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Unofficial MFC 2-Disc Special Edition DVD

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by muppet boy, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. muppet boy

    muppet boy Active Member

    Hello Everyone!

    It has been a really long time since I posted anything on this site, but I have decided to make a come back.

    Recently I was searching for one of the hardest to find Muppet specials out there, A Muppet Family Christmas. I have a tape version of it from 1988 television airing, but it is getting to where the tape is wearing out, so I decided to go hunting for a DVD version.

    I have a 2001 release of it on DVD, but as you all know, it is cut all to pieces due music rights.

    In my searching for it, I came across a DVD version that said it was an uncut release. I must admit I was skeptical so I decided to do some investigating. The website I found this DVD on was selling a DVD version of the special supposedly unedited. This means every scene was in tact from the special ( Fozzie and the Snowman, Miss Piggy and Kermit singing "have yourself a merry little Christmas", ect.)

    I decided to take a chance and order the DVD. When I got it I was very happy. All of the scenes were in tact and surprisingly, this DVD also had extras on it.

    The DVD itself plays on region one DVD players. It is a two disc set. The first disc includes the 1989 of the special along with the special feature, the christmas toy (unedited). The second disc was the whole special, basically the 1987 version with a few extras. These extras included an entertainment tonight spot featring Jim Henson and Kermit talking about the special, the commercial bumper, featuring kermit with fozzie in the background, and a video montage with music from John Denver and the Muppets Christmas special with scenes from muppet chrismtas productions from the past.

    The video on the first disc (the disc including the christmas toy on it) is a bit slower and plays more like a movie than a tv special. The second disc runs really well, but it is obvious that the scenes taken out of the special has been spliced back in with footage from an old video tape.

    I know this is not an offical release either. I know of all of the red tape that would have to be cut if the special was to ever get an offical unct release. But I love this special very much. It is probably one of my oldest memories of the muppets and how my love for them started, so I decide to be bad and buy it, and I believe it is well worth the money.
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  2. Courtney

    Courtney New Member

    I bought this DVD set last season from a website and love it!! I have an extra sealed copy that I am willing to sell if anyone is interested.
  3. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    Cool. It's sad to think that, since the muppet characters are owned by three different franchises, a movie where they all interact probably won't happen again.
  4. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    I purchased this special recently online. It is a fairly easy to obtain Scandinavian release and the special is it's full uncut glory. It has a running time of just over 47 minutes and features all the songs that have been omitted from previous DVD releases. The DVD is region 2 (UK and Europe) and, other than the DVD sleeve being in Scandinavian, everything else is in English. If you like the special and have yet to buy it, I'd highly recommend picking this up.
  5. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that this Scandinavian release is ENTIRELY uncut? With the commercial bumpers and other small bits that were taken out after the first US airing? Or just uncut as in the medley is still there, like the british releases?
  6. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Though oddly enough the FAO Christmas catalog mailer has Muppets, Sesame Street, and Fraggles on the same two page spread....almost made me cry
  7. May I ask where you purchased these special edition DVDs? I have been searching tirelessly for an uncut DVD version that can be played in Canada.
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Its like the British releases. The songs are intact (except that Fozzie/Ma decorating the tree bit that people sometimes talk about).

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