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The "What Commercial was that?!" Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 12Medbe, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, thought it'd be a good idea to have one of these threads in case someone needs help remembering a commercial from the 90's.
    There's one right now that's driving me batty, I remember partial of it but have no clue what the add was for.

    I know I had it on a taped tape from Nickelodeon's airing of "Muppet Family Christmas" in 1995, I wish I knew where the VHS was.

    But here's what I remember about the commercial, It involves two brothers, Street Hockey, and I think hockey stars at the end.

    I remember the younger brother being a goalie and his big bro with his friends shot a load of hockey pucks towards him, the younger brother calls for his mother. His mother yells from the door "Spencer give your little brother a chance" something like that, they switch places. The Older brother gets to the goal and turns around, he is approached by 3 Hockey Stars asking if they could play. The Older Brother then screams "MOM!!!!!!" Then something with Doors slamming after
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  2. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Do you have any memory of what the hockey stars looked like?
  3. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Well-Known Member

    One looked like Wayne Gretsky.
  4. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Well one thought I have, if you think it could be Wayne Gretsky you could see if there's any active fan pages or communities about him on the Web, somewhere there might know for sure.
  5. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Excellent thread, as I too am sometimes bothered by old commercials that I can't quite remember rattling around in my mind...

    One that tends to haunt me on a recurring basis was one I saw when I was about maybe four or five (so it was probably around 1993 or 1994 or so)... I THINK it was a video game commercial (those were pretty freaky in the 90s, like that Tetris 2 commercial)... anyway, there's a slacker teenager sitting in his room, and this large flying insect thing buzzes around him, and lands on his forehead, then for some reason, it begins jabbing it's legs into the guy's forehead, before he grabs a folded up magazine or something, and smashes it, just leaving it there stuck in his forehead, while it moans in defeat. Anyone recall this?
  6. mr3urious

    mr3urious Well-Known Member

    I think that commercial was for Sega. Try looking for it on YT.
  7. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Yup, you're right, I found it...


    Still freaky today as it was when I first saw it... that mosquito's huge, it must be one of ours, we have huge mosquitoes down here!
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I remember that one as well... And I can't remember what it was for. Though I'm thinking the older brother mainly imagined himself as a professional hockey player, and the ending with the professionals being part of one of the brother's imaginations (why would those professionals play street hockey with some kids they don't know?).

    Here's one I remember: It was for some kind of special or sale, which involved cutting out coupons or something. It had the running gags of a kid asking its parents for something expensive (like a bike) and their fathers saying "cut it out!", followed by the kids saying "thanks!" Part of me thinks the cut-out coupons were part of cereal boxes as opposed to catelogues or ads.
  9. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    I have not seen this, but after someone here brought it up in the "Creepiest puppets thread" here a while back, it made me want to track it down because it sounded very interesting. There was a short film that ran on Nickelodeon in the late 90s called "Attack of the Giant Vulture" that involved a group of kids being chased by the titular character, a full-body vulture puppet - much like Big Bird, but unlike Big Bird, the vulture wanted to eat the kids (maybe it's Big Bird's "Bizarro World" counterpart? :zany:)

    I do know that from what I've read on Youtube comments and various sites, this short scared the bejeezus out of a lot of people who saw it...which is the reason (that, and because of someone saying that he was Muppet-like) that I want to see it!
  10. Salem

    Salem New Member

    Ok, maybe this thread can help me as well.

    Back in the early 90's it must have been, I saw a couple of commercials that freaked me out, too. I think there were two versions and I don't remember which scenes went to which, but they were advertising the same thing:

    In one version there was a rather shoddy or damaged-looking room with an empty ambulance gurney and a TV on a stand. The images on the screen were static-filled but when the image would pop into place you could see a monster or a person being tortured. Other than the image, there were no people.

    I also remember one scene showing a glass full of tea or water or something and it was sitting next to the receiver of a telephone on a small table next to an empty chair. Again, there's no one around but there's a voice on the phone saying something like "Hello? Are you there?"

    I think there was another scene but I don't recall what it could have been.

    However, both commercials ended the same way: there was a shot of a some kind of suburbia setting, some houses on a the horizon. In the background the planet Saturn was setting with its rings angling up, and in the sky a flock of birds were flying a V in front of the planet.

    After that there was a black info screen that had a phone number and an icon of the planet Saturn and some other information, but this was so long ago I don't I couldn't even read yet. I have no idea what this was advertising; I've wondered about everything from the Sci-Fi channel to some kind of cult. I've tried googling it but usually I just end up with hits for Saturn cars which I'm fairly certain it was not advertising.

    It seemed very apocalyptic and as a small child it scared me. It's also affected my art in that I put Saturns and flocks of birds in the backgrounds of my drawings sometimes.

    Does this sound familiar at all to anyone? I like the creepy artistic memory of it I have as it is, but I think I'd like to hazard a viewing of one or both of the commercials again. :)

  11. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Here's one that's been bugging me lately: you know how local channels always play the same PSAs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over during cartoons in the morning? "Be Cool About Fire Safety," and all those? Yeah. There's one that I vageuly remember from when I was in kindergarten (1995) that would be played every single freakin' morning whenever I'd watch like Looney Tunes or Pink Panther and such... it had a mother and her daughter tumbling into a pile of autumn leaves, set to the song, "You are so beautiful to me." Drove me crazy!
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  12. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    The one '80s PSA I still haven't been able to find is one where two teenagers carve their initials on a tree, and then the announcer talks about how the tree died and (as I remember), the tree kinda falls at the audience. If I could find that one, that would be awesome!

    You know, by the way, those PSAs were always ten times scarier than most main stream Horror flicks. I know it sounds weird, but Hollywood really needed to employ some of those commercial directors! I mean look at this one, the camera work and music--instantly you know something's off kilter and it's beyond creepy. You can feel the tension; you're afraid of what might pop up at the end. Very effective.

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2014
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    There's a commercial I'm remembering for a shoe brand, but can't remember what the shoe brand was.

    The commercial aired around Christmas 1994. A kid/teenage boy is opening a present by the tree, I don't remember any parents being there when he does, and gets shoes. The announcer says, to the effect of, "Christmas is the time of year where you learn that giving is better than receiving. NOT!"
  14. salemfan

    salemfan Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid in the 90s I remember seeing this commercial in which a woman said "I am a _____, but sometimes I disappear." Then on screen she gets erased from the bottom up against a blue background, until only the blue background is left. I know it was a clip, but maybe it wasn't a commercial. Maybe it was part of a TV show whose name I do not know. Still, can anybody tell me what it was so I can look for it on YouTube?
  15. salemfan

    salemfan Well-Known Member

    Does anybody remember a music video in which they are roasting Barbie dolls on the backyard grill? If anybody knows what it was a commercial for, can anybody help me find it?
  16. ErinAardvark

    ErinAardvark Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what year this was, but I figured I'd ask for my sister's sake. She's been looking for a commercial that she doesn't know what the heck it was for. Something about tennis, whether it be for tennis balls, or for a tournament, or whatever. Anyway, what she remembers is kittens were in it, and watching a tennis match.
  17. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    it was not commercial, it was a music video for the song black hole sun, which i forgot the artist who sung it.
  18. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    scooterfan360 likes this.
  19. scooterfan360

    scooterfan360 Well-Known Member

    thank you, btw, when i first seen that video, i was like what the heck, because of those people had those weird faces.
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.
  20. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.
    scooterfan360 likes this.

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