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The Power of the Dark Crystal (Synopsis)

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by skekKot, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member

    I know most of us have read the synopsis for "The Power of the Dark Crystal" ; but I'll post it for the newcomers to the "World of The Dark Crystal"

    Details posted by a former employee of the William Morris Talent Agency{Hollywood}
    [read from an early draft of the script from 2006, before it was rewritten by Craig Pearce]

    *Introduces a race of creatures called "FIRELINGS"
    who live in the hollowed interior of the planet.

    *The star in the center of the planet keeps them alive
    (and aflame). But the star is going out. They need a
    shard of the Dark Crystal to relight the star.

    *AUGHRA is in a lot of the script; she hasn't changed
    at all.

    *JEN and KIRA, rulers of the land now, are asleep during
    most of the story, stuck in a dreamworld.

    *The Dark Crystal is broken midway through, splitting the
    UrSkeks back into Mystics and Skekses.

    *Much of the story was set underground and in confined

    *Script gave a bleak tone.

    (From the official synopsis of the film)
    "Power of the Dark Crystal is set many years after the events of the first movie. Jen and Kira, the gelflings, are older and are reigning as king and queen in the Castle of the Crystal. After the Gelflings welcome a fiery. and unexpected visitor.to theircastlethey learn that the very existence of the U-mun people, who live in the searing heat in the center of the planet, is threatened by the death of their sun. There is apparently only one thing powerful enough to heal the dying sun - a shard of the Crystal.

    "The Gelflings refuse the request for a crystal shard, as breaking the crystal would disturb the peaceful surface world's balance. But the desperate visitor takes matters into her own hands and steals a shard, making a hasty escape through tunnels deep in the bowels of the castle. The surface world once again falls into darkness - as the UrSkek split into Mystics and Skeksis. So begins the adventure of Thurma, a girl 'made of fire,' who bands together with Kensho, an outcast Gelfling, in an adventure in the 'inner-world' over the fate of the planet"

    Also came across the additional bit:
    "The Gelflings flatly refuse the request for a fragment and the
    desperate visitor takes matters into her own hands and steals one,
    making a hasty escape through tunnels deep in the bowels of the castle. So begins the adventure that will see love and goodness triumph over evil and re-introduce cinema-goers to a host of indeliable characters including the mystic UrSol, Aughra the one-eyed seer, the evil Skeksis and their crab-like violent Garthim foot soldiers."
  2. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    I read the first draft, and the following points are different:
    Firelings? They are called U-mun.
    Aughra has changed. She is younger for most of the time.
    Jen and Kira are not asleep.
  3. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member


    Here is a link to a message posted by the guy, who gave those details. I contacted him by e-mail just recently. He was a former employee of the WILLIAM MORRIS TALENT AGENCY in Hollywood. Reading that script was part of his work there. Even though he mentions in the post that it was
    the GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY/SCOTT STEWART draft of script (???) from 2006 before it was rewritten
    by CRAIG PEARCE. I sent an e-mail to this guy about his reading of the script. I asked him if he could provide me with further details about the story/plot/characters. Unfortunately, the information he wrote in his original post; was all he could remember. I noticed that he spelled Skeksis by a much earlier spelling "SKEKSES" {like it was spelled in earlier revisions of the first film

  4. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member

    Hey Laszlo,

    I sent another e-mail to the guy who posted the details from the early draft of THE POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL script. He confirmed that the creatures on the script he read through were called "FIRELINGS" (not U-mun)

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