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Video Game Idea: "Sesame Street Party"

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by minor muppetz, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here's an idea I have for a Sesame Street video game. Sesame Street Party. It's just like Mario Party and Muppet Party Cruise. There would be a handful of game boards for the main play, and several places for the characters to land on. Like Mario Party but unlike Muppet Party Cruise, a mini-game would begin after every player had their turn, and like Muppet Party Cruise, each mini-game would be hosted by a different character and also allow the players to unlock a video clip.

    The players would include:

    Big Bird
    Cookie Monster
    The Count

    The main games would be:

    The Street: with a board where the player can go all around Sesame Street, including the side across from the normally-seen buildings (mostly modled after the buildings seen across from 123 Sesame Street in Follow That Bird rather than Elmo in Grouchland) and Around the Corner. If you land by oscar's trash can you get points taken away, but if you land in an area where you encounter Mr. Snuffleupagus, Guy Smiley, or Telly you get extra points. If you land in a spot where you encounter Lefty you get a few choices of what you want that you can spedn your points on (these objects include an extra turn, have another player lose a turn, and gto get ahead of the next player).

    Ernie and Bert's Apartment: play around Ernie and bert's apartment, where you play in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. You get extra points if you land on Ernie's Rubber Duckie or Bert's bottlecap collection, but lose points if you land on his paper clips.

    The Count's Castle: Play around the counts castle. Get extra points if you land on a number (the number of points you get depends on the number you land on), and lose points if you land on a letter.

    Elmo's World: Play at Elmo's World. Get extra points if you encounter Dorthy or Mr. Noodle. Lose points if you encounter Oscar who is hiding somewhere.

    I'll list soem mini-games, hosts, and bonus video clips later.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member


    Here is a listing of the mini-games:

    Bird Seed Tossing:
    Host: Big Bird
    Game Description: see which player can throw a bag of birdseed the farthest.
    Bonus Clip: There's a Bird on Me.

    Follow the Music Beat:
    Host: Elmo
    Game description: each player has a drum and has to match the sounds heard.
    Bonus Clip: Oscar's Junk Band

    Rubber Duckie Race:
    Host: Ernie
    Game description: ride on a Rubber Duckie in a race on the river.
    Bonus Clip: Rubber Duckie

    Bottlecap Matching:
    Host: Bert
    Game Description: match the colors of the bottlecaps that appear in a puzzle game.
    Bonus Clip: Bert shows Ernie his bottlecap collection

    Dance Steps:
    Host: Zoe
    Game Description: Follow the shadows of dancing feat to follow certain dance moves.
    Bonus Clip: Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco

    Number Matching:
    Host: The Count
    Game Description: Numbers appear, and you must switch the numbers in numberical order. The winner is whoever puts the number in the best order.
    Bonus Clip: The Count counts cookies while Cookie Monster eats them

    A Identification
    Host: Grover
    Game Description: be the first to identify the most objects that begin with the letter A.
    Bonus Clip: Harvey Kneeslapper asks, "Do ya got an A on ya?"

    Cookie Matching
    Host: Cookie Monster
    Game Description: match the various kinds of cookies that appear.
    Bonus Clip: Prairie Dawn wants Cookie Monster to demonstrate first and last.

    Push Ups
    Host: Herry Monster
    Game Description: Try to do the most push-ups.
    Bonus Clip: Kermit and Grover demonstrate the difference between heavy and light

    Horse Race
    Hosts: Forgetful Jones and Buster
    Game description: ride on horses and see who can win (Grover rides on fred the Wonder Horse and Elmo rides on Buster)
    Bonus Clip: a Marshall Grover skit

    Garbage Finding
    Hosts: Oscar and Bruno
    Game Description: Whoever can put the most tin cas from a garbage dump into Oscar's trash can wins.
    Bonus Clip: I Love Trash

    Food Service:
    Host: Fat Blue
    Game Description: put food in the order that Fat Blue wants it.
    Bonus Clip: Grover serves Fat Blue a hamburger.

    I'll post more later.
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    more mini-games

    Here are some more mini-games:

    Find the X!:
    Host: Sherlock Hemlock
    Game Description: Find the hidden letter X.
    Bonus Clip: X Marks the Spot

    Sound Identification:
    Host: Simon Soundman
    Game Description: identify the sound sheard with the pictures of the objects that they represent.
    Bonus Clip: Simon Soundman goes to Charlie's Resturaunt

    Facelift Magic:
    Host: The Amazing Mumford
    Game description: change a face to match the face pictured elsewhere.
    Bonus Clip: Ernie makes a clay sculpture of Bert (or, and this might be stretching it too much, every skit where Grover gives Kermit a facial part that he does not have)

    Tooth Care:
    Hosts: Prairie Dawn and Frazzle
    Game Description: Brush every set of false teeth that appears in your station.
    Bonus Clip: Forgetful Jones and Buster brush each others teeth.

    Test Your Strength:
    Hosts: Biff and Sully
    Game Description: See who can make the ball on the "Test Your Strenght" machine go the highest.
    Bonus Clip: Cookie Monster tries his hand at a "Test Your Strenght" machine

    Ice Cream Toppings
    Host: Guy Smiley
    Game Description: Put whatever number of scoops that Guy Smiley tells yu to put on eahc ice cream cone. But hurry! He makes the orders and changes them fast!
    Bonus Clip: Everyone Likes Ice Cream

    Pogo Stick Race
    Host: Telly Monster
    Game Description: race on a pogo stick!
    Bonus Clip: J-Jump

    High Jumping
    Host: Mr. Snuffleupagus
    Game Description: Run with a pole and jump, and see who can jump the farthest (but don't try this at home, kids!)
    Bonus Clip: Sesame Street News: Old MacDonald's Health Farm

    Two-Legged Race
    Host: Two-Headed Monster
    Game Description: two contestants have their feet tied togetehr in a race.
    Bonus Clip: Sesame Street News: The Tortose and the Hare

    Sack Race
    Host: Kingston Livingston III
    Game Description: race in a sack.
    Bonus Clip: Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur

    Music Repetition
    Host: Don Music
    Game Description: Play the piano and follow the musical notes.
    Bonus Clip: Proud of Me

    Go-Kart Driving
    Host: Baby Bear
    Game description: Race in Go-Karts.
    Bonus Clip: Jazzy Spies #10.
  4. abiraniriba

    abiraniriba New Member

    Good Idea

    This sounds like an interesting game Minor if you can find somebody with access to a video game making company pitch it to him/her it's be interesting to try to play it
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    There's some good stuff here... Would prefer the Clay Bust of Bert bonus clip for the Face Lift Magic game, and the Dental Care Pageant clip for the Tooth Care game instead.

    Also, you might want to change the hosts of the first batch of mini-games so that there's a greater diversity of main and obscure characters involved... Not just the main characters as the main game players and hosts of their own mini-games. Unless this is how it was done in Muppet Party Cruise, in which case, kindly disregard.
    BTW: It's "three" legged racing, just so you know.

    Also, this reminds me of an action/adventure alphabet game I made for SS, filled with Muppet and human characters. Could expound on it in another thread though.
    Thanks for sharing this idea with us MinorMuppets.
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Muppet Party Cruise did have main characters that the player was able to play as host mini-games along with those who diddn't. Of course, for my Sesame Street Party idea, most of the hosts would appear in the games as well, unlike how in Muppet Party Cruise very few mini-game hosts appeared in the mini-games (most of them just introduced the games and announced the winners).

    Another idea that I had: once the main game is finished, there would be an award ceremony hosted by Guy Smiley, who gives awards for all participants (whetehr it be first place or last place). After this, some other characters would be begging to play, and then the player can have the choice to play as Herry Monster, Prairie Dawn, Biff, Sully, Rosita, or Sherlock Hemlock.
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Some more ideas.....

    After the first round ends and other characters become playable, Lefty would hold up a small password, so if the players want to play as one of those characters without having to play another game, they could write down the code, and go to a password area on the main screen where Lefty would appear and ask for a password, after which the player can type the password in. There could also be a password to unlock all video clips featured.

    In addition to the video clips that become unlocked after playing certain mini-games, each big world that players play on will unlock three video clips each once the game is over. For the Sesame Street world, the clips would be Wheels on my Feet, If I Was a Cloud in the Sky, and the skit where Big Bird tells the viewers to hold a grown-ups hand when crossing the street. For Ernie and Bert's apartment, the clips would be the skit where Ernie has Bert stand outside the apartment, the skit where Ernie decorated the apartment for the viewer, and the skit where Bertplayed a Follow the Arrows game. For The Count's Castle, the clips would be The Song of the Count, the skit where The Count hired Ernie to answer his phone, and the skit where The Count's sheep go on strike. For Elmo's World, the clips would be the Sesame Street News skit where Elmo invented the reporter game, In Your Imagination, and Elmo's Song.

    Each game and mini-game would have instrmental versions of classic Sesame Street music. The Sesame Street board would play the Sesame Street theme, Sing, The People in your Neighborhood, and What's the Name of That Song?, the Ernie and Bert's apartment board would play One and One Make Two, Rubber Duckie, Doin' the Pigeon, Everybody Wash, and Dance Myself to Sleep. The Count's Castle board would play The Song of the Count, The Batty Bat, Count Up to Nine, and The First Day of School, along with the usual music heard in many Count sketches. The Elmo's World board would play the Elmo's World theme, plus the kazoo music heard after Elmo announces what he is thinking about, and Elmo's World-style versions of Sesame Street, Rubber Duckie, C is for Cookie, Monster in the Mirror, and Somebody Come and Play.

    I'll list what songs play during the mini-games later.
  8. maniacal muppet

    maniacal muppet Active Member

    Awesome! This Is Exactly Is What We Need!!!!
  9. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    It's like Mario Party Jr.!
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is a listing of what songs I would have play as instrumental music in each mini-game:

    Bird Seed Tossing: There's a Bird on Me.
    Follow the Music Beat: No specific tune.
    Rubber Duckie Race: Rubber Duckie.
    Bottlecap Matching: I'm Square (or Have You Ever Looked at a Paper Clip, for an odd contrast)
    Dance Moves: Cookie Disco.
    Number Matching: Count it Higher.
    A Identification: The Sound of the Letter A.
    Cookie Matching: C is for Cooke.
    Push Ups: I Can't Help It.
    Horse Race: some generic derby music.
    Garbage Finding: I Love Trash.
    Food Service: Healthy Food.
    Find the X: X Marks the Spot.
    Sound Identification: No specific music.
    Facelift Machine: A Face
    Tooth Care: The Ten Commandments of Health.
    Test Your Strength: I Can't Help It.
    High Jumping: Up and Down.
    Ice Cream Toppings: Everyone Likes Ice Cream.
    Sack Race: Wheels on my Feet.
    Three-Legged Racing: Two Heads Are Better Than One.
    Pogo Stick Race: J-Jump.
    Music Repetition: No specific music (though the tunes would play notes from Proud of Me, Monster in the Mirror, Rubber Duckie, Elmo's Song, and the Sesame Street Theme).
    Go-Kart Driving: Let's Go Riding in an Automobile.
  11. maniacal muppet

    maniacal muppet Active Member

    Also AWESOME!!!

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