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The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kiki, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. StevieOpossum

    StevieOpossum Well-Known Member

    "Flowing" - 311
  2. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Of Wolf and Man - Metallica.

    Man where has this song been all my life? I have a thing for werewolves. Shut up.
  3. StevieOpossum

    StevieOpossum Well-Known Member

    I Fell Asleep On My Arm - The Aquabats

    Best So Bad, It's Good parody of Nu-Metal (KoRn, Limp Bizkit, etc.) I've heard so far.
  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Bad News - Boober, Wembley, and Gobo Fraggle, from the Fraggle Rock episode, "The Terrible Tunnel"

    Boy, this song brings me back childhood memories... well some frightening ones is what I have reminds me of this song.
  5. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    "Hit the Lights" -Metallica
    ShanaynayXD likes this.
  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Seasons of Love from Rent
  7. StevieOpossum

    StevieOpossum Well-Known Member

    "Gone Away" - The Offspring
  8. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Sara Bareilles "Love Song"
    Justin Timberlake "Mirrors"
    Bruno Mars "Treasure"
    Fall Out Boy "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark"

    For some reason, I'm really in the mood for pop music tonight.
  9. Teheheman

    Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Outlaw and Renegades-Gretchen Wilson

  10. Teheheman

    Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Walk on Water-Gretchen Wilson

  11. lady piggy

    lady piggy Well-Known Member

    Lady gaga "Applause"
    ShanaynayXD likes this.
  12. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    "The Test That Stumped Them All" -Dream Theater
  13. StevieOpossum

    StevieOpossum Well-Known Member

    "The Spirit of the Radio" - Rush
    ElizaSchuyler and CaseytheMuppet like this.
  14. Teheheman

    Teheheman Well-Known Member

    How Would I Know-Jon Nicholson

  15. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    We Take Care Of Our Own - Bruce Springsteen
  16. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Can I like this a billion more times? (Rush is my favorite band) :p
    StevieOpossum and ShanaynayXD like this.
  17. fuzzygobo

    fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    "Go All The Way"- The Raspberries
  18. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    "Hunting Song" by Pentangle...has anyone else heard of this group other than my band director? He suggested we listen to it for the bells/glockenspiel part. I never heard of them until today.
  19. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    "Goodbye Town" - Lady Antebellum
  20. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I know they were a folk revivalist group in the late sixties, kind of like Fairport Convention, but I've never heard any of their stuff. I only really know them from my copy of the old Rolling Stone Album Guide.

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