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Video: Brian Froud on "The Power of the Dark Crystal"

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by The 11th UrRu, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. The 11th UrRu

    The 11th UrRu Well-Known Member

    One more time for old time sake.... 3....2.....1.....

  2. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Brian looks more and more like one of his creations :)
    Well, then, it still says nothing. They should come up with new pictures or trailers.
  3. Scooterforever

    Scooterforever Well-Known Member

    Brian Froud wouldn't lie to us, would he?
  4. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Yes, but it is still no guarantee for anything.
    I mean the movie still may be NEVER finished. Plus we will never see the wonderful pre-production work they already did. Not to mention the excellent script.
  5. JMPrater

    JMPrater Well-Known Member

    This is marginally hopeful.
  6. MrBloogarFoobly

    MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member

    You have the script?
  7. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Yes, the first draft.
  8. Uwizll

    Uwizll Active Member

    Hi Lazlo. I read that you have The Power of the Dark Crystal on hand. Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of that? I myself am a novel writer who studies screenwriting techniques, and a very passionate Dark Crystal fan. It would be incredible if I could see what could have been.

    Of course, I understand completely if you cannot forward a copy of the script.


  9. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    Yes, but Im not allowed to give it away. Besides that it is in printed form not digital.
  10. Mystic Master

    Mystic Master Well-Known Member

    Is this the last Froud interview on the subject? The original one posted in this thread was from 2012, this one is from 2014, but I'm not finding much else. I know the movie project was shelved, but has the discussion ended for a small screen release, or something direct to disc?

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