fraggle movie either.
  12. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Yeah, all the origonal characters are in it. I wish I knew the release date. I'm extremely excited as well!
  13. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Pretty dark images but cool anyway!
  14. JMPrater

    JMPrater Well-Known Member

    when will Genndy's PR team open up an official site for TPOTDC????
  15. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Probably after they start advertising it.
  16. LadyVader

    LadyVader Well-Known Member

    I need to see something soon!
  17. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    Well, the earlyest(spelling?) they usually show a trailer is a year before the movie comes out. Any chances they're still going for a Fall 2007 release?
  18. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

    Genndy Tartakovsky (director) reveiled in an October 2006 interview that the pre-production work is done and they should be start filming "very soon". Tartakovsky hoped to have all filming and post-production done by the end 2007.
    Lisa Henson (producer) says that they are currently planning to debut the film at the Cannes Film Festival, which would put the release sometime around May 2008. However most of the publicity material cite the release simply as "spring 2008". Basically it'll be about 15-20 months until the film is release.
  19. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    So anyone have an idea when this begins principle photography?

    It sucks to think the Fraggle Rock movie wouldnt be out til 2009.
  20. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    (sigh):sympathy:Oh well. Thanks helping me with that GelflingWaldo. Do you have any idea when the trailer might come?

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