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Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by MikeWatt, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. C'irdan

    C'irdan Well-Known Member



    I really thought this was a very good effort, but I would have liked it a lot more if it was called a tv special because it just didn't have the adventurous scale of a muppet movie. This was, however a great step in the right direction and it was filled with witty, left wing jokes!!! :D I didn't find the rave scene disturbing at all because they were dissing that kind of environment so much. I felt so sorry for Miss Piggy and I thought that she was spot on in voice and character as well as fozzie. I didn't like Sam's hair thing though...that was a great joke but it looked wierd. Scooter's voice was pretty good and the best part of the entire thing was when he said, " Hey girls come back! My uncle used to own the theatre!" as well as Beaker working as a bouncer with the huge arms saying in a deep voice " MEEP. MEEEP MEEP." And the spoofs were great as well. Here's what they were from the beginning: Joe Snow (those child-oriented claymation films from the eighties like year without a santa claus- there is a narrator JUST like him in one of those I know!) Gift of the Magi -present giving and sacrificing stuff...then the great part when Jonny Fiama doesn't get Sal anything!!! :D, then (i'm going out of order here) A christmas story (the triple frog dare), The Grinch, The Crocodile Hunter, Miss Cleo, Fear Factor, Corporate Sinergy, It's a Wonderful Life, Moulin Scrooge (that was a little disturbing if you find the translation of what she said in french-while it was funny it was a bit disturbing that the chickens were singing that as well) And to continue my rambling, The Kung Fu movie parody was cool with the purposefully awful voice overing (except statler was talking in sync with the puppet! (I HOPE THAT WASN'T AN ACCIDENT) Janice was cool but it was just bizzare with that little whatsitcalled flopping around in her throat and Brian's voice was cracking a lot...and she only got one very short joke!!! She needed to say something out of place and self revealing.It was cool that Rowlf at least got to mumble and Dr. Teeth could have just as easily talked...but O' Ye Celtic Mayhem was awesome!!! Lew Zealand was nice to see and the gay pig was really funny too. There are so many characters like that on muppets tonight you know? Dr. Phil Van Neuter and the pig guy-very cool and funny. I truly felt sorry for piggy it was a horrible nightmare of a situation...she was a cat lady!!! She had no friends and was obsessed with cats to hide her depression through insanity. Her voice was incredible until she started crying. Frank would have made her pout and Eric made her scream...personally I think Frank's works better but all the same, this is an incredible progress over Peter Linz's voice in MFS. Fozzie was awesome and I loved the grinch part. Fozzie was so lovable as he always is. I didn't really like the scene with pepe and Joan...it was too dirty and not quite funny enough. But "Does it come with Action figures?" Was a very welcome line. Kermit said "The Muppets" in a childish way too many times and he never has in the past really...he just refers to them as people and I think it really does work better that way...The songs were a bit weak and I wish they had put more effort into them...I loved it when Fozzie quoted The Great Muppet Caper in his "We don't want the BAD GUYS to WIN!" speech, Kermit in his muppet movie references such as the memorial saying Thankyou kermit, for the lovers, the dreamers, and you. And The Doc Hoppers restaurant. Destroying The Environment One Mall at a time was a cool sight to see as well. I LOVED THE YODA BIT TOO! do you think that was Frank?? Beaker was great with his hands getting smashed and growing a second head! Very funny. :)Whoopie was awesome and William H. Macy is ALWAYS good in whatever he's in. David Arquette wasn't all that awful, and he wasn't all that great either. I loved the way whoopie was on a big fluffy couch in a meadow where she watches Spongebob Squarepants. That must have been the best line in the film. Bean Bunny got squished and Pops was there and had two mumbly lines! Crazy Harry popped up in the back, Sweetums hung around with Robin, but Sweety didn't get any lines. :( Beaureguard came back too! He was in a couple shots. And we got to tape both versions of the mastercard commercial! YAY! What a great evening. It must feel great to be honored as the target of a joke in a muppet movie! Congrats to both Dannys Phillip and Cindy as well as others less known. I think I covered pretty much every joke in the entire film...so there! HA! Try and beat me! OH ok...I left out a few. :p

    Sorry to ramble so much, but it helps me write a review later. :)

    ummm...does this mean we get muppet action figures from this film? Here are the ones I'd like:

    Bunsen as guest list guy

    Beaker as bouncer

    Moulin Scrooge Piggy

    New Dr. Teeth ( He's got a black feather, a silver hat and he looks AWESOME! - Make him come with The Electric Mayhem Bus because he WAS the driver in The Muppet Movie.

    Anyways that would be it'sy a-y very merry muppety christmasy action figure line. :D
  2. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Well-Known Member

    ...I can't believe what I just saw (Muppet Christmas Special)

    They took out Snoop Dog, but they had Scooter dancing in a cage, some gay pig commenting on Kermit's tooshie, Miss Piggy doing a "Live Link" 18 years or older business..........................wha?!?!

    BUT I did like seeing Scooter (EXCEPT IN THAT CAGE!! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!?!?!?!), Rowlf, Janice (and all the EM), Swedish Chef, etc...I appreciate the gesture they took to put classic characters in there, but.........................................OH! And the part with Joan Cusack and Piggy being dubbed while fighting like CTHD Chinese characters...and....and........Oh heck Jim's rolling in his grave. BUT there were good parts, don't get me wrong. It's just...just...aw man what was that?!?!
  3. trekkie1701E

    trekkie1701E Well-Known Member

    Pretty good film. There were a few weak spots, but overall "very" well done!
    (I loved the part with Yoda & the reference to Doc Hopper! Plus, that little duet between Kermit & Gonzo was awesome).
    Two questions:
    Wasn't Brian Henson just executive producer or something like that?
    And Who performs the voice of Robin?
    I ask about Henson only because the muppet projects he directed ... I notice a difference in them vs, say, MUPPETS FROM SPACE. THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL and MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND have a certain "Jim Henson," quality to them, if you know what I mean; one that was not as evident in MUPPETS FROM SPACE. I even see this element in that great commercial for Mastercard.

    God I hope I'm making sense ;)
  4. dan

    dan Active Member

    I am so happy right now!! I think that was the best thing the Muppets have done since A Muppet Family Christmas!!!!!!! Really great fun stuff. I am SO impressed with Piggy and Fozzie! I just can't beleive how spot on they are!!!!

    I didn't know that Jerry was finished doing his characters and that was quite a shock, but hey Scooter was back!!! And Janice!!! And Sal and Johnny were great!!!!!! This is what Muppets Tonight should have been and what hopefully the new show will be!!

    I'm glad that they didn't introduce anyone new (except the gay pig which was hilareous!) and I'm glad that Clifford and Andy and Randy pig were nowhere to be seen. The Fozzie stuff was SO GREAT and so true to his character! The same with Piggy! A little slow when the Muppets weren't on the screen, but not too bad. The important thing was that it was funny and FUN! And also had a touch of Muppet heart.

    Keep up the great work you guys - if you read this- you are SO on the right track!!
  5. Jack Job

    Jack Job Member


    I've been a longtime lurker on the site and until now, haven't felt the need to voice an opinion. I've been a muppet fan for many years, and will always hold the muppets very close to my heart. As Frank Oz once said, "so much of Jim Henson's work had a genuine sweetness to it." This is such a difficult thing to achieve.

    Saying that, I wish my first post were more positive. I thought the Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie was the worst thing ever done with the characters. I thought it not only lacked fun (the foremost muppet hallmark), but sadly, also heart. It was smarmy. It was ugly. It was dull.

    To my shock, it relied on topical references and cheesy parodies (which has never really been that prominent a feature of their world - thankfully. I thought the Grinch thing went nowhere and had no payoff). It completely lacked the wackiness that has always made the muppets so much fun (Gonzo on a bench with a brick? How about high-diving into a vat of yogurt while playing "Lady of Spain" with castanets?) I felt its target audience was adults (judging from the film's tone) while never achieving a level of writing above that of a typical episode of "Tiny Toons". Yuck.

    Sorry to be so negative, but these are characters I've always had a great affection for. After about twenty minutes, I pictured a lot of people like me who were really looking forward to this, reaching into their dvd collection for the Muppet Movie. Anyone else out there feel the same way?
  6. pezbalubah

    pezbalubah Well-Known Member

    Clifford only made a cameo... well not really, in the background of the Muppet Theater backstage is a Clifford glossy photo as well as the Sal and Johnny glossy that was sold at Muppetfest. Maybe that's what Kevin Clash did in the movie... Gee with him not doing Clifford he basically has Elmo and..... Elmo...
  7. trekkie1701E

    trekkie1701E Well-Known Member

    <<just...just...aw man what was that?!?!>>

    I do agree somewhat. While it was solid and well done, I prefer my 45 minute MUPPET FAMILY CHRISTMAS DVD!

    And Fozzie's line during the closing song was cut off by NBC! Did anyone else notice this?
  8. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Well-Known Member

    Man, you took the words right outta my mouth! *And welcome...I lurk around here as well but I've posted a bit more*

    Anyways yes I'm going to go wath The Muppet Movie RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    and you really couldn't tell it had anything to friggin' DO with Christmas..........................okay fine I hated it. There I said it. Kill me, but I hated it.
  9. trekkie1701E

    trekkie1701E Well-Known Member

    <<Anyone else out there feel the same way?>>

    After the first 20 minutes? Yes. But the movie did gradually get better.
  10. Jack Job

    Jack Job Member

    I guess I should have mentioned that I did watch the entire movie. It wasn't easy but I stuck with it!:D
  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I actually enjoyed this better than Muppet Family Christmas. I do love that special (I made it the first Muppet Central holiday menu so you gotta know that), but it's all set in the house and it's more of a sing-song special. This was an interesting departure. First of its kind sort of thing and I appreciate them taking that leap.

    I still think the movie had a sweetness to it. I actually got goosebumps toward the end. The past three Muppet films haven't done that for me. The Muppets were never sticky sweet. They had just enough and then Miss Piggy would fall on her face or something like in this special.

    Maybe Kevin Clash did Lew or Robin. I wonder. Maybe Brian did Robin. It was pretty darn good. Hmmmm. Characters Clash could have done: Statler, Pops, Robin, Lew, an Elvis, Animal, or maybe just puppeteering.
  12. Jack Job

    Jack Job Member

    I'm actually of the opinion that Muppet Family Christmas was the best thing ever done with the muppets. I don't think they ever achieved a truer feeling of family. How can you possibly resist anything in which Grover says "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, puppets, thank you." :p
  13. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Yeah. It was really special. I remember buying Muppet Family Christmas on video several years ago. I hadn't seen it since it aired and had forgotten about many scenes (though I know much was cut out in the video version). The one thing that got me was Jim washing dishes with Sprocket in the end. It totally took me by surprise and I teared up.

    That being said, I enjoyed this special more. It explored the world outside the theater, the Muppets as more than mere actors and caught up with the times. I think it's jarring to some because it practically happened overnight. I was concerned when I heard a Simpsons writer was involved in the script because their brand of course humor (that suits the Simpsons) would be a bad fit. After seeing it, I actually think they could have done more. But not more of the Pepe cleavage thing. They already showed more than enough of that. But I really got chills in this movie at the end. :)
  14. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member


    The snowman was a double joke. First, it was a spoof of the snowman narrator voiced by Burl Ives in the "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" special. Second, that puppet was initially created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop for the box-office turkey "Jack Frost." So to have him quickly escorted out of the movie was, I think, a kidding reference at themselves!

    Misfit Toy and Jack:

    I appreciate your honesty. Sometimes in a forum, it's hard to speak your mind openly when everyone else is saying something different, but that's after all what a forum is for. I will respectfully disagree with your conclusions.

    First, regarding "relying on topical references and cheesy parodies": the Muppets have ALWAYS spoofed pop culture. Remember Veterinarian's Hospital? It was a spoof of General Hospital. How about Monsterpiece Theater? Super Grover? Placido Flamingo or Ross Parrot? The Great Muppet Caper was a movie-long spoof of the action/spy/detective movies of the era. During Jim's time, I've seen Muppet spoofs of everything from "The Wizard of Oz" to Ingmar Bergman films, from "My Dinner with Andre" to "Godzilla" (in the same sketch!). More recently, we've had the "Kermit Unpigged" album and "Forrest Green" T-shirts. Yours is not the first time I've heard this sentiment expressed, but I find it puzzling that people think the Muppets started spoofing pop culture just with this movie. If the Muppets WEREN'T showing up on Scrubs or spoofing Moulin Rouge, I'd think there was something wrong.

    Admittedly, this movie didn't bring me to tears the way "Saying Goodbye" in "Muppets Take Manhattan" did, or some of their other productions. I still thought it was a pretty solid effort overall.

    And just for the record, I think Gonzo with a performing brick is pretty darn wacky. ;)
  15. trekkie1701E

    trekkie1701E Well-Known Member

    The film had a sweetness to it, but I just didn't think it had quite enough of that, 'scuze me if this sounds corny, "magic" as the first five full length films had. Now, don't get me wrong; I do love MUPPETS FROM SPACE & this new movie. And I do truly appreciate the departure & somewhat risky moves taken in their latest film. But, gimme MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN and THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL (The two greatest muppet full length features in my opinion) because while IVMC is a great and well executed effort, these two films are Henson muppet masterpieces!

    And I also think the scenes with Joan Cusack and Pepe the Prawn are un-funny...
  16. sidcrowe

    sidcrowe Well-Known Member


    Yeah, I've got it on tape, and something came up and I haven't been to the end yet (then I'll REALLY get going), but I was bummed by all of the topical references. I mean, why? To fire a shotgun and drop a million little names in a desperate attempt at a handful of laughs?


    And Triumph the insult dog?

    The lame bad puppet joke from Conan about a dog that defecates on and/or has sex with anything all the time?

    If you're gonna put Kermit on the same screen with Triumph the insult dog, why not just throw Kermit into a dumpster and call it a day?

    What, was the pets.com dog puppet too busy to do a scene instead :mad:

    Unbelievable :confused:
  17. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Do you realize we just saw a brand new Muppet film? Not some tv special or straight to video thing, but the first brand new feature since Muppets From Space? Think about that...and it was free!

    I have to agree, Muppets Family Xmas is perhaps one of the coolest specials the Muppets have ever produced. I mean it is truly beyond words and special for me...I have fond memories of seeing it when it first aired, and blown away by the crossover chemistry of Muppet Show meets Sesame meets Fraggle.

    Muppets Take Manhattan is simply a masterpiece to me(it too having all three franchises at the time together at the end)

    But I have to say there was some extrordinary things in this film(I go into detail on the Henson Headline IAVMMC thread)

    As a footnote, I wondered why that Snowman looked familiar in an unsettling way. Gosh that Jack Frost movie, ick.

    Finally it's good to be back on Muppet Central. I missed you guys. And Jamie, youre too sweet of a kid to ignore. Holla at me when the next puppet guild meeting is!
  18. Jack Job

    Jack Job Member

    I guess I spoke too soon on the spoof issue. I've always enjoyed spoof of genre, whereas I've always found spoof of specifics to be cheap. I think a Muppet western would be cool, but I'm not sure the world is ready for Muppet Silverado. By the same token, I'm not sure Forrest Green was a muppet high point. I would hate to think of the muppets trying to cash in on the "next big thing". I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. ;)
  19. Jack Job

    Jack Job Member

    As a P.S., nothing quite gets me like "saying goodbye".
  20. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Just making sure here for the new members:

    Before more is said on this thread, I must iterate that opinions are not only valid, but encouraged here. I have noticed some new members (welcome!!) and I want to make sure they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts. We are all very passionate Muppet fans and should remember that no we have the love of Muppets in common. :)

    This was just to touch base. I have a feeling that we will get all sorts of opinions tomorrow.

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