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The Sesame Street baseball team

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by DTF, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. DTF

    DTF Well-Known Member

    Continuingthe theme I mentioned in my reviews - I hadn't seen all the segments noted, or at least not muore than 1-2 times. But, I thought a look at the Muppets themselves would be fun - and hopefully funny. (We need something to remind of us of summer in the northeastern 1/4 of the U.S.)

    Big Bird: Once a centerfielder, they figured out he had great pitching ability. He was the center of the attention and of fan support in both places, but also like a pitcher, he only seems to be there every fourth or fifth day now.:grouchy:

    Bert and Ernie: Second base/shortstop. Like any great team, the Street's baseball team has a dynamic pair in the middle, turning double plays. However, like speedsters of the 1910s who suddenly found themselves in the lively ball era where all teams wanted to do was swing for the fences, their offensive skills became underused to where they were just there for defense, till their resurgence laterly in a new form. Great friends off the field, too, Ernie became well known for clubhouse jokes, especially ones he liked to pull on Bert.

    Grover - Catcher. The only catcher in the game who wears a knight's helmet, he is best known for two things: His high-strung waving of home runs fair a la CArlton Fisk - and even telling line drives what to do as he runs down to first. And, his attempts to rattle batters.

    Who can forget his befuddling of Johnson in the World Series when he heard the man mutter that he was expecting "the heat" (a fastball) and Grover called for the pitcher to throw a miniature sun toward him. Johnson then said he meant a fastball,a nd the ball came so fast it made a sonic boom. Then, Johnson said he wanted something slower, so Grover signalled, and Johnson screwed himself into the ground - twice! - before the pitch had gotten halfway to home plate. the other pitches...well, you can only imagine. Fun-loving, the Muppet Yogi Berra can also hit for average and power, carrying a sketch or team on his own..

    Cookie Monster - first base. Catches anything that comes his way. Of course, they sometimes have to keep him from eating the ball before he throws it back to the pitcher, but otherwise good. A power hitter who eats a ton - like many athletes - he's sometimies dropped int he order because of worries about his weight, but rumors he'll be benched keep coming up and then disappearing again.

    Oscar: Third base, moved to pitcher. Always seemed to have a dirty, messy uniform diving after balls or sliding. Also known for being very grouchy with umpires when he doesn't get the call. Still, a popular member of the team with quite a few. Has become a pitcher now, working every 4th or 5th day, as he's very good at telling anyone who comes to take him out of the game, "Scram! This is my mound!" Not unlike a few human pitchers.

    Elmo: Right field. The Street's Mr. October, they fell into a disturbing pattern of forgetting to market the team or any other palyers. While Elmo is really good at what he does best - slugging - his defense wasn't good enough to keep him in center field the entire time. Nor was his batting average good enough to bat him third.

    Elmo is still very popular, though some feel he is oversold by the team. He not only has several weekly shows - when does he find time for batting practice? - he also has his own cartoon now that seems to be a way to say, "See, the shows aren't the worst thing I can do.":eek: (Note - this refers to that animation thing I saw once from England. It focuses just on one word that begins with a letter, it has a goofy song with it, and it makes Elmo's World seem great to me:eek:) Although at least he got Cookie Monster to play along with the cartoon part.

    Abby - center field. Until she came along, Elmo dominated everything. She's much more skilled than Elmo, however, and a refreshing change of pace. She seems almsot too good at tiems after some rookie mistakes, but at least she provides some chemistry with a variety of other players, somethign Elmo isn't as good at. Plays left sometimes just to see how a fairy will play the ball park's famed Green Monster - the only oufield wall with googly eyes and a mouth.

    Murray: Third base. The newest star, his excitement seems contagius enough that he'd been sometimes shifted over to center. He's batted leadoff quite a bit, and has become a hit witht he Spanish speaking fans, replacing Rosita, one of the pitchers on the team.

    Zoe: Left field. Sometiems replaced by Rosita, Telly, baby Bear, or whoever fits best in the lineup/whoever is hitting best at the moment. When the others are in the oufield, they're on the pitching staff.
  2. DTF

    DTF Well-Known Member

    that's weird - I can't find the e3dit button, only where I can quote or reply. Anyway, I forgot to add the Count - but it makes sense tht he'd be an ace reliever. I mean, how intimidating is a pitcher who can create his own sound effects? And, also one who counts the strikes after he throws them? :insatiable:

    This I coudl edit - so maybe after a while you can't.
  3. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm. I could see the Count as an umpire. He'd enjoy counting balls and strikes.

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