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The Small Adventure of Thog

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, May 12, 2017.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1

    One day, Thog went to the park to look at butterflies.

    "Oh boy!", said Thog, "Butterflies!"

    Thog then found a bottle on a tree stump. The bottle had "Free Drink" on the label.

    "Free drink?", said Thog, "well, I am thirsty."

    So Thog took a drink.

    "Ah, that was refreshing. I wonder what will happen now, as if you couldn't figure out from the title."

    Thog then shrunk down to a really small size, smaller than the grass.

    "Oh no!", said Thog. "I am smaller than the butterflies I was watching! I need help to get back to my old size."

    Several humans were walking past Thog, barely avoiding stepping on Thog.

    "Hey, help! Help!", shouted Thog to the people, who were unable to hear him as they stepped over him.

    As Thog was running and trying to avoid being stepped on, he tripped over and fell into a crack on the ground, getting stuck in the crack.

    "I know that stepping on a crack will break your mom's back", said Thog, "I hope falling into the crack is different."
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    Thog was struggling to get out of the crack in the ground.

    "HELP! HElP!", said Thog, unable to be heard, as several pairs of feet walked over.

    "Don't step on that crack", said one voice, "you don't want to break your mother's back."

    "Oh, thank you", said another voice.

    A stick of dynamite was then thrown right onto the crack.

    "Oh no...", said Thog, right before the dynamite exploded - sending Thog flying up into the air.

    Crazy Harry laughed as he threw sticks of dynamite around.

    "I may have lost my plunger", said Crazy Harry, "but throwing these dynamite sticks is just as fun!"

    "That hurt", said Thog, as he was still flying upward into the air, "but at least I'm not stuck."

    Thog was soon heading downward.

    A boy at the park had made a paper airplane and was about to throw it. Thog landed safely onto the paper airplane right before the boy threw it.

    "Whoa...", said Thog, as he went flying into the plane.

    And the plane stayed flying in the air for longer than a paper air plane should.

    "HEY!", said the boy, "come back here!", as he chased after the paper air plane.

    "I wonder if I can control this air plane", said Thog.

    The airplane started to head downward.

    "I guess not", said Thog.

    Thog and the paper airplane then landed into a butterfly net.
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    The butterfly net was held by Sweetums, who looked into the net.

    "I caught a paper air plane!", said Sweetums, who then noticed Thog in there.

    "And Thog? How'd you get to be so small?"

    "I drank something", said Thog, but Sweetums couldn't hear him.

    "I think I should take you to Muppet Labes", said Sweetums.

    "Hey, mister", said the boy who threw the paper airplane, "I want my plane back!"

    The boy then kicked Sweetums in the leg, making Sweetums scream in pain.

    Soon, Thog was at Muppet Labs, standing on a table with a high-powered microphone beside him so he could be heard.

    "...and that's how I got small", said Thog.

    "Well", said Bunsen, "we at Muppet Labs have a few ways to make you bigger, don't we, Beaker?"

    "Mee mee meep", said Beaker in agreement.

    Pepe, Rizzo, Yolanda, Bean Bunny, and Robin all came in.

    "Wait a minute!", said Pepe, "Hold it, okay!"

    "What's going on here?", asked Bunsen.

    "We want to see ourselves being bigger than Thog", said Rizzo.

    "Yeah, he was always the tallest, now we're taller than him", said Yolanda.

    "I don't think we're being very nice", said Robin.

    "Well", said Bean Bunny, "he is a lot cuter!"

    "Why don't you all pick on somebody your own size?", asked Thog.

    "Fine, okay", said Pepe, "I'll pick on Rizzo."

    "Hey, don't pick on me", said Rizzo, "I'm a little smaller than you!"

    "yeah", laughed Pepe, "a little smaller..."

    They all walked out of the room.

    "Anway, we can give you an insta-grow pill", said Bunsen.

    Beaker handed a pill to Bunsen.

    "Take this pill, and you will grow."

    "Okay", said Thog, who took the pill, and soon grew back to his normal size.

    "I'm my own size again!", said Thog.

    "Unfortunately", said Bunsen, "these pills are sadly temporary."

    "Sadley temporary", meeped Beaker.

    "So I'm going to shrink again soon?", said a worried Thog.

    "Well, you could just take another pill every five minutes", said Bunsen.

    "I don't know if I can take pills in my sleep", said Thog.

    "Well, we have been working on something else", said Bunsen, "we haven't actually tested it, but we can let you have it. Beaker, bring in the mega shake!"

    "Me mee mee", said Beaker, as he left the room.

    Soon, he was back, pushing a large drink can - one that was just barely small enough to fit through the door.

    Thog was also back to being small.

    "This is our Mega Shake", said Bunsen as he picked up Thog and put him on the very top of the can, "try a little."

    "Okay", said Thog, who stuck his head into the small hole to drink some, but slipped in.

    "Oh dear", said Bunsen.

    "Mo meer", said Beaker.

    Just then, Thog busted through the can, back to his normal size, and made a big milkshake mess throughout the lab.

    "It worked! It worked!", said Thog.

    "Another breakthrough in Muppet Labs!", said Bunsen.

    "I'm going back to the park", said Thog as he ran out the door - breaking part of the doorway with his size.

    Outside, Rizzo, Yolanda, and Pepe were comparing their heights.

    "I am tall and you are short, okay?", said Pepe.

    "No, you're not tall", said Rizzo.

    "Not that tall, anyway", said Yolanda.

    "You are delusional", said Rizzo.

    They all started bouncing as the ground was shaking up and down. Thog ran out the building.

    "I'm big again!", said Thog.

    "Oh, no", said Rizzo, "we're not taller than him anymore."

    The End
  4. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    Aww, I love this. Love seeing Thog in fanfics and as the protagonist.

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