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Two Ball Waltz

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    It kinda was. Like, the idea was on paper and the notes and the planning and then...nuttin'. Started a new fandom and then literally last month (I guess, as this is now October) BAM! All rushin' in. I had actually wanted to start Season 2, so I could bring you the brand new Halloween idea I had, but...well...that also didn't happen.

    But if it makes you feel better, I did start Monday Morning Marriage, so when WHEN I finish 2 Ball, you will have a new Monday! Or maybe Season 2, I don't know. My brain is really finicky on stuff.

    I am quite happy that by the time I turned 21, smartphones weren't a thing yet and we had just gotten cell phones that weren't the size of your head. Not that it matters - my friend Lisa has a notebook of drunken things I've said because apparently I couldn't stop calling her after I had been drinking.

    Which is where our Betty White reference actually comes from. No, I didn't start a round of the Golden Girls theme (I don't think), but I did say "I love Betty White cause she's so Betty White" and no. I don't know what that means.

    Here is your obligatory learnings for this chapter:

    California Academy of Science: (as a note, when I started this whole thing, the CAS was still open. As of last month, it is going through renovations until the end of this month) http://www.calacademy.org/

    Winchester Mystery House: http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/thehouse.cfm

    My hope is to bring you a wedding later today!
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, the quote from Kermit in my previous post was meant as a referencial in-joke, direct from his greeting Valerie Harper backstage in TMS Season 1.
    But I understands (or oversit) about the mental waffling. Heck, I've gotta scour my monster roster for a couple entries to replace the ones I took down to get to an even 200, and the logic games organizing that entails.

    Hope to read more when it's posted.
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Here we go! Somebody's getting married! We're winding down on 2 Ball - FINALLY! You get a wedding this chapter and in the next - hopefully - you'll get a wedding reception. Have you all figured out what's been happening behind the scenes? Where the heck did the best man managed to get a church on such short notice? What's the special heirloom Chase plans to present to Amanda?

    And what the heck is this super duper wedding gift from our royal couple?

    We've got a wedding to attend! In 3...2...1!

    Thursday, March 20th

    It was here.

    Today was the day.

    Scooter Grosse was getting married.

    And he had no idea where.

    Thursday morning began with a flurry of activity, with everyone involved running over themselves to get ready. Scooter, who of course had no idea where his own wedding was going to take place, was trying to get information from his best man and groomsmen with absolutely no success. All they were telling him was not to worry and that they would definitely get him to the church on time. That did nothing to alleviate his fears or panic because, as far as he knew, there was no church to be getting him to.

    Worse still, when he looked in his closet this morning, his tuxedo was gone, causing a full blown panic attack that had only calmed when Kermit had been forced to tell him everything was at the ‘venue’, everything was set up from flowers to seating to food. His best man was actually giving away a lot of information, especially when most of this was supposed to have been a surprise to the page, but Scooter was of course suffering nerves on his big day and with so many things gone wrong before reaching it, he was extremely worried.

    After calming the younger Muppet down, the others swiftly had him out the door by 7:30am, stopping by a nearby Denny’s to get food and coffee into everyone before heading towards their destination. The drive only seemed to rile, or rather confuse, the stage manager even more – instead of heading towards Santa Monica or even West LA, the group seemed to be headed towards Beverly Hills and then West Hollywood. It took Scooter several minutes to even realize where they were headed.

    “Are we going to the studio?” he asked. He was back in his former position in the backseat of Fozzie’s car, surrounded by his groomsmen, while Rowlf and Robin had taken the dog’s car and were apparently going to meet them there.

    “Yes, we are,” Gonzo said.

    Why are we headed to the studio?” he asked, incredulously. “Guys, I’m getting married in four hours! I don’t have time for this!”

    “You’re right,” Floyd replied, patting his fellow red head on the shoulder. “We don’t. And that’s why grandma here is gonna go the actual speed limit so we can actually get to the studio before lunch.”

    “You know, speeding is against the law…” the bear huffed.

    “So is driving under the speed limit,” Kermit countered. “It’s 45 and you’re going 35. You’ve lived here for how long? How are you still not driving at the right speed limit?”

    Scooter put his head in his hands. This was going to be a long day.


    This was going to be a long day.

    At least as far as Amanda was concerned. Their drive back to Beverly Hills had been fun, along with another sleepover at Piggy’s. However upon waking up, the panic was back where it had been before Piggy had come to the rescue by appointing herself, Janice, and Camilla as her bridesmaids. For some reason, the bride couldn’t remember if they had paid anyone – the florist, the caterer, the priest – and when she realized that all those people had nowhere to go, she had broken down in tears.

    Scottie, who of course knew of the venue plans, was able to calm her down while leading her out to the car. It was nearly five minutes before Amanda realized that they were on their way to Muppet Studios, which made absolutely no sense and then a giant question popped up in her brain and that was –

    “Where’s my dress?”

    “What’s that, dearheart?”

    “My dress,” Amanda insisted. “Do you put it in the car? You did bring it, didn’t you!?”

    “Shaant raho,” Janice said, trying to calm the bride. “Sard. You’re gonna harsh your mellow, chica. Like, I’m trying to build up positive energy for you.”

    “Manda Panda,” Scottie replied, throwing her a look at her in the rearview mirror. “Again, we have taken care of everything. Your dress is sitting in your suite, at the place we are going. So, would you kindly, chill the **** out? Because if you suddenly become Bridezilla back there, I will have no choice but to invoke my newfound Axis of Evil powers to vanquish the evil demon from your person.”

    The red head couldn’t help but laugh, even as that entire speech made no sense, but he did seem to be very serious on this front. “Okay, okay,” she said, talking some calming breaths. “I’ll chill out. And I’ll place my faith in you guys and gals that you know what you’re doing and I’ll just hang on for the ride.”

    “You know,” Piggy chuckled. “If more people had that same philosophy, we would never have any problems with anyone.”


    Pulling onto the lot that was home to Muppet Studios and the Muppet Theater would have felt like a normal Thursday, if not for the fact that Scooter Grosse was supposed to be getting married in three hours. He had no idea why he was on the lot or why his groomsmen had taken him there, but he didn’t care. At some point, he just assumed that they had been drinking or had lost their minds or whatever Twilight Zone episode was happening right now, he just wanted to get to where he needed to be so he could get married.

    And for some inexplicable reason, his groomsmen were preventing him from doing so.

    “Alright, I’ve had enough!” he exclaimed, his position in the middle of the backseat preventing him from just jumping from the car. And he was pretty sure that had been done on purpose. “Now someone is going to answer me and they are going to answer me right now! Why are we here!?

    “Boy, I hope your future wife isn’t this high strung,” Gonzo muttered. “We shouldn’t have given you any coffee. Just makes you jittery like the frog.”

    “Gonzo, shut it,” said frog replied, turning to speak to the groom. “Scooter, we’re going to tell you why we’re here. Actually, we’re going to do you one better and we’re going to show you why we’re here.”

    Obviously having no choice, Scooter followed the rest of the passengers, passing by Rowlf’s car as he did. Parking was usually not an issue for the cast and crew, as their parking was kept separate from those of the visitors that came for the studio tour. Coming around the building, the group hit what they affectionately called ‘office row’, which was where most of their offices were; they were truly only used when they were working on the lot, doing a movie for example, while Kermit was the only one who also had an office in the theater proper. However, as with the frog himself, he was hardly ever in either one of these.

    Passing office row began the walk towards the soundstages, three of them, with the theater further down the lot. Being on the lot and heading towards the soundstages was making Scooter’s head hurt and the walk felt as though time for them had slowed down, while the time around them was speeding up. A vision of them getting to the theater and discovering, in the time it took from them to leave the car and reach said theater, that he had missed his own wedding. He was building up an impressive rant, worthy of anything Kermit could come up with, when they stopped at Stage 76.

    Opening the door, the frog gestured for the stage manager to enter, which Scooter eagerly did, desperate to get answers to his questions. Upon walking in, however, he immediately stopped and looked around.

    Their normally empty soundstage number 76 had been completely transformed into a chapel. The ceiling had been redone as high arched ceilings, while the walls had been built with wood paneling and glass windows; the floor was carpeted with a dark beige berber, with a long white runner down the center of the aisle and rows of padded bench seating upon it. The benches were decorated with white lacing and small green and white flowers that Scooter had never seen before.

    At the front of the stage, was a decorative backdrop matching the same wood paneling as the walls, with floral carvings lining the borders. The ceremony platform was slight raised with three steps leading up to the platform. Turning slowly to cast his gaze around the entire area, Scooter found himself gazing at his groomsmen, mouth agape and eyes wide in shock and surprise. “You guys built me a church?” he croaked.

    “Of course,” Kermit said, giving the page a small smile. “What’re groomsmen for?”

    “Speaking of,” Gonzo replied, tapping the watch on his wrist. “We gotta get dressed. Tick tock on the clock.”

    Scooter didn’t even realize he had started crying until Kermit led him into their dressing area.


    While Scooter was being shown their ‘church’, Amanda was being shown their dressing area. Taking Stage 79 and splitting it down the middle, the bridal party had been able to construct two dressing room suites – one for Scooter and one for Amanda – that was able to cater to both bride and groom. Piggy had truly gone all out for the day, getting her tailor Thoreau to handle all of the dress designs and fittings, while also hiring the makeup and hair people to help the bride and the others to get ready.

    Gonzo, who had handled all of the flower arrangements, had given his theme idea to Piggy, who – in a rare agreement with the stunt weirdo – passed it along to Thoreau, who in turn made the color scheme to match his dress ideas. Instead of going with the traditional floral arrangements, Scooter and Amanda had gone with flowers that reflected how they felt about each other – ambrosia for shared loved, pink camellias for longing, and purple gloxinia for love at first sight; Gonzo, Piggy, and Thoreau had come up with the decorative belles of Ireland – the flowers that lined the padded benches – for good luck.

    This purple and white theme had flowed from the flowers to that of Thoreau’s ideas; oh, he already had an idea for Amanda’s wedding dress, however the nixing of her original bridesmaids actually made his job a heck of a lot easier as he could already see the style for the divas he routinely dressed. For the bride, he had combined a strapless sweetheart neckline with a draped bodice, with a jeweled trim at the waist that exactly matched the ring Scooter had given her.

    The bodice put a little more oomph to the croupier’s cleavage and allowed her to display the beautiful necklace Scooter had given her as a Valentine’s Day gift. It had followed up that wonderful night when had serenaded her on stage during one of their shows and was the same night they had said ‘I love you’ for the first time to each other.

    The dress was a satin white, with a crisscrossed lace back that draped down the back, leading to the satin train that covered her legs and feet.

    The fashion designer than took the same style, minus the train, backing, and trim, and recolored the bridesmaids’ dresses in a rich purple, which expertly matched the bouquets.

    For the groom, he had gone a more old-fashioned style, harking back to the Victorian era. Utilizing a three pieced tailcoat tuxedo design, the groomsmen would be dressed with matching colored silk puff ties, white high stand collar shirts, matching Callahan vests, and tailcoat jackets. The groom was set apart thanks to his black silk puff tie and black Callahan vest. It was a perfect blend of classic and modern, just the way the Muppets liked it.

    Like her husband to be, Amanda had been overwhelmed by the amount of work everyone had done for this day. Though she hadn’t seen the end results like Scooter had, Piggy had told her that as soon as they heard about the church, she had immediately called Kermit for advice and guidance. She of course didn’t tell her that both had been nearly upset as the bride and groom – where they heck were they going to find a church on such short notice? – when the frog had a brainstorm. What if they used the theater?

    “You want to a have a wedding in the theater?” she asked, confused as to where he was headed with this.

    “Well, we’d fix it up, of course,” he huffed. “Yeah. Yeah, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Don’t worry, darlin’, I got this. What’re we gonna do about bridesmaids though?”

    “Leave it to me,” Piggy said, with conviction. “Moi has already got the perfect substitutes and I know they won’t have any issues filling in. Okay. So, you’ll handle the church, I’ve got the bridesmaids…”

    “Gonzo’s taking care of the flowers, yes?”

    “Yes,” came her answer. “And Moi’s sent some reinforcements for Chase in case he needs them, but I think he’s got food covered.”

    “Okay,” Kermit said, nodding. “We got this, Piggy. We got this. Call your crew and I’ll call mine.”

    Thirty minutes after the bride had arrived and shortly after Scooter had been brought to the lot, Chase Cosgrove showed up, already dressed and looking for his daughter. He had run into a couple of different people who pointed him in the right direction, towards the second soundstage and to the left. He had gotten a glimpse of their church setup and he had to admit, when the Muppets went out, they went far and above the call. His little girl had told him about the church and about the circumstances of her bridesmaids, trying her best to keep her tears at bay.

    He had only known that Kermit and Piggy said they would take care of it, but he certainly hadn’t expected this. For a guy who claimed he was a literal orphan, Scooter Grosse certainly had people who considered him family, especially if they went about doing this. Knocking on the stage door, he heard movement within, as well as a “Andrew, I swear if you’re outside, Moi is going to personally escort you back to your area!”

    The door opened however, revealing the Muppets band’s guitarist, dressed in a lovely deep purple gown, which he attributed as being the bridesmaid dress. “Hey!” she greeted. “It’s Mr. Cool Pool!” She gave him a once over before stepping back to allow him inside. “Looking pretty svelte, Mr. C!”

    “Thanks,” he said, passing her by and nodding to the show chicken who was lounging on a nearby settee. “I always try to look my best when in the presence of beautiful women.”

    “Why you’re still single, Moi will never know.”

    Chase didn’t stop the whistle that came from his lips, as Miss Piggy came sauntering into the area. “I certainly wouldn’t stay single around you,” he said, eyes lingering over accentuated curves.

    “Careful, Pop,” Amanda replied, poking her head around the corner. “That’s my future mother-in-law you’re talking to.”

    “Hey now,” the diva said, turning to give the girl a mock glare. “I wouldn’t go that far.”

    Chase bowed to the diva, before turning to his daughter. “You decent?”

    “I’d like to think so.”

    Rolling his eyes, he asked, “You ladies don’t mind giving me a little time with the bride, do you?”

    “Not at all,” Piggy said, walking by the business owner and giving his arm an affectionate as she did. “Ladies, let us take our leave. Scottie, we’re out of here!”

    Walking out from the area his daughter was, Scottie Coulter gave a huff. Behind him was another man Chase didn’t recognize. “Right at the interesting part, too,” the blonde was saying. “Your daughter awaits, kind sir.”

    “Are you telling him that Riviera story?” asked the diva, as they began to file out.

    “I’ll have you know that’s an incredible story,” the unknown man was saying. “Incredibly…”

    “Not true,” he caught before the door closed behind them.

    Chase walked around the corner, entering into a small chamber. There was a vanity to his right, with a large window directly in front of him. But when he turned to the right, his breath seemed to be taken away from him; to his right stood his little girl, dressed in a beautiful white satin gown. Her hair had been put up in a French twist and a long, shoulder length veil flowed behind her head.

    “Oh Mandy,” he whispered, trying to find his breath. “You’re so beautiful, sweetheart. Just like your mother.”

    “Thanks, Daddy.”

    “Speaking of which,” he said, taking the appropriate steps to reach her, and when he did, he held both of her hands in his. “I have something for you.” Releasing one of her hands, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a velvet case. “Your mother wanted you to have this on your wedding day,” he whispered. “I’m sorry she couldn’t be here like she wanted and I know I’m a poor substitute.”

    “You’re a good substitute,” she whispered, sniffing slightly.

    “Hey now,” he cooed, wiping a small tear from her eye. “You’re gonna ruin that pretty face of yours and who knows what Grosse will do to me.” That at least caused her giggle. Nodding to the case, he said, “Open it.”

    Doing as directed, Amanda opened the case, revealing a diamond bracelet. It was white gold, with a three diamond pattern that went around the entire bracelet. “Here,” Chase whispered, taking the case from her. Going around her, he set it down behind her, before lifting the bracelet out and placing it around her wrist. “Your mother wore this during our wedding,” he told her, fastening the chain. “And your grandmother wore it during hers and before that, it was your great grandmother and so forth.”

    “It’s beautiful.”

    “So are you.”

    A beep coming from the phone behind her caused their moment to end, as the bride turned to check her new incoming message. Turning back to her father, she uttered two words he welcomed and hated at the same moment.

    “It’s time.”


    The makeshift church was set to hold upwards of a hundred people, though no one expected that many people to actually be there. Muppets lined both sides of the aisle, a mix of Scooter and Amanda’s families; though the Cosgroves had very little family to speak of, several employees of Cosgrove Cool Pool were in attendance, thanks to Piggy’s helpful assistants who were working behind the scenes to set up food, allowing Amanda’s co-workers to attend the ceremony.

    Most of the Muppet Show cast and crew were there – Rowlf sat at a nearby upright piano and had been playing a few tunes while people began to file in. Once he had gotten the signal, the dog began playing Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D, as Pepe the King Prawn and Rizzo the Rat walked down the aisle, throwing rose petals on the ground as they did. The groomsmen then made their entrance inside with Scooter leading the way, followed by Kermit, Floyd, Fozzie, and Gonzo.

    Once settled in front of everyone, the door opened again to allow for Camilla, Janice, Piggy, and Scottie to lead the bridal procession to the front. From his position, Rowlf could only tell that whatever the four were wearing had immediately caught the eye of most of the groomsmen, if Floyd’s raised eyebrows were any indication. For Kermit and Gonzo, it almost seemed as though they were the ones about to be married, the look of awe on their faces and love in their eyes.

    He continued Pachelbel’s Canon, sparing a glance towards the minister when he signaled a stop and to prepare for the next song. The dog gave a signal to Dr. Teeth, who sat at the moveable pipe organ to start playing, the sounds of the Wedding Processional from the Sound of Music surrounding the stage, as the door opened and revealed Chase Cosgrove with Amanda Cosgrove on his arm. Standing as the others did, the pianist could clearly see the way his friend’s face lit up as the two walked down the aisle.

    Amanda had started to look around, taking in the sights of those who were standing for her! At. Her. Wedding! However, as soon as she saw her intended, the world seemed to fade away, only leaving Scooter in all his handsomeness. She was about to marry the Muppet man she loved and before she knew it, she was standing before him, watching as her father shook his hand, kissed her cheek, and placed her hand into Scooter’s.

    The minister nodded as the two turned to look at him. Looking out into the audience, he began.

    “Family and friends, welcome and thank you for being here on this important day. We’re gathered together to celebrate the love between Andrew and Amanda by joining them in marriage. The highest form of love between two people is through a committed relationship, one where there is a partnership between them, understanding, and the joining of your souls. After today, the two of you will be sharing your lives together, standing together to face life and the world at large, hand in hand.

    “As many of us know, marriages need the strength, courage, patience, and overall, humor, between two individuals and from what I know and have seen with these two, they have more than enough to enjoy a long life with each other. Though we are celebrating the union between these two young people, today is also the opportunity to reaffirm and appreciate the love and friendship that we experience in own lives.

    “While many words will be said during this ceremony, this day is not about words, processional marches, grand pronouncements, or even the rings exchanged. Today is about the love shared between Andrew and Amanda. Andrew, Amanda, the love you share is clearly seen to those around you and it is on this day, that you share that love with the family and friends who are gathered here today, those you are unable to be here, and those who have gone before us.

    “And as you have come together, you bring together your friends and family on this occasion. From this moment forward, you will be united, blending your traditions and strengthening your family tree. I’ve never met a father who was willing to let go of his daughter, so instead I ask, do I have the father’s blessing for this marriage?”

    Chase, who had taken his place in the front row on the left hand side, stood proudly. “Yes,” he said. “You have my blessing.”

    Whatever tension still lingered between the two seemed to vanish, at least for Scooter. Though he had asked for Chase’s blessing before he had proposed, the lingering fear that he could easily change his mind was always in the back of his; hearing him proudly state that the page was worthy enough to be with his daughter was a huge weight off his shoulders.

    “Andrew, Amanda,” the minister continued. “Please face one another and remember this moment. Before this moment, you were many things to each other – acquaintance, friend, companion, love, and importantly, partner – and you have learned much from each other. Now you shall say a few words that will further your journey from separate individuals to partners. Please present the rings.”

    Both Kermit and Scottie reached into their pockets, pulling out the rings and handing them to the bride and groom.

    “Amanda Lilith Cosgrove, do you this man to be your husband? To have and to hold from this day forward? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?”

    “I do.”

    “And do you, Andrew Martin Grosse, take this woman to be your wife? To have and to hold from this day forward? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?”

    “I do.”

    “Should anyone feel that this union should not continue, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

    No one said a word, though it was probably because every person in the bridal party looked ready to jump the first person that said something, even the slightest sneeze would have encountered a karate chop or a right hook. And that was probably from the same person.

    “Andrew, Amanda, you have exchanged vows before God and these witnesses, pledging your commitment to each other, by joining your hearts, souls, and families together and by exchanging rings today. Those whom God hath joined together, let no one put asunder. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Andrew, you may now kiss the bride.”

    “Gladly,” the red head mumbled, pulling his new wife into his arms and kissing her soundly.
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  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Here are some supplementals for you!

    Amanda's wedding dress - [​IMG]

    Bridesmaid dresses -

    Groom/groomsmen dress -

    Amanda's bracelet -
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry it took long to read and reply, I've been watching my Halloween shows on FN tonight.

    Splendid idea holding the wedding at the soundstage.
    The entire wedding party's wardrobe... Though I've never read it, this makes me think you were inspired by Pride and Prejudice, especially because I have a Harry Potter fic in my faves at FF.net that made use of that scheme for the chapters featuring ministry balls.

    Really have to commend you for how this fic has turned out with these last updates, will come back when the next bit's posted.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm, looks like this fic's running just like the Rabbit's watch, two months slow. But here's a 2-cookie for Gina whenever she decides to come back to this story. Hope you had a good holiday weekend and look forward to reading more from you. :) :insatiable: :dreamy:
  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ha! Sooooo....here's the problem with that. I literally had a Turkey story for you guys that I started months ago and...sorta worked on over the holiday and didn't get far. Then there was ANOTHER story that I did work on today and kinda wanted to finish, but then company came over and...

    BUT! Guess what I bought myself? Another monitor. So now I have two. And yes, this is important. :p
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good, I know the feeling of having fics floating around in der noggin. Just hope to read this fic get updated/finished.
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    It'll happen. Probably by the end of the year *fingers crossed*

    I even managed to come up with an ending, which I didn't have before. So...hope that stays in my head, huh?
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... I'd say write it down.
    :sympathy: No need, I have a photographic memory.
    Write it down!
    :sympathy: Yes sir. *Mumbles something about "quiche".

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